Mulligan’s Restaurant At Stratton Mountain

11B Village Sq
Stratton, 05155
Mulligan's has long gotten away with the usual shenanigans that overpriced restaurants with monopolies over ski area customers pull. While they do have the occasional capacity to surprise, the most frequent result of a meal at Mulligan's exposes much more of this facility's lewd and outrageous conduct. First off, the speed and quality of service is consistently lackluster. Simple orders take over an hour to process on even the slowest midweek afternoon, and the waitstaff is usually inattentive and often rude. For example, my party and I were laughed at when we advised our waitress that not only was there a pink birthday candle in my Diet Coke, but also some unidentifiable matter within my friend's beer. She proceeded to laugh at us, coming back twenty minutes later with a check that did not reflect this atrocious misdeed. It is irresponsible for the restaurant to be exposing its patrons to many potential biohazards, and treating them in a condescending manner does not make their misdoings any less acceptable. Another disappointing experience at Mulligan's was when I was fifteen years old and went to dinner here with another fifteen year old friend. After a two hour meal where an "ice cream sundae" was served that consisted exclusively of whipped cream and pineapple chunks, we were given the 18 percent gratuity typically reserved for parties of six or more. Our waiter, with a smirk on his face, notified us that the restaurant does this to teenaged patrons as a practice, assuming that they would fail to offer a tip. This assumption was highly offensive to us responsible teenagers. If the restaurant is gauging its customers with high prices, the least they can do is treat them respectfully and as human beings. One decent meal I have had here was the 'Turkey Ciabatta'. I was shocked that such a low-grade establishment with such sketchy practices as Mulligan's was able to offer a sandwich whose ingredients blended in such a coherent and dignified fashion. I give them 4.5 stars for the sandwich, 1.5 stars for service and advise them to refine their business to avoid being run into bankruptcy by the many other eateries in the Stratton area.
This is a resort restaurant - not a destination to go our of your way to visit. However, as places go in Stratton they serve a good selection of standard burgers, salads, and other american dishes. On top of that they have a decent selection of local beers (and hot sauces). Recently I have gone for their baby back ribs, but their burgers are also good, and their prime rib night looks promising. The service is usually very friendly and the space is clean. During ski season it can be a better alternative to the lodge.
Very good food was amazing the quesadillas were amazing and good choice to put the sauce for the wings on the side. The dessert was great. Good atmosphere. Like the arcade and downstairs very good

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61 Middle Ridge Rd
Stratton, 05360
Food here was decent. Service was mediocre. I was annoyed to find out that the Bentley Burger comes with none of the ingredients listed. They are all extra to a plain burger. We had ordered the Caesar Salad along with the Vermonster for our entrees and our friends got the Pork Pizza with some small dishes. They brought out the salad well before anything else. We didn't eat until everyone had their food so by that time the chicken was cold and dry. Vermonster was good. My friends liked their Pork Pizza. Overall, I'd maybe just get a drink here. It was pricey. The service was not too good. They took a long time and it wasn't nearly as crowded as the night before. You are limited on the options when you're up in the village but I'd probably go elsewhere.
Spent another weekend at Stratton and found ourselves exhausted and hungry on Saturday night after a full day on the mountain. We stayed at the Black Bear Lodge (formerly Stratton Mountain Inn) and decided to have dinner at Bentley's since it was in the property. Now we knew from prior experience that this was going to be overpriced and not really worth it, but when you don't have a kitchen in your lodging amenities, you just have to bite the bullet sometimes. My husband and I made a reservation for 8:30pm. When we walked in, the place was empty except for two tables. We stood at the door for about 5 minutes until we were greeted, then we were led to our table, which was covered in bread crumbs. (Really? Of all the tables... you couldn't pick one that was cleaned off???) We waited quite a while for waters to be brought out, and the server was very pushy with getting the order taken. We both had burgers to make it easy. Apparently burgers at Bentley's are not easy. I asked for a medium burger with NO cheese and sweet potato fries. The server gave me my husband's dinner which was a medium burger WITH cheese and regular fries. (We are the only two people getting food at this point. Really? You can't even get that right?) To make matters worse, both of our burgers were WELL DONE, dry as cardboard, and the buns were BURNT. Yeah. Bentley's was a total mistake. One soft drink and $45 later, we are full of eater's remorse. Remorse for choosing to give this place a second chance. Never again.
Just there and did not leave happy. A matter of fact I left very upset. My sister in law who was tired from a long day didn't even look at the menu and told the waitress she wanted 2 burgers with the works. I get the bill it was almost exactly $40 for two burgers + tax. Really? And they weren't that great anyway. Wait, it gets better. Their menu says under or almost $4 dollars for shrimp cocktail. I tell the waitress I want 6 shrimps and since I had a bunch of people in my family I ordered 6 more shrimps. I get the bill and WOW $40 total. I had my whole family there and didn't want to fight but the numbers made no sense. I ask the waitress for the menu and in fine print it says $3.95 to $4.00 for EACH one. Has anyone been to a RESTARAUNT where you order shrimp cocktail and get 1? If I walk in to a restaraunt after a long day it would be nice if I could trust their menu and not have to go into lawyer mode with a microscope looking at the "FINE PRINT". If you order a burger with everything that is listed at $11.50 you should get a heads up or some kind of warning that it will be nearly $20 each. I don't have words to describe their pricing tactics on the shrimp cocktail. The food was average at best. The price AFTER the real bill came was unbelievable. Wholly cow!!!!! I am writing this to warn all YELP visitors to my experience so they know my opinion of what I experienced. I WILL NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE, NEVER EVER EVER COME BACK!

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8 Village Square
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