Mimmo’s Restaurant

102 David Bruce Ave
Charlotte Ct House, 23923
If this is showing on your nearby list you really should stop here......seriously......there are no other decent restaurants within a 50 mile radius. Baked ziti w meat sauce was excellent, but it couldn't hold a candle to the penne in vodka sauce. It ended up being ziti in vodka sauce but damn it was good. Noodles were slightly overdone but way better than some "fancy" italian places I have eaten. I agree with Christian K. A bottle of Annefield wine would go excellent with anything on the menu. Maybe with the new corkage law we could bring in our own bottle?
So yummy! Love the penne alla vodka, it is a must try. And the philly steaks are best with American cheese! Enjoy! :)
For the first year of my patronage, I wasn't sure if my appreciation for Mimmo's was a result of having a lot of my meals at the Hampden-Sydney dining hall. After moving to Richmond and visiting the area, I had the perspective that helped me realize that the food there was indeed excellent. I enjoyed the trip there from Prince Edward County, usually at night, to find the Mimmo's sign a shining beacon at the end of a dark drive on Route 40. I am extending my fall vacation by a day so I can make it there for dinner one night.

(434) 542-4999


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