The Shoreline Restaurant

12747 Hwy 42
Gills Rock, 54210
My husband and I went to Shoreline Restaurant for the first time tonight. This is their closing weekend for the season, so I was not sure what to expect. I had the Tempura Coconut shrimp and my husband had the lamb stew. Both was really delicious. Salad was fresh and crisp. If I would say anything critical, it would be that the martinis were a little weak. Our waitress was very friendly and we did not spend a fortune for the meal. We will definately go back the next time we are in tow.
The view here is wonderful. The whitefish is great, and it's nice that they prepare it in so many different ways. I had it "roma" style which was incredible, and my husband had it with cheese which he really liked. Skip dessert and grab a slice of pie at one of the many shops along Rt. 42 to save yourself some money and taste.
A restaurant on the water totes its bounty and uses it as a spiel to lure [white] fish-hungry tourists. It is just that though--a spiel--because it certainly does not actually give you the goods from right outside its doors. The Shoreline overlooks the opening to Death's Door, and unfortunately, their food was "dead" too. The restaurant is 'known' for its fish, but it was not present in even the whitefish chowder, a supposed specialty. Potato and cream were the only present ingredients. Even salt was nowhere to be found. Being that the namesake is fished on the banks not far from the Shoreline's doorstep, I was sad for the poor showing in the chowder. The other absentee seafood ingredient was the real crab in items like the crab melt, but yet there was real crab in the prefab crab cakes (smothered in a wannabe remoulade sauce). Toss a $12 tag on the cakes, and you're essentially pay $4 for each too-perfect disk of breaded crab. For the frozen variety, $12 is far too steep. I can only guess that they came premade, because they--along with the cheese curds--were delivered far too quick. To put it in perspective, we were seated around 5:10 p.m. and were leaving by 5:50 p.m. The whitefish wrap was tasty. I enjoy the like at Charlie's Smokehouse. The dill cream cheese was a nice complement, but the rogue scallion was too harsh. Green onions have a sharp, sometimes hot taste on the buds, and it would be better received if it was chopped. In addition, there was a whole lot of spinach tortilla and the filling was not as abundant. The lone item that receives a full thumbs up are the beer battered fries. Although I doubt they were hand-battered, they were still delicious. They were very crunchy, and had an almost buttery taste. I don't think one exceptional side dish justifies a $100 check. I am wondering if the older community has lost some of their sense of taste, because they were lined up before 5:00 p.m. Maybe they like the Shoreline because of the quick turnaround. Homemade takes longer than 40 minutes and it doesn't necessarily cost $100. I am willing to pay top dollar for from-scratch fare. Unfortunately, they scratched that at the Shoreline.

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