Castle Inn Restaurant

17 Main St
Cavendish, 05142
My husband and I have frequented this gem numerous times this summer while we were living here. The atmosphere is quaint and charming, and the service and the food are the best you will find in Ludlow. They have a great pre fixe menu with tons of options. My hands down favorite are the mussels appetizer. My husband says the lamb chops are they best he's had (request mint jelly as they do not serve it automatically). We don't understand how anybody can write negative reviews on this place because without exception it's the best food within 50 miles.
Have to agree with the balance of the reviews. Setting is very nice and the service was good. However the food was uneven for the price. Mussel appetizer was good, well seasoned but a number were closed, clearly the cooks did not check. Corn and Lobster chowder was quite good. Castle trio (lobster tail, sirloin and scallops)was pedestrian. Lobster was overcooked as were the scallops (rubbery). They got the sirloin right ( med rare) but the quality of the cut was poor and the sauce was horrible. The mashed potatoes were actually quite good. Dessert, a baileys and creme cake was fine but not exceptional. Not really worth the price.
The restaurant boasts a setting that is hard to find these days, as it brings back a bygone era of old money. That being said, the staff is friendly and welcoming. A children's menu has two offerings at a very reasonable price in comparison to the prices on the price fixed menu. There was also a two choice chef's special menu for $25 that included a soup or salad, entree, and dessert. One of us had the swordfish and it delivered. As for the price fixed, the prices range from $47 to $65 or thereabouts. With the $25 coupon from the Pointe Hotel it makes it somewhat bearable. The beef Wellington was good, as was the castle trio. The portions are large. The mussels were excellent, while the escargot could have had a tad more garlic. All soups were top notch. The chef should make the portion size a little smaller and lower the prices. Most guests took food home with them. We found a decent priced bottle of wine on their list, which is extensive. Be prepared to spend at least two and a half hours there, and make a reservation. Nice for romantic evening. Cka

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