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Visit below restaurant in Park City for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Park City for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Just_Dason L.

    This is my favorite place for coffee whenever I am in Park City. The staff is great and knowledgeable and try the have you on your way as soon as they can. I will only visit local owned and never the Starbucks.

  • Nick F.

    Tasty coffee! I drink it black and 2 for 2 it was delicious. I also like the idea of a double-lane drive thru.

  • Hannah V.

    Mocha frappe was delish! Quick service and cute little building.

  • Emily P.

    I am trying really hard to like this place more than Starbucks-- it's a cool idea in a great location, and the owner is really nice. I want them to succeed! But I've got to say-- inconsistency has been my experience when ordering anything but straight up black coffee. If Silver King wants to compete, they might need to put a little more effort into training their staff. (PS-- if you're like me, and you get a special pleasure out of saying 'dirty chai' rather than 'a chai latte with one shot of espresso, please,' CHECK YO SELF at Silver King. Don't use your coffee house abbrevs here-- you will be met with a watery chai tea free of any real caffeine kick, and you will feel sad.) Overall- I like this place, I do! It's convenient and friendly. They hand out chocolate covered espresso beans with every order, and they have GIANT Milkbones on hand for any canines in the car. They've got a good local charm, and I would love to see them do well. I can only hope that, with time, they'll become as successful and reliable as the Starbucks down the street.

  • Lauren R.

    Great coffee on the go! I came here for two mornings in a row during my park city stay-- and both times enjoyed delicious bold coffee. They have coffee, teas, apple cider, smoothies, and juicing for those that want to be healthier. The coffee came with a sweet little chocolate covered espresso bean each time on top of the cup. We got their breakfast burritos too, which definitely get with the salsa! The vegan scones were yummy as well :) They have pastries, oatmeal, and burritos for food options. First timers note: drive thru/ordering is done at both sides of the building so don't wait behind a car if the other window is free!

  • Shelby R.

    Very yummy! Had a good variety of things to choose from, and the people working there were very pleasant. Also good price! We got the blueberry lemon scones, and they were delicious!

  • Alvin W.

    They have really good lattes. Iced or hot. My favourite is the hazelnut latte, served with ice. The coffee is bold, just perfect. One of the best coffee in park city. I also really like the idea of two sided drive thru. Smart and it speeds up the line in the morning. Recommended if you are in a rush for coffee during morning commute! Definitely going back.

  • Cheryl N.

    A really convenient spot on the way out of town, with nice service, and SUPERB mocha (confessing here that I did ask for an extra shot, making that THREE)...this cup kept us going on the way to Steamboat...I say again, EXCELLENT mocha! The nearby fence made of old skiis was a fun sight while waiting for the brew...

  • John L.

    Great quality coffees. Even better than the gorilla Starbucks. That is how you compete! Told my kids about it. They wanted to try, of course. Sure enough, they said it was the best tasting coffee drinks they have had. We went back everyday while we were on vacation. Drive through makes it easy too!

  • Cameron C.

    Stopped here on our way out of town for early morning coffees, juice, breakfast burritos & muffins for the road. My soy latte was fantastic and I am very, very picky. I almost asked for a second as I devoured it waiting for the rest of our order. They definitely know how to make excellent espresso here and am considering driving out of my way today to go back for another cup. Vegan pumpkin muffin was fresh and delicious and clearly not a coffee shop costco muffin which drives me crazy. My kids both ate it up! Great juice menu and all are freshly made. Great burrito too. Certainly my first drive thru espresso/juice not miss this gem in park city!

  • A L.

    I love this place. They don't use Hersey's to make their mochas. I don't like Hersey mochas!

  • Chris R.

    This has to be one of the coolest places ever. Just a little drive up coffee shop with great coffee! They also have a few breakfast items and smoothies if the mood strikes you. We didn't have a car but walking up to the window is also welcome. The service is quick and friendly. We will be stopping here a few more times on our stay.

  • Trevor H.

    Visited a couple times over the holiday weekend, while most everything on Main St was closed. Great proximity to Park Plaza condo. Friendly service & awesome chicken-sausage breakfast burritos. Coffee is just ok. Tried latte first (average), then drip coffee (I'm picky). Have full array of coffee menu. Keep it local-- beats Starbucks!

  • Kaila H.

    I wish I could give them a negative star!! Horrible customer service! We ordered a 20oz and got a 16oz. Not friendly in any way. Sounds like they don't like there job! Where is a Dutch Bros when you need one?!?!

  • Stephan K.

    Very small location and only has 2 tables for outside seating. We ended up getting 2 coffees to go (good tasting).

  • Brian B.

    Kenzie is a coffee Rockstar in my book. Lived here a long time and she is PC super friendly and great smile. BTW really great ice coffee served with a chocolate bean :)


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :6:00 am - 6:00pm


  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Good for Working : Yes

Silver King Coffee

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