Roadside Bar-B-Q

1014 Colonial Dr
Jackson, 70748
How do you find a BBQ joint? Look for the giant inflatable pig, of course! About halfway between Baton Rouge and St. Francisville you'll find Roadside BBQ. I drove by it several times while I was playing tennis in the 'ville and knew I had to stop. Finally, on day 3, I got the chance. I was glad I did. Very rustic décor can either be a sign of trickery or an omen for goodness. In this case, the old beer signs and coke machines relayed a sense of timelessness that harkened back to a time when cooking took heart; and one taste of their smoky, tender fare effortlessly assuaged any thoughts that you weren't being served delicious slabs prepared with care and love of the 'Q. The ribs were extremely tender and bursting with smoky flavor. The spices were plentiful and complimentary. While you are able to get every last iota of meat from the bone, it didn't fall off (a sign of too much time in the pit). You had to use your teeth to chew, but it wasn't work, it was definitely pleasure. That's the mark of a pitmaster that knows their stuff. The meat should still be meat, but not difficult to pull and chew. They had a BBQ sauce on the table, but I didn't feel the need to use it. I also had the brisket. Brisket is a difficult meat to cook (to satisfy me). Too often it is too gummy or tough, and many times flavorless. I found this brisket to be delightful. Prominent smoke ring. Fork tender but maintained its form. And flavorful, but I must admit not a flavor explosion. I really enjoyed it and was rather jealous of my meal partners and their brisket sandwiches that were overflowing with meat. Next time I might get a half rack of ribs AND the brisket sandwich. The sauce was not a must with this cut, but it was delicious together. I also had green beans and potato salad. The green beans were run of the mill but the potato salad was yum. It was quite oniony, which I see as a positive when it comes to my tubers. I'd like to come back to this place and eat more. It's kind of far away so that won't be soon, but I'll make the trip again on a nice day when I feel like taking a drive with the windows down.
I would have given this place 5 stars because of the great food;however, our waitress was incredibly rude and made us feel as if we were a bother. She never asked if we wanted drink refills and seemed put off by my request for one. The drinks were $2.49 before tax and my glass was 80% full of ice. I'm not sure if I will ever go back, there are other places that are nicer and the food is just as good.
2 stars on the BBQ. The hamburgers and ribs r pretty good. DON'T GO FOR BREAKFAST IT SUCKS ! It's like gas station food.. My sausage and grits were gross and cold. The eggs were all dried out. They have gone down hill not even the bbq is worth eating.

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