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  • Adam S.

    Food is aliquot at best and that's if you're ok with the cook smoking while he cooks. The menu couldn't be more basic. Hotdogs and hamburgs with unseasoned onion rings and fries. Half of the food is frozen like the chicken and has that great microwaved taste. They only serve beer... So yeah not really a bar. The bartender will try to force as many pitchers of beer on you or your tab as he can. He'll even ignore you saying "no more" and will ask the drunk eat/loudest person in your party over and over until they say yes. They have one pool table that's bent and beaten so much that you can't hit any straight shots. There's smoking inside despite the outside smoking area. The live bands that play are so bad that you consider paying for the jukebox just so the band can hear how that song is supposed to sound. All and all if you're in desperate need for a beer, go to AA before going to Bob's.


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Bob’s Restaurant

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