Carbonado Saloon

101 Pershing Ave
Carbonado, 98323
We were out for a drive and stopped in just for the heck of it. When you enter its time to set your clock back 150 years or so. Beat wood floors, rough walls, a popcorn machine and bathrooms that are either outside or inside, not sure. The drinks are good, bar food is average but don't go there for the food. It's the people that make this place, both employees and patrons. Been there just shy of a dozen times and each time we have met wonderful people, the staff is always ready with a drink, a food order or just a story if you want. This is just a great place to hang out, before you know it a few hours have disappeared and it's time to hit the trail.
The regulars were awful and will make your dining experience horrible. The burgers are great but not worth dealing with the few customers there that think they run the place. The bartender/cook had no control of the place and at least 3 customers wondered behind the bar to do whatever they wanted in the hour I was there.

(360) 829-4347


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