Wig Wam Pub

3548 W Belfair Valley Rd
Gorst, 98312
We stopped in on our way up to visit family in Sequim, being in the mood for BBQ and having heard from Yelp that this place was worth our time. It turned out that Yelp was not wrong. You order food and drink at the bar when you come in, then find a table. I got the brisket plate, with baked beans and potato salad as my sides, while my partner got a pulled pork sandwich with baked beans. While we waited, I ducked into the ladies room, which is adorned with art from the "Perfect Guy" calendar (it was just over the top enough to be charming). When I came out, we got our food and yeeeeeaaah. That brisket was legit. Fall-apart tender, perfect taste... it came with some BBQ sauce on it and we got a squeeze bottle to add more... but it was done so well that I really didn't need any extra flavoring, the meat was doing the job all on its own. The beans and potato salad were also great--my partner remarked that the potato salad might be better than her grandmother's, which is high sacrilege but was not wrong. She also really liked her pulled pork sandwich, although I didn't try it myself. The brisket plate also came with a sweet, spicy pickle that was a nice little touch. We washed it down with some ice cold lemonade (for the driver) and crisp, delicious cider (for the non-driver). Overall an amazing meal, we were really glad we stopped in!
Don't blink! Or you'll miss Gorst. While missing Gorst might not be the most heartbreaking thing in the world, missing out on the Wig Wam Pub in Gorst will be. I'm not a bar person, and quite honestly I'd rather spend a Friday night at home with my favorite bottle of booze on the comfort of my own couch. In recent weeks some girlfriends have been attending the bingo sessions the pub has on Wednesday nights and I figured I would go along with them once. I have been going back to the Wig Wam on a regular basis since then, including trivia nights on Sundays. For being a little pub in Gorst, the place has a lot of charm. The employees, including the owners, are extremely friendly. The main bartender that is there when I am there has gone out of her way to learn my name and treat me like part of the Wig Wam family. I've not had much interaction with the other bartenders/waitresses, but they seem really friendly and helpful. They have a pretty extensive list of beer (and they always have great cider on tap), and their barbecue is awesome! I love that they have some different type of dish on Tuesdays (with leftovers to last throughout the week in case you can't make it in on Tuesdays). Their pulled pork nachos, pulled pork sandwiches, and beans are the best. I'm definitely glad I gave them a try. They're a lot of fun.
Planned a graduation party around Wigwam smoking an 80# whole pig. Delivered on time, but due to an error by the butcher (hog partially frozen), it was not pull-apart tender when delivered. Called Mike up, he came right over to carve 'er up. Guests all enjoyed it, Mike did everything he could to make it right, even ran back to the pub to deliver a smoked whole beef brisket and a jug of sauce & buns to help compensate. Also offered monetary compensation, though it wasn't ultimately his fault. Wasn't what I paid for, but it got the job done. I will use them again, and I do recommend. BTW, their price was quite reasonable compared to the regular whole-hog-roast guys. Quite quite reasonable.

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