Forty Putney Road Bed & Breakfast

192 Putney Rd
Brattleboro, 05301
Forty Putney Road is quite probably the cutest B&B in VT and it's run by the sweetest young innkeepers! Tim & Amy are a married 30-something couple who quit their 9-5 jobs to pursue their dream of running an inn. Inspiring, right? They (and their friends Timberly and Doug, who were inn-sitting on the first night of our arrival) were such friendly and accommodating hosts--we couldn't have asked for better hospitality. We stayed in the cozy Maple Room, located in the carriage house, and it had just the right touch of old school charm (gas fireplace, old school fan, leather armchair), plus luxury amenities (jacuzzi tub, mini fridge w/complimentary snacks and drinks, plush bathrobes and flat screen TV with DVD player) that I wouldn't have expected at a typical B&B. As for breakfast--don't sleep in because you won't want to miss the 2-course gourmet meal that Amy lovingly prepares each morning! During our stay, we enjoyed homemade granola and spiced apple yogurt parfait, spinach and goat cheese quiche, chocolate chip muffins, feta and tomato frittata, and blueberry bundt cakes....all delicious. In addition, the inn offers a beer tasting featuring local brews every Saturday ($30/couple for B&B guests). This is seriously a "must do" if you are in town or staying at the inn. It was the most fun we've ever had at any tasting and the local cheese & cracker selection was outstanding. There is also a gorgeous pool table in the main house, which the boyfriend took advantage of. WiFi access throughout the inn was really convenient as well. We also appreciated the fact that the inn had a library of books and DVDs available for borrowing in case guests need another source of recreation. Last but not least, we loved being within a 10-minute walk from downtown Brattleboro. I honestly cannot think of one thing that would've made our stay more enjoyable. Five stars hands down!
My long, and difficult search for the perfect B & B in the VT,NH,ME area lead me right to Forty Putney Road. My boyfriend and I were celebrating an anniversary and decided to go all out and put our pennies together for a day and night in Brattleboro. And it was a memorable experience for the both of us. This place is great. They have a small, quaint bar that serves local beer, as well as a pool table in their sitting room. We were ecstatic before we even reached our room. Once we got there, we were informed by Timberly and Doug (who were inn-sitting) that there was only us and one other couple staying the night so we could pick any room we wanted. What we got was beyond our expectations. We stayed in the Ripley Suite with its spacious living room, gas fireplace, and dual reclining leather couch. It was so luxurious, clean, wonderful we barely left the room! This place is great. The attention to detail is what sets this place apart from the rest. My favorite part of this B & B, without a doubt, was the gift basket awaiting your arrival in your room. It is full of local goodies such as Rex's Outrageous Road Crew Crunch (our new favorite snack). Its that kind of service that makes you want to come back time and time again. Give them your business and it might just be the best romantic outing/ weekend getaway you ever have!
I don't even know where to begin! This place is just as good as it gets, if not better! It's in a nice, cute little town (with a great farmer's market to boot) and is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful plants - even a lake in the back! I came here with my husband and my family as a getaway from the city, and all six of us are already planning a trip again. Rhonda is such a kind host who definitely takes care of you and genuinely cares about your stay and what's going on in your lives as well. The homemade breakfast was out of this world (is there anything this woman can't do?!), and my family stayed up late playing billiards, board games, and cards in the cozy living room. We even played croquet - twice! I only wish we had spent a week there instead of a few days. Rhonda even told us that she picks up her guests who travel there via train, so there isn't even a need for a rental car. I literally have no complaints about this place - it's perfect. If you are looking for the cutest, coziest, well-kept and welcoming bed and breakfast ... look no further!

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Superfresh! Organic Café

30 Main St
Brattleboro, 05301
I stumbled upon this restaurant and was amazed that they had no reviews. Wow! I can't say enough about how fantastic this place. Had the raw felafel salad and burrito. Excellent meal and excellent pleasant service. I highly recommend.
Great example of what the future of food will be - whole foods, sourced locally, and prepared creatively to make delicious meals, served in a beautiful setting!
Amazing, I asked the staff for suggestions and every item I tried from the kimchi quesadilla with mushroom pate spread and chipotle sauce to the green goddess juice left me smiling, satisfied, and energized.

(802) 579-1751

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Three Stones

105 Canal St
Brattleboro, 05301
This place is solid evidence that you can get good Mayan/Mexican food even in New England. Geography ain't got nothing to do with it. It's not pretentious (unlike many other places in Bratt) and the food is good and reasonably priced. Service, excellent. Only complaint: the menu selection is not super large. But, hey, everything is tasty! Get a reservation.
Muy delicioso!!! And considering we are in rural Vermont, it IS as good as it gets. :) The prices may seem a little steep for Brattleboro standards but my party and I all stuck to the tortillas/uah;for una tortilla, that comes with both rice and beans it is extremely decent at $6.50 and proportions are muuuuy grande. I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything by not ordering something more extravagant. My sangria was more expensive than my meal! haha. The food was even more satisfying than the sangria and I can not WAIT to go back here with some more friends. I wasn't expecting much by way of Mexican cuisine when moving here from California but this typical Mayan faire is authentically amazing. Special plus side is that it is just up the street! Not to mention, no animal products were used in the making of my food. I'd still love to find a place where I can have chips, salsa and a decent margarita (my comfort zone) but I guess I'll just make that my place for now! Chips and salsa would be out of step with the authenticity of the Three Stones scene.
We now have evidence the route of the Maya ended in Brattleboro. This place brought back my memories of a trip I took last year called Route of the Maya. The tortillas were just like the ones I had right off the grill in Guatemala and El Salvador. All of the ingredients were fresh and deliciious. Everything had good spice and the the outdoor patio deck was superb. The owner and her mother wear their traditional Mayan dress and there are some photos of the mother when she she was a young woman that will spark a nice conversation if you let it. Don't let the exterior of the place fool you. What waits inside is a delicious meal and a beautiful atmosphere.

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1868 Crosby House

175 Western Ave
Brattleboro, 05301
From the second we arrived, we were made to feel welcome. Lynn greeted us in the parking lot and upgraded us to a suite to accomodate another guest which was a huge bonus for us. She and her husband, Richard, could not have been any nicer. We're not early risers on our days off and they were even nice enough to drop of the breakfast at our room since we were not up in time for the breakfast. The breakfasts are fantastic. I wasn't sure if I picked the right place when I got there because the street is kind of busy, but once you are inside, you would never know. The back has beautiful gounds and miles of trails. It is so comfortable. I would definitely reccomend this place to people visiting Brattleboro!
This is a lovely B&B that wasn't quite right for me, though others may enjoy staying here. Here are the PROs and CONs as I see them; you can decide which are important to you. PROS 1. The common rooms, grounds, and guest room were lovely and clean. 2. Breakfast was very good - the hosts even inquired about special dietary needs. 3. It was quiet in the house at night. CONS 1. We found both the house and our room too cold, even though the hosts told us "the heat is on." I run warmer than my partner, and it's rare for me to find a room too cold. There was a gas fireplace in our room, but the two-hour timer prevented running it through the night. 2. The road noise from Western Ave woke me in the night, even though I wear earplugs when I travel. Noise-sensitive people may want to research their room options. A nitpick: we have to have our coffee in the morning, so we were pleased to see a Keurig machine in the common room. But whenever we tried to use it, the host insisted on pouring us a cup of coffee from the kitchen, which was not strong the way we like it. We tried to tactfully indicate our preference for the Keurig coffee, but the host didn't (or wouldn't) understand.
My first B&B experience. Took my girlfriend here for our one year anniversary. We stayed in the Autumn Rose room. The house and room were both beautiful, and while we only walked through the backyard for a few moments, it was peaceful. We arrived a bit early, but Lynn was warm and welcoming and instantly made us feel at home. Breakfast is served between 7-9, and you write your preferred time on a card before turning in for the night. I chose 8:45am, and the next morning there was a knock at the door not a minute earlier inviting us to breakfast, which was superb. My girlfriend and I both left the Crosby House thrilled and happy to have experienced such great hospitality.

(802) 257-4914

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Domino’s Pizza

141 Canal St
Brattleboro, 05301
I love that I can order on line and guarantee that it will be ready when I get there to pick it up. The staff is always friendly and efficient.
You guys are great, the young lady who waited on me was very professional and very good manner. I'm always pleased to meet mature young people in Brattleboro Vermont it's a place where I grew up and it seems like such a rare pleasure to run into well mannered young people lately. Great job Dominos for raising the bar.
Let me start by saying, I am reviewing THIS store and their service. Obviously, the product is what it is, but my experience with this location has been outstanding. I order online, and every single time, my order arrives hot, on time, and exactly the way I ordered it. Honestly, I am shocked at how good this place has been. I worked for many years in food service and mistakes happen. So far, not this place. Not yet, at least.

(802) 257-5010

Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches

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Elliot Street Fish, Chips, & More

50 Elliot St
Brattleboro, 05301
The mix of fish and chips with falafel and tacos seems eclectic at fish, but everything is cooked up fast and delicious. Having a ginger beer or root beer is a nice beverage addition to a fine meal. If you give him a chance, Dave will talk your ear off about the tartar sauce, how making mayonnaise is a lost art, and that his is made from the eggs of local free range chickens, and lovingly crafted into a delicious condiment. And it is good tartar sauce, well worth the extra charge. The place is new, and feels new. The owners say they are "living the dream" and their enthusiasm is apparent. The food is good enough to match the enthusiasm.
Perfect spot for an easy lunch in town (although it is cash only). The falafel wrap with hot-sauce is awesome as is the spicy fries (with the chipotle dipping sauce). I can't speak to the rest of the menu as this is all I have tried but i like it so much it is hard to order anything else...
This place is amazing. it is seriously some of the best food town. The crunchy tofu avocado wrap with spicy peanut sauce is fantastic. My go to. Unfortunately, I'm knocking them two stars because of their infrequent hours. I swing by regularly and are often closed. tonight being the third time in 10 days.

(802) 451-9482

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Brattleboro Village Pizza

1155 Putney Rd
Brattleboro, 05301
Perfect place to stop and grab some dinner before arriving at our ski cabin in Vermont. 91N Exit 3 Easy On Easy Off. Spiro appreciates his guests and goes out of his way to insure my boys, friends and I are happy before leave. The 2nd time we were there last ski season he was locking the doors to close but welcomed us in and made us what ever we wanted to eat! See you in November Spiro!
Good spot. Great flavours. I had the meatball grinder, which comes open face with meatballs sliced quite thin. Not what I expected, but still good. Next time I will try the pizza. Needs an updated interior.
HUGEEE calzones!!! One of the best I've ever tasted. Packed with cheese(s) and fillings of your choice (they don't skimp) and comes out to you really quickly. Large enough for 2 meals or to share. The owner is friendly and the prices are cheap considering the amount of food you get.

(802) 257-5065


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Kipling’s Restaurant & Pub

78 Elliot St
Brattleboro, 05301
My husband and I were visiting Brattleboro on our recent trip to New England and had planned to go to another pub but it was closed that day. We decided we'd just grab a small bite to eat before heading back to where we were staying in MA so we ended up at Kipling's, probably the only place open at 2:30pm on a weekday. We decided to order the chili cheese fries. Being from Texas, we're pretty picky about chili and such, but the chili had really good flavor, very meaty with spices and beans. There was also a lot of cheese. You definitely get your money's worth for $10. We didn't have any beers as it was really hot outside and Kipling's is not air-conditioned (or the A/C was broken the day we went) so we just wanted to stick with water. The bartender/server was very nice, and my husband and I enjoyed overhearing the conversation between him and a patron about the '86 World Series between the Mets and the Red Sox. Then the conversation went to hockey and we were lost. Kipling's is cash only so be prepared! Should we find ourselves in Brattleboro we'd definitely go back to try other menu items and beers.
Pretty good. Decent burger and fries. Friend had fish and chips and said they were pretty good. Nice waitress. Wings were only so so.
All around great! The bartender Jill was welcoming and friendly. We were the last eating customers of the evening, nothing felt rushed and the food was delicious. Well be back...a wonderful local spot!

(802) 257-4848

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Peter Havens Restaurant

32 Elliot St
Brattleboro, 05301
This place is adorable, and one of the classier spots in Brattleboro. Their server Maggie is an angel!!!
I have been here twice in the last year, under the new ownership, and both times I left feeling underwhelmed, overcharged, and hungry. The magic, is gone. Don't get me wrong, the food is still good, (although, the mashed potatoes were inedible...dry and tasteless) but, I have no desire to rush back.
Visited on a quiet Sunday evening and had dinner at the bar. Food was superb and the bartender (Brian) and server (Maggie) were very engaging and friendly. We had a great time! Peter Havens will be in our regular restaurant rotation. We eat out often and this is our favorite in Brattleboro. We are from Deerfield but will get up there as often as we can.

(802) 257-3333

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The Vermont Country Deli

436 Western Ave
Brattleboro, 05301
We stopped at this little nook in Brattleboro on our way to Burlington, VT based on a coworker's recommendation. I'm happy we did because it turned out to be one of my favorite stops of the trip. The inside looked, felt, and smelled like Vermont. They had a huge variety of local items and most importantly, maple syrup. We got a maple syrup BBQ pulled pork sandwich and a container of mac and cheese. The pulled pork was absurdly delicious and the maple flavor was very prominent. The mac and cheese was made with local cheese, and definitely belongs in my top 3. Highly recommend this place if you're passing through or staying in Brattleboro or want an excuse to drive to Vermont.
Excellent Pie's. Just excellent. Thick, buttery, flakey crust with rich and fresh fillings. So good. They have a great deli too. I've had a tuna fish sandwich that was great. And did I mention the pie...
I live down in the Pioneer Valley, so this is not a place I frequent; as a once-in-a-while treat, if I have time, I always stop on my way to Brattleboro and points north or on the way back south again. I like this place and have not experienced the bad service people speak of. At times, I notice a vague sense of boredom on the part of the people working here and a lack of coordination among the different parts of the operation, but generally, to get to order and purchase some of their yummies, it's not a big deal. It can be chaotic if it's a busy time of day. The deli is very pricey so buying food here is a splurge. Yes, the parking lot is treacherous. I usually park at the shop next door, hit the can, and come over to the main place to browse and buy. My fave "dish" is the chicken penne with lemon and parmesan. I LOVE the curry puffs, too, but they are not made here and are a true indulgence due to the price (2 bucks each, Holy Vermont Cow!). There is so much food and so many different options that I've experienced very little of their vast selection. I like the VT-made food area and purchased a gift item once (can't remember what it was). I'd love to see compostable silverware. Next time, I'll mention it to the staff and if you do, too, we may see some change. This is Vermont, there's no excuse for one-use plastic! (PS, I keep my own disposable utensils in my car and sometimes manage to remember to use them!)

(802) 257-9254

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