Martha’s Diner

Irasburg, 05845
I drive by here a couple times a month on the way to a work site. I stop here because it is the last chance for food and a bathroom, not because the food is outstanding. It is, however, inexpensive, and breakfast portions are very generous. That's what the fourth star is for. My one complaint is that I usually sit at the counter where I can see my breakfast sit and sit and sit after being cooked. Is this place unionized? It seems like only one employee is authorized to deliver food, and if she gets tied up elsewhere your meal will arrive cold. When I waited tables at a Friendly's many years ago we helped each other out if someone got tied up. Here I watch other staff wander by my meal a dozen times without even seeing it. Update: May 2015 For the record, two eggs, a huge slab of ham, and toast cost me $4.50. Coffee is extra. If you want to pay more you can add homemade toast or potatoes. This place is at the north end of Coventry village, where US 5 and NH 14 branch heading north. This visit the cook handed me my breakfast instead of setting it out to cool;-) Hours M-F 5-2 Sat. 5:30-1 Sun. 6-1
Great spot, I like the authentic metal diner car feel. On the way to Jay at early hours of the morning there are few and far between spots but this was a great stop! I definitely would suggest it would return too on mountain trips.
Monday morning ritual. Great/no bullshit service, fast, affordable and colorful locals. And they don't bitch when u ask for egg whites. Good stuff.

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