Upper-Crust Pizzeria & Pub

N1070 Cty Rd H
Pell Lake, 53157
I'm from Wisconsin, but live in California now and came here with my brother and sister-in-law. I'm getting divorced, and my brother wants to fix me up with a Wisconsin guy! I love Wisconsin guys! When we came in, my brother saw his friend sitting at the bar and went to talk to him. My brother came back to our table and asked me what I thought about his friend. I said that he was overweight, at least 20 pounds. My brother said that his friend makes a lot of money, and I asked what he does. He said that he's a custom manure pumper! You don't want to know what that is!! I asked what the guy smells like, and my brother said that he "smells like shit." I said that it was a definite "no." Then my brother says, "He's a virgin!" I thought about it for about 2 seconds, and said, "How bad does he smell?" LOL Now on to the review!!! The place has the greatest collection of stuff on the walls and ceilings. The soft garlic and onion bread sticks were heavenly, so hot and fresh, served with the tastiest, warm, cheese sauce. We shared a pizza, half pepperoni, and half sausage, green pepper and onion. It was one of the best pizzas I ever had!
First off they DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT or DEBIT!! And are glad to have you use the 2$ fee ATM. Food is decent. Had Italian beef, not too bad, had overpowering pepper flavor. Wife and mother in law had sausage pizza, they enjoyed the crust mostly. We ordered a bucket of five beers coronas and dos Equis, the waitress then brings us three limes.. STALE DRY LIMES AND ONLY 3!! The young kid that she had helping did a better job than she did. Gee don't know what else to say if you like it and can deal with it more power to you.
The Mac & Cheese pizza is nothing short of amazing The shrimp pizza is also great! We visit on the regular

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