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Visit below restaurant in Green River for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Green River for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Chuck B.

    On a road trip from California to Nebraska, we stopped for lunch at the Krazy Moose (Ode to Bullwinkle?). The staff was friendly, the menu held lots of selection and the food was very good - a Cobb Salad and a Croissant Sandwich. All the items in the salad and the sandwich were fresh and tasty. It's a bit hard to find because their sign is obscured by trees on the street. Our waitress said the owner was dealing with the city to get the situation resolved. It was worth the hunt!!

  • Cyndi J.

    Green River folks - you are lucky to have this place!! Our friend Blair runs the place, but I am giving it my very fairest review. We ate here frequently when we lived here several years ago, and I'm proud to say they have really kicked it up several notches and now deserve 5 stars. He took it over from the previous owners and really had to carefully introduce new menu concepts to the loyal customers. Returning here two years later, he's done it. It's a wonderful, creative menu. We were passing through on our way from Reno to Denver for a move, and it was my husband's birthday. Blair and his staff set aside a large table for us in the banquet room and even offered to close it off for us, which we didn't find necessary. The staff here is AMAZING. There were three people taking care of our party of 20 throughout the night (people came and went), and they did not miss a beat. They got drinks, they had all the tickets right (split tickets - what a pain, but the did it). They made it a really memorable night for us. I ordered several appetizer plates for us to share. The cheese sticks are breaded in-house - along with the jalepeno poppers - and they were a hit. The fried pickles are my favorite; spears with a light, dilly crust. We also had the pig wings (ribs with mostly meat - scrumptious) and the buffalo wings (cooked and flavored very well). I remembered that I love their oriental chicken salad, so I had that for dinner. The chicken is hand-breaded and fried - so good - and I believe the Asian dressing is also made in-house. It was a perfect meal. The place was busy for the entire 4 hours we were there. They also cater - which I can attest to the great job they do when I worked for a big company there. This is a terrific place to eat and hang out with friends. If you are in Evanston or Big Piney, there are also Moose locations there.

  • Marv P.

    This place is not anything special. Unless special means dry pork and greasy food in a restaurant that hasn't been updated since the early 70s. The best thing I had with my dinner was the baked potato. I ordered from the "lighter side" section of the menu, which consisted of 8 different choices of fried meat, without the bread. Apparently that qualifies as a light meal. While I didn't enjoy the place clearly the locals do, which is the only reason a dump like this can stay in business. I especially enjoyed the side of cigarette smoke radiating from clothing and open mouthed chewing served up by my neighboring table. I'm sure their new grandbaby loved it. I just suggest skipping this place.

  • Kacy W.

    Stopped in here while visiting family in Rock Springs. There really isn't many of options in the town. Overall not a bad little spot to grab a quick bite. Portion sizes were big enough to fill you up, but not so big you couldn't finish your meal. Our waitress was very nice and accommodating. Nothing fancy, but a nice break from the fast food joints in the area.

  • Jean C.

    There a serious lack of options in this tiny little town. This place offers a break from the usual fast food places, I'm sure. We didn't get to explore much. We were so tired from all that driving. What to order: fish and chips. The fish was pretty good, though the fries were ordinary. And for $10 a plate, that's probably the cheapest fish and chips plate you can get just about anywhere sit-down wise. What not to order: I was not all that impressed with the salmon. It was anything but flaky (the way a grilled salmon should be). And at $15 a plate, I was expecting something at least half way decent. Oddly, it tasted better cold the next day. The mashed potatoes that the fish came with was lukewarm at best. I will say this though: the waitresses are nice. And a trip around the salad bar with every entre - why, yes, thank you!!! That was rather nice. And you can get soup, too. The vegetables were surprisingly fresh! Not that I'd run back to the place, but it was decent, if not a bit pricey for a local restaurant.

  • Tryna R.

    It was good- a welcoming place after a long day on the road. Our hotel manager recommended it and says this is where the locals eat. The waitresses are the nicest around and the service was good. They are gluten- free friendly and made us fell welcome. This is a great place to go and the prices are very reasonable.

  • Hector Z.

    Nice little hole in the wall. Iconic of the local town. Good warm comfort food, portions are adequate, and prices are reasonable. No fine dinning or glitz n glam, just good food served by local warm people.

  • Raymond C.

    I had just completed a 25 day road trip logging over 7000 mi on my Harley from CA to Washington, DC and back. Ate out 3x per day at fast food to TGI Fridays. This restaurant by far serves the best pork chops for dinner and ham and eggs for breakfast! Price is reasonable unlike TGI which charges $9.69 for a salad and omitted the rice with my salmon dinner. I've been riding to DC since '05 and ate out for every meals.

  • Todd H.

    What can I say other than the food is marginal, the prices are high and the owner was very rude. After complaining about a policy that requires one to pre-pay for the food if you eat in the bar, the owner came down to inform us that was "just the way it was". He was rude, obnoxious and arrogant. Never will we eat here again.

  • Jon B.

    This was a sanity break after hours of driving. My family are basically fish eating vegetarians. The Krazy Moose had a few options the Shrinp Pasta being one that was very good. However the grilled salmon while being marked as one of their specialities was not available. The poached cod my wife had in said felt like it had been left out for awhile. I would have given more stars but service was slow and no one came back to check on drink refills etc.

  • IB V.

    Had dinner here a week ago and what can I say, the beer was fresh ...but the chicken carbonara had nothing carbonara about it...Guess I should have stuck with something easier to cook.


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    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Krazy Moose

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