Round Table Bakery

30 S Main St
St Albans, 05478
We're knights of the round table! Shrubbery Sandwiches! Not really. The round table bakery has taken over the space of the former (not exactly wonderful, save for the lady's baking skills, but the management was horrible) Cosmic Cafe. Our work is pretty close to TRT, so we've been over a good four times since their opening. These are the salient points to consider: * They are incredibly slow * The baked goods, like croissants etc, are pretty good. Also, they have samples every day, Which is nice when you consider the first point mentioned here. Just please don't eat ALL the samples while you're waiting, leave some for me. * They have full espresso service, and a few of my friends swear by the maple breve. * A friend of mine ordered a bagel with just hummus and the sandwich artist made her something completely different. Upon returning she had to explain four (4) times what "a bagel toasted with just hummus" meant. * The taste on some of the espresso line drinks can vary depending on the day and how busy it is. I had an iced chai on Monday and it was fantastic. I threw yesterday's iced chai out because it tasted like milk with a distant memory of chai masala. All that aside, I'll actually still come here. This bakery is owned by mimos, which has a decent standing in the community solely for the reason that they're the only faux italian food going. Given that this is their first week, you can't write them off. Maybe if they bring Connor back the espresso portion and front end can improve, but I won't hold my breath.

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