Gators Drive-Inn & Game Room

120 S Main St
Randolph, 84064
This place is a blast from the past. It is in Randolph, Utah (a very small town in Utah). Their special is the super Gator which includes: two hamburger patties two slices of cheese then topped with a slice of ham with swiss cheese comes with all the regular fix-ins of a hamburger It is a fabulous party in the mouth. The fries are likewise delicious however two to three people can share a large. It is a huge portion. I drive two hours each way to eat this monstrosity of gloriousness!
Perfect little spot to lube up your joints while driving through town. Pass on the fish n chips -bland and super oily.
Clean your place or close shop! Instead of using another piece of tape on the chairs, have a little pride and do some re-upholstering. The grime on the tabletops can be taken care of with degreaser. I was unable to enjoy the food so I took it with me in hopes that I would feel like eating it if I didnt have to sit in the grime. The sack was saturated with grease from the fries by the time I attempted to eat. Yuk! There are few choices for people traveling on this road. My advice is to save your money and pack your own lunch.

(435) 793-3170


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