Bobbie’s Cafe

230 Oak Club Boat Rd
Cartwright, 74731
Bobbie's is old-school country-made, home made comfort food. I went camping in Eisenhower State Park with my girlfriend, and when we left the next morning we asked the Ranger where a good breakfast spot is. She directed us here. I'll include directions in the review this time, since this place doesn't seem to have a proper address. If you are leaving Eisenhower State Park, go straight out of the park on 1310. Take this all the way until it dead ends into 91, which will take you directly across the dam. hand a left on 91 to go north into Oklahoma. Just across the dam as you are passing the 'Welcome to Oklahoma' sign, the road splits, and the left split is boat club rd. Take that split north until it dead ends. On your right is Wendy's Catfish, on your left is Bobbie's Cafe. Bobbie's is run out of a large steel shed/warehouse type building. Their menu is somewhat limiited -- come here for home cooking and nothing but. We both had their breakfast special -- 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, hashbrowns and toast, which we loved. The toast was really nothing special, but it was well-made. The hashbrowns and eggs were perfectly made. We also loved their bacon, but weren't crazy about their sausage. We also got onion rings (we were hungry!), and they were quite tasty and a little sweet, probably made with vidalia onions. We finished off the meal with two fried pies, because once we heard they were home made to order we couldn't help ourselves. They have a wide variety of pie fillings: apple, cherry, chocolate, apricot, peach, coconut cream, and a couple others I can't remember. The crust was tasty, however the fillings we got (coconut cream and peach) weren't as vibrant and tasty as we'd hoped. I'll still come back and try their apple, and maybe the apricot next time. The service was great. The lady who helped us had a truly genuine smile, and was conversational and fun. In summary, it's a heck of a drive from Dallas for breakfast, but I see us ending up there again. And again... Next up, I need to make it up there to try Wendy's; all you can eat catfish, with the same promise of it being home made and tasty.

(580) 965-4074


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