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Visit below restaurant in Park City for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Park City for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Stancie B.

    This place makes me happy - quality selection, great variety and a great vibe. My new go-to on this side of town

  • Spodaddyo O.

    Fresh, fantastic foods and everything you need to stay healthy. Just coming in the store actually makes you a better, happier, more attractive person! It's that good. The friendly staff and owner are a wealth of knowledge, too. This local favorite has two awesome soups daily, made-to-order salads and smoothies, sandwiches, and amazing fresh-baked goods. Fairweather is the kind of place that makes Park City special.

  • Izzi B.

    Fairweather Foods was a godsend for my family and me while visiting Park City. The store has a great selection of fruits, vegetables, snacks, and other foodstuffs that might not be available elsewhere. Think whole grain and spouted breads, multiple hummus varieties, gluten-free baked goods, etc. And there is no lack of variety. For example, they've got 4-8 muesli options and a full aisle of chips. The attached cafe is nice as well-- they serve soups, made-to-order salads and sandwiches including a variety of vegan options, including both vegetarian mainstays like a marinated kale salad, the egg-less egg salad, and tempeh salad, but also have plenty of options for omnivores, including their tuna salad as well as turkey and roast beef sandwiches. Almost everything in the store is organic, if that's a consideration. Regardless, it's a great place to grab a snack or a meal.

  • Matthew L.

    A healthier Whole Foods... if such a thing is possible. Was a little bit difficult to find my first time since from the rear parking lot its kind of a maze of many similarly appearing commercial/almost industrial buildings each containing almost identical doors. There is signage but not much. The rear parking lot is but always seems nearly filled since it serves all the buildings. The fancy main entrance is actually in front but most patrons enter from back because there are only a handful of parking spots in front. For such a small space it packs a wallop with everything well-organized and easy to find. Finest selection of health/nutritional supplements available here. It is as though someone walked through a Whole Foods and took the healthiest top 10% of products from the shelves and put them in a space 1/20 the size. There is a cafe at the back (technically the front) of the grocery store that offers super-fresh sandwiches, salads, smoothies, juices, and soups. The green drink seems to be love it or hate it for everyone I know who has tried it. One dining companion loved it; describing it as "drinking a cow fart" and "definitely an acquired taste." It is filled with a cornucopia of good things: the drink comes with parsley, cucumber, spinach, kale, celery, apple, lemon, and a little ginger root kick. Optional beet if a dirtier fart is desired. Optional carrot and orange if a sweeter fart is your thing. Two large crockpots of soup that always seem different every visit. One day its a cabbage&beet soup and a lentil soup, the next day it is vegetable medley soup and tortilla soup. The soups are always vegan and 95% of the time gluten-free. Always unique flavors that you would never think of combining yet always amazing. Always perfectly seasoned and spiced, never too salty. Always hearty and flavorful. Puts the Whole Foods soups to shame. Basically some of my favorite soup on the planet. Three sizes. Serve yourself. The salads are chock full of vegetables. They will gladly make salad any way requested. The vegan chicken salad and tofu egg salad are both omg exceptional. The mayo in the tuna salad contains canola oil which is not a personal favorite from a taste perspective. Bevy of condiments and hot sauces from rooster to some more exotic kinds. The 'Kale Krunch' chips are tasty (but pricey) add-on to any lunch. Cheezy Chipotle is my personal favorite flavor. Dining in is seat yourself and can feel crowded during lunchtimes, especially weekends. Friendly and helpful counter service. There are Inspirational white board quotes of the day and new-age spiritual artwork to feed your soul while you feed your body. "Kindly pay before you dine" followed by a smiley face, stated the laminated placard on each table. While paying for lunch, it is nigh impossible not to overindulge with the promise of pastries that can cure even the itchiest of sweet tooths. The pastries beckon like Sirens from a display case on the cash register counter. Always end up with an extra power muffin (filled with all sorts of good stuff) to go. Also a great place to pick up hardy and healthy sandwiches to go. They are made each morning and located in the fridge to the left of the back entrance. Care must be taken to identify the sandwich by the small white sticker because otherwise you may end up with a tuna sandwich when you were craving tempeh. They all look pretty much the same wrapped in saran wrap. Perfect fit for a ski/snowboard jacket pocket for munching on while going up the mountain on a chairlift. After lunch, a quick stroll over to Windy Ridge bakery for a decadent chocolate frosted eclair and then onward to nearby Right at Home consignment shop to avoid touching all the art and furniture with chocolate frosting covered fingers.

  • Corey H.

    If my girl doesn't eat, she gets ornery. Maybe the girl behind the food counter hadn't eaten that morning. We loved the juices and the salad, but the 'tude, not so much.

  • Cary F.

    Love this place! Highlights are the all green juice and vegan chicken salad. We walked into this place not knowing what to expect. They have a nice market shop and attached to it is a cute juice bar and sandwich/soup/salad shop. They were super friendly and helpful with suggestions on the menu. They were out of the eggless tofu salad but were quick to roast recommend the chicken salad which is made from Setan. It was absolutely delicious. We both had the all green juice which was just like our favorite green juice at Austin Skinny Limits. We also grabbed a couple of great staple items to take home to keep in our fridge. My favorite is the quinoa tabouli. I will be back for more tomorrow starting with the wheatgrass shot in the morning. Prices were very reasonable. My 16oz green juice was $6.99

  • Chris N.

    Delicious and fresh soup and salad combo in the cafe part of the store. Extremely friendly owner/staff. When you need a "eating right" kind of meal, this is the place to go.

  • Mather, M.

    Saw a write up in Park City Magazine about this store and was excited to check it out. Located in a hip looking warehouse storefront, it looked promising from the outside. Unfortunately, upon entering that wasn't the case. The selection is circa 1980's hippie health food store with a few coconut and kale items thrown in for good measure. The prices, in some cases, we're almost twice that of Whole Foods and the customer service left a little something to be desired. The woman working there seemed to not want to be bothered and treated us like potential shoplifters. Too bad, I expected so much more.

  • Jana M.

    Lunch is good but I mostly go there for the fresh baked goods. Most of them use no sugar or very little.

  • Crystal P.

    This was a fantastic find and a short walk from my hotel in Prospector Square. I had a tempeh sandwich, small salad, and tortilla soup. All were delicious. My only complaint is that the sandwiches are pre-made and kept refrigerated.

  • Amy C.

    This was our first meal in Park City. While driving around near our condo we came across this place. Fresh made sandwiches here are made as part of this little grocery store where you can pick up all the normal things you would find at any typical health food store. I loved the tuna sandwich! Very tasty and affordable!

  • Julie O.

    This is one of my favorite places to go for a quick and healthy lunch. I enjoy their sandwiches, soups and salads. Its great when you need something quick. I always find reasons to fit them in my day for lunch when I'm running errands around town.

  • Hecate F.

    It doesn't get healthier than this small store! One of my close friends has taken up RAW diet as a life style. In a matter of months she has become a walking encyclopedia about everything RAW. Part of the diet as you can imagine is stocking up on Fresh, readily available ingredients to make her shakes throughout the day. When she is traveling, like in this case, it's very hard to find basic ingredients to make her morning shakes. Fairweather Natural Foods was her answer and she introduced me to their Juice Bar one morning. I ordered their GREEN DRINK: Celery, Ginger Root, Apple, Parsley, Spinach, Cucumber, Lemon, Orange, and some Carrot. I loved it, everything was cut and processed fresh while we waited. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable never making you feel intimidated with endless questions on your new eating style.

  • Russ W.

    Good soup. Average sandwiches (prepackaged in the fridge). Green drink was OK but a little too watery. Nice assortment of natural and whole foods. Store could use a better layout.

  • Mikal J.

    Great little store and a good alternative to corporate Whole Paycheck. Also conveniently located in Park City. Only four stars because it is a small store, with somewhat limited selection, but it's been a great resource in eight years of volunteering at Sundance Film Festival every January.

  • Sean R.

    Jennifer is a great resource, the selection is great, she had done battle with Whole Foods and is still standing. Soups and salads make my day.

  • Alison G.

    Simply delicious food. Health and tasty. Great muffins and smoothies for breakfast. Great soups, sandwiches and salads for desserts. Great cookies and pastries for anytime. Highly recommended.

  • Greta P.

    I love this place. Small, but still a great selection. For awhile it was the only place I could find hemp milk. They have great food at their cafe as well.

  • Christine M.

    Great healthy, affordable vegetarian options. I have been here 3 times in less than a week for lunch. First time I got the "chicken" salad sandwich, it was pre made from a refrigerated case. It was 1 pm and the bread was hard and sandwich came with mustard which I do not like. So, the next 2 visits, I ordered Turkey Sand and asked if they could make my sandwich without "mayo" and mustard and add on avocado. (I strongly dislike the 2 condiments and wanted fresh bread). My last two visits, the girl behind the sandwich counter seems pissed off that she had to make me a sandwich (this is odd especially when dining in?!). When my sandwich is done, she slaps it on the counter (my back was turned away, I was sitting at a table) and doesn't say a word. I head to the counter and ask if it is my sandwich. With the biggest attitude I get an "Ugh Yeah" and an eye roll. (There were other customers in there, I would hate to grab someone else's! Geez!). Anyways, I love the menu itself, the baked goods are awesome as well. But it seems maybe they should make a few less of refrigerated sands, its a shame to have delicious fresh ingredients and yet encourage patrons to eat ones made hours prior. And if the chicks could loose the attitude, that would be great!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :8:30 am - 6:3


  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No

Fairweather Natural Foods

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