Sportsman’s Landing

25313 W Loomis Rd
Wind Lake, 53185
Bait and Switch - I went there for dinner on a Thursday night with some friends and they ran out of their special (1/4 burger for $1). Their fix was to sell us their regular burger (1/2 pound) for the regular price of $7. If you make a mistake ordering you should compensate the customers that took the time to come to your restaurant. $1 or $2 for the bigger burger because you ran out would have been reasonable instead of taking advantage of poor ordering. Bottom line is don't count on the special, plan on paying full price for something else.
Do you like wings? This is one of my favorite places to get my fill of wings! Forget the chain restaurants - Monday night is wing night at Sportsman's Landing. Just like some of the other places you get your choice of hot sauce (or not so hot). When we walk in I'll place an order for 30 wings to start with the usual choices of dipping sauce, ranch dressing and those green crunchy vegetables... if the kids aren't real hungry we will just take the leftovers home - otherwise I'll get another 10 wings to go... they are good reheated too... Sportsman's is an interesting place and we've had other food there, which is also very good, but we always think of this place for wings - not sure why... The outside might be a bit deceiving (sorry Mark), but on the inside it clean and a great place to get together with friends. Service is always fast and very friendly. Make sure that you tip generously - they work hard! If you are on Wind Lake dock your boat and stop in for a drink and some great food - you won't be disappointed...
Sportsman's Landing is one of those hidden hole in the wall places where your belly and wallet are happy. The place has unassuming chairs, a typical bar and pool table area. First, I was amazed and happy with the drink prices. They had a really good honey whiskey to try. The food tastes homemade, as if you are in someone's home kitchen. I had the prime rib sandwich, which was gigantic. I'm very picky about prime rib. Usually, it tastes like a giant slab of flavorless meat, as if you are foraging in a forest with civilization miles away. This prime rib is tender like butter, and has a great spice mixture that is neither spicy nor overly salty, just flavorful. I hear their chili is outstanding. Can't wait to go back. I imagine it will get really busy in the summer with the boat landing.

(262) 895-7991

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