Woodruff Store Cafe & Pie Shop

3297 Elon Rd
Monroe, 24574
At noon on a Friday afternoon my friend and I decided to ride to Woodruff's Store to get a piece of apple pie. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive and so worth the trip. What a fun place with excellent food. I'll definitely drive from Richmond to go again.
Not for everyone, but if you are looking for unbeatable local color and down-home comfort food, this little eatery with limited hours is unbeatable. In a nondescript whitewashed building in the unspoiled Amherst County countryside you'll find a small kitchen that serves up homemade soups, tasty sandwiches, and celestial pies. The business (and the charming family that runs it, including Grandma Woodruff) traces its roots to the first black-owned business in Amherst County, Virginia. It has limited hours (Tuesday thru Saturday 10-4) so it is rare that when I make the occasional trip to Lynchburg that I have the opportunity or leisure of actually stopping in -- but yesterday, as I was coming back from the Lynchburg airport the memory of an extraordinary coconut pie that I purchased their about a year ago compelled the car to pull into the cramped parking in front. Once inside, Angie Scott, the proprietor, convinced me that the buttermilk pie would be worth a try. But I also couldn't resist sampling one of their lunch specials -- vegetable chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwich for under $4. The piping homemade soup was just what I needed to nurse my head cold. Chock-full of veggies and tender shredded morsels of chicken, it felt like someone really loved me! There is not much space for sitting, but the atmosphere is inviting. Lot's of chatter at Grandma's table and snapshots of happy customers adorn the walls. As patrons of all ages come in and out they greet on another with generous familiarity. I sampled the pie this afternoon -- a fabulous, dense and very sweet concoction with a hint of citrus. Mmmm. Apparently the pies vary with the seasons, with late summer pies piled high with fruits from the local peach and apple orchards. The scenic drive to Agricola is worth doing just about any time of year. Take Virginia scenic byway 130 to Agricola (about 8 miles east of where the Blue Ridge parkway crosses 130, or about 9 miles west of business route 29 in Madison Heights). From now on I need to plan my trips to Lynchburg so that I'm passing by Woodruff's hungry between 10 and 4 on the five days of the week that they're open.
We love, love, love Woodruff's! The sandwiches are tasty, and the pies are absolutely delicious. And the staff? So friendly and gracious and lovely, you'd think you'd just been adopted by a really nice family. The first time we went, I thought, 'This is like one of those tiny hole-in-the-wall gems you read about in Southern Living, but never actually get around to finding on your own.' Flash forward a couple of years, and lo and behold, I was reading Southern Living, and there was Woodruff's, in a list of must-see's. Awesome. If you're visiting Morris Orchard, note that Woodruff's isn't all that far away. After a morning of picking fruit, or heaving a bushel or two of apples into your car, don't you deserve a nice slice of pie on the way home? Yes. Yes you do. So go.

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