China Kitchen

N112W16560 Mequon Rd
Germantown, 53022
Fresh, tasty and affordable lunch buffet. I should know, I visit it nearly once a week with my co-workers. For $6.50 you have your choice of crispy crab rangoon filled with cream cheese, savory sweet and sour chicken, fresh fried rice, an assortment of beef, chicken and shrimp dishes and desserts including Chinese sugar donuts, fruit, cookies, jello and soft serve ice cream.
I'm writing this one based on a take-out experience. What's up with Chinese restaurants around here closed until 4:00PM on Sundays? Maybe there is a reason, but the only choice within the immediate area to grab takeout was at China Kitchen in Germantown. The dining room underwent some renovations awhile back to accommodate a hibachi following. Typically known for their buffet (that looked good with peel and eat shrimp and a plethora of other tempting items) we chose take-out to get a feel for the land. Have you ever heard of placing an online order for Chinese take-out? I don't mean to sound discriminatory, but it was very cool to jump online and easily click, select, and submit an order. I would challenge any establishment to embrace technology to increase sales. They have it figured out. It clearly is helping them otherwise they wouldn't exert the effort. The hot and sour soup was really good. Tofu, tons of mushrooms, and egg whipped in a slightly spicy base. I would argue it to be the best north of MKE. Chicken fried rice seems to be a way to measure the calibur of food without spending a lot of money. If you can't cook rice good than you got some probs! Chicken fried rice was excellent. Lots of white meat, bean sprouts, veggies, and not dry. They know how to work a wok- I need to take lessons. I look forward to trying their buffet next time. It's clean, and full of options including sushi. Great experience all around.
Very satisfied with both the food and presentation for the lunch buffet! The food was yummy, and the food was fresh! There was a good variety of entrees, sides and desserts. There was even a grill where you can get your food prepared (meats/veggies) fresh in front of you!! The restaurant was also very clean. Worth the ~$8!!

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Nardo’s Passport Inn

W204N11498 Goldendale Rd
Germantown, 53022
When you first walk in the place looks kind of like a bar, but it opens up in the back to a nice looking restaurant. What I like about that is that if we want to go have a quick drink or a bar experience and eat at the bar we can. But if we want to have a nice restaurant experience the back opens up and the decor is really nice. The service was great and the food was AMAZING. Fresh warm sourdough bread with whipped butter, the house salad was really good, and the french onion soup was outstanding. I substituted mozzarella cheese with the french onion soup which was a great choice. I had a 16oz prime rib which was the Monday special and it was superb. It came with au jus, fresh brown buttered brussel sprouts, homemade mashed potatoes that tasted like thanksgiving dinner with a mushroom gravy...also homemade. I've been on a mission to find the best prime rib in the country and this rivals my five for sure. My wife had a pasta carbonara which was also homemade. The wines were great and overall everything was very well priced. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. If I have friends visit me here, I will be taking them here.
Went there last night with a party of 12. Most of us had fish fries that were DELISH. They even had bluegill and walleye. I had spaghetti and meatballs that was tasty but not worth $18. Our server David was amazing he noticed everytime someone needed a beverage. The soup and salads and warm bread were also delicious. The crowd is an older crowd but who cares. This seriously is probably the best restaurant in a 20 mile radius.
If not for yelp I may never have gone to this place. Can't believe I have never heard of this place more noticed it. With only few reviews and pretty much no pictures or website I was skeptical as I we tired through the suburbs of Germantown . The restaurant has ample parking. The bar area is pretty large and the travel theme is pretty. Unique. Friend staff and I was pleasantly surprised by the white linen tables. We got seating at a elevated area in the restaurant which I preferred over the other seating areas. We say next to a intriguing wine wall !! Ordered chicken strips -kids meal Walleye fish fry which came with seasoned fries - fries was awesome. Clam chowder was sooooo so good I ordered the steak something from the lighter fair menu. I was a bit surprised that it ended up being like a version of meatloaf which was not what I was expecting. But since it was delicious I have no complaints Wine list seemed pretty good too. I had the house Cabernet which was decent. I took the liberty of adding pictures to do some justice for this restaurant:)

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American (Traditional)

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Roberts Frozen Custard

N112W16040 Mequon Rd
Germantown, 53022
A decent place, way better burger and experience then Kopps. The custard was pretty darn good too. This is a great spot to get a quick meal if you have kids. The best part however is the friendliness of the staff. Natalie took our order, made recommendations and was extremely nice. But all of the staff were nice and helpful.
My main comment about this place is, HOLY CRAP IS IT EXPENSIVE!!!! Went there for the first time ever the other night, (and probably my last), and I was very surprise with their prices for fast food...the food is NOT even that great tasting either!! I was not impressed!!! For $26.86 I can get 2 whole meals, 1 appetizer, and dessert in a real restaurant!! That is freaking insane for only 2 "meals," (everything is added separately, and overpriced). I ended up taking the fries and 1 drink off, and it was still $20!!!! Go to B-52 in the Menomonee Falls is wayyyyyyyyy better tasting food, and reasonable prices for their portions!!! Better service too...The teenagers working at Roberts had major attitude!!
I ordered the bacon cheeseburger. It was terrible. For $6.49, the meat had no flavor, the bun was blend and the cheese was processed cheese. In addition, they charged me for 1 slice of fresh tomato for $0.50! French fries were an extra $1.99. The custard might be good, but the burger was horrible. MacDonakd serves better burger and French fries for much less. I would not recommend this place.

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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Burgers, Sandwiches

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Cousins Subs

N96 W15630 County Line Rd
Germantown, 53022
Fast service. If you come during lunch, duh! It will be busy. This place has some quality workers. Ownership cares. They're defiantly involved with the community. Would recommend.
I have eaten here 3 times now. Twice for lunch and once for dinner. The service is great very friendly and helpful and the food didn't take long at all. The double meat cheessteak was awesome. The grilled chicken sub was not what I expected. It's actually thin sliced deli style chicken tossed on the flat top for a minute. The flavor was great but the sub was kinda thin with not much meat. Same goes for the meatball sub. Great flavor and the sauce is an excellent sweet and smooth marinara but there was much more bread than meat which was dissapointing. Overall satisfied but I'll be sure to order double meat on anything I get next time.
High end facility. I never seen cousin sub place nicer than this place. Plenty of seating and always clean. Air conditioning works great in summer time. Their subs taste good too. I like chicken deluxe cheddar. If you like cousin subs, you definitely wanna check out this place.

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Sandwiches, Delis

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Marko’s Pizza

W156 N9664 Pilgrim Rd
Germantown, 53022
Marko's has been the fail-safe for myself when I need an All You Can Eat made-to-order pizza, broasted chicken with steak fries, garlic bread and salad bar for $7.75 (that's right $7.75 as of 03/11/2013) Love the pizza crust, cheese is pretty good grade and sauce is balanced. The dining room has received a fresh coat of paint and most of the plastic covered booths are gone. I don't think one can find a better value for feeding a hungry group.
As an update, the last few times I've ordered have been better. The 2 most recent times, the pizza was among the best I've ever had at Marko's (or anywhere else.) Nice job on the improvement, keep it up.
Okay, I'm kind of with Craig H. on this one, why am I Yelping about a little place like Marko's but it's a place where the food is always good, the prices are right (plenty of coupons, just ask) and of all the places around here, I would support this locally owned, small business in a heart beat. The staff is young, but responsible, they have incredibly good chicken and fish, and fantastic pizza, loaded with just about anything you could want on a pizza. I wish they were a little closer to me so they could deliver to my house, but for good food at a good price, I'll go and drive over to get it. Totally worth it!

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Kurt Schulz Deli

N 112 W 16700 Mequon Rd
Germantown, 53022
So Kurt's looks like the beginning of a Restaurant Impossible episode. I came here for lunch based on the reviews and all I can say is it must have been better 3 years ago (the reviews are all from 2011, its 2014 as of this writing). I had a "Super" sandwich, bag of chips, and a soda. Came to just over 10 dollars. The "Super" is ham, pastrami, salami, and roast beef, Swiss, cheddar, topped with cole slaw. It should have been warm - mine was not. The amount of meat on the sandwich was generous, and the meat tasted good. The cole slaw was at best average, with very little flavor. The soda was a clear solo cup, and an individual sized chips. Definitely over priced. I could have gotten the same, better sandwich at a chain store for cheaper. There is no decor, the dinning room is carpeted and blah. The deli case looks disgusting. The metal is rusted and pitted and the meats, cheeses, and salads were haphazardly arranged in the case that had plenty of room for more. Everything screamed "old and used" to me. The icing on the cake was watching the woman behind the counter make my sandwich. It didn't hit me until I sat down with my sandwich but she made it with no gloves on. Granted she washed her hands after making my sandwich, so I'm going with her hands were clean, but there's just something about watching a stranger handle your food bare handed that makes it less than appetizing.
On a commute from West Bend to Walworth County, we wanted to stop for a quick lunch. We turned off the freeway for a Jimmy Johns, but, as you'll have in Wisconsin, the Jimmy Johns was actually another mile into town. So we were just looking for something closest to the exit. Schulz Kurt Delicatessen and Restaurant looked like just the ticket. We both ordered the cheese and ham grill, assuming it came with all the fixins. But, it was just your standard (american tasting) cheese and ham grill--nothing too fancy. We got to select a side, so we went with the potato salad. It was a bit too mustard flavored for my taste. I was a bit surprised by our total $25.60 for basically two orders of a grilled cheese with ham, a side of potatoes, and a Snapple. I guess this isn't too bad for a local joint. The FOX news on the television was a little ridiculous. That particular show might as well have been Maury Povish. It probably wouldn't have been that distracting had the sound not been turned up so high. You were pretty much forced to watch/listen if you were eating in. When all was said and done, Jimmy Johns probably would have been better. Though it pains me to say that since I do prefer supporting local establishments.
I love this place. Being new to Germantown + needing a dependable restaurant had be nervous...but this deli has given me an awesome experience every time. The chili is amazing + they'll work with your order - even if you're a paleo trainer.I highly recommend the Kurt Schulz deli!

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Hung Hao Restaurant

N112W15800 Mequon Rd
Germantown, 53022
We phoned in a 3-person Saturday evening carryout order. My friend requested the Hoisin Shrimp, not spicy with extra shrimp. They charged her $4 for the extra shrimp, but it looked like gave her many big, quality shrimp, worthy of the surcharge. The sauce was dark brown and wafted an aroma of sweet plumy hoisin decadence. Her husband's Kung Pao Chicken looked and smelled deep, dark, spicy and divine (a dark reddish brown sauce). They split an order of egg rolls, which appeared hearty and I'm told were pleasing with a slight peanutty accent to the filling. The vegetables in my Vegetable stir-fry were fresh, tender and plentiful. I requested they omit the baby corn and add onions, mushrooms and extra garlic. I realize this is is a lot to ask of Chinese speaking folk over the phone --and it added a lot of talk time during order placement-- but they delivered with flying colors. (And without charging for the "extra's"!) The dish was delightfully saucy, but super light on oil and perfectly seasoned with ginger and garlic. Wonton soup includes bok choy (yum) and features a beautifully clear, flavorful broth. For Chinese takeout, the was the most guilt-free and satisfying of any, making it my new favorite for non-traditional Chinese food. Whenever I visit my friends in G-Town, Hung Hao will be my default dinner request :)
I have been getting take out from here for years! The food is always very fresh and flavorful and they have no problem adjusting it to your liking with more vegetables, spice, whatever you desire and it is not greasy like so many other "Chinese" restaurants. My favorite is pretty boring but I love the shrimp and broccoli with extra broccoli and snow peas. Actually tastes as though I am eating something super flavorful that is healthy for me to boot.
Great food it's probably the best Chinese restaurant in Germantown I think their way better than the China Kitchen and friendly people I recommend that place if ur lookin for a Chinese restaurant in Germantown.

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N112W16510 Mequon Rd
Germantown, 53022
I like this location. I don't use the drive through. They've never made a coffee poorly or done a bad job.
Great location. Convenient drive through and numbers of employees. Customer service is getting better than when they opened. I wish there are more parking spots available though. Overall, it's a great star bucks location and I've been customer of this location more than 7 years.
3.5 stars for Starbucks. This Starbucks is kind of like watching Bait Car. A guilty pleasure, but sometimes you don't want to deal with the other options available. I often stop here on my lunch break at work, if I'm in a hurry and need a quick bite. This particular location has a drive-thru, which makes it totally convenient. (Side note : I have to say, the Roasted Tomato & Mozzarella Panini is fast becoming a comfort food go-to for me. It does pretty well in a pinch.) I'm giving this location 3.5 stars because service is often hit-or-miss. They are always pleasant to deal with, but about every 7th time, I'll get the wrong sized coffee. Not a huge deal at McDonalds, but if I'm paying that much for a coffee, I'd like it to be the size I ordered.

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Coffee & Tea

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Aldo’s Pizza & Pub

W 156 N 11048 Pilgrim Rd
Germantown, 53022
Great Pizza, Great Service can't beat that combination
This location has changed names and hands 3 times in the 10 years I have lived in the area. There was a time when the restaurant was called Fazzari's and the pizza was mind blowingly good, but under the Aldo's name I would suggest that the pizza is just good. The dine in experience is not at all fancy, but the bar is a fun place to hang. They typically have a few micro brews from either new glarus or sprecher on tap and they pour a pretty nice mixed drink. I give this place 4 stars instead of 3 primarily because there are so few good pizza places in this part of town and the hosts are very friendly.
This is a small neighborhood restaurant/bar, and I asked for a beer recommendation; the beer I received was wonderful, and made in Michigan. We had dinner there, and ordered the daily special which was All You Can Eat spaghetti -- it was excellent! The staff was pleasant and attentive. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

(262) 255-7777

Pizza, Italian, Irish Pub

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Cool Banana Yogurt

N112 W16560 Mequon Rd
Germantown, 53022
They should rearrange the toppings and put the nut products in the front row so when you scoop, you're not contaminating the other toppings for people with nut allergies. Other than that, I think this place is great! They have a nice selection of flavors.
In general this place is ok. Not sure what the deal with going from ZERO places like this in the market to 10+--kind of over saturated. Place is fine, not terribly fond of the flavors though--they are all completely artificial flavorings to the point where they can become indistinguishable for some flavors. My kids like it though. One note. Of the several times I've come to this location, the tables have been dirty, yet the person working there has either just stood or on two occasions sat on one of the chairs and chatted with someone the entire time. In other words NOT been busy, yet seemed to not have any interest in keeping the tables cleaned (I mean sticky crap all over the tables is not something you want your customers to experience, right?) Give it a try, just find a clean table if you can. On a side note, there are a total of 7 parking places for Blue Banana, Starbucks, and Verizon, unless you go on the side, which requires you to cross the Starbucks drive through. So if you have kids, be aware.
OMG this place is awesome!!! Just finished my watermelon, mango, coconut cup topped with lychee tapioca pearls and I am ready to go back!!! All I can say is WOW! Run, don't walk, now!

(262) 250-0422

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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