Tommy Chicago Hot Dog’s

14905 149th St
Parkland, 98446
Tommy's have moved to Pacific and 112th, in the parking lot with Cash and Carry. And don't mind the bad review, The user complains about how the dog was kind of small, that is because they use Vienna hot dogs, not Polish/Ball park franks which are bigger. Oh and the Chicago is still the best with the neon green relish and the peppers!

(253) 882-5561

Hot Dogs

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Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza

210 Garfield St S
Parkland, 98444
Their happy hour is pretty good. The atmosphere here is nothing unique. It's a fun college town place with good food and drink. I would suggest either the hypnotist or an fbomb. Fbombs taste like juice with around two shots in it. Mainly rum. Other than that all their snacks are tasty. The one great thing here is that their happy hour is everywhere and not just in the bar. It's great if you're meeting someone who isn't 21 and still want to be able to enjoy a great drink and snacks. Their pasta is okay. It's not particularly worth the cost so I would consider their pizza. It's not bad if you want it really bad but I would suggest going somewhere more pasta specific.
Terrible service every time! I've had to order my drinks at the bar because the servers were MIA. Food is pretty good and I usually end up going because it is so close to home and work, and it was someone else's idea to go. Awhile ago I went and one of the waitresses that was a PLU student at the time, and she kept going on about how much she hated the parkland community and doesn't know why anyone would want to live here. I was pretty offended to say the least. The last time I was in the servers were accidentally playing softcore porn in the bar.
Wood-fired oven, my ass.. it's gas oven that produces substandard pizzas... horrible crust and ho-hum toppings. All at prices that are entirely way too high for what you get. What could go wrong? Seriously, save yourself the money, you may as well just stay home and get Pappa Murphy's....

(253) 538-0202

Pizza, Gluten-Free, Sandwiches

Store is open now