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Visit below restaurant in Park City for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Park City for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Jennifer B.

    Omg be prepared to eat. This is a buffet done right. I am an oyster snob and these were Devine. The prime rib is amazing. The service is friendly and efficient. Not the kind of place you would frequent but great as a treat after a long day of skiing.

  • Amir N.

    Don't let the price scare you away, this place is as good as it gets. I've been waiting over a year and a half to finally eat at the seafood buffet and it was worth the wait. Only open during December thru March, the seafood buffet truly delivers on all aspects. Upon entering my party was greeted by the hostess and almost immediately shown to our table. Our waitress explained a little bit about the food and restaurant as this was my first visit and then let us go on our way. The food was amazing. The BBQ pork ribs with a cilantro glaze was perfect, with the meat just falling off the bones. Endless amounts of dungeoness crab legs and shrimp. Roasted duck, prime rib, seared to your perfection ahi tuna, the list is endless. The dessert bar was filled with almost every option you could think. Personaly I'm not a creme brulee fan, but the pastry chefs here did a great job. Most places have only a thin sugar coating but here the glaze was thick and coated. Looking forward to making my visits here a winter tradition.

  • Mike O.

    Great seafood for the mid west I suppose. What are you paying for the ambiance ? The setting is an old ski lodge with dinged up furniture. Wait until Vail ups the game in park city . The dungeness crab was tasteless and obviously frozen. The sushi was down right terrible , bad fish and dry rice. Who made it smiths grocery store. Stale crackers with smoked salmon - nice touch. Tasteless mushy scallops , fishy tasting sable fish, but the Seared tuna was worthwhile. The steamed clams were full of sand. You might want to soak those in water a bit. B the desserts are excellent and this is why I gave this review 2 stars. Deer valley runs on a very dated model. This place looks like a dive compared to any resort at whistler.

  • Marian L.

    I really wanted to like this place as I love buffets and I love seafood but I have to say that for the money, it's just not a place I can recommend. The good: -everyone is very friendly. Howard was our waiter and he was exceptional as was everyone from the hostesses to the chefs, etc. -King crab legs were great as was the peel and eat shrimp if a little laborious. Pro tip-they will steam your king crab legs if you like them warm -prime rib at the carving station was great as were the salads -the desserts were fantastic and we had seconds of baklava, panna cotta among others. Wide selection and really delicious and I'm not a dessert person The bad: -the sushi was truly disgusting. The rice was not edible. Please get a real sushi chef bc what you are calling sushi is laughable -oysters were meh and I'm an oyster person -dungeness crabs were tasteless There were other stations that we didn't get to bc we overloaded on the best parts (king crab and shrimp) but I can't say it's worth $64 per person and wouldn't recommend to my friends.

  • claudia y.

    not bad for a seafood joint in utah. not bad for a buffet. we came on a saturday night and the place was pretty full. i was surprised that it wasnt an asian run joint as many seafood buffets are. their oysters were fresh but not a briny as id like since theyve been rinsed. clams, crab, shrimp were all good

  • Mr H.

    As far as buffets go, this one was really good. Usually the quality in a buffet is suspect, but here the food was of very good quality. Oysters on the half shell were fresh and tasty The opilio crab was of high quality as was the dungeness crab. The duck and prime rib were quite good as well. Deserts were excellent.

  • Victoria C.

    THE MOST AMAZING BUFFET YOU WILL EVER GO TO. The thought of the food here still makes my mouth water! Tons of fresh seafood and great desserts. Everything is carefully prepared and they have the best quality of food. Even if you don't like seafood they have other Entrees. We sat next to the fireplace for a birthday dinner and although the atmosphere can tend to be a little loud it was the food and service that will keep us coming back. On certain nights they will have live music. Only disappointment was no fresh sushi the last time we went. Bring your own bottle and pay the corkage fee! Also while making reservations ask to be next to the fireplace, one of the best seats in the house.

  • Howard M.

    Ok, you're in deer Valley, you're living large, you're in an upscale resort and feeling good about yourself -you should go to the seafood buffet. We typically indulge in this feast sometime between Christmas and New Year's. You better make your dinner reservation well in advance - this is a popular dining venue. Everything is fresh, everything is delicious and it's an all you can eat buffet.It's difficult to decide what to start with. Do you want the wedge of lettuce or should you move right into the shrimp cocktail or are you feeling an Asian flair and begin your meal with sushi? Before you dive into your main course you may want to sample some of the muscles, clams or even ribs and sliders. When you're ready for the main course, look at the seared Ahi or maybe the Ono. There are typically three or four varieties of fresh fish. Take a break from all the seafood and try beef prime rib and breast of duck. Plus all the side dishes are amazing, lobster pasta, rice, fingerling potatoes - the list goes on and on. After you've made several trips to the food bars, it's time for your dessert. A wonderful selection of chocolates, pies and cakes. My favorite was the Snowball, a chocolate mocha cake covered in whipped cream, made to look like a snowball - moist, rich and delicious. They offer a full bar, but it is Utah, so I suggest you bring in your own selection of wines to accompany your dinner. With a nominal corkage fee this make sense most of us. Keep in mind that In Utah, it's not strange for restaurant patrons to bring in their own bottle of wine. I encourage you to splurge and enjoy this decadent meal when you're in Park city this winter. Salute! Howard

  • John C.

    We come here every year and this year the price went up to $64/per person and the service has gotten worse. I stacked 4 plates high since they didn't come and check on us and our table was so small there was no room to put them. They didn't come fill our drinks. This all put a bad taste in my mouth. We also picked a very busy night to come here as we found out there is a Ski competition on the hill at this time of night. Parking was difficult to find. Food was pretty good, some things were bland and cold while others were superb, for instance the sablefish, scallops, halibut, duck, prime rib, pork ribs, oysters , French cheeses, pickled herring, smoked salmon. The desserts were overly sweet and normally I never complain about a great tasting dessert. I hope we just came on a bad night, as this is a great place for seafood in Utah.

  • Paul B.

    Total glutton behavior should be a prerequisite for reservations here. There is SO MUCH GOOD FOOD!! From the fresh crab to the oysters, the prime rib to the shrimp, sushi and seared tuna...its all delectable. Then you move on to the desserts. Truffles, pies, cakes, creme brulee...its all here. Its definitely an experience! The service I have had here has been great. I had some reservations about it after reading others reviews, but I am happy to say that my experience was great! They were very attentive and kept our table clear of old plates. For the amount of empties we had, the staff must have been chameleons because I rarely noticed the plates disappearing. I can honestly say that I put on 4-5 pounds with this visit. I'm only allowed to come once a year....

  • Melissa H.

    After coming here almost every winter season for the last 8 years, I have to say this is my favorite place to eat all seafood (if I'm willing to spend +$100). For me, it's like a little Bellagio buffet. Yes, it's expensive, but the quality of the food is great and the Deer Valley service is outstanding, as usual. The dishes I would highly recommend are the sablefish, the ahi tuna, king crab legs, poke salad, mussels, duck breast... And dessert. There is a wide variety to please anyone's sweet tooth! My favorites to always have are the panna cotta, chocolate snowball and Baileys cheesecake if they have them. Dressing up is not s must, but I always do as it is part of the fun. The crowd is full of people in jeans, ski outfits, dressy pants and dresses, so everyone is welcomed. There is a coat check at the front, but you don't need to check your coat (I always hang it from my chair). Ice tea/water is free, everything else is extra. Coffee is always good with the dessert! Looking forward to my visit next year to keep up with my tradition :)

  • Bill S.

    I have been here twice and it was fantastic both times. The variety of food and quality was excellent and the service was good. reservations is a must and on some weeks it is hard to get in here as some people really stay all night to get their moneys worth as there is no set time to leave. Most of the food offerings were very good and the deserts were outstanding. The only complaint I had was their sushi was not that good. I really love sushi and tried all of them here and pretty much had a thumbs down on all of them. It is easy to over eat here, so definitely save room for desert or start with desert first (hey there are no rules here).

  • Kedy S.

    Delicious! If you are into seafood or delicious food in general, this place is definitely worth the occasional splurge. The food here is well prepared. It tends to focus on american cuisine (with the exception of some sushi). The quality of the seafood they bring in is fantastic. The shrimp, crab, oysters, mussels, fish, etc. are all great. Considering the quality that you get with things like the crab or oysters, you can easily get your moneys worth (it is spendy so be prepared!) The wait staff here is top notch. They anticipate many of your needs before you even need to ask. The level of service here is commensurate with the cost of dining here. If you're in the mood for delicious food (and seafood!), get your eat on well past what you should eat, than go for a walk and take in the sights.

  • Naomi K.

    How has this place only receive 8 reviews?? It's so amazing. Besides the delicious shrimp/clams/lobster I was extremely happy. I had the melt in your mouth duck, that I most certainly will never forget. Please, if you are ever in Utah appreciate this culinary gold mine. p.s. The only complaint I have is that the sushi is in not very good at all. Stay away from this at the buffet.

  • Lexi S.

    Amazing. Our party of 7 enjoyed a 3 hour dining experiences indulging in endless crab legs, scallops, oysters, etc. There wasn't anything that I personally tried, that I didn't love. The poke was fabulous, clams and shrimp were great as were the fresh oysters. But the show stopper...those damn crab legs! We ate and ate and ate. Once all of the shells and lemon and butter were wiped from our mouths, hair, pants and shirts, we sat in a state of pure, gut-busting bliss. Our server, Laurie, made the entire evening, even more perfect. She, and the entire service team, work seamlessly with one another. We were treated to fresh, warm towels throughout our meal and our water glasses never empty. I couldn't have asked for better service; definitely in line with my expectations for a Deer Valley experience. In my opinion, the price is right on with the level of service and the quality and freshness and the offerings. I cannot wait to go back next season!

  • Meghan R.

    Just ok. Totally not worth $65/per person. I get it though. You're paying for the unlimited crab legs and seafood galore. Other food are dry or pretty bland. I've had better seafood for cheaper. You're paying for the "upscale" ambiance.

  • Helen L.

    Expensive but worth it. The crab was delicious - meaty and tender, not too salty. They also had sushi, raw oysters, shrimp, prime rib, duck breast, different fishes, bison burgers, clam chowder. Everything was delicious!

  • M E.

    We come every year, and it's always delicious and fresh. The service is great and the wine list has great options. Oysters, shrimp, sushi, crab.... Ah! All so good!

  • Laura T.

    10 years ago we swore that the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet was the best meal we'd ever had. Tonight, after 10 years of traveling full-time, eating food from all over the world, we came back to see if it lived up to the memory. All I can say is that we still feel it's one of the best meals ever! The food was fresh, beautiful, and divers. It was truly an explosion of flavor! There wasn't a single offering that anyone in our party felt was less than excellent. The ambiance was soothing, the fire was warm and the service was remarkably responsive and friendly.

  • E.M. B.

    I'll agree with the woman standing behind me while piling shrimp 4 feet high on her plate: This is heaven. All the seafood you could ever imagine, in one glorious room! While the salads and cheese plates are delicious, don't be silly and waste your time/stomach space on those fillers, you are at the SEAFOOD BUFFET! Crab legs, shrimp, oysters... repeat. The mussels and clams were amazing, as were the prime rib and duck. If you love seafood and love to eat, this is the spot for you!

  • Jeff D.

    One of the best meals I've had in a while. Everything here was super fresh. There were two types of crab legs, two types of oysters, shrimp, mussels, clams, etc with all the fixings. Every piece of seafood I had was fresh and of very high quality. The hot options were good as well. I tried the prime rib and duck breast, which were both excellent and served by a friendly chef at the carving station. I also had the baby back ribs, which were tender and tasty. The only mild disappointment was the crab donuts, which is ironic because that's what our waiter highlighted when going over the selection. The wine options here are interesting. First of all each table can bring a bottle and have free corkage on the first bottle. I didn't know about this in advance, but it's a nice service to offer. We ordered a wine from the list, and there were a few reasonably priced options -- a pleasant surprise considering the surroundings. I was too full to enjoy any of the dessert choices, but they looked good. Instead I had some berries: strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. Once again everything was very fresh, high quality, and delicious. Service at the buffet is friendly and professional all around. I would definitely go back!

  • Michelle N.

    If you're up for an upscale restaurant with tons of yummy sea food, then you must come here! I honestly had my doubts about this place but my group wanted to go, especially since they had unlimited snow crab. I mean, really? We come all the way to Utah and go out for seafood? Okay why not. Boy, did this place prove me wrong. Place is cozy. It was a bit quiet when I walked in but I get it. You're paying $65 a head! There was a live harpist playing.. I felt high class but was ready to get my hands dirty and my grub on. Wow.. just wow. Seafood was absolutely amazing. My favorite part were the fresh oysters on the half shell. There were 2 different kinds and forgive me for not remembering what kind of oysters they were but they were both delish. I did favor one over the other. We went crazy on the crab legs. Don't forget to have them steamed.. they taste so much better warm. I skipped the sushi. Didn't want rice to fill my stomach up with unnecessary fillers. Love loved the clams and the mussels. There's tuna in the grilled section! It's hidden but I promise its there! Get it completely raw or lightly seared. They give you wasabi sauce too! And OMG the desserts!!! Some I liked more than others but its a buffet so have at it! Eat your heart out! Service was awesome. They were constantly clearing our plates away and giving us new ones to empty out the shells. They even give you warm wet naps! My only complaint is the non-seafood. Even the mac & cheese tasted funky.. how can you mess up mac & cheese??? However, I did not try the duck. Yes I know.. TOTAL FAIL! I completely forgot! I kept going back for those delicious oysters I tell ya!

  • Jerry W.

    The food is so fresh and has a lot of variety. Although the place is a little pricy, it is still worth giving it a try!

  • J J.

    We had a great dinner and it was fun for the family. Theere were a few dishes that were standouts, the Branzino and the snow crab were great. The desserts were why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars, but overall a good time.

  • Jeremy F.

    There is not much to say about the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet than wowzers. Forget all of you preconceived notions about buffets as the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet is top notch. The buffet includes almost everything you could want including two kinds of crab legs, shrimp, an oyster bar, sushi, ahi tuna, and even ribs among many more items. Additionally, there is a dessert buffet that includes some very well put together sweet vices. All of the seafood is very fresh and the staff is very helpful. Additionally, the corking fee is waived for the first bottle of wine. I found the ambiance very welcoming with a cabin in the woods like feeling (surprising...hehe). Although the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet is amazing, I think it is a once a year thing or something to try over the holidays when you do not feel like cooking. Parking is right in front of the lodge which is very nice and the bar upstairs is open in case you get there early and want to have an adult beverage. The seafood buffet is open for 3-4 hours so make sure to be strategic. Even though it is pricy, I think it was worth every cent. If you are into seafood and like a lot of high quality food, the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet is for you. I can't wait to go back, but I will have to not eat the whole day.

  • Kim F.

    Seriously... If you're in the mood for seafood... And a lot of it... This has to be your first stop. It's all you can eat, and the dungeness and snow crab is endless and perfectly steamed. Not to mention there are a number of other options and an awesome dessert menu. Ok, time to end this review. I'm stuffed. The sofa is calling.

  • James C.

    This was one of the best meals I've ever had. We went to Utah on my birthday weekend for skiing and snowboarding, and stopped at the Seafood Buffet for dinner. Let me explain. This place is uniquely suited to my tastes. I love fresh shellfish, buffets, and largely disdain fancy schmancy decor. That is exactly what the Seafood Buffet offers. The collection of fresh seafood is impressive. Snow crab, dungeoness crab, JUMBO shrimp, oysters of various types, scallops, and all kinds of sushi. They constantly replenish the buffet from the back, and you never feel like you're picking over leftovers. The shellfish really is fresh too, which makes it much easier to eat. The buffet includes more hearty fare - like prime rib - and an incredibly delicious collection of desserts. My personal favorites were a hazelnut cake of some kind and a flowerless chocolate cake. Even after eating myself into a coma, I had more than enough room for this stuff. The service is good, but not over the top. They made sure our drinks were filled and handled the bottle of wine we brought in well (no corking fee for the first bottle). We actually left a bottle at the restaurant, and they took the time to call us and let us know that we had left it. Nice touch. The only negative is the price. Its really expansive, but I think that's the cost of bringing fresh seafood to Utah. I enjoyed it so much that I wasn't bothered by it too much, which is a huge statement given that I am generally pretty cheap.

  • Eugene W.

    Went to dinner during the Sundance Film festival. Food was awesome. In addition to seafood, there is a great carving station with prime rib and roast duck. Seafood included delicious Dungeness crab, oysters, fried soft shell crab and scallops. My favorite were the desert selection, especially the apple pie.

  • Claire L.

    We came here based on a recommendation from a friend, otherwise I am not a buffet kind of person. (But I am definitely a fan of seafood!) We went there with a reservation, and I am glad we did because it was packed. The place was also fun to people watch. It was interesting to see some people really dressed up and others looked like they just got off the ski slope. There were big people, skinny people fancy people, dorky people, cute families, odd couples etc. This is just an indication that this place attracts all types of people who love to eat, and know how to eat well. The food at this buffet was high quality, fresh and delicious! I especially loved the tuna and crab meat poke. The poke reminded me of Hawaii. There was also a decent selection of non seafood items such as ribs, & a carving station. But I was there for seafood and seafood was what I ate. I had a lot of giant crab legs, fresh, raw oysters, shrimp, muscles, clams, fish. Unfortunately no scallops. There was also salads, fruit & a decent desert selection. at the end of the night, I left there really full, happy and very satisfied.

  • Frank W.

    I hate eating in hotels. Unless you are in Paris or New York or Los Angeles, and the restaurant just happens to be some spectacular restaurant run by an up and coming superstar, who is merely using the space in the hotel. So you can imagine what I would think about dinner eating in a SKI LODGE! Okay, maybe lunch on a ski day, or perhaps at the Stein Eriksen (not really so much a hotel as an experience). But this is Deer Valley, not your average ski resort. And this is the seafood buffet. So I'll make an exception. I'll make the exception because the seafood buffet ROCKS. Come on! You are in the middle of the rockies, at least a thousand miles from the nearest body of water (the Great Salt Lake doesn't count, can you imagine what fish would come out of that?), and they still manage to put on a beautiful buffet with an outrageous assortment of very nice and freshly prepared seafood. And being Deer Valley, the service is polite and efficient without being overbearing. This has become a ritual of sorts for us when we are up in Park City for ski season. Even the kids love it, and want to know when we are going to the buffet. Granted, the location isn't special (especially if you've been eating turkey chili every day in the same room at lunch), but for a wonderful evening, especially in a big group, this should top your list (along with the Fireside, another Deer Valley dinner-in-the-lodge experience ... which is not to be missed!).

  • Antoinette G.

    Our first experience was not quite what we expected for the hefty price. One would expected the the peel and eat shrimp to be deveined and easy to peel. The food was average at best. The two different kinds of crab were excellent as were the oysters. The beer battered halibut dry. The big expensive dinner was ok. The earliest we could go was 8:30. The prime rib was very good. Duck was disappointing. Hot appetizers were below average. Cold appetizers were good. Desserts were good with one amazing tart. On the drive home, my friend asked me what my best taste was. It was the baked butternut squash. His was the mashed potatoes. Both things we could have made at home for a lot less than $64. You'd think the drinks would be included at that price, wouldn't you? We may try it again sometime but they close next week. They are only open in the winter. If we do go again, we'll probably load up on seafood and leave the rest.

  • Jen S.

    We love Deer Valley, we love Deer Valley resort and we actually go to the Seafood Buffett for the experience every year when we are there skiing, but his year it was just not good and we realized that its never really that good, you just get caught up in the fun of it and the fact that you think you are eating a ton of seafood. The seafood is not that great, very picked over by all the other guests, really not that clean of an environment since it is the food lodge for all the skiers during the day and they make the worst martini at the bar ever. Putting that aside, the kids like playing outside on the ski run while you watch through the window, but they charged my little girl for an adult and for the $400.00 dollar price tag for 2 adults and 2 kids I rather hit the Montage or the St. Regis and be serviced fresh food and a great drink!

  • Jesse R.

    If you like a raw seafood bar, then this is the place for you. I think I at my money's worth it the 2 different type of oysters, 2 different types of crab and jumbo shrimp. They serve sushi grade tuna steaks cooked to order. They have a lot of hot entrees as well, I didn't really have room to try a lot of them, but the prime rib was really good. For dessert, try the snowball, it's amazing, kind of like a chocolate truffle covered in whipped cream.

  • Matthew D.

    This is a lavish all-you-can eat gourmet seafood buffet held in what during daytime hours is the main day-lodge buffet of the Deer Valley ski resort. Everything you would expect (crab, sushi, all kinds of shellfish, five different fish on the grill, smoked salmon), and some things you might not expect (prime rib, duck, a wide variety of cheeses). Relatively few options for kids. Stupendous dessert selection. Service was friendly and attentive. Misses a star for the price -- $10 too high for adults and $15 too high ($32!) for kids, if you ask me.

  • Andrew G.

    Definitely a once in a blue moon eating occasion. With it's friendly Deer Valley staff, it really makes for a romantic or family dinner outing. The cold food is better than the hot food. The oysters, crab, shrimp and sushi all are enjoyable and delicious. The hot food varies daily and I only though the duck and prime rib were great. It's BYOB for wine, so make sure to bring a bottle. A really nice way to finish the day after skiing.

  • Kristin H.

    I think I'm gonna be sick. I ate waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much. The Deer Valley seafood buffet certainly is that - a buffet of seafood. There are so many offerings that you must carefully choose what to eat and avoid filling up on bread or soda. I know the buffet changes regularly but there are certain staples. The menu changes weekly (not daily as suggested on their website) so it wouldn't hurt to call in advance to see what the offerings are. Here's what we were offered: COLD CHOICES: Crab legs (they will steam them upon request) Oysters on the half shell (2 varieties) Cold peel and eat shrimp a few lettuce based salads a selection of marinated veggies sushi (eh - not so great) raw spicy (at least, that's what it said) tuna in an oriental sauce - tasty three or four cheeses. Nothing mind blowing, A selection of bread HOT CHOICES: Steamed mussels in either coconut curry or white wine chorizo broth (both excellent) Oysters Rockefeller (made properly) Lobster with bacon and avocado (so-so) Cream of Chestnut soup (okay) Butternut squash soup with smoked shrimp (outstanding. best thing we ate there. Perfectly sweet, nice contrast with smoky, salty shrimp) Baby back ribs - lime cilantro (heavy on the chipotle, seemed to be baked - no nice crust on the outside/soft. Not all they were touted to be) OR bbq sauced (didn't try) Prime Rib (excellent mushroom demi on top) Duck breast with blackberry something or other. Mashed red skin potatoes risotto cakes (mushy) Over-roasted yet magically undercooked baby carrots Roasted baby brussel sprouts An assortment of overcooked fish (alas) Some sort of pasta Mac & Cheese (passed) White rice (ditto) DESSERTS: Like, a billion. Or fifteen. Either way a lot. fresh fruit cup fruit cup with zabaglione ganache tart pastry cream and fruit in phyllo cup pear (or apple) and ruby port beggar's purses coconut pie lemon cheesecake some variety of bread pudding (chocolate? cinnamon? hard to tell) coffee layered pastry hazelnut torte creme brulee german chocolate cake lemon gelee square assorted cookies coconut flan (very liquor-y) chocolate guava cake My husband tried many bites of dessert and said they were all excellent. I think truthfully that if you have good dessert, the rest of the meal tends to fade (for better or worse). Here's the takeaway: This is truly a ton of food. Back in the day when I walked uphill both ways in the snow to get to work (or in my 20s) I could eat my money's worth. Today, not so much. At $62.00 pp, I'm surprised that soda is not included, but no big. If you are really, really, really (really) hungry and feel like dropping a lot of money because you CAN eat your money's worth in crab legs, then go for it. It's nice to have someone else do all the prep work and clean up. I'm not sure I'll go back though. I actually prefer the brunch at Grand America. It's got a similar menu but the ambiance is far less ski lodge and far more English tea party. I also think their menu is more upscale and up-to-date. As a final note, the service was spot-on. Our server, Paula, never let dishes sit at our table for long. We never ran out of water. She was prompt, attentive, and genuinely wanted to make our experience there great. The service and the butternut squash soup (which is normally one of my least favorites) were the highlight of the night. Bottom line: A LOT of food, a not horrible price (for what it was), some mediocre, some great, but worth the $ in the end. And yet, it's a not-too-oft wished for experience for me, but I'm glad I can cross it off my restaurant bucket list. Just remember if you go to bring your stretchy pants (and wear comfy shoes).

  • Lisa D.

    Hefty price tag at $62 each, and that doesn't include drinks, but it was really worth it. I was delighted to see the piles of crab legs, shrimp and oysters. We were also offered a Caesar salad soup, which looked like a green basil pesto, but tasted JUST like Caesar salad. You could even detect the lettuce! It was almost bizarre to "drink" your salad, but it was actually really tasty. Everything we tried was excellent. First stop was a huge helping of crab legs and hot butter. After that, we enjoyed two kinds of baby back ribs: one with BBQ sauce and one with their jalapeno lime glaze, then had small servings of scallops, pasta, prime rib and glazed duck. The roasted garlic mashed potatoes were to die for! Being the crab whore that I am, I went back for another helping of crab legs before settling on clearly the best part of the experience: dessert. I am not a huge dessert person, I love it like most people, but I usually avoid it as I'm trying to stay healthy and maintain a certain weight. I actually exercised considerable restraint and only grabbed one slice of this decadent chocolate cake. My husband got about 4 plates and I tasted each one of his and they were yummy! The bread pudding was IN-freaking-CREDIBLE! My husband drizzled caramel over it and I about nearly had the big O when tasting it. Definitely one of the best desserts I've tasted in a long time. The service, food and wine were all outstanding and I'm sure we'll return on our next ski trip. We were only planning on trying it once just to see what all the fuss is about, but now I get it.

  • M B.

    Pretty room with fireplaces, and some highlights like ahi and oysters, but most of the dishes were bland and uninspiring. Bland crab chowder with an ice-cold crab leg -- what were they thinking? Sushi was mostly rice. Mussels, dry and tasteless, and the seafood entrees, other than the ahi, were pretty tasteless. I was here years ago, and have fond memories of a sole with lime ginger beurre blanc. Unfortunately, there's nothing comparable now, as this is about volume, not quality.

  • Miles F.

    All you can eat seafood at one of the classiest ski lodges in town. Highly recommended if you don't mind dropping 60 bucks. Huge selection and high quality at the base of the mountain. Some staples of the buffet include king and dungeness crab legs, peel and eat shrimp, and fresh oysters. The highlights of the hot fish station include ahi seared to your liking and honey soy bass. There is also prime rib and duck. And steamed clams and mussels. There is also a bunch of salads. Oh, and the baby back ribs rock. And the seafood spring rolls and calamari are both great. And they have some sushi rolls with killer seaweed salad. There are also specials every night. The crab legs in particular are always a favorite. They constantly refill all the stations and running out of a dish is never an issue. Full bar. Good local microbrews. Easy parking. Wait staff is very good at replacing the scrap dishes and crabby towels. And there are 20 kinds of desserts to choose from. Not sold yet? A little known fact is that if you pre-order lobster 48 hours in advance then that can be provided for you as well. All you can eat crab legs equals 5 stars in my book.

  • TEAM C.

    Great all you can eat buffet. Good place to go with the kids as they can get up and serve themselves. Love the dessert bar!


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    Delivery : No
    Take-out : No
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Seafood Buffet

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