China Garden

75 Industrial Park Rd
Ferdinand, 47532
Pulled off freeway and saw China Garden near Micky D's and was up for an Asian meal. Not expecting anything great but was pleasantly surprised. The food was better than anything I get in Fallbrook, CA and is on par with those in San Diego's Asian district. No WiFi service.
Not a buffet! You actually order your food and it is cooked while you wait. The food is your typical Americanized Chinese fare, but it tastes so much better than our local buffet because it is fresh. The owners are the cook, waitress and cashier, even with such a small "staff" the wait hasn't been any longer than at any other non-fast-food establishment and the service is very friendly. The only complaint (from my husband) is that the spicy dishes aren't spicy enough for him. I'm thinking they are toned down for the local tastebuds, but all he has to do is remember to ask for extra spices when he orders. We are so happy to have a tasty spot to go for Chinese food!

(812) 367-8200

Seafood, Chinese

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