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Visit below restaurant in Park City for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Park City for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Michelle K.

    I'm really glad there's a frozen yogurt up in Park City and found this place by Yelping one night. The lady seems nice there but as previous people had pointed out, she'll serve you samples and not you serve yourself (not sure if that's a control thing or she's just being nice). Otherwise, the yogurt seemed ok, they had a few selections and the main tart flavor was out at the time. ;( The fruit seemed stale and old because I tried 2 different ones and after eating them had to throw the thing out. Pricewise, it's ok and probably won't get what you can get in SLC. I will be back but caution against trying the fresh fruit - you might be better off buying some at the Market then going to get yogurt.

  • Lincoln P.

    Great stop here while in Park City. The snow was terrible today but some yogurt cheered us up! The owner is really nice, they had tart today which is my favorite, easy access in the grocery store and plenty of seating. I got all I wanted!

  • Angela H.

    I thought the yogurt here was just ok. There wasn't a lot of selections (I believe there were 6). Also the lady at the register wouldn't get my own sample to try the yogurt. She filled it for me and then watched me try it. That part was very uncomfortable. Liked the colors and it was clean. Prices were 41 cents an ounce when I went.

  • Larry S.

    Best yogurt we've had in a long time. Huge selection of toppings and very friendly service. Highly recommend!

  • Tiffany W.

    I loved this place. I loved it so much, I visited the shop three times in four days over my vacation week in Park City. Some of it had to do with novelty (have yet to try a fro-yo place in Denver), but most had to do with a quality product. Yodipity offers several flavors of fat-free frozen yogurt--from plain (which it tangy), to sugar-free raspberry, even coconut, and of course vanilla and chocolate. I'm not sure how often they switch them out (if they ever do); they were the same during my visits. Each time I got a little vanilla, a little cheesecake, and a little chocolate. Yogurt is charged by the ounce, $0.39, so it's reasonably priced if not over done. I wish they offered smaller containers (seems like a waste if you don't fill it up), but I know the marketing idea behind that is to encourage patrons to fill up (and pay more). There is a wide variety of toppings, from pecans in caramel sauce (heavier that way!), to cheesecake bits, brownie bits, candy, yogurt-covered pretzels, animal cookies, waffle cone chips, and some sauces. The possibilities are seemingly endless between flavors, toppings, and sauces. My visits to Yodipity were quick in-and-outs. Usually a family or one other customer was in, but waiting in line was never an issue. It's built inside of the grocery store (I've since forgotten the name), and is accessible from within the store itself, or from the outside. There is plenty of seating (sharing with the grocery store's eating area), should one desire eating the yogurt inside. I wish there was a Yodipity here in Denver. We do have several other fro-yo establishments (most are recent additions to the city), however, the bar's been set for this fan. With cheesecake bits and animal cookies on top.

  • E L.

    Yodipity is very convenient because it's located in a grocery store, so I go here often. Their fro-yo seems to be on par with other pay per ounce fro-yo places that have cropped up lately. The plain tart is my favorite, but unfortunately they don't always have it. I only really like tart, so sometimes I won't even buy any if they don't have the tart. So, yodipity, always have the tart flavor because you have lost business from me about 5 different times. They have great toppings, though, and I really like the little juice popper things. Have not found these anywhere else. One unfortunate thing is they used to have frequent buyer punch cards and don't anymore. Not sure why? Another thing to be aware is: they are closed Sundays. I wish they were open Sundays because the most likely days people want fro-yo is a weekend treat, especially after a hot mountain bike ride! Overall, love yodipity, but there are a couple of changes that would make it 5 stars. the owners are very friendly and always have smiles on their faces.

  • Eric S.

    If you think you can't find this place, I assure you, it's there, inside the supermarket. It's self serve frozen yogurt at its finest. There are not quite as many flavors as other frozen yogurt shops around the country, but the product and service make up for it. Very friendly staff, fresh toppings, very good yogurt and affordable. I highly recommend this place if you are hunting for some frozen yogurt in the Park City area.

  • David P.

    Great yogurt, abundant variety of toppings and a fun, convenient yogurt shop. Wow! The best tasting yogurt.

  • Emily S.

    What a great find! I am usually skeptical of stores inside of supermarkets but this one was a pleasant surprise. The selection of yogurt and toppings were delicious and best of all, the price was not overpriced like many frozen yogurt shops. YUM!

  • Cynthia S.

    Super sweet sweet lady running the whole thing. I thought it would be weird in a grocery store, but it was delicious! The plain, tart is EXCELLENT! All toppings were fresh and everything was clean.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:30 am - 9:00pm


  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Accepts Bitcoin : No
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free

Yodipity Yogurt

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