El Perico Mexican Restaurant & Marketplace

835 7th Ave
Marion, 52302
Excellent mexican food no matter to what other similar places you compare it to be it Arizona or California. The qquesadilla was outstanding and the tacos , try the ones with tongue they are delicious, as well. Great value also. Thank you. PS-Went there again today. Well balanced fajita with great quality meat. The fish soup that I ordered for home was simply delicious. Great people offering an excellent food for a good price.
Excellent food and margaritas. Service is a little slow so don't expect to be in and out in a hurry. It's a great place to take some time, sit, talk, and drink a marg, and when your food does come out, you won't be disappointed.
The food is outstanding. Some of the best Mexican food since I moved here from California. I usually end up getting the carnitas tacos and/or the beef chimichanga. The tortas and enchiladas are also very good. Prices are fair. Not cheap, but not expensive, either. My only complaint is that sometimes the service is a bit slow. Not always, just sometimes. I'll give it 5 stars anyway.

(319) 373-8143

Mexican, Grocery

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