The Notch Pub

2392 Mirror Lake Hwy
Samak, 84036
If you hate food and beer, then look no further, this is the pub for you! Located conveniently as the only pub near camping in the Uinta mountains, if you sit down at this restaurant, the waitress will successfully avoid making eye contact with you. Are you assertive? Don't worry! She is a skilled non-communicator and will slyly brush your questions away. On a budget? Perfect! You will spend zero money here, since the pool game you play while waiting for ANY acknowledgement from the staff is 100% FREE! Seriously, you guys. This place has it all! A nice, quiet patio where you won't have to deal with an annoying waitress asking you what you want to order or making sure you know she knows you're there, free pool, water that you have to get yourself (so convenient since you could relive your Oregon Trail days and die of dehydration if you had to wait for someone to bring it to you). If you love a nice, cool building to sit and drink warm water, don't hesitate to stop here. However, if you enjoy tasty food for a reasonable price and prompt service, check out Uinta Drive In, just down the road. Not open as late, but they served us even though we walked in at closing time. (We would have gotten there earlier, but as I mentioned earlier, we were busy enjoying the quiet, avoidant atmosphere of The Notch).
Just got done a hike in the Unintas. Was in the mood for a beer and some lunch. Driven by this place 50 times at least...figured I'd give it a try. I walked in to a completely empty bar at 12:30 in the afternoon the day after Labor Day. I get the "oh god" look as I enter. Did not make eye contact, say hello, welcome me....nothing....I'm the ONLY person in the place...what a joke...I had to ask her for a beer....both times....never offered a menu or asked if I wanted something to eat....never said 2 words to me the whole time. .....she had her head buried in the laptop like she'd never seen one before.. completely unacceptable. Must get paid by the hour. You are in the wrong business lady... I see McDonalds in your future...actaully they're way better and trained. Very nice place, some old pics could go but overall when you walk in you're thinking this will be good. After spending most of my life in hospitality I realize you can't always be on your game..this was laughable. First time in my life I didn't leave a tip. If that's the person representing your might wanna rethink your strategy. Have some pride people. Get off you ass! Leave your laptop at's a business. Embarrassing. I could turn this place around in 1 week. Called training.
Really bad food, really poor service, and EXPENSIVE for no good reason: probably about double the price of what everything on the menu should be. Place was nearly empty when we walked in, and we were the only ones there that appeared to be ordering any food. Nonetheless, it took about 45 minutes to get an appetizer ($7 plate of cheese fries, which consisted of some soggy frozen fries with a small amount of cheese melted over them), and probably an hour to get four simple lunch orders: 2 burgers ($12 each), a small bowl of soup ($7!), and chicken wings ($1.30 each, $7.80 for six wings). None of the food was very good at all. Pretty much tasteless. Waitress never returned to the table at any point to take drink orders, nor to deliver the bill. Had to get up from the table and head to the bar to find someone to print out the bill so we could (finally) leave. Won't be back again. It's too bad, too. Because this place is conveniently situated to offer tasty and timely fare for people coming out of the Uintas. But I wouldn't bother, if I were you.

(435) 783-6244

American (Traditional), Nightlife, Burgers

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