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Visit below restaurant in Williamsburg for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Williamsburg for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Aiden B.

    Great place to relax and cool down while touring Colonial Williamsburg. I've been here several times, and the food is always great. The service has its good and bad days, but it's been mostly good. The bar service has been consistently good.

  • Julius D.

    Service was fantastic. We ate dinner and my steak was great! The atmosphere was joyous and outside a singer sang beautifully- only to find out later that she is also the hostess. Heavy rain struck and I was pleased to see the teamwork and dedication the manager and his employees had. They were soaked as they secured all of the table umbrellas that had been blown over by the rains and wind. The salad was generous and my wife's salmon was fantastic!! We would go back there again and again. Oh- there was also a buffet option to. We will have to try it next time.

  • Sarah M.

    Not bad. I went by myself during lunch since my partner was here for a conference and I just tagged along. Had a couple of beers and the steak bruschetta sandwich. Menu said it came with kalamata olives but they were just plain old canned black olives. Oh well. Staff were pretty friendly and service was okay. It wasn't crowded which was a huge plus. The Cheese Shop had a line out the door and was filled with screaming children!! There were some kids in Seasons but they were more spread out. If you're stuck in CW not a bad place for a quiet lunch. Btw spent the entire previous day at the CW spa which is absolutely fabulous!!

  • Stev D.

    A must if you spend a day out in the area. Great food. Service was very attentive and friendly. CRAB CAKES!!!!!

  • D J.

    Good variety of cocktails and wine. Great root beer. Service a bit slow could be explained by long weekend. However nothing that shouldn't be expected. Salad took long but excellent dressing makes up for it. Live music on Fridays was worth it. We had a great warm evening to enjoy the time. Onion strings and nachos are good.

  • Lauren W.

    If you want to sit outside and enjoy live music while laughing with your friends about the piss poor service, then this is the place for you! 7 of us went and were seated between a speaker and an open trash barrel. It was convenient as my brother could use it as an arm rest. We ordered drinks, apps and dinner. Things took a long, long to come but they were decent when then came. Waitress would take a drink order for some people at the table but kept ignoring my husband. When he finally did get a chance to order a beer she forgot it. Empty glasses and dishes were left on the table even though the restaurant was only half full. Finally our entrees came. Well, some of them. My husband, who was still drink less was served a strip steak and told it was his prime rib. He traded it with my cousin who did order a strip steak. Three people had no forks so my cousin went to the wait station herself to get them but no one noticed. 5 of us got entrees. 2 people (another strip steak and a salad) waited over 30 minutes. Finally the salad came, but my sil was told that she would not get her steak because they just ran out of ribs. Wtf?!?! No one ordered ribs. Finally the manager swung by to say hi and ask how things were. As nicely as we could we explained that the kitchen was a shit show. She offered 10% off the bill. We had to wait 20 minutes for the bill and when we got it, there was a code listing "rainbow 10%" which equalled exactly 5% of the bill. So they stink at service and math. We called it to their attention and the bill was changed to a code called "10% seasons" which we STILL only 5%. At least Mike the musician was fun and we had a lot of laughs.

  • Charlotte A.

    Love love love Seasons! My fiancé and I had our engagement party here and the entire staff was more than fantastic. James V was the host for the party and he really made it an enjoyable experience. It was great that the owners also came and introduced themselves and congratulated my fiancé and I. The staff also went above and beyond providing wonderful decorations for the party! Aside from the fantastic customer service, the food was delicious! We had a buffet and then James made sure to keep the various beef briskets coming. We also had the luxury of meeting Chef Bobby who also made an AWESOME cake to celebrate. The entire experience was just phenomenal! Definitely recommend the restaurant for anyone looking to host a gathering!

  • Nolan J.

    I want to come here every year when we go to Busch gardens. Got here at 9:15 and I am glad that there were entrances on all sides of the restaurant because i got l then I walked inside and got lost trying to find the front door. But the food looks a little better than real colonial food. And tastes allot better.

  • Matthew L.

    I really like seasons. It's like being in New Orleans or Charleston, SC. The roth Iron gates and faux porch give you the experience of eating outside only inside. The food is so so. The steaks are cooked well, but nothing special. Sunday brunch is fun. They have shrimp, crawfish, eggs bendict and all the normal breakfast fare. None of it is spectacular, but the over all experience is fun.

  • Andrea P.

    TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I would've given it zero stars but that's not an option. (Sorry it's so long but you really have to hear the whole thing! I promise this is all true!) We went tonight for our anniversary dinner, with friends, and while we were sitting there a portion of the lights in the restaurant went out. The waitress (Mary, who was awesome, by the way) came back to the table to tell us that the kitchen couldn't do fried foods so one of our orders had to be changed. My husband had gotten the "all you can eat" buffet so he was waiting to get his entree portion until the rest of us got our meal. When our food came out, my husband went to get food at the buffet but it was all being packed up and stacked on top of each other. No one had told us that it wasn't going to be available. The waitress had mentioned that we got the last order from the kitchen because they had to shut the kitchen down. We asked for a manager and when he (Jeff) came to the table he first just said he was sorry!! As if that was going to fix it. My husband now has NO FOOD and they can't make more. He wasn't offering anything at all!! Then he said we could order something from the grill only, so my husband asked if he could get a steak. Jeff said he could and that he would only charge him the price of the buffet he had ordered (which was only $2 cheaper!). So the rest of us are going to eat our food so it won't get cold while they cook my husband's food and he can eat alone?! In the course of this ridiculous interaction with Jeff, he tells us a number of things - 1. That this event (the electricity going out) is a done by "the man upstairs" and he's just thankful to have awakened this morning; (while we all are thankful for the same, not an appropriate response under the circumstance. Lol) 2. That if we thought we were having a bad day, he was having to go to everyone on the patio and throughout the restaurant to explain to his customers what was happening (sorry, not our problem); 3. That he was not giving us anything free because "they are in the business to make money". When I explained that we would be leaving and not paying him anything, and therefore would not be getting any money at all, he said that was fine. The staff were appalled at their manager's behavior and apologized profusely for his unprofessional restaurant management. We did, however, go to Second Street in Williamsburg and had an amazing anniversary dinner. (Please see my positive review on their page)

  • Ellen H.

    Love the Seasons~after shopping when it's cold outside we go to the Bar Area & I have Coffee~ Kahlúa and lots of whipped cream~so good & gets warmed up fast! The Food is good & Service in the Bar is very good!

  • Stephen S.

    Service was slow, order was incorrect, was pricey for quality. I wouldn't eat here again.

  • Social Media S.

    Sat outside on a spring evening and listened to some live music. It was VERY good music and very good food. I was disappointed that there wasn't any mint (wanted a mint julep or mojito) but they had run out... but the special martini that they had was WONDERFUL and I had a second one (glad I wasn't driving). We went back the following evening and went to Stephano's - the pizza place next door and listened to another musician. They have Live music every night!

  • Sara D.

    2-11-15 I came at an odd time, neither lunch nor dinner. The place was empty. James V my waiter came promptly and I asked him for suggestions. He brought me a Chocolate Martini. That was my choice. A green side salad with the house vinaigrette dressing that I liked. For the entrée he suggested the Swiss Steak. It came over a mound of mashed potatoes, very good. Two portions of steak that were very tender as he had told me with a tomato based sauce and peppers. A nice amount of green beans and carrots strips that were firm not mushy. When asked how I liked it the dish, I told him I did although I would recommend a bit less sauce. I ate about half and was stuffed. The other half took home and had a good 2nd meal. The place is huge. The bar area was more populated. I'll go back.

  • Daisy D.

    First of all, I've never been to a restaurant that gives me my menu and silverware and tells me to sit down at a high top table and they will be right with us. Second, the food is good. That is why this is getting two stars but the service is terrible. The service was really really slow and it took about 20 minutes to get our drinks after we ordered it. You won't ever get drunk at this bar because it takes forever to get your drinks but your tummy will be full with their food portions. They did have live music but the service kills the experience. If you don't mind waiting forever to order your first drink, have your first drink arrive, then having your food arrive and waiting forever for your second drink....then I would give this place a try. Third, beer is good And they have a draft list on their menu that is never up to date, so ask before you assume their menu is correct.

  • Vickie K.

    The service was wonderful with a great team of servers. They were very considerate and making sure we were happy. We came for a very early dinner and had the BBQ AYCE. 5 choices of meat, 6 sides, and a salad "bar." Good fried chicken. I was looking forward to the pulled pork but unfortunately disappointed, too salty and dry for me. A little pricey for the quality of AYCE, but not bad. Nice environment and I appreciated that the AC wasn't cranked up to the max! (As most restaurants usually are to make up for heat outside...terrible.)

  • Danielle F.

    Our waiter was a pretentious asshole. Also, they are famous for their ribs, yet ran out of ribs. Then we ordered strip steak, and they were out. Maybe the employees are eating all the food?

  • Sara M.

    Sat outside for dinner during their Thursday night Patio series with Karla. The outside area is awkward-passers by, diners from the pizza shop attached, and the loud music made the dining experience not quite what we were looking for. On the plus side, our meals were great-salmon, rice, and veggies and the chicken fingers, which seemed hand breaded. Karla the singer and her partner were also very great singers and enjoyable, we just weren't expecting the dining experience we got. All in all, it was okay.

  • Brian L.

    This is really a review of the service, because we left before the drinks even arrived. Haha! Went there on a Monday night around 6. Started off confused because there's a pizza place and restaurant smashed together. Went inside of seasons because we didn't see anyone outside and are told we needed to head back outside if we wanted to dine outdoors. Finally located a hostess and were seated. Drink order was taken by the hostess a few minutes later, but that's pretty much where things ended. Over the next 20 minutes or so we saw a woman lay into one of the waiters over a delay in their food, saw another woman leave in a huff after standing around waiting for the check while the rest of the family had already left for the car, were asked twice by the same waitress if our drink order was taken, and watched the "head server" apologize to lady #1. We eventually gave up and left before our sodas, iced tea, and beer arrived.

  • Kris F.

    just ate there with a friend about 6 hours ago, and it was excellent!! Fantastic service, beautiful buffet, and wonderful atmosphere..I don't understand the complaints I've heard about this place. Very nice. Hadn't been there in a long time, but very glad I went back...manager came over and talked to us about upcoming events. Live music in the evenings, comedy sketches, and perhaps some ballroom dancing events in the future. The manager is a former ballroom dance instructor!!! We had an excellent meal (the BBQ buffet) and learned that the chef is a former White House Chef...wonderful experience..will absolutely visit again and recommend it to others...

  • Nancy M.

    We had lunch here and all ordered the BBQ buffet. Don't waste your time or money. It was okay with different selections, but the food was just okay. I wouldn't go back. The buffet costs $16.95. The fried chicken was pretty good, but we did have to ask for them to make more since they were out.

  • JoAnn P.

    We ordered take out and when the fellas went to pick it up, as told in 20 minutes, only about half of the order was ready!! When we placed the order for 8 adults ordering from their online menu, several items we chose were lunch only, so we had to go back on line and choose again. Then they omitted my order of chicken fingers i had chosen to replace the chicken croissant I originally ordered as it was a "lunch only" item. It only took the fellows 5 minutes to get back to the hotel but the toast for the spinach artichoke dip was soggy, my meal since the chicken fingers were forgotten. Iffy if we try again.

  • Shadow M.

    Seasons has a great, affordable Sunday brunch with the anticipated eggs, bacon, lox and bagels but kicks it up a notch with fried chicken, mac and cheese, perfectly seasoned grits, fish and an assortment of desserts including a chocolate fountain. The decor made me felt like I was in New Orleans. Our server, James has been pleasant and attentive both visits. I try to stop in when I'm in the area and recommend it.

  • David M.

    While vacationing in Williamsburg, my family and I walked into a restraurant off the street known as Seasons. On the sign out front it said adult BBQ for 16.95 and children for 11.95. After we decided to spend our vacation money on a meal in this restraurant, we found out that children was aged 10 and under, our 2 were 12 and 14. So ok, a little of a suprise that the age was so low, but we were there and we had a 10% coupon, so seemed like it was worth a try, especially if was good. We proceeded to order 4 adult buffets and found the food interesting. My wife had one plate, my 14 and 12 year old had 1.5 plates each and I might have had 1.5 plates as well, I'm being generous on the amount of food eaten. Also to note, the plates were a bit smaller than average, so if you are going to eat a lot, you are going to have to work for it, walking back and forth. Wasn't the best, but over all very good. After we received the bill, we noticed that we had been charged 100.00 for 4 buffets plus the additional drinks. I asked the server and he informed me that the dinner price went from 16.95 to 24.95 at 4:00, we entered the place at 6:30. At this point I'm upset, but decided to go ahead and pay. Once we walked back outside and saw the chalk sign still there, I noticed the price was still there and didn't specify lunch or dinner. Then I looked on the menu, and didn't see the buffet prices or the age requirment mentioned. At this point I decide to speak to the manager and understand why there was was such a misrepresentation and see if there was anything that he could do, given the "false" advertising. He says he can give me 15% back, so he voided the first payment with the 10% off and then reprocesss it for 15% off. I asked him, so I guess I get a net 5% back? He said yes. This was not the right outcome given the bait and switch on the price. Anyone that decides they want to risk it, make sure you get everything in writing before you order.

  • Suzanne S.

    While the staff is friendly and engaging, this didn't contribute to a good experience. Food took a long time to arrive. When it arrived, two of the six orders were wrong, and we just didn't have topi me for do-overs. We had to hunt up our server to get a check. The restaurant is very large and was pretty empty when we arrived. Now I know why.

  • Sara V.

    Took a recommendation from some locals to visit. We should have visited yelp before committing. This place is terrible. The food is probably ok, but with terrible service, what does that matter? The kitchen is slow; the wait staff is inattentive and the hostess is disinterested. When our food finally did arrive, it was cold and underwhelming. Do not try it. Go somewhere else.

  • Philip A.

    The worst restaurant we've been to in Williamsburg. They don't deserve 1 star. Went for dinner, waiter went on and on about the salad bar, the huge BBQ buffet and huge desert table. He also talked us into draft rootbeer. For $24.99 per adult and $11.99 a kid it's a complete rip off. The salad bar was a bowl of mixed greens and a few things of dressing... the BBQ buffet looked like leftovers. Raw fried chicken. The few things to pick from were horrible. The dessert table was 1 plate of spice cake and 1 lemon pie... also the draft rootbeer doesn't come with refills, the waiter told us after we drank our mug. Completely miserable dinner experience. Would not recommend and will never go back, ever

  • Kevin L.

    The set up: We took the red-eye in from Southern California with 50 eighth graders in tow. After a long day of school, a long night of pseudo-sleep, and Williamsburg exploring, we were ready to sit down and eat. Our tour guide highly recommended this place for the adults, as we could sit down and enjoy ourselves. We definitely did. I ordered the pasta primavera with shrimp and couldn't have been happier. Start with penne pasta, my favorite, and add sun dried tomatoes (another favorite), pine nuts (nom nom), broccoli (another, you guessed it, favorite), kalamata olives (YES PLEASE!!!) and perfectly cooked shrimp and I'm a happy camper. I wolfed down my entire plate to stave off exhaustion and hunger; I definitely needed the energy because who knew when we'd actually get a chance to stop again. Overall, this place was great. I would definitely come back again if I was in the area.

  • Deb S.

    Met a friend here for lunch. The friend is a local and recommended Seasons highly, not only because of the proximity to Colonial Williamsburg which we were visiting, but because of the high quality food. We found the wide variety appealed to all ages (our group ranged from age 9-72) and the waitress was super attentive and friendly. This day they also had a BBQ buffet and it was as delicious as the menu items selected. The inside had unique murals and reminded me of a New Orleans cafe with all the iron work. Avoid the salmon (it was very dry and overcooked), but everyone else had wonderful meals.

  • Alexander V.

    Sat inside. Food was okay. Nothing spectacular (chicken tenders and salmon). Had to wait a little for refills. Pretty empty for a Friday night (not holding this against them, just noticed). Everything about this place was average. Nothing was terrible but nothing really stood out with the exception of a nice hostess and the sweet potato fries. I can't say I'd recommend it with all the other options in town.

  • Jim H.

    Good gawd, one star is one too many. Oh guardians of yelp, please, I beseech you, allow me to do negative stars. To start the place was half full. But the tables where folks had left were still full of debris. Now you may say. Wow there may not have been help. Well the two waiters were talking and more significantly moving as slow as humanly possible to wait on folks. The food that finally came was sub par. About on level with a truck stop off I-10 in Mississippi. And the order was not complete. I had to finally go to the cashier to get the soup. This was after repeated times asking the wait servers. Did I mention the waiter was slow, if I hAd tried I could not move slower. I understand he may have been getting low wages. But have some pride. Now I do not know if management thinks, hey it is Williamsburg no problem. Stupid tourists will come no matter how bad we treat them. So don't let them win and don't ever come here. You have been warned. It was so bad. They do not deserve a second chance.

  • Alexis C.

    The ABSOLUTE WORST eating experience I have ever had in our 25years of spending Christmas in Williamsburg! Although the waiter was truly trying. We waited over 30 minutes for our cocktails - an hour for the horrendous "starters", POTATO SOUP erroneously stated on the menu as Seafood Chowder. How can destroy a crab dip??? Kurt Roselle, the owner/manager is a extremely poor fit for the restaurant business. He was rude, defensive and has no clue of the meaning of customer service. His racist inference to "Where we are from"... Reflects his lack of sensitivity and he will be indeed destroy his wife, Gerri Roselle's business. He also refused to come back out to speak with us after we finally received our entries. Needlessly to say he disappeared.... Obviously I will never done here again! And I advise you to not even try it!

  • Herb T.

    Good mid priced family fare in colonial Williamsburg. Think burgers and BBQ. While not gourmet very good for the price. I think some of the food maybe a bit banquet like or institutional food like it's perfectly good.

  • Steven A.

    We came here for an early dinner and realized we had discovered the biggest tourist trap in all of Williamsburg. What is the best way to discover you are in a tourist trap, no matter how well disguised? The complete lack of attention to detail in all aspects from service to drinks to food. The business does not plan on seeing you again so their model is for you to just eat, pay the check, and leave to make room for the next group of schlubs. First off, my wife ordered a Cosmo. What she received was something with an overly sweet, pomegranate sludge coagulated in the bottom of the glass. She couldn't drink more than two sips of it. We ordered the "Jumbo" shrimp cocktail. What we got were six 30 count or so shrimp that were clearly from a frozen bag and most likely raised under questionable conditions in Vietnam or Thailand. The shrimp were pale, flaccid and had no flavor whatsoever. Also, our waiter never bothered to clear away the dishes until we had paid our check and left. I ordered a steak salad that was supposed to come with blue cheese crumbles and a hot bacon dressing. My salad came with steak, parmesan cheese and a balsamic drizzle. When I mentioned to the waiter that I was expecting something with bacon dressing, he retorted, "Its mixed in there, but I will get you some more for the side" and quickly moved off toward the kitchen. Well, I am pretty sure I have to have "some" before I can have "more". I didn't bother about the blue cheese. I was hungry and just wanted to leave by this point. Have you ever gone to a take out chinese place late at night and drunkenly ordered the walnut chicken? What does it tell you when you open the container and see that the dish was prepared with pecans instead of walnuts? It means the kitchen staff doesn't care one iota about the food they are serving. That is exactly what this experience was like. I am being generous with a second star since my wife's fried haddock with fresh sweet potato fries was actually quite good. We were both surprised. Weirdly, the menu we were provided is nothing like the menu they have posted online. Not sure why there is a disconnect unless the website hasn't been updated in a while.

  • Andrea A.

    Ugh. Our last visit was pretty bad. I guess their chef left and well, the food isn't so great.

  • Marty W.

    My better half and I had a quick lunch today. I had crab cake with a side of cole slaw and she had chicken quasadeas. My crab cake was 50% the size of the hard toasted bun,mite rally 3 forkfuls. I didn't eat the bun. The so called lump crab was nothing like lump crab in a good restaurant. Tasted more like regular crab meat and not even good at that. The pickle side was narrow and soft. My cole slaw was limp, old and tasteless. My wife's chicken quasadea were literally 50% of the wrap full. She seemed to not complain as to taste. Service was quick and friendly. Nice decor inside. Men's toilet was ok clean. Price for what we received was $$$$$. I will say the bar cabernet wine was good and very large portion, like 10oz. Conclusion, go there for Happy Hour Wine if you like a Bar with no windows and a couple 24" TVs...

  • Ben C.

    Stopped in with my wife and kids after a long day walking around Colonial Williamsburg. I was very glad I did. The food and service were outstanding. My wife ordered the she-crab soup. Wow! I wish they sold that by the gallon. Her exact words, "this might be the best soup I've ever eaten." It was full of fresh shredded crab meat. I had the sugar glazed salmon which was covered in a light glaze of brown sugar & cinnamon. It was delicious. The kids ordered fish & chips, which I had to try. Definitely some of the better fish & chips I've had. Great crispy breading. My wife and I are already planning our next visit.

  • Samantha W.

    The service at the door was very friendly, however once we stepped inside, that quickly changed. We stood at the hostess stand for three or four minutes before an employee emerged from the bar area to seat us. We assumed the waiter was new because not only did we not receive any bread or water to start, but the special of the day was not introduced. Once we ordered (prime rib and baby back ribs), the young man also did not ask us how we would like the prime rib cooked. The food took a very long time to arrive, and when it did, both of our plates (prime rib and the baby back ribs) were riddled with fat. Almost a third of the prime rib had to be cut away in order to eat it and the middle was cooked extremely rare. The server was inattentive - preferring to hang out with the other employees near the bar area - difficult to flag down when we were in need of the check, and didn't bother to ask if we would like to see the dessert menu. Overall, it was very over-priced for mediocre food and sub-par service.

  • Dana Z.

    I came here over two years ago, and I still remember it as the best salad dressing i've ever had. Salad dressing? Really? That's what you remember?? Yes. Salad dressing. They bottle it up and sell it. This is like Olive Garden quality! (just kidding! but hey... it's good....) So when I returned to Williamsburg 26 months later, I came here just to buy a bottle and bring it home. Go here and ask for the creamy Herb Italian salad dressing. It is amazing!!! A small bottle is about $7 but it's so worth it. Take it home and it'll last about 30 days refrigerated.

  • Nombre O.

    As a traveler, a foodie and someone who has been in the hospitality business my whole life my experience here was beyond inexcusable and far from acceptable. My wife heard from a "friend" (now in question after suggesting this place) that Seasons was good food and nice atmosphere right in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg. The only correct part of that statement was its location. We had reservations at 7:00 and arrived promptly. We were seated immediately and after having the opportunity to "pass the water down" so as to not inconvenience our waiter we were able to have our drinks delivered. They were cold, but I found adding "bitters" to a Mojito a bit odd ... We then ordered ... It was 7:20. At 8:15 when our waiter sheepishly came back to deliver the news that he had no idea when our food would arrive because they only had 2 cooks working and there was a large party who had ordered before us. Since there was no telling how long id could take we asked for bread. He obliged, partly trying to be helpful and partly because he did not think to offer it. A few minutes later he came back to deliver cold, potato (ish) rolls with cold butter ... But he was nice about it. After another 20 minutes and the 4 kids at the table finally reaching their end of patience and civility I left looking for the manager. I was introduced to a person whom was identified to me as the GM and Owner. I think his name might have been Richard, or maybe I have substituted that in place for how he acted. He abruptly indicated that they had big parties in house and they were working as quickly as possible... I was surprised that the discussion did not begin with "sorry" or " who can we make things right" ... Instantly I was placed on the defensive and he finally asked " what do you want me to do? Why don't you pay us for your drinks and leave ..." Umm ... How about that for customer service from the GM! I told him what he could do, figure out where our food was, and then please come to our table and we could discuss our next steps. A few minutes later food was delivered. Burgers were far from the advertised "worlds best burger" in fact Burger Chef (now out of business) could today provide a better prepared slab of ground horse meat. My 9 year old daughter informed me this was the worst burger she had ever had! One person at the table had their Sugar Salmon. What was delivered looked like something you would get at an institutional wedding, not an upper scale pub... The two salads left little to the imagination and added nothing positive to the dining experience. My burger, which was supposed to be rare to medium rare looked like a piece of volcanic ash in color and was only juicy from the ounces of grease that came pouring off of the mushrooms and slab of Swiss cheese thrown on top. We did have the opportunity to see the GM come on a walk around after our food arrived. He asked how things were as he passed by a a saunter and clearly acknowledged our response of " it was delivered" ... But had no time to ensure things were done right nor show an ounce of care for his customers or support for his wait staff. In short and in conclusion, if you have the opportunity to try Seasons Resturant and Tavern DON'T. You would be better served enjoying a Big Mac or Whopper, actually 7-11 pizza or smoked sausage is a better option in my humble opinion. I have had the opportunity to enjoy other meals around the area and can say without a doubt this experience was not typical. The Cheese Shop is fantastic and so is the Dog Pub (I think that is the right name) ...

  • Michael C.

    Absolute horrible service. Food was ok, waitress was horrendous. Never going here again and advise you don't either.

  • Truffles T.

    After having no luck at a previous restaurant close by, my friends and I stumbled across this cozy looking little place. When entering the hostess walked us to the table, I was actually a little bit impression at the decor and layout of the restaurant. Though empty at the time, I liked it, I felt that we came just the right time. The hostess gave us our menu and told us that our waiter would be there shortly. Looking at the menu I was really eager to try a few things. I was eager, for a whole 10 minutes. After 10 minutes with no other customers coming in, and 4 waiters glancing at us as they passed us by. We soon got the feeling that the waiters were unwilling to engage us. Taking notice that our presence was unwelcome, we just left soon after. My overall impression with Seasons is that it is a beautifully crafted restaurant and shows that they have excellent creativity, but they prefer an older clientele and prejudge anyone under the age of 35, assuming that every young adult is a "rapscallion" who couldn't afford to rub 2 coppers together. When that is in fact the opposite.

  • Jim C.

    We ate there last night. Live music was fantastic. Talapia was bland. Cinnamon on salmon was different. Sat outside and enjoyed the evening. All in all a nice experience. Our only major gripe was the Assistant General Manager was running the outside seating area like her life depended on the success or failure of it. It was very disturbing to have her berate the wait staff right in the middle of the seating area where everyone could hear. She would interrupt one particular waitress on multiple occasions as she was talking to the customers - obviously a control freak. We felt so bad that my wife apologized to the waitress for having to constantly be berated by the AGM in front of everyone. We knew she was the Asst Gen Mgr because we overheard her telling another customer that she wasn't a waitress! Her antics were very distracting and unprofessional.

  • Sterling P.

    Great food great service. Caesar salad with salmon, perfectly cooked fish with fresh greens and their own take on dressing, a little different but very good. Girlfriend had clam chowder which had shrimp crab, and lots of clams, soooo good. She also had a chicken salad with house dressing, again their own recipe for the dressing mmmmmm good. Waitress not only brought more ice tea, but another glass of ice, way better than what you usually get which is some Luke warm tea poured over what little ice you have left, ends up warm piss. We would return, but are leaving soon.

  • Christabel T.

    We enjoyed dinner here last night in Williamsburg. Other nearby restaurants had a large wait time so we came here. Menu was pretty good and had good choices for my picky teen. We got steaks all around and all was cooked great! Prices were also a bit better than others and waitress was very friendly.

  • Amanda F.

    Finding a gluten free restaurant is hard. Finding a gluten free restaurant while out of town is even harder. While visiting colonial Williamsburg I had very low hopes for an exciting lunch. In fact, around lunchtime I would have been happy with an air conditioned, less crowded restaurant that had a decent looking salad. It was hot. Lo and behold we came across Season's. Wow. Gluten free bread was listed as a substitute for ANYTHING. I was SO excited. I dragged the boy into the restaurant as soon as I noticed the gluten free listing. My veggie gluten free sandwich was the best. Exactly the type of meal I needed to power through the rest of the sight seeing day.

  • Oliver D.

    Very nice place and the Food was very good and the price was fair. All 4 of us enjoyed our dinner. Nice friendly staff.

  • Daniel B.

    Forgive me Yelp, for I have sinned.. We made the cardinal mistake of entering this mega-tourist trap without first checking the reviews. We even had recommendations for other places to eat from our friends and family who attended W&M. It was only _after_ we were seated and ordering that I finally pulled out the iPhone and started up the Yelp app. We really should have known better... The bread that came was the first foreshadowing of the mediocre and overpriced meal that was to come. Small, oddly shaped and tasteless. My fiance saved one for use on her main meals sauce, but in the scant few minutes it had solidified into a solid hockey puck. They really would be better just buying some stuff from the supermarket.... My dish, the fish special was ok. The rice pilaf was meh and the veggies (steamed broccoli with nothing added) was... cooked is the best compliment (at least it wasn't overcooked). My fiances meal, a shrimp pasta dish was on par with the bread. They would have been better off with Ragu. We spent the rest of the weekend regretting our first nights meal in Williamsburg.

  • A H.

    We chose to go to this restaurant because they offered a gluten-free pasta menu. I did not order the pasta, but had the steak, which was overpriced and bland. The first time my steak came out, it was well-done (I had ordered it "as rare as you can get it"). The second time, it was med-rare, but since I was hungry I decided to eat it anyway. Mistake. It was underseasoned and tough. For the price, I had expected something better.

  • James S.

    Nice family friendly restaurant. Loved how it's set to look like you're dining outdoors in a neighborhood. Food was pretty good. I ordered the prime rib for dinner and was quite satisfied. The three other people I was with all seemed pretty happy with their meals. Prices were also very reasonable. I recommend this place for families visiting the area. Food is good but won't blow you away. Large menu should help everyone in your party find something they like. Give it a shot.

  • James C.

    Enjoyed Thanksgiving buffet with several families. Loved the historical environment and they did excellent service. There were several shops near so we browsed around after our meals.

  • Karen J.

    I had high hopes about dinner at this place. We looked at the menu before deciding to go and even made reservations for an early dinner just in case they were very busy. They were not busy and we were seated immediately. The waiter we had either was incompetent or this was his first day. We elected to think that he was new and was adjusting to his new role. He could not answer some of our questions -- like what was the vegetable of the day -- and he did not volunteer to ask the kitchen staff either. Once our food came, we were very pleased with our order. I got the blackened chicken and shrimp with sundried tomato over linguini, and my husband got the crab cake dinner with vegetables and rice. The food was extremely tasty. I would highly recommend this place except for the employee problems. As we sat there waiting for our dinner - assuming that our waiter was new, and therefore less than helpful to our inquires.... we were subject to the most inappropriate and unprofessional actions by other employees... so lack of respect for the customer is bred from within. One of the waiters was talking to another and the hostess... AT THE HOSTESS COUNTER - probably 8 to 10 feet from where we were seated... and the waiter was complaining about earlier customers - what a couple of ladies were saying and how stupid he thought she was, but he kept his mouth shut around her... too bad he didn't keep it shut!!!! And they were all 3 joining in the conversation about bashing the customers. They were even complaining about management changes to the menu. I understand all employees complain about their jobs every once in a while... but in the public area - around customers in a customer driven business - should never happen.

  • Swulski ..

    Ok..I did not stay to eat. I walked in and my daughter and I were sat immediately for lunch. Presentation wise, the restaurant looked nice. We were greeted by our waiter and placed our order. As we were waiting for our food, something did not seem right. I realized it was the smell in the restaurant. I am not sure if it was the carpet or what but I was starting to feel queasy and lost my desire to eat in there so we told them we were leaving. I am not sure if I will visit again.

  • Robert G.

    Nice place, quaint atmosphere. Food was just average. Salads were on the small side and appeared to be mostly a bag mix. One slice cucumber and one small wedge of tomato. My wife had the sugar seared salmon and it was very good. Atlantic salmon is quite different from our normal fare on the west coast. The "grilled" vegetables were actually sautéed. We subbed salad for the rice. I had the Berkley Plantation Chicken. That was a disappointment. Floating in oil, mushy carrots and topping. The spicy peanut sauce was basically nonexistent - neither spicy nor very peanut flavored. Overpowered by the ever present peanut oil (I guess here). The grilled chicken tenders were more like blackened tenders and even the oily sauce could not rescue them from dryness. The staff was friendly but a bit inattentive even though there was hardly anyone in the place. Overall, not a horrible experience but not a great one either.

  • Laurel M.

    After a long day walking around colonial Williamsburg, me and moms stopped in for some lunch. I got the Reuben sandwich with onion strings, it was sooo tasty, the corn beef and sauerkraut ration was on point and the rye bread was fantastic. She ordered the chicken ceasar salad, it came with a balsamic glaze to die for!

  • Mimi G.

    Very disappointing. Went for dinner, there were four of us. We ordered and waited a long time to be served - the place was not crowded at all but the waitress said our order went in right after a large group. Two entrees came out first, said the others would be right out. We had to ask several times about the others. We almost cancelled the others because it was taking so long. Of the two entrees that did come out, one was cold (it was a hot pasta dish), the other was wrong - ordered a plain hamburger, got a cheeseburger- so had to send it back. My husband ordered a ginger ale with no ice. The glass was 3/4 full - as tho they were making up for the extra ounce he would have gotten. When he asked the waitress why it wasn't full she blamed the bartender for being stingy. Bottom line, the food was average, not served all at the same time (and the wait between the delivery of the first and last entree was long enough for the first one to be finished). Sometimes a restaurant will offer to comp something or give you a free dessert for this type of service. There was no such suggestion. I will be in Williamsburg to visit my daughter a few times a year. This restaurant is off the list!!

  • Jim M.

    Located in the merchants shops area of Colonial Williamsburg, Seasons Restaurant and Tavern is an American (new) style eatery. The staff was friendly and attentive. When being seated, I asked if they had a table next to an electric outlet so I could plug my phone in (it got lots of use throughout the day while we were at Jamestowne and the battery was next to dead) which they had no problem accommodating. We were seated right away. For our appetizer, we had their onion strings which were very good. For the main course, I had one of their burgers which was cooked just right with crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion with a mayo sauce. Right off the top of my head, I can't remember what June had, it was another one of their sandwiches, and she equally enjoyed her dinner. We were both too full for desert, but their selection looked pretty yummy. Definitely a nice place to grab a nice lunch/dinner after exploring the sites of Williamsburg and or Jamestowne.

  • Frank G.

    Food adequate. Service spotty. Pour delivery process. Food server delivered§salad w oil and vinegar without the vinegar and none returned until serving main course. People are pleasant but not well trained by manager's. Feel bad for them.

  • Carey S.

    I have been to seasons three times in the last few years, the most recent being Black Friday. My family always spends this day in Colonial Williamsburg to get away from the crowds of the mall. There were 10 of us in our party, and the food was pretty good. Our waitress as a little aloof when it came to refilling drinks, and that got annoying after a while. The onion straws were wonderful! Lightly fried and delicious. I had the crab cake sandwich and it was good. I did ask for the chilli sauce on the side, but it came on the crab cake. Luckily, it was not spicy as I had feared from the word "chilli" in the sauce title. The waitress then brought me the sauce on the side, after it was already on the crab. oh well, no big deal. they did get my mom and sister's orders correct, which was great since they are picky eaters and do not eat anything as it comes on the menu. Like I said, we only come here once a year or so but we will probably continue to return because of the good food.

  • Dana B.

    My Mom and I came to Colonial Williamsburg from Richmond as I was registered for the Christmas Town 8K and we made a weekend out of it. We had lunch Saturday 12/1 at Seasons and must have hit it just right as we did not have to wait for a table but as soon as we were seated there were many patrons being seated and it was very busy. We had a good waitress, she refilled our beverages often, she was not terribly friendly but we appreciated the attentiveness. Mom ordered the turkey club with onion straws and i ordered the shaved prime rib sandwich and sweet potato fries. Mom's only complaints were that there was no mayo on the sandwich and had to ask for it and she felt there was "too much" turkey. Compared to Mom's sandwich mine looked like half a sandwich. It was good though, not great. The sweet potato fries (substituted for regular fries for $1 extra) were scrumptious! I would consider Seasons once again, i thought for a tourist area that the prices were reasonable, it was very clean and wait time for food was average. Just be prepared that it seems sandwiches are not prepared with any condiments and likely you will need to ask for them if you want them. It was also busy and i found it to be a distracting atmosphere, hard to explain but there is a fence that separates 2 dining areas and there is a pathway aside the fence used by wait staff and patrons as a thoroughfare, if you are seated opposite the fence you will have a lot of people whizzing by, it's a bit loud so others are speaking pretty loudly over the noise and we were able to hear conversations from people at three surrounding tables.

  • Maria C.

    I really enjoyed my time here yesterday! If it wasn't for the Yelp CM team inviting me, I probably would have never stepped foot into this venue, let alone Williamsburg unless it was to shop :) The decor and setting of the dining area is super cute. In my opinion you could choose your own section and pretend to be somewhere else...I believe we sat in the 'garden area'...loved it!!! I had the salmon dish with rice and broccoli...cooked to perfection! Now it wasn't the best salmon I ever had, but it sure did fill my belly and made it happy AT THE SAME TIME :) I sipped on the Margarita they offer with Don was just ok...I will not order that again! I did have one mimoso and it was yummy. A little more kick would've been nice, but it was refreshing. Overall...definitely give this place a try. I can't speak for any other meal, but the salmon was really good! The bartendar was friendly as well...wasn't too talkative or over bearing...he displayed just enough convo...besides football was on, so that's always a good chit chat every couple mins or so!!

  • Donelle H.

    Outdated decor, food quality not good, ordered a mint julep that tasted awful! Only thing good was our waiter! Definitely not worth the $88 for a party of 2! We won't be back.

  • Karen C.

    Seasons Restaurant was at Yelp's Electric Summer event tonight and Mark Conway is a culinary genius and I enjoy sampling anything that he makes and amazing tasting tonight with his creation.

  • Hannah B.

    I don't even know where to begin other than there shouldn't have been a beginning.This seemed like the most reasonable option with the most choices in the tourist trap. I know the cheesecake factory does the whole everything for everyone thing well but other restaurants should just stick to a specialty. Maybe Seasons should work on their Italian or Seafood but not both. So, where to begin... Bread is Dead It was warm when it came out but within 10 minutes was HARD AS A ROCK. Are they using a recipe from the Colonial Era? Even Pillsbury does a better job out of a tube. The itty bitty biscuits are a waste of butter. Pasta I ordered the shrimp pasta with sundried tomato red sauce with a lobster broth over penne. It tasted like something out of a jar. I do not mean that in a good way. I could make something at home that tasted better. After eating all the shrimp I couldn't stomach the pasta anymore. Service Was OK but nothing special

  • Alex T.

    The food was absolutely amazing. The staff was also super friendly and made accommodations for our rather large party that had two two year old children in it. I would recommend the crap dip and quesadillas. We would all go again in a heart beat.

  • Katie T.

    While exploring colonial Williamsburg, I thought it'd be nice to eat somewhere in the area. This place wasn't bad, but the service just wasn't up to par. I had the plantation chicken, and my boyfriend had the ribs. He said his was okay. He also ordered a Stella, and it was skunky both times. He ended up ordering something else. My meal was okay...the noodles were more al dente than I'd have liked. I probably wouldn't go back...

  • Ana P.

    Not impressed. It's too bad because the service was very good. I saw on the menu New England Chowder so I ordered it. I'd swear it was one of those Progresso clam chowders. The menu mentioned a Seafood chowder with shrimp, clams, mussels and scallops but it was a clam chowder. I ordered a swiss mushroom burger and it was super dry and not seasoned. We had a double chocolate cheesecake and it was delicious! We also ordered a bottle of Zinfandel and it was divine. Overall everybody liked their meal and said it was okay but we all agreed that we loved the service.

  • Bill A.

    This was our families second visit to Seasons. The menu is pretty standard with decent selection. Had the prime rib and so did my father in law. The meat was cooked well but a bit on the fatty side. My wife had the salmon cakes and they were satisfactory. The kids had the chicken fingers and they liked them. For apps we tried the artichoke and spinach dip and it was very good. The server was knowledgeable and attentive. Overall a nice atmosphere and decor. We would come back, provided they turn up the heat for grandpa.

  • Kristin B.

    Here's the deal with Merchants Square--you pretty much have to make a reservation at one of the nicer places or else Seasons is about all there is. The place is pretty big, which is why they can accommodate walk-ins I suppose, but the wait is entirely too long once you sit. One family nearby had tickets to a show and had to walk out before their food came, and another table asked for boxes despite not having eaten a bite due to time constraints. Caesar salad was okay, nothing amazing. Spring rolls very greasy. The pasta with shrimp dish was tasteless and incredibly oily. Waitress did not bring rolls, despite other tables having the baskets. When I inquired, she seemed annoyed and didn't bother bringing them until we were 3/4 of the way through with dinner. They were stale, to boot. Something else--the stone/wrought-iron table/chair sets (wouldn't even call it "dining set"--think of something that you'd see in a garden) in the main room are incredibly flimsy. The man sitting behind my daughter actually leaned back and fell right out of the chair, pushing my 6-year-old forward from behind, and she slammed her mouth onto our table. I was more worried about the older gentleman who fell than I was my child, who seemed a bit shaky but otherwise alright, and I didn't notice until we had left that she actually cut her lip and tongue. So just beware. Best to plan ahead and make a res elsewhere. Fat Canary is pretty great.

  • Jhazmyne C.

    Can I say... A-MAZING? The food is awesome. I recommend the BBQ ribs. Fall off the bone! Prime rib, Chicken au Poivre, all delish. Plus you gotta stop by for the sunday brunch. And really, compared to the other Colonial restaurants, way more affordable. But the Kicker. They have a new HAPPY HOUR/ COCKTAIL LIST. OMG. THE Pear Ginger Joy, exactly what it says it is: JOY. Raspberry lemon drop, UGH. Earl grey Martini ~ sounds weird right? just get it and thank me later. Plus they're all 2 dollars off during Happy hour in the bar. 3:30 to 6:30 every day of the week. Perfection. You really can't pass up the Cocktails. Trust me.

  • Alex H.

    I think I like this restaurant. It's nothing amazing, but certainly suitable. The atmosphere is quite nice. It's themed so you feel like you're outside. I came for lunch, so the atmosphere was fun. I probably wouldn't come here for a more formal dinner. It's very casual. I liked my food. There wasn't an extremely long wait, and our waitress was very nice. I got the chicken tenders, which was basically just chicken fried up in a fish&chips style. The fries on the side were amazing. If you're looking for a more "mature" dining option, they have plenty of nice looking dishes. Most of these consist of fish and/or pasta. My dessert was great. I got some sort of triple chocolate cheesecake thing. It was rich and delicious. I was happy with my lunch. Great after a long day of walking in colonial Williamsburg.

  • Emily D.

    This is an AMAZING restaurant tucked in Merchant's Square, behind the Cheese Shop. They serve just about every type of food imaginable, and every room has a slightly different vibe/theme to it. (It's also attached to a pizza parlor, if you want pizza instead. Head left to go into seasons.) Friendly and attentive staff and great offerings! Loved the virgin strawberry daiquiri I had.

  • J. N.

    Is there an option for half a star? We (an ethnically diverse party of 22) came to Virginia to have a good time at Colonial Williamsburg, and we decided to pay this place a visit, but sadly, nobody checked the reviews here on Yelp. We go into the restaurant and we seated in groups of three, four and five people, in different sections of the restaurant, where there was plenty of space for all of us to be seated in the same section. After we are seated, we await the waitress who comes after a nice 10 minutes later, she offers drinks, and we receive them- sans any straws (please note that we have a toddler in the party). After another good 10 minutes, we get upset and we call the waitress because we do not even have bread/toast. We finally receive the unpleasantly stale, cold, bread with butter, and soon begin to order appetizers, and then we have to wait SOME MORE. During the course of waiting for the appetizers for over 30 mins, we start to get extremely uncomfortable and wonder if the lack of service is due to racial discrimination, but I immediately disregard the idea because this is a restaurant, not a Turkish bathhouse. After getting extremely irritated at having to ask for another basket of bread, we become critical; we are wondering if the lack of service is on purpose. We receive a 2nd batch of bread and are about to devour it when- THERE IS MOLD ON THE STONE COLD, STALE BREAD. We were extremely upset and requested the manager to come over and he did not. The host came over and received refills, and a fresh batch of savory microwaved buffet bread, and our appetizers came along after over 45 minutes of being seated. The appetizers that my party ordered were soup of the day and toast with goat cheese and fig preserves and were okay, but the seafood soup only had 1 shrimp in it, and I did not understand the long period of waiting that we had, since the soup was already made and all they had to do was serve it, and the Toast just had to be garnished. We could not take it anymore, and we got up and went to the front desk, after nearly 1hr 15 mins without any entrees, and complained to the host. We waited for the manager, whom never replied to our requests to see him/her, and they told us that we could leave without paying. It was the most unpleasant experience I have ever had in a restaurant.

  • Randy M.

    Was down Williamsburg way over the weekend and were on the search for dinner Saturday night. Our first two attempts were thwarted by waits of 90 minutes and 45 minutes. We widened our search parameters and made our way to seasons where we were immediately seated. The menu had a lot of standard fare. I was between prime rib and the crab cakes when I got a sudden hankering for ribs. One of our group ordered the glazed salmon and the other two got the prime rib. Everyone was happy with what they ordered, but nothing over the top. The full rack of ribs were baby backs. The meat was falling off the bone with little effort and also had nice charring at the edges. No smoke to speak of so I'd guess they were slow cooked in the oven and finished on the grill. The sauce was sweet with the slightest of kicks. Ribs came with baked beans and a minuscule dish of slaw. The slaw really gave my mouth a break from the richness of the beans and ribs, but only for one bite. The beans were sizable and came in a long crock type dish. They had an aftertaste that made me feel that too much molasses was present. Could have gone with less beans and more slaw, or less beans and something else. Would go back, a nice alternative to waiting around for an hour for a table. Service was nice and attentive. We never did get served any bread so I cannot comment on the issues that other have had with it.

  • Amanda S.

    I was a little bit shocked about how many poor reviews that this restaurant received. Yes, it is a casual restaurant, but the food has always been good the 6 or 7 times I have been there. I agree that the waitstaff can be hit-or-miss. There are a few that seem a bit disoriented and forgetful, but never rude. I've had several pasta dishes which were good (and I lived in Italy for a while so I can be particular about pasta), soups, chicken salad, desserts, and special martinis are also worth a try. The prices are also on point for what a typical casual restaurant would be. Maybe some of the reviewers just happened to be visiting at peak tourist season which can explain why their visits might not have been as great. I enjoy Seasons because it's a nice place to stop for lunch on the way out of Williamsburg if you don't want to do a more expensive fine dining option, but then you also don't want a slice of pizza either.

  • Laura A.

    The food was weird, I ordered the chicken salad "atop a bowl of mixed fruit salad" , but as it turned out that the mixed fruit salad was the rind of a quartered pineapple with a few pineapple chunks on the side of the plate. I was really stunned that that was the dish as it was meant to be served, and asked the waitress if it was all there, which she said it was. My boyfriend's chicken tenders were pretty good though, the fries were definitely double fried and old. As we walked further into the little shopping center in Williamsburg we realized we had probably eaten at the worst restaurant there. Don't recommend, we were the only people in the place, and the decor inside was very assisted living home-like. Our server was really nice though.

  • Mark B.

    Uninspired food, indifferent service, loud 'big band' music. One sandwich came with out the goat cheese and had to be sent back. The chicken fillet was raw in the middle. The seafood chowder was straight out of a can.

  • Jason M.

    Service was slow and the food was sub-par...

  • Ann L.

    This was recommended to us so we checked it out even though it didn't get a great rating. I got a steak salad and it seemed small and wasn't anything special. My husband got the spaghetti with meatballs and he thought it was flavorful and plenty. It may depend on what you order, but I would try somewhere else the next time we're in town.

  • J M.

    10 girlfriends met at Seasons for lunch over Christmastime and it was very enjoyable. We ordered a variety from the menu so we could try different things, and everything was good! Service was good, the server was "there" without hovering. Just nothing like Williamsburg at Christmas :)

  • Bonni M.

    Terrible! We've been here many many times over the past 20 years and it has gone down hill. The staff is not as good. The food is really not good. And the worst thing was that my husband was in the bathroom and one of the waiters came in, used the urinal and left without washing his hands! Good thing he wasn't our waiter!

  • A W.

    This place was just o.k. We were here in the off season, and had a 3 p.m. lunch, which kind of guaranteed that the place was empty. While the server was lovely, it took 20 minutes to get our food. The husband's soup never arrived, and one of my French fries was half-frozen. However, the burger was good, as was the chicken sandwich. Décor is a bit odd. The place is decorated so that you should think you're outside. As such, you're seated at patio furniture, and the chairs were really uncomfortable.

  • Suz K.

    Very nice decor, great location. Was incredibly hot the day I was there and it appeared they did not have AC or at least it was not on or functioning. Ordered the Governors Steak Salad and asked for steak to be medium rare. Salad was quite good but steak came well done. Expansive menu. Not the best for families (but many go there). Decent prices for good food.

  • Belle S.

    So I'm here now, had dinner at Season last night with my folks. We had, quiche, turkey sandwich and crab burger. Like the other viewer said the inside is a little strange but it is actually 2 restaurants. The service was very attentive and the food was good. We were looking for good food at a decent price - this place fit the bill. Would recommend for a quick meal or time to relax from all the walking and leisure meal. Like I said the prices are good and the food is plentiful.

  • Jessica R.

    We were in town for a bachelorette party and I yelped this place to find a good restaurant for dinner. They were nice enough to put us on a priority seating list when I called. When we arrived we had a drink at the bar while they got our table together. Matt, the bartender, was very accommodating to our large group (something he probably doesn't see often). He also brought us shots halfway through our meal. He was the best part of the evening. Once we got sat for dinner after about ten to fifteen minutes a waiter came. He was extremely short and rude to us the entire evening (until the last ten minutes when he handed us our check). While taking our order he told one girl that he is getting everyones attention because we're obviously not from around here. We waited at least 10 minutes after every drink order to get our drinks. When our food finally arrived, all of the steaks were overcooked. The only reason I did not complain to the manager/ hostess was because they were all gone when we left. I would not suggest this restaurant to anyone despite their other reviews. The waiter made an assumption about our party as soon as we walked in the door. The only reason this place deserves a star is because of the drinks.

  • Alex L.

    I was in Williamsburg for a few days on business and came to Seasons as a compromise to accommodate a wide variety of diets and palates. Seasons was decent in this respect, but was a mediocre tourist novelty in most other respects. The food was so-so and the interior was campy. I would try other places before going back.

  • Jennifer D.

    Dogs are allowed outside and the music is great!

  • Kristen F.

    This place was terrible! One of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. My husband and I took my parents here for lunch after sightseeing at Colonial Williamsburg. It smelled wonderful outside the restaurant and I was looking forward to the food. We were seated promptly and the waitress took our appetizer drink order. She disappeared for quite some time and then dropped off the Onion Strings we ordered. The Onion Strings were lukewarm, borderline cold, and we had no plates, so we all picked off the appetizer plate. Our table was a mess because of this. Our waitress did bring us plates AFTER we finished the appetizer. Then we ordered and waited quite a bit of time for the food. I ordered the Plantation Chicken (a pasta dish). The chicken was pretty good, but the rest of the dish was lacking. The pasta was excessively overcooked to the point of being a bloated, soggy mess. The texture alone turned me off of the dish. My husband ordered the Belle Air Baby Back Ribs (supposedly what they are known for) and he could not get through one rib. He said that they tasted old, dried out, and reheated. I tried a bite an almost gagged over the gritty texture! YUCK! My mom had a sandwich, which she didn't really care for but did not despise as we did our dishes. My dad had fish and chips, which he claimed weren't bad. I did not notice until the end of our dining experience (when my husband pointed it out) that I had a large piece of cheese at the bottom of my drink glass (it was Coke). I was completely grossed out. We never really got the opportunity to complain because our waitress and the staff seemed to avoid the section we were in. We finally paid our bill and left because we were fed up with the place. We wrote our list of complaints on the receipt.

  • Jamie M.

    We decided to try something other than The Cheese Shop on our last visit to Williamsburg so we hit up Seasons Restaurant. It's hard to describe the inside of the this place, it's designed very strangely. There's a wrought iron fence that is wrapped around part of the dining area and another part is elevated to look like it's up on a porch. It's hard to describe here but very interesting to look around. On to the food! The pre-dinner bread is those really soft butter rolls you can get at the grocery store. I'm sure some people don't like them but I grew up eating them and they were always my favorite. I ordered the steak bruchetta sandwich and my boyfriend ordered the hawaii chicken (I think their menu online is outdated). We both sampled our meals and ended up switching. I didn't really like the flavor of the tomatos (they were marinated in something I think) but I really liked the teriyaki flavor to the chicken dish. I was also a bit disappointed in the bread that came with the sandwich. I expected it to be grilled and crispy but it was just soggy. After switching plates we left happy but I think we'll go back to the Cheese Shop on our next visit.

  • Tim C.

    Food was good and filing. We had the fish and chips, daughter had chicken tenders. One of the few locations in the older area that had a real children's menu most do not and they only charge half price for the regular meals. No real children type food so this place was a blessing.

  • Drew G.

    Service is always bad. Most of their staff besides their greeters are unfriendly and rather pushy. The food is very inconsistent with the portion sizes changing often. As a local I gave this restaurant a number of tries and noticed they arent concerned with quality due to it being a tourist town, they can cater to one time visitors but not repeat business. Stephanos pizza behind them is much better, simple Italian but tasty and a much nicer staff.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Loud
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No


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The immense popularity of Italian cuisine globally isn't unknown. You can find an Italian Pizzeria around every corner of almost every city in the United States. Not to forget that in every house, people enjoy mac and cheese as comfort food. But it would be wrong to believe that Italian food starts with pizza and ends with good pasta as this Mediterranean country has much more to offer other than these two dishes. In Italian Cuisine, there is a high use of fresh tomatoes, all kinds of herbs, great quality of cheese, all types of meat, seafood and fresh handmade pasta. Many find it hard to believe that Italians have been making noodles long back.

Italian and Greek cuisines are always mistaken to be same, but they are poles apart. The primary difference between the two cuisines is the use of cheese in most of the Italian dishes. Italians love to cultivate their own cheese and process them as per their food requirement. It is believed that some cheese is so expensive that cheese producers secure them in lockers.

If you are bored eating the same old pasta or pizza, you can try some of the authentic Italian dishes like Risotto, Polenta, Ribollita, Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak, Bottarga, Ossobuco, Carbonara, Focaccia, Arancini and Supplì. Another item which Italians love to relish every morning is a good cup of Italian Coffee. Once you taste a freshly brewed cup of Italian Coffee, you might not visit Starbucks ever again. Authentic Italian food is made with heart and soul, so go find a restaurant where you can relish Italian cuisine in your city.

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