Sal’s Italian Restaurant & Grill

4316 James Madison Hwy
Fork Union, 23055
Best you'll find in these parts....not that there's much competition in Fork Union. Food was actually pretty good despite minimal meat on a steak n cheese sub I ordered.
Great italian food here!
Sal used to own Vito's in Cumberland, VA (The poor Cumberland. Not the pretty Cumberland. That one is in Maryland.) about a /2 hour south of this place. He moved back north and when he returned opened this restaurant. My Italian friends complain that this is not really Italian. But around here, it IS Italian. I mean, it's not chitlings and fried chicken! I like the Philly cheese salad (so, okay, that one isn't Italian). Basically a Philly cheese laid out on greens. OMG, it's delicious. Good pizza, too. Mom always had the chicken Alfredo which was huge and also tasty, though maybe too much sauce. Okay, it was too much sauce. Prices are good. If they get busy the servers are a little slow but it's because they get busy! No problem. Just hav to e patient. I f you're a single, there tv's to keep you occupied. If it's winter, sit away from the front door or you will freeze your Aunt Fanny off.

(434) 842-1099


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