The Village Baker Menu

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  • Missy B.

    Your thighs will hate you, but your stomach doesn't care. The five star reviews are all spot on because the cinnamon rolls at Village Baker are DA BOMB. Forget Cinnabon, or any other commercial shop, these guys make the very best cinnamon roll in the valley, with the possible exception of your grandma (and then only if she's a skilled baker). They're huge, soft and pillowy, and covered in icing. Delicious. I'll go back for sure (sorry thighs).

  • Elle S.

    I happened across this place while coming back into SLC after a hike. I was suddenly ravenous and hunting for food in the burbs. Fortunately, I came here. There are no tables, so be warned. When I pulled up, it looks deserted since people are always just going in and out, not staying for a meal. I had a sandwich that was the perfect amounts of all the ingredients. There are no tables, but there are a few benches off to the side. I awkwardly sit on a bench with my lap as a table and napkins, car keys, and phone on the bench, trying to fall through the cracks. A few small 2-top round tables with high chairs would do well near the windows in this shop. And then there was the bread. I had taste-tested the breads for the sandwich (do it! It's very helpful and you may sample any of the breads they currently have available for sandwiches). Yes, I would be shoving all purchases onto a plane soon, probably crushing them, but I needed the Squaw bread in my home. It's still in my freezer, btw. It did get smooshed on the plane, but I still pull it out for an awesome toast with avocado on top. The Squaw is massive and I smile at my oh-so-wise carb-selecting skills. Then my friend (who also really enjoyed her sandwich) buys a cookie. I perk up at the site of the cookie and her comments as she takes a few bites. So I go back to the cashier (my card was run 3 times here in about a 15 minute period) and get a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. The cookie is huge. It's about 2 inches tall in the center and 7 inches in diameter. I didn't end up liking the cookie as much as the other items from this bakery. Go for the bread.

  • Crystal H.

    Before coming here, I researched to see what everyone was raving about, so we got the cream cheese, turkey, cranberry sandwich with squaw bread. The bread was so soft and delicious, but because all the ingredients were soft, it would have been better to get the sandwich with a different kind of bread. Maybe sourdough for the next time I try this place. When I went in to pick up my order, I noticed that they had rolls of bread for sale. I was tempted to buy a baguette, but decided I would try another day.

  • R W.

    If I were to sum my review in one word, it would be "fabulous." Before I go any further, the only down side of this restaurant is that it is a take-out bakery. Other than a few benches, there is no seating. On to the food: Not knowing any better, we each ordered a full sandwich and a cup of soup. Oops. A full sandwich can easily feed 3-4 people so please keep that in mind when ordering. And, although the bread slices are thick, the meat portions are also very healthy. As for the bread, we both had the Squaw bread. It was tender, light, moist and flavorful. The soup came with a white roll. It, too, was light and tender. Now I can't wait to try their other bread varieties. We also tried the cinnamon roll. Light, moist, tender with a nice amount of cinnamon (I prefer more cinnamon) and a velvety smooth cream cheese frosting. Yum As for the soup, we each had the chicken noodle. It was good but underwhelming in comparison to everything else we tried. I will definitely put this bakery on the top of my list and will visit it often when I am in town. I highly recommend the Village Bakery.

  • Taylor M.

    I have been a regular at Village Baker for years now. Hands down best sandwich you'll find in our fair state of Utah. The honey white is amazing and if you're a fan of a quality chicken salad sandwich it will knock your socks off. Take a bite... BOOM ..... No socks.

  • Mary N.

    My husband and I weren't particularly interested in cooking on Valentine's Day, nor did we want to go out. After some online searching, we decided to order online from The Village Baker and pick up. We ordered a pretty extensive amount of food: two medium build your own pizzas, half a BLT, two half salads (mango and raspberry), a cinnamon roll, and a slice of chocolate cake. For the price ($60+) it was only okay. I really disliked the sauce on the pizza, and the price per topping was pretty exorbitant ($1.50 for onions? I can buy an entire onion for less than that) as well, so our pizzas ended up being pretty pricey and really no better than Domino's. The salads were fine - nothing to write home about - although I was quite happy with the large portions. My husband's BLT was the best part of the meal by far! Everything about it was tasty, so I'd recommend that. Our baked goods were also just fine. Because it's about 15 mins. away from our home, and there are a lot of good restaurants in between, we probably won't order from them again. The online ordering IS very convenient, but the food didn't really make up for the price for us.

  • Ashlea H.

    I placed my order online, through my phone. There was no option to pay at the restaurant, I had to pay online. Also, they expect you to put a tip before you even arrive. I ordered a bowl of broccoli cheese soup and a cinnamon roll. Upon arrival I was informed that they were out of cinnamon rolls, and their teenage cashier was less than caring. Had their online ordering portal reflected the fact that they were out of the cinnamon rolls I wouldn't have wasted my time. The soup was bland like it was made from a premade mix.

  • D. W.

    This is sort of a placeholder review, as I didn't have time to try the pizza or sandwiches and can't speak to them. I did get a bunch of dessert things, though (including my much sought-after snickerdoodle and this one is godly) and all of them were quite good. I also liked how convenient they tried to make everything. Drink selection could use some work, but this place works well on the go-in, grab, get-out...given that there's nowhere to actually eat, it's probably a good thing it works so well. This is probably by design as everything seems geared that way. The only sort of trap here is the menu itself, which is difficult to parse quickly. I wish I would have had more time to be able to try that other stuff, as I had the strong feeling I would have been well pleased. I was obviously well-impressed with the stuff I did wind up getting and the value to dollar here is frankly massive. Definitely happy I ran across this place.

  • Tatiana G.

    This place is awesome! I have tried several things and I've liked them all. The sandwiches they make are on their homemade bread, sliced about an inch thick. They are delicious! I've also tried the meatball sandwich and it is also really good. As if the sandwich wasn't good enough, they make the most delicious cinnamon rolls that I've ever had (don't tell my mom)! They run out fast though so you have to go early. They don't have any seating so everything is to go only, but eating this delicious food in the park or at home is still delightful so it's easy to overlook.

  • Ryan L.

    All hail the supreme overlord of sweets! Holy sweet mother of all that is delicious! Praise the goddess of desserts! If you're looking to worship a pastry, come pay your devotions here. Village Baker makes your idol. And they call it a cinnamon roll. This colossal creation deserves its own review, so here it is. Never mind the great soups and sandwiches. Never mind the other desserts. The world can revolve around this sticky bun. First off is the size. This thing is GIGANTIC. Jim Gaffigan said his Cinnabon was so big he didn't know whether to eat it or sit in it. Well, he could build a house on the foundation of this one, and then never get a Cinnabon again cause this puts those to shame. Then the frosting. I'm pretty sure they dump an entire 5-gallon bucket of buttery-delicious, oh-so-sweet icing all over the sweet roll. It's piled on top, dripping into the middle, and spilling over every side.. Eventually you get to the loaf of bread in the middle. Pillowy soft and sweet, with a perfect amount of top-quality cinnamon rolled inside. Come prepared with a strategy - do you eat the spiraled roll around the outside and save the perfect prize of the middle for last? Do you go from one end to the next? Either way, bring a pillow. You'll need a nap halfway through eating it, and will probably pass out from SOD (sudden-onset diabetes) once you're done. I want one of these cinnamon rolls for my 72-hour kit. And by that I mean, this thing could BE my 72-hr kit. Not only are there enough calories to carry me through and even gain a pound after whatever 3-day emergency might hit, but I'm pretty sure it also has healing powers to fix any injury. And it also seems to emanate light, so I'd be totally taken care of while the rest of the world is panicking. Prepare yourself. Come get your sugar high. Come find happiness. For this is the cinnamon roll by which all other cinnamon rolls will henceforth be judged. Amen.

  • Jason A.

    I ordered pick up, and was glad I did when I whizzed past the long line of people ordering. My food was ready and piping hot. I highly recommend the pizza. Any pizza. I was especially impressed with the chicken cordon bleu pizza. Tasted good the day of and reheated, which is sometimes hard for specialty pizzas to do.

  • John C.

    Love the Squaw bread, has such a nice soft texture to it. Have been coming to this place for many years and never remembered to use Yelp. Haven't tried their pizzas yet, and would like to when I am not in a rush. Their sandwiches are great, nice thick cut slices and very fresh. Back in the day I seem to remember being able to eat inside and not having much of a sit down place instead of the benches for waiting. Could be wrong. I haven't been disappointed at this place yet, always consistent.

  • D B.

    Yum! Best freakn cinnamon rolls I've ever had. seriously! The sandwiches and soups were amazing as well. You can tell they are homemade.

  • Markie N.

    This is one of my all time favorite places. I make a long drive just to eat here. Must order the turkey provolone on white bread. Add red onion...even if you hate onions add them on!! The white bread literally couldnt be softer, it has every quality you could ever wish for in a peice of bread. As far as adding red onions on to this I say that because it adds so much flavor I used to despise onions and the only reason I like them now is because someone made me try them on this sandwich and I have loved them ever since. For dessert order a homemade cinnamon roll! Pop it in the microwave for 7 seconds and you feel as if you are in heaven. Village baker I love you and wish you had 20 more locations surrounding me.

  • Jake W.

    My wife and I eat at Village Baker pretty regularly. We LOVE their turkey cranberry and chicken salad sandwiches. I've also had their pizza which is also really good. We love the sour dough, French bread, honey whole wheat, and multi grain breads the best. They have awesome desserts also. The cookies are big, cheap, and delicious. Their almond and lemon bars are great. Great for lunch and dinner when you want something simple and delicious.

  • Sheri K.

    I love the honey wheat bread the turkey and provolone with a bowl of the Wisconsin cheese soup is my favorite They also have some of the best cookies ever

  • Anthony W.

    The only sandwich shop that I will eat at and thoroughly enjoy what I'm eating. You will not find a more substantial meal for your money than the village Baker. Their sandwiches always come on the thickest slices of fresh bread and are piled high with delectable ingredients. I recommend the chicken salad sandwich on squaw bread. Their pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, and basically any of their desserts are very delicious. Their soups are to die for and all of their bread is made fresh daily. We just sampled their pizza and it is a very good gourmet pizza. You will pay a little more money for the pizza versus a place like Papa John's, but it is a higher-quality. You can pre-order over the phone and hey have it ready for you. Their salads are also top-notch and I recommend the chicken strawberry salad. I highly advise that you check out this neighborhood Baker and if it is more convenient to visit the Sandy location they do have a place near the Costco between 11400 and 10600 south. You will not be disappointed!

  • Emily S.

    This is an updated review. Worth the owner is a very pleasant owner. I was impressed with customer service skills and it made me feel appreciated that he listened to my feedback. Village baker is a yummy place, much better than kneaders bakery. An interesting concept about Village Baker one should note is there is no tables to eat at inside. All orders are packaged 'to-go' style and there are benches for waiting. I'd recommend some of these favorite items: *sandwiches are huge! 1/2 is enough, or get two halfs eat one save another for later. -Chicken Salad on Squaw bread (the servings are huge... I love huge sandwiches, but half a sandwich will do! -BLT on whole wheat -Turkey Cranberry on whole wheat - Bread Pudding or Cinnamon Rolls.... Insanely rich but delicious, I snacked on it all day... - Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread... Because, pumpkin! :-)

  • Greg W.

    Definately a great word of mouth suggestion. You'll earn great points with the friends for it.

  • Ryan B.

    I've really like everything I've ordered here. Good food. Great service. Once we had a bad ordering experience online and management stepped up and made things right.

  • Kylie C.

    Seriously delicious cinnamon rolls. They also have an assortment of bread, and if you're into soft, roll-like bread, this is the spot for you. The food is decent, but nothing to write home about. The service is always great- even though today then ran out of cinnamon rolls.

  • James C.

    The honey whole wheat here is great! THE COOKIES! THEY ARE DELICIOUS! Chicken salad sandwich at any time of the day. The service isn't my favorite, they need to get something other than 12 year old kids here. I feel that they could step up the staff. The sandwiches are great. They also have a tasty marsh mellow brownie. It was yummy!

  • Jared K.

    I love the spinach salad, broccoli cheese soup, and snickerdoodkes. They include a dinner roll which is fresh, I wish they included butter. I'll have to ask for it next time.

  • E. H.

    Homemade sandwich perfection. Portions are HUGE. And the food is a perfect paring of comfort and satisfaction!

  • Amy R.

    The sandwiches are really good! The vegetarian sandwich was full of fresh veggies and flavorful. The only complaint I have is that they are always really busy and the wait can be really long.

  • Nathan M.

    This is my wife's absolute favorite place to get bread, so we came for a loaf and while we were here we tried the banana pudding for the first time and it was definitely incredible. You win again.

  • Nick P.

    Delicious turkey/provolone/avocado sandwich!! Bread was soft/chewy/delicious and insanely good!! Very solid sandwich. Also got a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie and it was also delicious! Everything here looked good! And they do pizza by the slice at least at lunch so that's always cool!

  • Ryan F.

    This place has been pretty good, good sandwiches and salads and great cinnamon rolls. They just jacked their prices way up though. I just paid $9 for a salad and I'm still hungry. :-(

  • Kali M.

    I've been grabbing lunch from Village Baker for years now, and I've never tried anything I haven't liked. The Southwest Salad is my go-to, but their sandwiches and pizza are delicious as well. If you're not a salad person, try the turkey sandwich - it's delicious! Let's talk about their bread. No preservatives or crazy chemicals, just delicious, soft, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. I pick up a loaf once a week or so, it's that good.

  • Tara G.

    Always a great food experience at Village Baker. Their chicken salad sandwich is the best I've ever had. Their soups are so good and creamy.

  • Lacie M.

    The customer service was horrible...the girl at the counter was pretty apathetic. Then they got my order wrong. All they did was switch out the cheese instead of remaking the sandwich. They didnt do anything to really rectify the offer me a cookie or anything. My order was expensive and i chose to spend my hard earned money there when i could have(or should have) gone elsewhere. I will spend my hard earned money elsewhere from now on. I guess that what happens when you have teenagers working for you and don't properly train on customer service. I will never go out of my way again.

  • Brian S.

    I usually get a half sandwich and half chef salad combo. Everything I have had is great. Pizza is awesome too. The prices are reasonable and you get decent portions.

  • Rajeev M.

    3 Stars: Decent Food that's not overpriced Why I went: Went to buy tickets at Graywhale for Twilight Concert Series and this place was right next door. South Jordan is saturated with chain restaurants so it was nice to try something new. What I ordered: The portions at this place are ENORMOUS and with the combo u get a drink chips and an enormous cookie! The Club : Ham Turkey Bacon on Honey Wheat (Reccomended by staff): First off it was HUGE! Solid sandwich, good bread but it was nothing more than a club sandwich and I probably order something different next time. Snickerdoodle Cookie:. It's enormous like all the desserts here, I could probably just eat this and be full. Probably my favorite out of the desserts I had this may be a bit biased since snickerdoodle is one of my favorite cookie flavors. This cookie had great texture. It's very thin and had those crisp edges but the center nooks and cranies had that moist almost doughy softness that I Love. Pumpkin Chip Cookie: HUGE but nothing spectacular Macaroon: Very nice and soft on the inside but was missing that nice crunchy exterior and contrast of texture that I love about macaroon. This might be because they wrap them up so if fresh I bet they may be better. All that aside for 79 cents you cant complain. Special K Bar: Again HUGE portion. Almost too sweet. The crispy special K layer had a great buttersctotch flavor but I had to split this wit the girlfriend because it was way too much sweet for me. Girlfriend ordered pizza by the slice and she enjoyed it so I will probably order that next time. Good: Huge Portions/Cheap/Fast Service/Close to School Bad: No Tables/Hit or miss food

  • Xinmiao L.

    I am biopolar when it comes to Village Baker. I only order one sandwich here and I refuse to change my order, Turkey Breast and Cranberry. It is cheap and creamilish-yummy. I only have one problem: the cranberry. Sometime They put it just right, sometime a lot (which I like), and sometime tiny little bit that I can barely taste the cranberry. And then I felt like a whining crybaby and complaining about how little cranberry I got. Bleh.... Next time, I just tell them to put a lot of cranberry in it. lots of bread section. Staffs are always friendly and smiling.

  • Robin A.

    I love this place, I usually get the ham and cheese sandwich,or the southwest salad,I only get a half and it's still too much plus it comes with a tasty roll. The desserts are really good haven't found one I don't like. The only downside to this restaurant is its only take- out, and the uncomfortable benches to sit in while you wait for your food. On the plus side they have that awesome Pebble ice!

  • Mandy A.

    I love the squaw bread with cream cheese, turkey, cranberry sauce, and veggies. Their broc soup is fantastic!

  • Mari V.

    Best sammies ever! So fresh, and delicious. Staff is always courteous and happy to help.

  • Brent V.

    Have yet to eat something from here that hasn't been excellent. Squaw bread is amazing. That said, the pizza is the best pizza in town, IMO. You'd never think a bakery would be the best pizza, but hands down, it's the best around.

  • Jean W.

    I was in the middle of a dinner crisis. I needed really good rolls that I could pass off as freshly homebaked (wink). Village Baker to the rescue! Sort of. I completed the 90th South obstacle course and was 18-point parking my truck in the ridiculously small Village Baker lot in no time. I've had their pizza and sandwiches, and both are pretty good. Nothing remarkable, but worthy enough. Prices are reasonable, and the portions are good. Their take-out bread choices are good here, so I run inside. Sad. No rolls. I hadn't remembered that they don't offer rolls. As a replacement, I snagged a lovely loaf of their French Sourdough which sufficed beautifully. As I was innocently waiting in line to pay for my loaf, I found myself firmly drawn under the spell of the cinnamon roll tray. I believe I may have been roofied, because all I remember was standing there, seeing a bright light, and then I was thrown clear. When I came to, I was driving home with a huge cinnamon roll by my side. How surprised was I?! And now I have no choice but to eat it. I hadn't had a VB cinnamon roll before. (I didn't know!!) I got it home and opened the container. I award 5 stars to the smell alone. It wafted by my nose, and I wanted to bathe in it and have its children. I didn't even care that they included one of those plastic forks that are sized for barbie hands and stand up only to fake mashed potatoes. Like I need a fork for this beauty. I dove in. I can't fully explain what happened next; plus, it would certainly constitute a gross overshare. Let me just say that I devoured the best cinnamon roll I've ever had in my life at 4:45 in the afternoon, without apology, restraint, or concern for personal hygiene. It quite possibly ruined my dinner, but I've somehow found peace with it. I would warn anyone choosing to try Village Baker - and I would highly recommend that you do - keep your eye on the cinnamon rolls. They are both angels and demons.

  • Misty H.

    Best sandwiches, soups and breads in town!! The chicken salad sandwich is the best. I often order it by the pound and eat it as a spread on crackers for parties. I have never introduced anyone to Village Baker who didn't love it. The brown bread aka squaw bread is THEE best as is the lemon bars. They also have yummy pellet ice. Only draw back is it's take out only.

  • Jason B.

    There's a word I'm looking for. It's light, and easy like the thick slabs of bread on my sandwich. It's salty like the pizza. It's sweet, frothy, and faintly citrus like that divine sweet roll frosting. Oh, yeah, I remember it: whimper. I feel all *whimper* about that stuff. Long lines, a bit of a wait, but worth it. Really.

  • Kirsten V.

    This is my favorite place for lunch. Their bread is to die for and their soups are delicious. They always have broccoli cheddar soup and it is so creamy and delicious. My favorite sandwich is the turkey provolone with added cucumber and cranberry sauce on white or wheat. Both are delicious! Only bad thing is the place is not big enough for tables to eat at. It is just somewhere you can pick up your food and leave. Would be great to have a bigger spot with tables and such.

  • Nicole P.

    Quite lovely. My boss introduced me and I'm impressed. The turkey cranberry sandwich was very good, I opted for swiss cheese instead of cream cheese though. I also got a mandarin chicken salad, it was decent. The chicken salad is exceptional, I usually like grapes in mine but this definitely doesn't need it. I haven't tried soups or pizza yet but plan to. The day old bread is a great deal. 3loaves for about 4 bucks. Half off plus buy two get one free. Huge loaves too. Filling, yummy food for about $8 or less per person.

  • Richard S.

    I had to discuss this rating over with my wife (who accompanied me) for several minutes before we came to this conclusion. Value = 5 I felt like we got some real quality food for a very decent price Her pizza = 4 Couldn't put our finger on it, the pepperoni, other spices, or what, but this was a good pizza, enjoyable, not that greasy, I'd get it again. My sandwich = 3 Roast Beef sandwich, what can I say, didn't really stand out, had nice crunchy lettuce. Service = 2 Despite the general consensus here on Yelp, this place is not good for kids. They have no kid selections, the lady taking our order looked at us like we were speaking Greek when we asked if they had anything. She also seemed completely taken aback that we would ask her for a recommendation being first timers. The second cashier was just chatting away with her friend while the line backed up the door. Pffft! Bummer, thumbs down. Marked off the list as a local, highly rated place, but probably won't go out of my way t return.

  • Karli P.

    I've only tried the Special K bars here, but those are AMAZING! It is a maple-y, peanut butter-y, chocolate-y explosion in your mouth. These are rice krispie treats on crack. Delicious delicious crack. For $2, my week's sweet craving is satisfied. The only thing that I don't like about Village Bakery is the seating. I guess they expect you to order then get the F' out. I wish they would offer tables so that I could enjoy my Special K bar inside the store, not in my car.

  • Opapo L.

    Love everything on the menu. Regardless of the line when you walk in, they will get your food in minutes. Cinnamon roll is a must and call in orders 10 minutes before you get there cause the wait will be even shorter.

  • Daniel D.

    Hands down my favorite deli. Not only are there sandwiches great, but they make their own bead, cookies etc... Every time we go here it never disappoints. The sandwiches are great and the staff is friendly. Lunch is always busy, so it might be best to call in your order.

  • B. G.

    I found this place only by looking on Yelp, and the wisdom of the crowd proved itself to be correct. My whole crew actually voted to come back here each day for the next two days as well - 15 lunches (5 people having 3 meals each) all were amazing. I got the egg salad sandwich each time and never was disappointed. Highly, highly recommended.

  • Lisa L.

    Village Baker is amazing. Everything I have had here has been over-the-top. I have never been disappointed. When someone at work says "Village Baker?", everyone is drooling. I definitely suggest this place to friends.

  • Penny A.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Village Baker! I'm okay with just the one location because I live close by. I recommend the spinach salad and have them add grilled chicken. The balsamic vinegar is GREAT! You should also get the squaw bread (if you're not a wimp about really grainy bread). All the sandwiches are yum-oh as well as the desserts. If you don't like, I'm okay, all the more for me!

  • Lindsie H.

    I have been eating here for years and still SO good! Things you need to order: Cinnamon rolls, special K bars, and the chicken salad sandwhich! Not a sit down place. Take out only

  • Jackie P.

    My favorite is the honey wheat bread with turkey,cheddar,bacon,avocado. So delicious, pizza is chewy but not too doughy, all of the cookies are large, cheap, and so fresh. It's nice to get a large sandwich, eat half, be full and have another half for later. I go here at least once a week. Love it!!!

  • Evan J.

    The absolute best sandwiches out there. I can't rave enough about them. The bread is so soft and moist whether on white or squaw bread. I prefer the turkey provolone, but their chicken salad is also amazing (lots of dill). Go here. You won't regret it.

  • Kelly A.

    This place has really good baked potatoe soup and snadwich's but I've had better pizza.

  • Julie L.

    BEST BREAD EVER. I've never found 100% whole wheat bread that is this good. Their honey buter is also divine. Their squaw and white breads are absolutely delicious too! Sandwiches to die for.

  • Karen S.

    I have experienced their sandwiches before, but it's been a while and had never been in the shop, so I steered our plans in this direction today. Biggest thing to know about this place, it's a bakery, and not a restaurant. Therefore, no seating, which makes it a little awkward. Definitely plan where to take your food once acquired. We opted for the KFC next door and they only gave us a little bit of a hard time about it. Probably only because we spilled a cup of water all over the floor. Ha. I was tempted to get the chicken salad sandwich due to the previous reviews, but in the end, my desire to offer new insights won out, and I went for the 1/2 sandwich and salad combo with the roast beef and provolone on honey whole wheat. First of all, the prices are completely reasonable. All of the sandwiches on the menu were around $5-7 for a whole, or the combos for a half with a soup or half with a salad were about $6, which is similar to any decent sandwich shop I've ever been to. You have your choice of bread on any sandwich you choose and it's freshly baked and delicious. The whole shop smells of fresh baked good and was making my mouth water. My honey whole wheat was super soft, not too fluffy and no dry edges, and it had great flavor. The roast beef was tasty, the right amount of meat for me, and was adorned with lettuce, tomato and of course, the provolone. It had the perfect amount of a mayo/mustard shmear. The half salad is their 'mixed salad' (as a side note, you can get any of the other salad varieties for an increased price). I confess I wasn't expecting much for the standard side salad, but I was happy to find that it was romaine (none of that wilted iceberg here thank you), with fresh mushrooms, chopped tomato and olive. And there was quite a lot of it for being a half salad. They have a very wide variety of salad dressings so I had to try something 'different' and went with the Thai something vinaigrette. It had a little kick to it and a great flavor. My sister had the BLT combo with the creamy broccoli soup and said it was all delicious. The assortment of cakes, cinnamon rolls and goodies were all very tempting but we were pretty full from our meal. SO, we spent an hour at the updated ShopKo across the street and THEN were ready for a treat. The cookies are giant and flat, but still very soft. We split a marble chocolate chip and for 1.19.....well worth it. Yum. Next time I'm thinking 'picnic', I think I'll swing by.

  • Greg D.

    Pretty much everything inside Village Baker is delicious. The sandwiches are huge, it takes two sittings for me to finish one. The pizza is well made for a non-pizza shop, worth a try and pretty cheap. Cinnamon rolls are a must have, do not try them if you don't want to become an addict though! On the downside, most everything is pretty expensive (the pizza being the lone exception.) You'll pay $10 for a sandwich and drink which seems a bit expensive to me, but the quality is far and above most shops so there you have it!

  • Landon E.

    Very good food, try a cinnamon roll!

  • Kris M.

    Never been disappointed here. Great sandwiches, pizza, cinnamon rolls, and grab some bread for home. Fairly inexpensive and friendly (if not a little dry) staff.

  • Kish M.

    Always on the prowl for the best of the best so it is a reward beyond on measure when you make that extraordinary find that leaves you wanting more of it on the same day as your first visit!!! These extraordinary finds are rare but you too may experience the feeling by simply visiting The Village Baker!!! On a scale of 1 to 10 it is a 23, nay, maybe even better but the 23 is a sound number and a good way of driving home my desired point .......... which is ............... THIS IS THE PLACE!!!!!! Family owned, awesome!!! Everything is made fresh, incredible!!! The soup, delicious!!! The sandwiches are nothing short of a taste sensation, nay, a taste revelation!!! Four of us made our first visit to the Village Baker together and between the four of us we ordered seven, yes SEVEN different menu items so we could sample as much as possible on any one visit. On the high praise of my fellow Yelpers I ordered a Chicken Salad sandwich (half), thank you Yelpers, it was sooooooooooo very good. I also ordered a medium pizza, my own personal mix of ingredients and I have no problem saying that it just may be one of the best pizza's in all of Salt Lake and I have leftovers to enjoy later, not much later, it will not survive the night!!! The others in my group tired (in no specific order) and I sampled from their selections the following, the Turkey sandwich with Cranberry on Sourdough bread, the BLT on Honey White bread, a different Turkey sandwich (I can't recall exactly what was on it) and the Cheese & Broccoli Soup ...................... EVERYTHING was top drawer, first class, tasty, tantalizing, delectable, divine, heavenly, mouthwatering ............. trust me I could go on!!! To top everything off we took home a loaf of the Honey White Bread and a Lemon Bar dessert. I can't wait for my next visit!!!!!!!!! Where will you find me next ................... only the shadow knows!!!!!

  • Jessica G.

    Delicious! My husband and I got a pizza and a sandwich to share for dinner one night this week and they were both amazing! When we went in to pick it up, the employees were friendly and efficient. The food was ready when they said it would be. And it was awesome. We will definitely be coming back!

  • Aaron S.

    4 grand on baby shower and all they talked about was the 8 dozen sliced rolls I ordered ... They were good

  • Nicole B.

    I used to live within walking distance of this place, and since we've moved, it's one thing that we keep reminiscing about and wishing we had nearby still. Our primary reason for going there was their bread. We like that Whole Wheat bread that has only like 4 ingredients. It just smells so amazing. They also make a great sourdough French bread. Oh, and they have a punch card system where every like 10th loaf or something is free. And day old loaves at half price. Seriously, I really miss this bread store! I've gotten sandwiches here a couple of times, and they were really delicious, but nothing I can't make at home.

  • Nissa P.

    Cinnebun and bread and butter is good.

  • Kat M.

    Best chicken salad sandwich of all time. Get it with the squaw bread and it's like biting into heaven. I wish they had a location on every corner. Huzzah!

  • Scott S.

    Well, after one boring local place on this trip I read the reviews for The Village Baker. After Subway sandwiches two night in a row I had to try this place. I had already decided on the chicken salad sandwich based on reviews. It was close to 2 PM and I hadn't had lunch yet, so was pretty hungry. While I was waiting I was considering the cookies, cakes, lemon bars.... everything looked so good. I got my sandwich (no seating other than a few benchs inside) and had quite a few bites in the car on the way back to the hotel. Wow! Best chicken salad I have ever had. I had maybe a quarter of it before running some errands and had the rest for dinner. It didn't look that big, but man was I stuffed. Reminded me a lot of the Village Cheese House near Stanford University. The honey wheat bread was fantastic. I wish I lived near here so I could have it all the time. Luckily I'll be back on business in a week or so, so I'll try the pizza and other things (and bump the rating to 5 stars).

  • Rick G.

    This place was introduced to me as a hidden gem - which it is! It's not an easy place to just stumble across, but the sandwiches are delicious, service is quick and the staff is helpful if you are new. I have heard that the chicken salad is the most amazing thing ever - so next time I'll be sure to get that next time. I had the Pastrami on a deli roll, and it was really good. If you are in the area, It's a great alternative to fast food. Only negative? No place to sit and eat.

  • Landon F.

    I have never had a pizza from here, but the chicken salad sandwich is the best I have ever had. The honey white bread is delicious and their cinnamon rolls are so good. You can get the chicken salad in tubs and buy loafs of the bread and then just take it home and enjoy when ever you want. We have catered parties with it on a number of occasions and everyone always ask for the recipe. Don't plan on eating here because there are no tables just some benches to sit on while you wait.

  • Gina S.

    Out of the way, but SO worth it. Their breads are fresh and extremely delicious. I get the chicken salad on French every time and I am never disappointed. Huge portions with great flavor. Customer service is good, they are friendly and always prompt with the food.

  • Polah B.

    I absolutely love their chef salad finished off with a cinnamon roll or brownie or both = )

  • Ryan S.

    I've only been once and only tried the cinnamon roll. it was fantastic! I might change my rating to 5 stars once I try it again.

  • Mel L.

    I have had several sandwiches, all have been great. Love the honey white bread!

  • Kelcee F.

    I promise you, you will never have a better chicken salad sandwich... Or cinnamon roll. Everything is beyond awesome here. Special K bars certainly are... Special. Buy some if they aren't already sold out. Soups are always great. Pizzas are huge! Don't forget to grab a loaf of bread. Honey White makes the best french toast.

  • Ann P.

    I dream about the turkey cranberry on squaw bread. Drooling as we speak.

  • Pryce P.

    Good prices, excellent quality along with fresh ingredients. Top notch customer service. Being a part of the customer service industry, it is very nice to go somewhere and not only get your money's worth, but they are so friendly and helpful.

  • Orville C.

    I love sandwiches I can't get enough. I've always had these delivered/catered one day I want to stop in and order... One day. If you're into bread and sweets you've hit the jackpot. The sandwiches here the focus is on the bread which is so thick and soft it is incredible and nearly irresistible. Their cookies and cinnamon rolls should also be on your must try list.

  • Elizabeth B.

    This place has THE BEST sandwiches! The bread is amazing--unlike anything I've ever had. Soft and chewy. I usually get salami or a club with avocado. You cannot go wrong here. The pizza and desserts are also delicious.

  • Katelyn C.

    Great sandwiches, soup, cookies, and bread! The employees are always very quick at getting your order out! Yum!

  • Emma H.

    Love it every time! 1/2 chef salad and 1/2 sandwich is my favorite! Employees are always very friendly. Very very busy at lunch hour. We order from here at least 2 times a month for our office at work!

  • John R.

    I love the Village Baker. Great sandwiches and soups, and I've heard their pizza's are good too (never tried them. Try the Turkey Cranberry Sandwich or the Mango Chicken salad.. or better yet, the half sandwich and salad with both! They used to have great deals on day old bread as well, but it's been a long time since I saw any. They either figured out their inventory tracking, sell out really early in the morning, or found another solution for getting rid of what's left over at the end of the day. Note: This is a takeout place. They don't have tables inside, and only 1-2 that they put outside in the summertime. It also doesn't have a kids menu. It's a great place to grab lunch to eat at home, the office, or the park. Don't make the mistake of taking a client or business associate there, only to get stuck eating in the car.

  • Debbie L.

    If you are a bread lover you must go here! Our favorite sandwich is the turkey and provolone on squaw bread. Never tried squaw bread? Oh you must!! Our favorite pizza? The Italiano. We have addicted many people to this manna. The first time you bite into it you think oh that's good. Second bite: wow where have you been all my life???!!!?? Definite must have! I also love their chef salads. The mushrooms actually add to it and their ranch is to die for. If I get a full it will last two meals. Yum. Time for another dose of village baker!!! I have never been disappointed ever!

  • Angela S.

    I've been coming to The Village Baker for about eight years now. The first time I tried their sandwiches I was hooked! They only have two "waiting benches" so don't plan on eating there. I haven't tried their pizza yet but my sister loves it and it's her first choice every time. I am in love with their club on either sourdough or the honey whole wheat. YUMMY! I also haven't been able to find anyone who makes whole wheat bread as perfect as theirs. That other "great" bread bakery doesn't come close. Their french roll is also pretty darn amazing (so is the full loaf). Lastly - their cinnamon rolls are THE BEST EVER!! I'm not kidding. They are huge so my husband and I always (well usually) share one. Hands down my favorite sandwich, bread bakery and cinnamon roll place. Biggest down side is that they are always out of rolls if you get there past 4 pm and there is usually a line but it moves quickly. Also, they close early (8 pm on weekdays).

  • Kerry H.

    Best sandwich place in the area. Consistently delicious. Pizza and sandwiches are both amazing! I've been coming here for years.

  • N B.

    Village baker is very good. Their salads are yummy and the rolls that accompany them...I could eat about a dozen. Their bread is just so soft and fluffy and fresh so it makes all their food delicious. The turkey sandwich is good and so is the tuna. Don't miss the cinnamon rolls, very sweet and tons of icing but they are delectable. I REALLY WISH they had nutrition info though. :( When I'm dieting, I can't eat here because I don't have nutrition info. Salads are not always healthy!

  • Monica T.

    I finally got to try some goods from the Village Baker over the weekend. I'd heard so many good things about this spot from my boyfriend and his family, so I was excited that they'd chosen it as the take out place for lunch one Saturday. We ordered ahead because we had a large order, so things were ready when we arrived. We ordered a couple of bowls of the chicken noodles soup, one combination pizza, and an assortment of sandwiches: pastrami, roast beef, egg salad and, of course, the chicken salad that I'd heard so much about. Everything was delicious. As others have said, the bread really makes the sandwiches here. You can tell that it's fresh. The wheat was probably my favorite of the bunch. The egg salad was probably my favorite sandwich (because it always is), followed by the chicken salad. Really, though, everything was super good. The chicken noodle had nicely firm noodles, a tasty broth, and generous portions of chicken. The pizza was solid is well. It was what they said it would be, and so I will be returning many times.

  • Natalie R.

    You know what makes a good sammich? The bread. You could throw some no-name brand bologna on awesome bread and it would be an amazing sandwich. The bread from the Village Baker is *that* bread. Their sandwiches are delicious- no sub-par bologna to be found, in fact. They are stacked high with a generous amount of fresh deli meat and cheese and the bread is sliced thick. Now let me tell you about the cinnamon rolls. While they are no Cinnabon, they are pretty epic. They are gooey and sweet, with just the right amount of cinnamon and frosting. I nuke mine for about 20 seconds to make the roll extra soft and melty. (I know "melty" isn't a word, but I don't care.) I wish the rolls had raisins, but I can't have everything. I purchased a loaf of the honey white to enjoy at home and half the loaf was gone the same day. The *only* draw back the The Village Baker is the lack of seating. It's a to-go place only. We usually eat in the car or go find a shady patch of grass for an impromptu picnic when the weather is nice.

  • Trisha D.

    Their chicken Ceaser salad and broccoli and cheese soup is to die for!! It's healthy and affordable!! They give good sized portions also. You can't find that often!

  • Marla W.

    So glad I found this place on yelp. I absolutely love all the sandwiches I have tried and soup! I am a bread lover and was not disappointed in the honey wheat. Definitely not a fan of the salad I got but everything else was wonderful.

  • Kristal M.

    Not a bad thing on the menu! However, I always go with my standard.... Half Turkey, bacon, and provolone on wheat, cup of broccoli cheese soup, and an extra piece of bread with honey butter. My only complaint is there isn't really a place to eat.... All orders are to-go.

  • Lar Lar S.

    Highly recommend this place! Their chocolate cake is one of the best I've had - and I've tried a LOT. It's hard to find a good slice of chocolate cake in SLC. This place is often sold out it's that good. Cinnamon rolls are amazing as are the sandwiches. The bread is sliced very thick - but you can request thinner slices for the carb conscious. The place is pretty small though with no option to eat there. I've now talked myself into getting a slice of cake later today...


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:00 am - 8:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : No
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes



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The Village Baker

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