5326 N Port Washington Rd
Glendale, 53217
I'm glad they put one of these in my area of town. I had only had Wing Stop one time before today, and they have some tasty food. After getting incredibly slow, lackluster service at BW3 at Bayshore every time I go, the speedy, friendly service here was very appreciated. For this trip to Wing Stop I got the Louisiana Rub and the Hickory Smoked BBQ. Both were great. I'll be back again.
The wings were delicious and the service was relatively quick. Good wings, good mood :)
I've been to this location a few times already and the service has been great! The boneless Garlic Parmesan wings and the rolls are awesome. I'm also a fan of the Coke Freestyle machine. So many choices! I will definitely return.

(414) 763-9818

Chicken Wings

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Devon Seafood - Steak

5715 N Bayshore Dr
Glendale, 53217
I'm really not impressed..... I sure wanted to be, but I don't think I'll ever go back. Service- the exact reason I'm writing this review was because of the EXTREMELY poor service we received!! It took the server almost 18 minutes for her to bring me a glass of Champagne!! No apologies, no sorry for the wait, nothing!! Food- for a $23 lunch plate I would expect much higher quality. The portions were a bit too small, and I thought the meal was pretty bland. There are plenty of restaurants downtown that I would gladly choose over Devon.
Can you say AMAZING!? That's what this place is. I'll admit, I was a little skeptical going into it. I'm not usually a fan of chains (this is a chain), but this really isn't like your typical chain restaurant. We walked in to stunning decore. We had got reservations in advance and they escorted us to a private room! Be sure to ask for one of the rooms if you have a big enough party. Our waitress was attentive but not over attentive. She seemed to time it out just perfectly so that she would come in just as we were about to need her. Now that's what I call service - anticipate your customers' needs. The food. Just wow. I had the special of the night, which was a charred Ahi Tuna. So good. I'm a huge seafood lover, but usually skeptical about eating it when I'm not on the coast (I used to live in Boston). But this stuff was about as fresh as it gets. Quite surprised. Is it expensive? Yes. But definitely worth it. Great for a special occasion.
My God, their crab cakes are the best thing ever. I don't care if it is $15 for only two, those were the best crab cakes I have ever had the joy of eating. Lobster bisque was smooth and creamy and RICH fresh squeezed lemonade was the bomb! Scallops with mushroom risotto was out of this world! 1 1/4 pound lobster was delicious Our waiter was excellent, he pretty much picked my meal for me, and I love him for it because it was so damn good! The atmosphere is chill, furnishing is just classy. Yep. Love this place.

(414) 967-9790

Seafood, Bars

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5800 N Bayshore Dr
Glendale, 53217
Severely disappointed in the bubble tea. There is only a smoothie option, not the regular milk tea that I've had in all other places. The flavors are all in powder, very sweet, chemically flavored form. The aftertaste lasted for at least ten minutes. The tea, if there was any, is only in powder form of an unknown variety. The bubbles were harder than I've ever had before. They are very friendly here. But it is so easy to make a real steeped jasmine milk tea of only one flavor that would be a thousand times better than this crap. There are so few options of bubble tea in this city, i wish I could find a good one.
This is purely a review for their bubble tea. I heard through the grapevine that their boba tea was good and was hoping to finally have a place in Milwaukee that actually makes good boba. This is most definitely not that place. I can't really find anything good to say about this place unfortunately. The boba itself is terrible. It's probably the first boba I've ever had that doesn't have a chewy center. Each tapioca ball is just a piece of mush that's barely held together in the shape of a ball. Even day old boba has a firm, hard center so this must be either REALLY old or just cooked plain wrong. The milk tea "flavors" are basically all in powdered form stored nicely in tupperware in plain view so there is no confusion about just how fresh your beverage is. This creates several problems: of course the flavor is much more artificial and doesn't taste fresh at all, but also powder does not dissolve well in cold beverages with ice, no matter how much you shake it. Needless to say the drinks were powdery. Finally, from what I could tell, the "tea" portion had no discernible taste of tea at all. In fact, one of the drinks was pale white compared to the classic tell-tale tan/hazel color that bubble milk tea usually is. If there's any trace of tea at all in there, it's minimal. To top it off, it's expensive, $4+ for a small. Maybe their smoothies are better.
The new owners are great! Always someone behind that stand now =) Very helpful with finding new ideas to mix up your bubble tea, I like mixing coconut and red bean with their tasty tapioca. Yum.

(414) 759-7065

Juice Bars & Smoothies, Bubble Tea

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Qdoba Mexican Grill

510 W Silver Spring Dr
Glendale, 53217
This is my first visit to the Midwest, and we don't have Qdoba in California, at least not in the Bay Area. It's basically identical to Chipotle, except it offers more variety, which is great. A tip -- add the queso sauce to whatever you get. Yum.
My coworkers and I came here to grab what we thought would be a fast lunch. Instead, we stood in line for 15-20 minutes and it felt like the line barely moved. We finally ordered our food and was able to find seating fairly easily. The food was okay, nothing spectacular. I would come here if I was really in a pinch but wouldn't otherwise come here.
Giant burritos to enjoy while walking around Bayshore or after coming out of Trader Joes... This location has the same decor and feel that you get from the other locations making you feel right in place when you walk in. There is a front entrance off of Silver Spring that leads directly to the line to order and then there is a back entrance that is next to Trader Joe's and off that parking structure. My go-to is a Chicken Queso Burrito but I've been digging their vegetarian burrito with fajita vegetables and guacamole on there lately. Nothing too crazy yet if you are looking for a quick bite during lunch stop on by.

(414) 431-1913


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Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

5265 N Port Washington Rd
Glendale, 53217
Very well run, great service, fast turnaround. This is a solid breakfast option in the area if you want diner food standards.
I'm a huge fan of their breakfast food but not much else. I order the same meal every time. Belgium waffle, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes & bacon. This is a great meal. Whenever you order breakfast always ask for them to put the butter in the plastic cup. Otherwise, be prepared to have this big glob of butter all over your food. The servers are pretty friendly at this place. The manager is always nice and very accommodating. It has a quiet atmosphere, quick seating, and good options. It's worth stopping in. And I'm sure there are some lunch and dinner meals that are good, I just go for breakfast. I can eat that any time of day.
Because it was a convenient location for all of us, I met three of my Railroad Club buddies for a holiday dinner here. I had tried lunch in August with my friend John, the certified Italian Chef, but would dinner be any better? One by one they arrived after me and amazingly Marissa our server greeted each of us individually as if we were all being welcomed to her home. Polite, personable and very efficient, she made us all feel as if we were guests of honor. With a full agenda of railroad items to discuss, Marissa continually checked on us throughout our two hour stay, joined not once but twice by the Manager seeing that we had everything we needed. Needless to say each of us was impressed. Taking awhile to explore the huge menu that offers breakfast, lunch or dinner anytime, I ordered the Senior Country Fried Steak dinner for $7.99 ($9.99 regular) with a cup of better-than-average Chicken Noodle soup to start off with. The good-sized entree arrived nicely hot, with the plate loaded with excellent french fries and a tiny fresh baked roll that seemed to be out of place. For $3.99 extra, I took advantage of the Beverage/Dessert Combo option saving $1.50 off ordering coffee and a piece of delicious French Silk Cream Pie separately. When all was said and done I must admit I was full and pleasantly satisfied until I received my bill. Maybe I'm getting old in this day of $8 and $10 hamburgers at many restaurants or I've been in thrift-conscientious Milwaukee too long, but this with an appropriate $3 tip for Marissa was a $15.71 event, almost $20 if regularly priced. Perkins? All of us agreed the food was better than expected but it was Marissa that was worth the experience!

(414) 962-0623

American (Traditional)

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Chocolate Factory Subs & Ice Cream

Bayshore Town Center,5800 N Bayshore Dr
Glendale, 53217
This is now tops on my list for sub stops. I prefer their bread to any other I've tried, and it's waaaaay better than Subway's bread in my book. Slightly crisp on the outside and soft and pillowy inside. Their ham is of very nice quality, and had I noticed the special before ordering, I would have loved to try their turkey/cranberry fall special sandwich. I also like that they have smaller subs available. The scrumptious morsel of chocolate they give out is the perfect finish to my meal.
Nothing really special. The two staff behind the counter seemed to be more interested in their personal lives over taking my order and getting my food out efficiently. I'm not sure if it was just the fact that it was slow or just an off day, but I wasn't impressed. The sandwich was decent enough, but if it weren't for having a gift card I would probably go somewhere else.
CLOSED, now I can see why.

(414) 962-6770

Sandwiches, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Panera Bread

5595 N Port Washington Road
Glendale, 53217
This has to be the best panera I have ever been to. I walked in and someone was there to take my order immediately. She was incredibly pleasant and made sure my order was correct. I waited for all of two minutes for my food and drink, the fastest service I've ever experienced! I ordered the tortellini Alfredo, chicken noodle soup, and a strawberry banana smoothie and everything is delicious! Very well done.
Solid fast, casual fast food. I have come to absolutely love the BBQ Chicken Salad with the broccoli & cheddar soup. I don't even like broccoli. Staff is usually solid but overly friendly, which is ok. I prefer spending what little money I have on local eateries so I'll probably not come here too often. Decent for a chain though!
Panera bread.. Nationwide chain, same old stuff. Recently they've improved the menu by adding soba noodle bowls and pasta dishes. That makes me happier to come here. I pretty much despise all their old paninis, sandwiches and salads, but find their grilled cheese and soups redeeming. Their iced green tea is addicting, and honestly I would come just go get a giant cup of it. This particular restaurant is not very big and it's not as clean and organized as some other Paneras. Absolutely love the rapid order pick up option- order & pay using the app, walk in and grab your ready food and drinks from a cubby. This is such a great new feature and I've been getting a lot more carry out because of it. Keep improving, Panera, and we will come!

(414) 962-4775

Sandwiches, Salad, Soup

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Taco Bell

5560 Port Washington Rd N
Glendale, 53217
Ummm....can one actually review a Taco Bell? I mean we all know what we are getting into, right? In all seriousness, this Taco Bell is awesome. From the employees to the accuracy of order to the cleanliness of the place. These people work hard and have a great attitude despite my weird, complicated order at 10 at night with x number of ravenous munchie urchins simultaneously trying to vaporize me with their combined power of grand theft auto v induced hunger. Thank you purveyors of late night eats and all that comes with the territory.
It's a Taco Bell. I mean, what do you expect? Nothing to complain about at this location. Service was good. Food came out fast. Tried the Doritos Locos Taco and I wasn't impressed. Comes out in a little sleeve (which I assume is to keep you from getting cheesy powder all over your hands while you eat) but the sleeve actually made it kinda hard to consume. I don't know, prefer the regular original shell (and I'm a HUGE Dorito fan so that's saying something).
A Taco Bell is a Taco Bell, right? Not so much. I have come to this Taco Bell quite a few times over the years and they never cease to eff something up or forget it altogether. The subpar food also becomes even more subpar here... this Taco Bell must actively seek incompetent employees.

(414) 964-4360

Mexican, Tex-Mex, Fast Food

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Hom Wood Fired Grill

5750 N Port,Washington Rd
Glendale, 53217
Unfortunate. We entered the restaurant at little after 8pm, Wednesday, the third of September. The bus person placed water on the table. Our waiter passed us twice without any interaction despite having lengthy interactions with two other set of patrons. We were already on the fence about this restaurant due to some of their uninspired, gerontological signature entrees but the service led us to walk out after twenty minutes of no interaction with the waiter. What a great location but they need to try harder. Good luck Hom Bayshore, you are going to need it.
I came with my family, a fairly difficult group, and they handled it very well. Staff was very kind and helpful. Not very busy while we were there but the food took about 30 minutes to come out. Ordered a burger medium well and it came very rare.
I truly enjoyed our food...but, the plate didn't match the menu. We has the Friday fish fry. The menu said it came with applesauce. None of the plates had it and we had to ask for it. The bus person stopped by more often than our waiter. The bussman brought more soda and refilled ou warer glasses. Our table was always clean. Food good but a bit in the upper end. Wait service was just a wait. All in all, a solid four stars. Goof food and very pleasant surroundings.

(414) 312-7043

Steakhouses, American (Traditional)

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Buffalo Wild Wings

590 W. Northshore Drive,N-145
Glendale, 53217
Great location. But, the inside layout sucks! The bar faces a giant wall alienating bar patrons from the restaurant. Also, the bathrooms are always obstructed by people gathered at the front entrance, waiting area, hostess desk or the order desk for to go orders. These areas are all centered around the bathrooms making it a highly congested area. The bathrooms are undersize for such a large restaurant, posted capacity is nearly 400 for both inside & outside, the men's bathroom can only accommodate 3 at a time. Cell phone / Wi-Fi reception is weak. The restaurant is incased with concrete from the above parking garage. The food is on par with other B-Dub restaurants. Service is lackadaisical, nobody seems to be in any hurry wait staff wise. The restaurant seems to have a high turnover of staff. More TV's in any restaurant around. I'd estimate 40+. Parking sucks! The area around the restaurant is overbuilt leaving parking a challenge during peak hours.
I get together every Monday night with some friends to do movie Monday's, usually at iPic. The past 3 times we selected Buffalo Wild Wings because the wings can be good, however based on my experience last night I will not be back! Hers the play by play of our night. Our movie was at 8 PM so I planned on meeting up with my friends around 6:30. Service has always been slow here so I figured an hour and a half would be plenty of time. 6:20 PM - 3 out of 4 arrived early and we were seated. 6:30 PM - We still have not even been greeted and one friend flagged down the host and said we were ready to order. 6:35 PM - Our server said she would be right with us. We notice 5 other servers standing around the touch tunes machine. 6:45 PM - Our server finally comes to our table and asks for our drink order. I said we were ready to order as well. She took our drink order and said she would be right back for our food order. I repeated myself and said we would order food right away too. She took the food order from two of my friends and said Alright I'll be back and started to walk away. I stopped her and said umm wait, you didn't take my food order. We were still waiting on our 4th friend so I ordered him 8 naked tenders. 6:55 PM - Still no water or drinks. Our server comes back and asked if I wanted naked wings or naked boneless wings. I told her that they were naked tenders. 6:58 PM - Still no water or drinks. Our server comes back and says that the naked tenders only come in 6 not 8. 7:00 PM - after still not receiving any water or drinks we got up and told the server to just cancel the order. If the server was new or busy I could maybe understand the bad service but that was just ridiculous. If I could give this place 0 stars I would.
On lunch break for work. Waited over an hour for food. No beverage refills. Waited more than 30 minutes for Bill. Bill not accurate. Manager had to intervene but further messed up the situation. Do not eat here. Go next door. This place should be closed down.

(262) 369-1600

Chicken Wings, American (Traditional), Sports Bars

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