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  • Hope R.

    food was okay but the service was TERRIBLE. We sit down and after a period of waiting, the waitress says "have you picked a drink yet?".... we didn't even have menus... we had to grab them ourselves. Once we ordered, we got our drinks and then our food. All 3 of our drinks had run out.... I had to stop the waitress to ask for refills. She was very short with us about it. After finishing our dinner, we waited and waited and waited.... no check brought to us. After probably an hour of chatting with my table (and trying to make eye contact while she was SOOO busy chatting with the other waitresses), I finally walked up to the bar to ask for the check . I turned around to walk back to the table. She yells "wait, come back and I'll just print it for you". I took the check and went back to my table to get my payment ready.... and I wait and wait and wait for her to come pick up the check.... she doesn't come. After 15-20 minutes of waiting, I finally just walk up with my card ready to go and ask her to run my card for me. I would understand if they were busy but they weren't. There were maybe 2 ppl at the bar and many empty tables throughout the place... It was inexcusable. I have NEVER left without tipping but it was just too bad to tip...

  • Tiffany L.

    Not like it uses to be. Went last Friday , completely dead.. Weak drinks , even ordered a double , still weak.. After 2nd drink we left at 1045pm . Sat here during the football games last season by the men's bathrooms and we all (8) had to leave our reserved table because it smelled so bad !!!

  • Mark C.

    It's OK. Maybe come back again. Little small and bathrooms could be better.

  • Bill L.

    Great service and the people here are awesome. The flat iron steak and tacos are fantastic.

  • Roger E.

    Great local pub. The food is great, service is great, good specials during games and the prices are reasonable. They have very good pub grub. The jos have a nice batter on them, chicken is like what you would expect from a tavern, burgers are good with plenty of condiments and the fish and chips are really good too. Skip the lines at Bobs and go across the street to The Roadhouse.

  • K Y.

    Perhaps the most amazing night i have had in years. It was friday.. Karaoke!! Maybe it was the 6 glasses of beer. I'll never know. Sweaty bettys all around. Fun fun fun! Lots of good lookin' girls too. Hells yes! would do again!! Food was great... had the special (halibut) Thanks to the Roadhouse for the great night! Woo Woo!!

  • Gheni B.

    I had the patty melt & onion rings....bread was hard, hamburger was plain no taste & I got 4 or 5 small onion rings on the side. WTH....left out of there hungry! Oh & our tab was $30 included my boyfriends burger which was a mini one. Waste of money!

  • Kaycee H.

    The roadhouse is, well... it's a tavern. You can't come here expecting more from it... it's not a nightclub or a lounge or something. It's a tavern. And it does a perfectly good job being a tavern. It's a good size tavern too, not some hole-in-the-wall. I wont complain about hole-in-the-walls, but bigger is nice too. Seemed to be plenty of places to sit and socialize with your friends... Pool tables, dart boards, some video game style machines... everything you'd expect. Their karaoke night seemed fun, though I was the designated driver (for real) so singing infront of a bunch of people... well, let's just say that only happens after quite a few beers (or, apparently, vodka Redbull--because it gives you wings? hmm). Regardless, my friends had fun with that. My interaction with waitresses here has been limited (by choice), but their bartenders were good overall. I will say they were a tad slow last time I was there, but then again they were rather busy. Beyond that, what can I say... it's a bar. It does a good job being a bar. It's a little out of my way to drive regularly, but I can't hold that against them. I think it's sufficient to say that if a friend ever suggested going to the Roadhouse, I wouldn't be opposed...

  • Nick D.

    A cool place to com and grab a drink on Meridian. If you come here be sure to get an appetizer or two since they're on special Fri and Sat nights. The best part about this place is the large amount of local people who frequent it! Mingle it up!

  • Justin E.

    So I came and it seemed like an ok place to come in and have a drink or two. My bartender wasn't very friendly but I did get my trash can drink. When asked where the Red Bull was she said that they use RockStar. It tasted really syrupy but I didn't complain. What I'm disgusted about is a male employee who is eating an entire meal behind the counter......on the counter. It seemed ok because the other staff didn't care but as for me, the customer, I really don't want my bartender with greasy fingers making my drink. I've been here for a good thirty minutes and he's still eating. I just find that unprofessional. I thought the service could've been better and the drink could've been less sweet and a big more strong but anyway.....if you're desperate, come here! I can't judge the food but I can tell my bartender is friendlier with the regulars. Favoritism isn't something I appreciate in business to clientele. Sorry

  • Torree M.

    So I left a photo of dog crap and called someone a name on my first review for this joint. I'm now going to update my review since I went back and tried again. Had a great time walked in on a Sunday night with the Roomie chilled played pool drank some whiskey .... Then all of a SUDDEN I'm noticed by a bartender that I was the "c@N!" That left that review and kicks me the F out... Like my monies no good ... No FREEDOM of SPEECH WTF!!!! No worries guys my money is perfectly fine down the street Peace

  • Heidi H.

    Horrible service!!! I went in to use the bathroom and get one drink. Then when I came out the bouncer was asking David if I was with him. The bartender said she saw me throw a bottle out of my car entering the parking lot. Seriously, we go there once a month and never would I do that! I don't drink beer or bottles of it! When I asked to see the video they couldn't show us. We were told to leave! Very rude! I would like an apology as my BMW was not the car that a beer bottle was thrown from!!!!

  • Natasha P.

    Used to like this place until I finally realized that you have to be a regular to get decent service. Drinks are good, food is OK, but the service is what's likely to stop me from going back.

  • Jenerfer H.

    I will never set foot in this establishment again. I just moved out here and wanted to check out a local bar for my birthday. My table was cut off after about an hour. They gave us exuses that didn't apply to us. First they said it was the guy in the gray shirt (my husband) then it wasn't him, then it was him. They couldn't even get that straight. My husband and I don't even have a clue what he supposedly did. We were minding our own business and not being drunk or belligerent. Then they told us it was because they served my table too much alcohol. Not possible when about half the people I was with were drinking water, including me. The other half maybe got to order 2 drinks each. On top of that, we were followed out by security. Not one person in my group raised a voice or were rude to anyone. Like I said, I was sober, drinking water, cut off when I finally wanted a drink, then followed out. Never ever coming back to this place again.

  • Allen B.

    Go ahead, Ram. Build all the overpriced, underwhelming restaurants you want on South Hill with your corporate greed. The Roadhouse will remain dauntless as a local icon. Big food at reasonable prices and I counted no less than 20 TV's. Our server was very personable. The burgers are the best you'll find with 15 miles in any direction. At $9, got 4 nice sized pieces of fish w/the Halibut and chips albeit they were a little greasy. They put your beer in those pitchers that have an ice container in the middle of them. Keeps it nice and frosty. A micro pitcher came in at a ridiculous $15 but the price and overall quality of the food made up for that. Guess they gotta pay for all those TV's somehow.

  • Thomas C.

    I like this place, Have been coming here on and off since the 1988! Great tavern food and a lot of regulars. \Nice place to chill and karaoke knights are funny.

  • Brogan A.

    This place is a victim of their own success. The food is not very good, the prices are a little higher than I would like to see at a "Road House" or sports bar... Seating is a little cramped most of the time and the service is hit or miss... they do have a decent beer selection but its all a little over priced specially when you will have to stand in someone elses way to enjoy it while you have to wait for a seat and hope someone doesnt beat u too it. All that being said... Its a good place to go in puyallup if your 21 - 27 and looking to socialize with like-minded folks or 40+ after work for a beer and watch a game or two.

  • Tim F.

    Cool bar. Food good.

  • Jessica S.

    I have visited the Roadhouse on several different nights and I must say I have never not had a good time here. I like the more relaxed atomsphere when I'm in the mood for that and this is the place to be! T.V's everywhere to watch the games, juke box, seems like they do alot of give-a-way type things. I normally come here to play darts and have a few stiff drinks for a good price. I must say if you like "HOT" wings, then I would recommend you trying theirs...they are so HOT but yet so amazing!!!

  • Sarah R.

    I drive past the Roadhouse every day on my way to work and would never have thought to go in until I read the reviews on Yelp and am I glad I did! The local atmosphere was chill with a decent amount of people on a Thursday night playing pool and darts. There are plenty of TVs to watch whatever games are on and even a Wii. They had a free raffle and I won a t-shirt. Who doesn't love free and winning? For a local bar the food was great. I had a turkey club that hit the spot. I loved it and had a great time.

  • A. P.

    ...if you want your cheeseburgers to taste like roadkill, then go to the roadhouse tavern. have had burgers over the years here and they were always tasty. it's been a coupla years since my last visit and tonight, it was absolutely awful. we had four burgers and all four were like cardboard. tater tots were good, but so are the frozen ore-ida's from safeway.


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  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Music : Juke Box
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Wed, Thu, Sun
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : Outdoor Area/ Patio Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Has TV : Yes

Roadhouse Tavern

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