Mooselook Restaurant

1058 Main St
Concord, 05824
This is one of our favorite restaurants when we are in VT. The menu is full of comfort food offerings and quite a few fresh seafood dishes. Quick service, great food, very reasonable prices and a super staff. What more could you ask for.
I get sick almost every time I eat here. It's close to home though, and very cheap. That's the only plus. You pay for what you get though! The atmosphere isn't very good.. Cheap, tacky decor.. Reminds me of cafeteria food and seating. I'm not sure what the hype is about this place.... The place across the street is very good quality food and great atmosphere, very clean.. They just don't advertise so ppl pass it up.
Oh yeah, nothing like a little Mooselook while home in Vermont. The food is actually really good here and so is the service. I've never been here when this place it isn't jam packed. Don't let the outside fool ya. Or the inside for that matter. Locals are really nice and you'll enjoy your meal here. Lots of fried seafood options, sandwiches and burgers. Definitely a Northeast style menu, which I miss so much in Texas!!! For those of you not from the area, this is located literally right off of Rt 2 so it's very easy to find. Annnd, depending on the time of year you are visiting, there is a real-life moose weigh-in station around the corner that you can check out during moose season! How much more VT can you get?Have fun lookin' but don't forget that moose are huge, so be sure to watch out for them on the road and on the trails... PS- Vermont is awesome. Enjoy it, but please don't trash it!

(802) 695-2950

American (Traditional), Burgers

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