Classic Cafe and Pizza

201 South 4th Street
Glenrock, 82637
Alright... I won't lie... this place is one of my hometown favorites. However, I try to generally eat healthy (and the cooks are willing to health-up things as much as you can), but I can't get enough of the wings, fried pickles, onion rings, jo-jo's and their ranch is the BEST ranch in the WORLD. Jovan, Michelle, Doug, Penny, and the rest of the Classic Cafe team are a great staff to have serving you even in a little cafe in nowhere, Wyoming. If you're passing through, stop in Glenrock and give this place a try. It's worth the time, money, and wait during the lunch rush.
on our way from the Badlands to Grand Tetons, my wife and I stopped in the dusty little town of Glenrock, Wyoming for dinner - mostly because i grew up in Glen Rock, NJ. the place looked like a dive in this dusty little cowboy town, After all the sign next to the high school was Home of the Herders. There were a few locals sitting around having a beer and dinner. It was a burger and pizza joint. We sat in a beatup booth in theback and reviewed the menu, and nothing jumped out. But then I noticed the special scrawed on a chalk board was ribeye steak with fried shrimp, baked potato and salad. So we took a chance and both ordered the special. The waitress brought us our silverware; it was stained and looked dirty. We could see through to the kitchen and it looked like the health inspector could write a book on the violations. Since i always mark my territory, I used the bathroom noted it was slovenly, not dirty, just well worn. Then dinner came and darn it was fabulous, Salad was fresh, meat cooked to perfection by some high school kid laughing and horsing around in the kitchen. The potato was great and the delicious ice tea was served in huge glass. And i bought a beer for some guy with his family cause when we walked in the door and asked him where we should eat, he said to "eat here, the four aces restaurant up the street isn't that good. Our server was a real nice girl and when i told her the food was really good, she said we should come on friday night next time cuz that's when they have the prime rib special. We were glad we pulled off the beaten path and ate here. My wife photographed me by the high school so I could send the pics to some Glen Rock, Nj grads. Just a great place. Pull off at ext 160 on highway 25 and have a great meal with all the local flavor of Wyoming.
Classic cafe is just that, classic. I am reviewing the burgers only, but the pizza I understand is excellent as well. A good burger is not as easy as one thinks. It needs good fat content in the ground, high heat to crisp the outside but not dry out the fat content inside, and nice flavoring (from fat content). People always want to try and make burgers healthy, but no getting around it, burgers have fat! Classic burgers are BIG, and you must be prepared for that. Their double is a pound of beef, and they even have a challenge burger bigger than that! All fun aside, these are meals worthy of lumberjacks on an empty stomach, so be prepared! Typical selection of cheeseburger, plain, and a couple of others, but for sheer taste, I have found no other with the moisture, flavor and authenticity of this burger. If you want this area's best big, bad burger then you have to give the Classic Cafe a try and see for yourself. P.S., get extra napkins because these are very juicy!

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