Burger Claim

20320 Old Hwy 99
Grand Mound, 98531
Stayed at GWL for a night and decided to check out Burger Claim after reading the Yelp reviews. Just absolutely delicious! The food was outstanding - burgers were juicy and fresh, fries were crisp and fresh. The food is reasonably priced and it is directly next to the resort so you don't have to lose your parking spot to go and eat off site. The only negative comment is the wait ... 25 minutes for 2 burgers and 2 kids hot dogs. There wasn't many mother patrons in the restaurant so I didn't understand why the long wait. They also forgot the kids fries so we had to wait longer for them to make it. I did go into it knowing there would likely be a wait because everything is fresh. Will be back for more the next time we are in the area.
We ate here as an afterthought when visiting the Great Wolf Lodge next door. Wow, I was glad we did stop here -- it was the tastiest food we ate on our visit. Now, it's not fine dining, but the place was very clean, staff friendly, service was quick and you could tell the food was prepared fresh. I travel the I-5 corridor between Seattle and Portland quite a bit. This is the best burger place between Tacoma and Vancouver.
Oh My God! This was the biggest flop I have ever experienced, encountered or wittnessed. On the night in question it took an hour for them to serve up our burgers a fries. Many people left with a refund and others got their food to go. The service was so slow and so incompetent, I have to blame ownership because no one appeared to be in charge. After 50 minutes several of us approached the counter and were told by a cashier than several team members were new and going through training. YOU'RE MAKING BURGERS! If some one is on the grill, someone is on the fryer and someone is on the cash register and drinks, you're golden. There were so many people behind the counter and no one was doing anything. There was actually an argument over what I ordered! A new person said it was a hotdog meal, while the cashier advised it was a burger meal. I stood there Jaw open watching this staff unravel. People were really made and no compensation or courtesy was extended. It was a serious cluster and although the product appeared to be beyond fresh, it was all tainted by the inexcusable lack of leadership or direction. Worst night out yet!

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