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  • Lacey R.

    The Black Sheep is, far and away, the best fine dining option in or around Whitewater. And better still, it is fine dining in a warm, casual, comfortable environment. Chef Tyler Sailsbery does a wonderful job pairing flavors and sourcing fresh ingredients. His focus on local meats and produce means that the dishes are flavorful and full of the healthy benefits that only local food can provide. Additionally, the food is well-prepared. I have dined at The Black Sheep a half dozen times and each time someone in my party has ordered the salmon. Salmon seems to always be overcooked in restaurants, but not at The Black Sheep-- perfect every time. The beer and wine lists at The Black Sheep are constantly evolving and offer something for everyone. I also love the playful and never boring n/a beverage list: bottled sodas, vanilla bean lemonade, etc. The atmosphere must be my favorite thing about The Black Sheep. The converted space in a century-old building is cozy and interesting-- with exposed brick, a poured concrete bar, and hand sewn tufted bench seating. The service has always been friendly and helpful as the staff grows and learns. The restaurant is still young and therefore I find myself being very empathetic to the new servers on a busy night... however, they earn my understanding through their politeness and their courage to ask questions when something stumps them. If any improvement were to be needed at The Black Sheep I would say it should be an expanded hors d'oeuvres (or small plates) and dessert menu for those of us that would like to sit and nosh while drinking a glass of wine.

  • Andy S.

    I went to The Black Sheep for dinner tonight, and I was blown away by the quality. This was my second visit, and it was a completely different culinary experience compared to their brunch service. After dining their tonight, I am willing to chalk up my first visit as a bad day in the kitchen on a menu that they had not had much practice with. The original brunch review is under the dinner review that I am posting tonight, but please don't let it scare you away from Whitewater's best dinner establishment. Here we go... Drinks: I had was the vanilla lemonade, I like vanilla, and I love lemonade, but cognitively I could not picture enjoying the combination. Surprisingly the drink was wonderfully cool and refreshing, if they bottled it I would buy it by the case. Appetizers: My table ordered the mac and cheese and a special referred to as caprese salad flatbread. The mac and cheese was wonderfully rich, love the roux and garlic bread crumb topping, I wish there were an option to add some kind of pork, since I love pancetta in mac and cheese, but it was good as is and in Wisconsin I would like to think we know mac and cheese. The caprese salad flatbread was more like a margarita pizza you would buy on the streets of Italy, it was not what I expected but it tasted good and the mozzarella was excellent. I associate caprese salad with uncooked mozzarella and raw basil, and this was the opposite, but it was an interesting interpretation. Entrees: The plank salmon was perfectly cooked and the sauce was excellent. I normally dislike capers, and my first choice of steak had just sold out, so I was a bit apprehensive about the sauce, but once it crossed my taste buds I was thrilled. I also sampled the lamb ravioli, it was alright, the raviolis were pretty large compared to the small pocket of filling, but I have never been a pasta guy and I am sure some people prefer it that way. I could tell they were made from scratch, and from my limited knowledge of pastas that is always a good sign. Desserts: Feeling gluttonous I tried every dessert on the menu, I figured with everything else being so good the desserts should not be missed. First I had the apple cobbler, I loved the top 1/4 with the crunchy crumbs, not sure if that was graham cracker or something else but it was awesome. The final 3/4 was cooked apples, which is fine but I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I ordered this dessert thinking apple crumble and apple cobbler were the same thing, but now I know they are different (and in my opinion apple crumble is better). Second dessert was another special, and it was called a strawberry lemonade cake, the best I can describe it is as a lemon meringue pie with a cut up strawberry on top. I did not order this one, since I anticipated it would be too sweet for my taste, but I gave it a try and it was good for being so sweet. The third dessert was my favorite, I can't recall what it was called, but it was a cup of chocolate custard with a dollop of cream on top. My oh my, chocolate heaven, hallelujah, thank you jesus. For dinner the black sheep thoroughly exceeded my expectations. I am ecstatic to have a nice restaurant to bring people to in Whitewater. ****************************** Old brunch review. My first experience at TBS was a bit of a disappointment, I went for brunch and while the service was good, I was let down by the food. I ordered a Gorgonzola and port burger medium, but it came out well done. I found the burger bland and unbalanced while the fries were not as crisp as they could be. Another person at my table ordered a well done burger, and my burger was even more cooked than his. If I had been paying for my meal I would have addressed my issues with the server, but I did not want to interrupt my companies breakfast, or insult their choice in restaurant. The restaurant was nicely laid out and visually pleasing, so I hope today was an off day. I will give the black sheep another chance for dinner or lunch and adjust my rating accordingly.

  • Christopher P.

    The Black Sheep has never ceased to amaze me or my wife. They catered our wedding last year and Tyler did a fantastic job setting it all up for us. This year we went for our one year wedding anniversary and again we were blown away. Danielle on their staff assisted me while I was overseas to make the perfect evening for my wife and I. The service by Luke was phenomenal and we will definitely be returning for future meals and events. I highly recommend them for weddings and just daily eating. Make sure you try the Chicken Piccata and the chicken pesto if it's being made. In fact we've never eaten anything less than amazing.

  • John S.

    The Black Sheep is the best dining experience located between Madison and Milwaukee. Using local sourced ingredients, The Black Sheep deliberately crafts nothing but the finest take on new American comfort food. Even their expansive drink menu is of high quality and offers something for everyone. Not only is it obvious that Chef Tyler has a true passion for serving good food and drink, he is very hands on and is also very attentive to guests. His staff is also very friendly and professional which can be uncommon in a college town. Dining at Black Sheep could be easily considered an affordable luxury and is perfect for a variety of occasions.

  • Vicki H.

    Enjoyed our meal at Black Sheep last night. We started out with the humus which was a bit thin in consistency, but tasty. Each couple ordered a half salad to split - salads were a bit on the small side to split. Server should have recommended full order of salad since he knew we were sharing. Three of us had the roasted salmon and one of our friends had the meatloaf. Portions were nice. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Our server was a bit green but he was polite and attentive. Will be back

  • Jenny Z.

    Went here last night and had a great evening! Our table shared the cheese plate ( almost all cheeses were WI made and all were delicious) and the spinach and artichoke dish. The wine and beer list is pretty extensive and was reasonably priced (yay!). My husband and I both ordered a salmon dish and both were extremely good. The salmon was nicely seasoned and the fresh vegetable of the day (curried carrots) were the best tasting carrots I've had in a long time. Our friends were pleased with their dishes, especially the 4 cheese ravioli. Our server was very nice, helpful and patient (we took forever to order). The chef/owner even came to our table and asked how everything was, which was nice as well. I would come here again in a heartbeat-this place incorporates local foood, has great prices, and friendly staff. The only complaints that I would have are that I would have preferred having a healthier grain option (fried polenta or mashed potatoes were the options last night) and our chocolate pot de creme was a bit small and maybe should have included a little cookie or something.

  • Miranda J.

    The Black Sheep was phenomenal. The only things that I would change about it are to have more than I was given and more options! Also, the food was delicious and the service was kind and prompt. I know the owner, and he seems to be doing very well with the restaurant. It gives Whitewater the classy dining and great culinary experience that it needs. I would highly recommend this place. Although it may be s bit pricey, it is worth the money!

  • Nichole F.

    We went to The Black Sheep this past weekend. It was delicious! We had a reservation which I recommend you make because they were crowded. We started with the mussels and flatbread which were both great! We split the portabella mushrooms and steak. The steak was great and cooked perfectly. The mushrooms were just okay. Too much balsamic vinegar. All in all, we would definitely go back. Cute date place!

  • Brett F.

    Were visiting the area and was recommended to this place. The service impeccable. The host friendly and greeted us right away. Our server was very knowledgeable about the drink and food menu. She made us feel very comfortable and asked all the right questions and answered ours perfectly, haven't had a server that enjoyable in a while. I was happy to give her extra on the tip. The food was delicious. The herb chicken was cooked and seasoned perfectly and the lamb ravioli was good. The only knock was I wish the portion size on the lamb ravioli was larger. I got about 5 raviolis, they were big, but I was expecting more. The portions on everything else were filling and the right amount. The chef/owner even came out to say hi and make sure we were taken care of. The employees here know how to make you enjoy the time there. All in all, it was a great experience. Look forward to returning.

  • Josh F.

    Love this place. A bit on the pricey side but definitely the best place in Whitewater to grab a great dinner. Tyler does a great job.

  • Barb N.

    Visited on a Wednesday night with a party of five (and no reservations). Adorable decor (exposed brick, high ceilings, chalkboards), great summer drink menu, locally sourced ingredients. Service was friendly (chef checked in with us, too) but a little slow. Drinks were great!! I had chicken with blue cheese and red pepper served with potatoes. Others had the market steak, salmon, and ravioli. Plating could have been better. Portions were generous. Taste was just okay.

  • Brian C.

    I just tried the fried green tomato sandwich which will be appearing on the new seasonal menu. It was really unique and amazing!

  • Michelle C.

    This is a great place to get something a little different. This is not your typical Wisconsin Supper Club, thank goodness! The menu changes every season to allow the chef to utilize fresh, local food. Chef Tyler is very innovative and does his homework. Every dish I've tried has been delicious.

  • Douglas P.

    Great food, reasonably priced. I did note, however, that the stall in the men's room had a waste basket next to the toilet. Inside the open waste basket was soiled toilet paper. Inside the bathroom was a fly. Imagine where the fly might want to go. I had seen this basket next to the toilet thing in Cancun, Mexico, so I wondered if this was some sort of cultural PC junk since this is a college town.

  • Dan B.

    If in doubt have the burger, well that's always been my belief but wasn't massively impressed by this one. Essentially two thick slabs of a heavy bread on either side of a so so burger, the onion jam or some such was good but not enough and the fries were old and over cooked. Dinner was however saved by a fabulous plum and cherry crumble, now that was worth every mouthful.

  • Michael H.

    Recently popped in for my third visit to Black Sheep and unfortunately, there were a few setbacks. Don't get me wrong, Black Sheep is the ONLY restaurant in town worth visiting for a quality dining experience. Indeed, aside from Randy's and Cozumel, there isn't much to choose from. Trust me, I know, having been a "part-time" resident of Whitewater since 1989. Anyway, enough about me. I'd avoid the spinach-artichoke dip as it is too thick and there aren't enough pita wedges to get to the bottom. (An absurd $3.00 charge for extra pita is enough to keep me away from that starter). I had the lamb ribs (which are seasonal) and would not recommend. Too much sauce overwhelmed the polenta and masked the meat which was fatty. She had the chicken marsala which was fine. I do like how Chef Tyler stops by to say hello. I like the overall atmosphere and feel of Black Sheep. Nice craft beer options too. I was Black Sheep to succeed and hope that it will in a college town not known for fine dining.

  • Junell H.

    We really liked our visits here. We stopped before and after diner. Scott was very helpful, informative and busy-bar tending and waiting tables also. We enjoyed some of their handcrafted drinks-a great place for an old fashion. The flatbread with spinach artichoke dip was delicious. They feature homegrown, Wisconsin products. They were understaffed when we returned around 8:00 pm. The real nuisance were the flies. We think this place has great potential and wish them the best!

  • Meghan M.

    I had the lamb risotto and it was so flavorful and delicious. Our waitress was great and very attentive. The owner/head chef came to our table to talk with us about our meal. Everyone in my party enjoyed their meal and we will definitely be returning next time we're in Whitewater!!

  • Josh Z.

    Took my girlfriend on a date to the Black Sheep. Was somewhat weary to go there, but I figured we would give it a try, and it was great! I was extremely satisfied with the customer service, and the food was excellent. I ordered the ribeye (which is not always available) and it was very good. My girlfriend had the ginger chicken, which is sort of spicy, but the apricot sauce evens it out. Overall, very pleased and would definitely recommend the Black Sheep to friends and family.

  • John S.

    Don't let its location in a small college town fool you or think that these ratings are graded on a curve. The Black Sheep is a fantastic restaurant that executes an excellent menu with high quality ingredients. It would do well anywhere. It is worth the trip.

  • Loki C.

    We went out for a romantic dinner a few weeks ago while on vacation and ate at The Black Sheep. The restaurant has a sort of modern chic look to it. We sat at a table next to a bay window that overlooked the lake, which was really nice. I had contacted the chef in advance about my food allergies, and he was totally willing to accommodate me. Big plus in my book. The server was very good about checking with the kitchen to make sure nothing would trigger my allergies. The food was excellent and the portions were very good. The mousse dessert was to die for. Next time we're in the area, we'll return to The Black Sheep for sure!

  • Maria I.

    We discovered The Black Sheep by complete accident and we loved it so much we went back to eat there the following night. The menu is so reasonably priced. A meal of that caliber would cost $200+ in the city (Chicago). The romantic, yet laid back atmosphere, the exquisite menu, the amazing service... where to begin?! If you are anywhere near this restaurant it is a MUST. It should be on everyone's bucket list.

  • Hawthorn M.

    I would give this place 3 stars, but they really hype you up and I just expect better from a place that acts so hip and yuppish. The food is ok. But that's it. And when you pay $5 for a tiny side salad you expect it be more than just ok. Our server was ok. She did her job and things were timely, but she was not engaging at all, didn't make much effort to recommend anything, and always left our table in an awkward silence. The vanilla lavender lemonade is one reason I would come back here again and again. it's just amazing. I had a spinach and bacon salad, which would have been amazing had it not been ruined by an overly sweet dressing. A bit of sweetness is fine with spinach, but the pickled beets already had that covered. I have no idea what sort of sweetener is used in the dressing, but it is beyond the normal sweetness that comes with balsalmic vinegars or other simple ingredients. It tasted like honey almost, and there was just too much of it. For my entree, i had a grilled goat cheese sandwich, which was again just ok. The goat cheese itself was very tasty, but the fresh greens clashed awkwardly with a grilled, melty cheese sandwich. It also had some sort of sauce on it that was too sweet. i'm not sure if Black Sheep is attempting to play into the Standard American palette with the copious sweetness of their sauces or what, but it was too much for me. The fries i had on the side were battered, which I found a little odd. it wasn't bad, but the batter didn't add enough flavor to really be worth the extra time and effort. Why not just season your fresh local potatoes? The chef Tyler came to our table, and I mentioned the overly sweet dressing, but he commented that the server should have said it was sweet. Seemed odd to me, as my issue was not the sweetness, but the overwhelming amount of it in the salad as a whole. I felt he was deflecting the issue onto the server or my own interpretation of the menu and my palette. This was my second time back to the Black Sheep, and I really keep hoping it will be worth it and live up to its own hype and fancy decor, but I'm not sure it will ever meet my expectations. This is really good food if you've never had really good fine dining before. It's even really good food for upscale pub faire. But when you advertise all of your local seasonal ingredients and set up the expectation for really fine food, it just falls short with such heavy-handed flavors. Perhaps I will give it another go sometime, as I do like the presence of a locally sourced fine dining restaurant in otherwise casual Whitewater. I keep hoping they'll live up to the good name they have made.

  • Kelsi B.

    What a great find. We were in Whitewater looking for a quick bite and I'm so happy we ended up here...thanks fellow Yelpers! The food was amazing. You could tell it was made with lots of love and fresh ingredients. Between my mom and I, we shared a cheese plate, the spinach and mushroom quiche, mushroom bisque and the arugula and brat salad. Everything was deelish. No complaints! The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because we were really looking forward to having some Bloody Mary's. It was a Saturday morning and they just sounded so good. But when we got to the restaurant our server told us they were out of their mix. Major bummer.

  • Nancy B.

    Excellent food. The butternut squash ravioli is amazing. Lovely service. The chef checked in with us too. This place is a gem! Highly recommended for a nice dinner with friends or a date.

  • Wesley E.

    I always enjoy what Chef Tyler puts together. The food really never fails to impress me. At this point this is the restaurant I can recommend to anyone visiting Whitewater with a high degree of confidence. I've had a few hiccups in service here and there, but nothing that wasn't immediately corrected. Sometimes the food seems to take a lot longer than I'd expect, but I can also be impatient and once it comes, it is always worth it. I am really looking forward to the BBQ place Tyler is looking to open up. I am a huge fan of BBQ and if it is on par with what he has done with the Black Sheep and Whitewater Country Club food, it will likely be a regular lunch stop for me during the workday. There are a few other downtown locations worth visiting too, but Black Sheep is the frontrunner for quality at this point.

  • Daniele B.

    Amazing, amazing food! Reasonably priced for what you get. The burgers are so good... The fries are unique but totally delicious! I highly recommend it.

  • Roger S.

    Food was fresh and tasty, great place for a date. The spinach burger was good and the cowboy martini was made well (it's strong). The fries were okay, could have used some more crunch. They were the one downside to the meal.

  • Jennifer H.

    Finally a restaurant with a modern interior and menu! This place has an impressive vibe particularly for a podunk college town. Truly the only option if you are looking for an upscale dining experience. My only negative is that the menu needs a bit more diversity. They offer 3 versions of salmon rather than 3 different seafood options. The menu does change regularly, I understand, but it would be nice if they had a bit more variety. That's my only gripe but will not stop me from visiting again.

  • mark c.

    went to the black sheep again last night. the place was SLAMMED. my wife and her friend ordered the ribeye and my friend and i ordered the shnitzel. all of us were very happy with our food. the portions were perfect. even though the restaurant was packed our server did an excellent job. i also greatly appreciated the chef coming to our table to check on our meal. i'm glad the black sheep is so close to us and wish them many years of continued success.

  • Eric O.

    I went to The Black Sheep for my birthday. They accepted reservations and the service was very nice and prompt, unfortunately that is the only part of dinner I enjoyed. I ordered the Chicken Parmesan thinking that it would have warm and simple flavors like all Italian food; this was not the case. It was covered in overcooked breadcrumbs that engulfed a small chicken breast, the marinara sauce seemed tasteless. I do not think it was worth the price my party paid for dinner. Maybe some newer menu items would make me go back.

  • Neta R.

    Really good food, if only they had vegan options... Changed my diet to vegan over the summer and I miss this place a lot!

  • Corey D.

    I'm secretly in love with The Black Sheep. We have a long distance thing going... that's hard... but we have an open relationship and we're able to see other people. I made the trip to meet some friends last fall and didn't regret for a moment that I was driving on super dark and windy country roads wondering if I'd swerve off the road wind up in a ditch and have to see how long I could live off the Yelp mints I stow in my glove box for lunch on the fly. After I ate me some delicious mushroom ravioli wrapped in a sturdy whole wheat pasta and some of the best bread I've ever put in my mouth I was less concerned knowing that were I to swerve I'd have a happy belly until emergency crews came to find me. Atmosphere is killer, brownie sundae dessert situation was bomb, the local beer list is expansive, but service is what sold me. Our waitress was so attentive, some might say too attentive, and always ready to fill a glass or remove a plate. The owner/manager (totally should have got his name) made sure we were a-ok multiple times that evening. It just feels good there. Comfort food in a comfortable environment with really cool people seeing to it that you're taken care of.

  • James C.

    There are few amazing sit down restaurants in Whitewater, WI but the Black Sheep is one and it is the best of the best. The staff are always friendly, the food is absolutely amazing and the atmosphere is awesome. This is a restaurant that I can spend hours in and it feels like minutes. Chef Tyler has brought the amazing dishes you expect to find in a big city to Wisconsin while keeping the dishes true to a home cooked meal. Whether it is meatloaf or pasta you will feel at home yet the dishes are so elegant that when you leave you almost forgot that you are in a small Wisconsin town. I have been to Black Sheep multiple times and I have even done one of the special events that they have hosted. Every experience has been 5 stars and I look forward to seeing more and more of this place in the future. This is definitely a place you should make the drive for and I highly encourage reservations, no matter what night of the week.

  • Christian P.

    Best eats in Whitewater!

  • Tony L.

    Yelp! rarely let's me down. This place is certainly no exception. The menu is very cool, the staff and atmosphere are very relaxed and stoked to be working there. Great beer and wine list. Everyone who walked in seemed to be familiar with the place and the staff. Granted, Whitewater is a bona fide small town so... All-in-all, will definitely get back here should my travels bring me back through Whitewater. I'll be sure to pass it along to friends who find themselves here and at a loss for somewhere to grub. Thanks Black Sheep.

  • Kimberly S.

    My boyfriend and I were in Wisconsin for our friends' wedding and during our free time, we were invited to explore for lunch. Being vegetarians, there's not many options for us during lunchtime in rural Wisconsin, but a quick Yelp search brought up The Black Sheep. With menu items clearly marked for vegetarians (amen!), I was already sold. When we walked in, I was fearful that they were closed since it was rather empty, but we were greeted warmly by the staff and seated in the dining area. Sidenote: any establishment that has Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald on tap is alright by me. So The Black Sheep gets bonus points for that. I went with the grilled cheese and fries. And man, I'm super glad I did! Might be one of the best grilled cheeses I've ever had: first of all, they slathered 4 huge slices of French bread with red pepper spread and 4 types of cheeses (Irish Dubliner, cheddar, ricotta, and fresh mozzarella). After only half of the sandwich, I was stuffed, but I kept nibbling off of the other half because it was THAT FREAKIN GOOD. The fries that accompanied it were fresh and tasty as well. The Black Sheep is definitely worth another trip the next time I'm in Wisconsin.

  • David K.

    Ordered the bbq hoisin salmon and was told 15 minutes after ordering that the sauce contains a tiny amount of gluten even though it was listed on the gluten free menu. What? Switched to another salmon dish which had no flavor. Another with me ordered the burger which they continually brought out burnt buns and said that it was just how the grilled worked, haha. The pumpkin flatbread sounded very tasty but lacked harmony and tasted like various ingredients were thrown on top of the flatbread.

  • Heidi R.

    We dined at The Black Sheep on a recent Friday, and we were pleased at how very good the restaurant is as well as how reasonable (we're used to Chicago suburb prices, but let's not tell the folks at Black Sheep that). We began with sharing the pear and Gorgonzola salad. The pears were so ripe and sweet, and the fig balsamic was lick-your-fingers good with just enough acid and sweetness. I might suggest to forgo the sad heel of bread and the oil and balsamic that was brought to the table before the salad. The salad was so amazingly fresh and good, but we needed a little bread with it rather than what we got while we were waiting for our salads. We were told the bread was fresh out of the oven, but it had a little feel of Pepperidge Farm. The entrees that we ordered also did not disappoint. I had the oven-roasted salmon which was cooked perfectly and was served on a cedar plank. The potatoes were mashed, but still had a lot of texture. I hate mashed potatoes that are beaten within a half inch of their life. These had some personality and flavor. The roasted carrots that came with the meal looked and tasted like they had been just picked (though they were a touch too al dente). My husband's squash ravioli was also superb. The sauce was so savory and the ravioli had a sweetness, but not too sweet. The only comment my husband had to say about them is they needed a few more ravioli to balance the quantity of sauce. The sauce was really good with my salmon and potatoes, so I didn't mind that he had left over sauce. We were too full for dessert, but next time, we'll be trying that. One last tip/comment. Make reservations for Friday or Saturday nights. We didn't--and we had a 15 minute wait (it wasn't bad at all, they have a lovely bar and the bartender was a really sweet college student at UW-Whitewater). That isn't bad, but if one is hungry, it's key. Also, in making reservations, I'd ask for a table that doesn't have the bench setting. I am too short to sit on the bench and my tush and back are way too old to be comfortable on a bench, regardless of how many cushions are under or behind... Overall, this is a lovely place and we'll be doing our part to make certain it is supported.

  • Randa B.

    So happy we went to Black Sheep Friday night! Sat outside and I enjoyed my vodka lemonade. I had the baked cod perfectly cooked and amazing crispy asparagus. Everything was delicious and it was great that the chef came outside to say Hey and see how we liked it, The couple next to us were raving about their pasta - I can't wait to go back.

  • Jennifer C.

    We were in Whitewater for our daughter's gymnastics meet and had lunch at the Black Sheep. It was a fantastic experience. We loved all the well-prepared food: squash soup, wedge salad, burgers and chocolate mousse dessert. The service was attentive and friendly. We love how they are committed to using quality local ingredients and the prices were very reasonable. It is a gem, I highly recommend it!

  • Karen C.

    We love coming to The Black Sheep! We've been at least 6 times in the past year and have tried something new each time. On a busy Friday night recently, it was a bit chaotic and our cocktails glasses sat empty,several times, for quite awhile as we sat at the bar. the bar tender was super friendly but had to ask us what we had when it came time to get our bill :/ we are honest and told him of course. A little attention to server training would go a long way here! it will not stop us from returning tho!

  • Chuck E.

    Gave the Black Sheep a second try. Unfortunately, the service was as pathetic as the first time. Went on Saturday night with my lovely wife and son. Place was busy but it is not all that large of a place. Our service was agonizingly slow. We got in at 7pm and finished around 8:45pm. Drinks, dinner and desert. It took 15 minutes for waiter to show up with water and another 10 for drinks. We ordered wine which he had difficulty opening. After about 20 minutes he came back and said my order (nightly steak special) was no longer available! Really? It took that long to figure that out! They substituted tenderloin for the ribeye. Wife and son got their dinner and were about half done eating when my showed up. Finally paid and left. It really is too bad as this could be a real gem. The food is 4 star plus.

  • Johnathon J.

    Best restaurant in town! Great atmosphere and excellent food and drinks. They do have a variety of vegetarian dishes, but I do wish they had more vegan options, although their Grilled Portobello mushroom is delicious.

  • Lisa S.

    My husband and I were visiting the area for a night away from Chicago (and our toddler), so when looking for post-Valentine's Day reservations, I looked through Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews. Based on the online menu and high praises, we selected The Black Sheep, and we are SO GLAD we did. We ordered an appetizer (Spinach and Artichoke Dip) based on the server's recommendation, soup (roasted tomato) and salad (beets and bacon) based on menu description, and entrees (shrimp and salmon for my husband, pot roast for me). After all of that, we succumbed to dessert (brownie a la mode for my husband, pot de creme for me). Even though we totally overdid it, everything was excellent. And, even more surprisingly, an excellent VALUE. We live in Chicago, so this enormous dinner for the two of us cost less than my (single) Restaurant Week meal out in the city. We had an extremely difficult time narrowing down our list of options from the front of the menu (apps, soup/salad, flatbread), so if we went back, we would probably try three completely different items. In addition, there were a number of entrees I would like to try, so I would likely try a chicken dish next time. The main point is, I hope there is a next time, because this was a high quality meal for extremely reasonable prices. Our service was great - we had a reservation, so we were seated very quickly; our server provided sound recommendations and checked on us regularly; and the chef stopped out of the kitchen twice to speak with guests. Since we were among the last several tables, we were able to tell him how much we enjoyed the meal, but it was obvious that he knew the locals, who were out for their weekly taste at The Black Sheep. The atmosphere was nice - we sat next to the window, where you can look out to a tiny local train station. It was very quaint!

  • Brooklyn S.

    I visit friends in the Whitewater area a few times a year and have always been less than thrilled about the restaurant options in the area, but this time I was very excited about trying this place after the other Yelp reviews! I finally managed to get over to The Black Sheep on a Saturday night around 6:30pm and was seated immediately in a lovely cushioned spot by the window. A couple large abstract art pieces and mirrors filled space on the brick interior walls, and upbeat chatter and occasional laughter even could be heard coming from the kitchen. This place had a great vibe. The waitress was very attentive and smiley and my water glass was never below half-full. The red wine that the menu recommended to go with the pork entree I chose wasn't all that special, but the bread w/ oil and vinegar that came as a sort of mini appetizer was nice. I ordered the porkloin w/cherry balsamic glaze and opted for polenta instead of potatoes and oh. my. heck! That sauce was AMAZING! It was obvious that all of the ingredients used were local because of the sheer freshness of everything. The portion of polenta & carrots that came with were a bit small under my two lovely slabs of pork, but everything tasted delicious! I had the chocolate pot de creme for dessert which was very tasty! It was served in a coffee mug so mentally I was expecting to dig into something warm, but after dipping my spoon into the cold solid surface under the whipped cream, I instead devoured some kind of cool, rich, velvety goodness. Very, very pleased. At some point a man with a teal button down shirt and a warm smile came out and asked me how everything was, then proceeded to recommend other fun places that an aspiring foodie like me would enjoy in the area. I'm not sure who he was, but it's so refreshing to know that the staff such an upscale place(for Whitewater, for sure) can be so down to earth and approachable to their guests. Overall, the service was wonderful. The atmosphere was welcoming. Most importantly, the earthy flavors of everything I ate mingled together and made me feel like there was definitely a lot of heart in the food and that the menu was very thoughtfully-crafted. If you live nearby, definitely, DEFINTELY give this place a try. I will definitely be returning to The Black Sheep again next time I'm in WI!

  • Kari S.

    Ate here for lunch today and was not impressed AT ALL. Very slow service. The place was FREEZING, pitifully small lunch portions and inattentive server. Food (once it arrived) was just OK, again the portions are super small. On a final note the host (wearing a green shirt today, no clue of his name and the bartender wearing grey) were down write rude to us when inquiring about separate checks, if you are unwilling to d separate checks post that on the menu. I will not be back, this was a huge disappointment.

  • Nathan P.

    Great food burger that I had was cooked beautifully atmosphere is exceptional. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a quality meal. The only negative I would say is the service is a little spotty, waitresses seem a little untrained at times. Overall great experience just be prepared for a little lengthy stay.

  • Chris H.

    This place is great. Best option for locals and travelers. Tyler is friendly, his staff is attentive and the food is excellent. Great beer list and quality ingredients.

  • Betsy H.

    If you are in Whitewater, this is by far the best place for dinner, and if you are a foodie this is the ONLY place for dinner (Sweet Spot next door is great, but opened seasonally at dinner-time). I love everything about this place. The service is always friendly. I've enjoyed everything I have tried and so has my husband. Best hummus I've ever had. Salads are always fresh. Great salmon, beef, pork, and chicken. We're not pasta eaters, but we're told that it's incredible by our daughter. My husband loves the mashed potatoes, but I like the polenta. Right now they have a limited wine and beer list. Look forward to them getting a full alcohol license someday. No high end wines yet, but they just opened so I'm sure those will come.

  • David H.

    Fantastic! This place makes even brussel sprouts something to write home about. After only one trip, I can already vouch for the muscles, chicken marcatta, and lamb ravioli. I plan to explore more of this menu. These people clearly value what they do, and deliver on expectations. This is the best thing to happen to Whitewater since war hawk football, and finally gives us guys an impressive place to take a date.

  • Erik R.

    I was in Whitewater, WI with my wife staying at a Bed and Breakfast and the owner of the b&b recommended ''The Black Sheep" as a somewhat upscale restaurant, but she warned us to go in after 7pm if we didn't make reservations. So, we arrived at 7:30 and it was apparent their rush was just ending, but we were sat as soon as we walked in the door. Our server, who was exceptionally polite, brought us bread and took our order. The drinks came out quickly, but the cheese plate, our appetizer, took about 15 min. Despite waiting a few minutes longer than normal, the cheese plate was very good. It was our choice of four cheeses served with candied nuts, apricot jam, olives and crackers. And here's where everything went downhill. We asked for more crackers, because the plate only came with about 6 mini multi-grain crackers. About 5 minutes later our server came with plateful. At that point I was running low on water, so when our server came back to the table, about 5 minutes later, I asked for a refill. He forgot. After about another 10 minutes my wife asked the gentleman again and we then promptly received a refill. For those of you keeping track at home this is now 35 min into our meal with no sign of our entree. As we sat there, the restaurant began clearing out and despite having at least a handful of open tables throughout the restaurant, the host sat 4 gentlemen at the table directly next to us. So, we sat there listening to their conversation, which became more and more difficult to ignore, because the restaurant was emptying. It was about 45 minutes before the server assured us our food was coming. So, we waited. After waiting for an hour my wife wanted to leave, but I told her to be patient. At that point I put a 30 minute cap on how much longer we would wait. Then, after 20 minutes, things began to happen. There was movement and plating happening, it was coming, after waiting an hour and 20 minutes our food was coming. The server began walking towards us and he set down the plates on the table next to us. It was the food of the 4 gentlemen that the host inconsiderately sat next to us, despite having several open tables, and at that point the only other table in the restaurant. We had been sitting there 15 minutes longer than these men. We were a two top, they were a four top. Yet, they received their meal before us. At that point I had enough, I told my wife I had enough we are going. We paid for our drinks and our appetizer, and only because I didn't care to meet the Whitewater Police Department. Then we walked down the street ordered a pizza, it was ready in 8 minutes, and we went back to the b&b to eat. So in short, the service was polite, but god awful at best. The cheese plate was good, but didn't come with enough crackers to enjoy all the cheese, unless you really, really like a lot of cheese on you cracker. I'm talking a 6 to 1 ratio. The ambiance was good, but my overall experience was my second worst at a restaurant ever. And my worst experience was being sat and waiting an hour before leaving because no one came to our table.

  • James L.

    Great spot, highly recommended for a date or just for good food. Gourmet menu prepared by the owner/chef which changes with the seasons. Relaxed vibe, and if you're lucky you will get to observe a freight train roll soothingly by out the main windows. Nothing represents small-town Americana better than that.

  • Steve E.

    I made a Yelp account just because I had to give this restaurant it's due. I've been living in Whitewater for six years. I've been everywhere. Ate everything. This is the BEST IN WHITEWATER, and is only getting better!

  • Valerie D.

    The servers and staff who helped me were very, very nice. One woman greeted me, got me a glass of water and had me wait at the bar for someone to come clean the table she'd placed me at. Someone else set my table and seated me. And then a woman took my order. I was slightly confused, but yes she turned out to be my waitress. Possibly the only waitress. I didn't see anyone else taking orders, and she was also greeting people at the door and seating. It was a little chaotic to watch, not having a hostess, because it seemed like the waiters had to play that role as well. I had their vanilla bean lemonade and it was interesting. It went against my instinct that lemonade and vanilla would go well together, but one of the other reviewers recommended it, so I got one. And it was very good; it was refreshing and smooth. I had the red pepper hummus for a starter. It was not the best hummus I've had, but I enjoyed it none the less. It was what I expected for a hummus. The chef brought it out to my table which was very nice of him and I was glad to meet him. For my entree, I had the Scottish highlander burger with port & Gorgonzola, which comes with"fresh-cut fries" and "seasonal vegetables". The fries were so dark brown I thought they would be hard as rocks, but they were in fact quite mushy and not crunchy in the slightest. There were a lot of fries in my portion, which is always good in my book. I'm not picky about fries, but I know that some people wouldn't have eaten those fries. I'm guessing/hoping that it was just a sub-par batch. When I read "seasonal vegetables" came with my burger, I did not expect that that would be three small, young carrots. That was a little strange. I do like carrots and I'm not exactly complaining, but it was definitely not what I was expecting. The burger itself was on the small side. I wish there had been more gorgonzola on mine; I barely tasted it. The port was a very nice addition, however. All in all it was what you'd expect and nothing on the A++ side. Although I will say that I think this place has a great deal of potential and that is the greatest draw for me; I can tell that the chef means well and is passionate. And I'm looking forward to going back and trying everything on the menu. I got the impression that the chef frequently changes the menu, so I am looking forward to trying new items.

  • Sharon G.

    This restaurant offers a rustic setting and warm atmosphere. The menu offers a wide variety of well made dishes. Our red pepper bruschetta was just okay, but the Mac and cheese was really delicious, as was the pear salad. The lamb shank and risotto was tasty and a good portion, not overdone. I had the yummy chicken Marsala ravioli with a great mushroom sauce. It was evident that the ravioli was handmade and prepared al good! The service was friendly and consistent. The chef, Tyler, circulated around the dining room checking to make sure everything was pretty much was! We will be back, this is a little gem in a town where your food choices are definitely limited to bars, pizza, Chinese and Mexican.

  • Wendy H.

    I loved this place! Had dinner there last night, it was the best around. Definitely quality ingredients. Very fancy. I will definitely be coming back! Also the chef was wonderful, he came out and talked to us about the food, he definitely cares about his customers. You don't see that to often these days. A wonderful place and the wait staff are pleasant and quick.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : No
    Dogs Allowed : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

The Black Sheep

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