Cj’s Bagel Basket

127 N Ankeny Blvd
Ankeny, 50021
I love love love bagels and cream cheese and this place hits the spot. Their bagels are more on the soft/chewy side which is a nice little change from my typical Panera bagels. I ordered the asiago cheese bagel with chive and ranch cream cheese. On my actual bagel you couldn't see a ton of the asiago cheese (almost looked like a plain one), but it was still good. They are very very generous with the cream cheese, almost a bit too much for me. Next time I will probably order it on the side. If you're big on cream cheese, it'll be perfect for you. There have been alot of negative reviews on the service here but I didn't seem to have any problems on my first visit. Hopefully they'll keep it up and I'll keep eating here.
CJ's bagels is an awesome breakfast place in Ankeny. Generally always get the bagel bites(small bagel bites with cream cheese frosting) they have different flavors but all are really good. The Asiago Cheese bagel with sun dried tomato cream cheese is excellent. Not a fan of all the flavored cream cheeses but you can get the cream cheese frosting as a substitute on your different bagels. Wish this place was open past 2:00pm
I've been coming to CJ's Bagels for years. It's still got one of the best deals in town: a bagel sandwich, baked lays and a pop for a little over six bucks! Their bagel bites are very popular and smoothies are awesome. They even have a donut shop inside their restaurant called Topped Donuts. They serve everything from old fashioned donuts to new and extravagant ones. They're only open for breakfast and lunch and unfortunately, not open on Sunday's.

(515) 965-1004


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