Los Tres Amigos

63 NE Carefree Ln
Waukee, 50263
The salsa is just right, the mocajete was incredible and plenty to fill up on. 4 people, 45 dollars and everyone satisfied.
The food is just so-so which is frustrating because it's WAY over-priced. A plate of four small taquitos was $9 and that didn't include any sides. I thought rice and beans came with all dinners but I guess not?!? They charged me $1 extra to have sour cream which I thought was a standard topping on all Mexican food. A tiny cup of cheese dip was $3.50. To top it all off they charged me for my kids' drinks even though the menu stated that drinks were a part of the kids meal price. The food isn't even very good here so keep driving a few minutes down the road and you'll find a dozen other Mexican restaurants that have better food and better prices.
We go here a lot, probably too much! It's a little inconsistent so giving it 4 stars.

(515) 987-0393


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