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  • Millie S.

    Nigh-time has been my favorite donut shop for as long as I can remember. The glazed and blueberry cake are my favorite! The smoothies are super delicious too. You won't go wrong coming here! The staff is super friendly and they are always smiling!

  • Adrienne M.

    Great bagels especially considering the options here in Tooele. My favorite is their french toast bagel with the maple smear. The prices are resonable and they have a great selection if you go in the morning. My children love getting their donuts with sprinkles. The staff must just be tired by the time I go in. They barely look at me, mumble and then grab my order hoping to not have to deal with me. The bagels are good enough it's worth feeling like an intruder most of the time.

  • Fae L.

    It's worth the 38 mile drive.

  • Charity D.

    Best doughnuts I have ever had. If you go in the morning you will get the freshest ones. They have been in business for a long time, so they know what they are doing.

  • Erin Q.

    Just when I thought Utah had nothing to offer, I found this little gem. While I don't see myself traveling to Tooele all that often, whenever I do I will stop into the Nigh-Time Donuts & Bagels. It's been around for 20 years (says the large piece of butcher paper on the wall), and I can see why. Their donuts are always so good and fresh. They're nothing like Krispy Kremes - a plus. I used to say that I only trusted my donuts being made by Asians because in San Diego they seemed to know how to make the best ones, but Nigh-Time is pretty good...and they're not even Asian! Wow...almost sounds racist...but it's not and I'm not, I swear. The feel of the place is pretty laid back. It reminds me of being back home and this is where I'd go on Saturday morning after gymnastics practice. You know a place is good when it makes you a good way. The bagels are also really good. They have a much different density than Einstein Bros., and the cream cheese is really good. Unfortunately, they don't put the cream cheese on the must do that yourself. Oh how lazy people like me complain about that...I just needed to get back on the road! The only thing that no fault of Nigh-Time, is that I was eating my bagel in the car and, because of the fact I love my cream cheese and the bagel was still warm, a huge dollop of cream cheese came crashing down onto my jeans. Unfortunately I already used my napkin in the store to wipe away something that was on my bag...grr on my part. I can't see anyone wanting to go to Tooele for the food, but as long as you're there, might as well go pick up a donut. Oh! And for you really lazy people, there's a drive thru. You can get your fatty pastries without getting out of your car! One more thing. The price was freaking awesome. Today I ordered a sesame seed bagel, toasted with cream cheese, a chocolate bar, and a bottle of chocolate was only $2.95. Not too shabby, ay?


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  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes

Nigh-Time Donuts

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