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  • Lindsay D.

    Cisero's was amazingl!!!! Our server was wonderful and attentive even though the restaurant was packed due to it being a Saturday night during Spring Break. We were never without anything that we needed. The 5 of us were in town for bachelorette party and the fiance of the bachelorette called in to buy us all a drink and the Manager comped them for us for the special occasion!!!! The food was also delicious!!!! Servings are a good size to because we all had leftovers. After dinner we went downstairs to the Cisero's bar. Had great service there as well. I would definitely recommend Cisero's to anyone thinking about going!

  • Chris S.

    The restaurant is in a great old building with lots of wood inside. It has really good atmosphere and excellent service. We had a group of eleven people and Mikey was our waiter. He was amazing. He made our meal so much better with his great personality. We ordered lots of appetizers and all were really good. Everyone agreed their meals were excellent. If we could give Mikey ten stars for his service we would. We would definitely go back for the food and the service. Great sausage and meatballs. Thanks Mikey.

  • Tony B.

    Was planning on taking 5 members out for a nice meal. The hostess is a complete MORON!!!!! If you can't do your job get someone else to do it for you. I went in and asked for a table on the street patio. Two were empty. I was told there was a wait, no problem. She wanted to seat me in the back, asked her politely, I want to sit in the front... Asked of I could put my name down...huh. No clue. Asked if I could give her my phone and have her call when she was ready for us. Never got a call.. Rotten service from the get go. Walked down the street to Purple Sage and had an excellent experience. The meatloaf was delicious, shrimp cooked perfectly. The other three dinners loved it. Ordered two bottles of wine and laid down close to 400 before tip. But you got a big zero because you hired the wrong person to head up you're first impression.

  • Bob R.

    Well this restaurant came highly recommended by a local friend. We are from southern California and its our first time here in PC. We were very much looking forward to Cisero's Thanksgiving special. Dinner ranged from $25-29 depending what main course you chose. My son and I ordered Prime rib which came out looking like chopped up hamburger. It came in thinly sliced fatty pieces, with the plate dominated by hard mashed potatoes and an abundance of vegetables which were the best part of plate. My other son had the turkey with little flavor and was ok. My wife had the trout which was fantastic. Service was really spotty. Am not sure if the owners did not realize how busy it was going to be so the wait staff were running around trying to cover all their tables. We ordered a second cocktail but never got it. We were told that this was the chef's first Thanksgiving and he mistakenly assumed that everyone was going to go for the turkey but regrettably everyone was going for the prime rib. Completely understandable. I guess the restaurant should stick to Italian food.

  • Joshua S.

    So, if you're looking for a mid-priced alternative to all the expensive restos on PC's Main Street, this is your "one and a half steps above Olive Garden" option. Decent food all around. Capellini pomodoro was quite good, and my eggplant parmigiana was tasty as well. Only downside? The polenta. Tasted like boots.

  • Lizzie W.

    Nice atmosphere, and it's on main street so of course location speaking it's great. We wanted to sit outside, but our party of 5 was too big, so inside it was. A bit too cramped for my taste, and too dark. I get the "dimming" effect but this was just too much. Food wise- standard. Everything was good, really nothing to complain about. Pretty reasonable on the price range. It's a good place for Italian, but not my favorite place to go on main street. Anything you get will be good enough.

  • Billie V.

    We showed up hungry, happy and with a great group of 6 people. We left hungry, dissapointed and with a bad vibe. First of all they tried to sit 6 of us on a four top. We were crammed in like sardines. WE HAD MADE RESERVATIONS. After sitting there for 10 full mintues without a "ill be right there" our waitress Karen finally showed her face to say she'd be "right with us." Another 10 minute wait. Then we tried to order off the wine list. Another 10 minute wait and then another waiter, Andrew, shows up. He was the best part of our dining experience. But he had to apologize for Karen because she couldn't remember what wine we ordered and didnt want to ask us again. Finally we got our drinks and wine. The whole time Andrew is chatting us up making us feel welcome and better about waiting. Then comes the worst part of the night. Our food. I ordered the Fra Diavola (spelling?). It was the worst thing I've eaten in a long time. The fish was dry, unflavored but you could taste the freezer burn. No one at our table had anything good to say about their food. The range was from "it tasted ok" to "I couldnt eat it." On top of the food being semi - inedible two people at our table recieved the wrong order only to be asked to "switch plates" or if it was "ok" to eat something that was not their order. Needless to say we rushed to the nearest bar to order timely drinks and appetizers after.

  • Grace S.

    Attended a comedy show in the basement "nightclub" area during Sundance film festival and was very impressed with the professionalism of their staff. I think this space would be a great place to host a party or work event. Two nice bar areas are available and space is abundant. Only issue is that the bathroom space was cramped and dated, but not surprising for a bar area, I guess. Can't comment on the food, but the drinks were strong and tasty.

  • Lisa D.

    We scored this year in Park City - THREE nights in a row, dining out, with NO corkage fees! Yes, we lugged our favorite bottles of vino to our favorite restaurants like a bunch of poor schlubs! But who cares? We enjoyed an incredible meal with a stellar bottle of our favorite Harvest Moon wine. Last year we enjoyed a meal at Cisero's while dining at the crowded bar during Sundance. We were lucky to even have gotten two seats together. We enjoyed our meal, as well as the conversation with the bartender and the other couples seated near us, so much we couldn't wait to return this year. Our experience this year was nothing short of wonderful. Our server was personable and attentive and made sure our bottle of water and basket of bread never ran out. I started with the wedge salad and I must say, how can you not love a wedge salad? With gorgonzola and bacon and tomatoes.....and bacon! Mmmmm goodness! I ordered a Margherita pizza and Papa D got the veal pamigiana, which actually took about 30 minutes to prepare. Our server felt so bad for the wait, some problem in the kitchen with the veal, but we were so enjoying our Harvest Moon wine and eating baskets of bread that we truly didn't mind the wait. My pizza was just ok - definitely don't go here expecting fabulous pizza. I'm such a pizza snob if it's not made following vera pizza napoletana guidelines I usually don't care for it. But after an amazing week in Park City, skiing Deer Valley, eating at phenomenal restaurants, drinking beautiful wines, you could have served me a slug and I'd have been happy. Papa D's veal was out of this world, tender and pounded so thin and crispy served over a bed of pasta and savory sauce! I'm definitely ordering the veal next time. Our server felt so bad for the wait she presented us with a free Cisookie. I was so stuffed full I really couldn't enjoy it. It wasn't that great - I think a tiramisu would have been better, but we cleaned the plate nonetheless.

  • Pam N.

    We went to an early dinner as we had tickets for a performance on Thursday. There was hardly anyone there yet had to wait 5 min before anyone even greeted us. We should have walked out then as it went downhill from there. Waiter did bring us water but no bread. 4 other tables were seated . We ordered our dinner and then sat for almost 45 minutes waiting. Did order a salad and glass of wine, that never came. The tables that came after us were done eating and ordering desert or paying their bill by the time we were finally served. We had the Lasagne and Chicken Piccata . Nothing hard to make. Food was okay, but don't plan on going back, Bill White restaurants are much better and will go there next time What happened, this used to be a great place to go...?

  • Kevin E.

    Nice place but the hostess has misread the estimated wait time. Should have been easy it's a Sunday evening at 7:00. Over an hour wait when we were advised 30 minutes. Otherwise not a bad place.

  • John R.

    Our second visit to Park City. We had dinner at Cisero's last night (Sat Mar 1) - excellent service, great food - we will return next year.

  • Liz S.

    Best Italian restaurant in the West. Everything was delicious from the salad to my entre and dessert. The atmosphere is classy and very comfortable. The staff did everything to make our experienced top notch without being over bearing. Other park city restaurants could learn a thing or two from Ciseros. I wish you were in my home town!!!

  • Brian S.

    Brunch is amazing! Made to order waffels and omelets. Blitzes with Cabernet berry sauce. Eggs benedict all served buffet style.

  • Stella R.

    So Ciseros has "brunch" now and this is only a review of that. Not commenting on the bar at night, because it totally fills a need for those who enjoy slamming crappy shooters, getting in fights over pool, doing lines off the toilet seat or maybe getting lucky with a skanky critter from happy valley, all while listening to a brutally bad mix by the CJ du jour. Although Ciseros has a reputation for bad food (all the good reviews on here were written by people born without a palette or sleeping with the owner) I cannot say whether the brunch food bucks or confirms this view; we didn't make it that far. We went this morning because we were hungry and hungover and everywhere else had a wait. As it was Silly market Sunday, a super busy time on Main, I can only assume we encountered the A team of staff because having anyone else on hand on a summer Sunday would just be poor management, right? We were "hostessed" by a mouth-breathing zombie who stared at us blankly until we asked if we could sit down. Then arrived our waiter, who appeared to be retrieved from a dumpster earlier this morning. 1. He was drunk. Not a little bit. Like hammered. This is a fact. 2. When I asked for a latte he said "are you kidding me?" I kind of wasn't because it was on the menu. 3. When I asked for spinach on my omelette (because there were 4 other things on the menu containing spinach,so i assumed they have it) he said No Way. Why? "I don't know, it's frozen or something." 4. After 45 minutes we still had no water, let alone the coffee or Bloody Mary we ordered. Ps it was 85 degrees out. And the hangover thing.. 5. Before we bailed to go forage for breakfast in the woods, as that would be much faster: He served Mimosas to 2 obvious Tweens, served a table of 6 their meals 10 minutes apart - each, never gave the kitchen our order, left a family sitting at a dirty table for 20 minutes while he hung out with a passerby, and emerged from the kitchen with unidentifiable slime on his creepy long mustache. He told one table not to sit outside because they we're "gonna be waiting a long time for service", and just sent another couple away altogether. There were 4 open tables just in the outside section. Every minute we were there we witnessed another moment straight out of Kitchen Nightmares. It was surreal. Unless we were being punked, everyone who was working there today should be fired. Ok maybe not everyone, but the manager, the dumpster guy and the hostess for sure.

  • Kevin K.

    We chose to go on a recommendation from the owner of the condo we were renting. Monday is $5.99 spaghetti. 7 adults and a 2 year old. Bad luck I guess as we're waited on by the rudest waiter I have ever encountered. Evidently the manager thought so too, and he apparently quit or was fired in the middle of our meal. This of course left our meal in total disarray. The food was mediocre and this is not a kid friendly place as the info here the managers credit se comped our entire meal.

  • Anita R.

    I have eaten here at least 20 times in the last 3 years. I like the food and the waitstaff and the restaurant is great for kids, but the hostess/hosts are absolutely horrible and untrained and it is always a disaster at the front. They have no clue what is going on, in multiple occasions I have had reservations and still had to wait an hour. And times I have walked in I have had people there after me with no reservation seated first. Totally a mess, even at times it has been smooth for me it has been a mess for other guests. If you can deal with the frustration it is a pretty good restaurant.

  • Mike C.

    Poor service. Had to wait several minutes after being seated before water was served, several more before drinks served, many more before bread was served and order taken. Tapenade app had stale, dry bread. Pasta dishes were okay, nothing great. Server was absent most of the meal, so drink refills were few and far between. Restaurant was full, but not so busy to explain the poor service and food.

  • Nick P.

    The hell happened to this place? Really... new management...again? Killer stage and sound system, but the live bands have been replaced with crappy DJ's. Used to have wonderful food that now sucks. I'm super disappointed. Park City is an amazing place to visit, and Cisero's used to be one of my "go to" spots. I'm sad to say, not anymore.

  • Brandon R.

    Went there for Sunday brunch and what a great experience. Had to wait at the hostess stand a little longer than we would have liked, but that was the only thing I could possibly find wrong. Great breakfast and excellent service from our server Jordan. I would certainly recommend this for breakfast.

  • Chelsei A.

    Fabulous summertime outdoor dining & people watching. What an amazing surprise to find one of the best Orange Glazed Cod entrees I've ever had! Staff, food & wine is always predictable....really good! Love that they are open late during "off season."

  • Elisa C.

    Seriously. My expectations were low. My standards were exceeded. Absurdly fun, emphasis on absurd.

  • Kevin H.

    Always a good experience. Attentive staff well prepared meals and a nice atmosphere.

  • Erica D.

    I've been here twice and the thought of the meals on my tongue makes me nauseas in memorium. Once, I came here with my family, and my mother was served barely bendable linguine. Plus, they are extremely crowded, which is expected in PC, but they are not worth the sketchy service or prices. Walk downward on Main for better options, steer clear of Cisero's.

  • Tiffany W.

    It has now become tradition for The Dude and I to have our "vacation date night" at Cisero's. Now three years running, it still has not disappointed. Upon entering this time, the hostess could tell we were out for a special evening (his suit was probably the give-away!), and when we said we would like outside seating she gave us a corner table we could have to ourselves. How romantical... They have since changed the bread option to straight up French bread with butter; I vote they go back to the sour dough and focaccia. At least before we return for next year :) But still, it was just right for staving off our appetites while we waited for our appetizer--the grilled artichoke. It was a simple, halved and grilled 'choke with melted butter and a small serving of what I'm pretty sure was panzanella. The tomato chunk I had of it (Dude at the rest) was awesome. Perfectly ripe and perfectly seasoned... I only wish I could have ordered that instead of the lame house salad I did order. Iceberg lettuce is a total let down in any and all cases for me; this time being no exception. But at least the ranch dressing was good. For our entrees, Duder order the Shrimp Cisero (or something like that). It was shrimp and black fettucini with what looked liked a cream sauce and pine nuts. He put it away without trouble so I think that means it was good. I had the eggplant Parmesan and was in comfort food heaven. A pile of breaded, sauced, and cheesed eggplant alongside spaghetti with tomatoes... mmm... And then of course, dessert. Despite being stuffed, it was vacation so hell, we went with the cizzookie... or pizzookie? Whatever the 8" choco-chip cookie with vanilla ice cream is called. I call it holydeliciousbatman. I wasn't quite "Thanksgiving full", but pretty close. To top off a great meal, the service was fantastic. Our server did an outstanding job and was very friendly. The weather was perfect outside on their Main Street patio, the food was good, the service was great, and so once again, vacation date night was a lovely success.

  • Richard T.

    Two of us came here at 10:15am on a Sunday. We were greated right away by the host, who seemed like the owner. He seared us outside and our server showed up promptly. I think the hollandaise is better here than the eating establishment across the street and I like the potatoes here better also. I would come back here.

  • C P.

    Great food! The chef and wait staff were extremely friendly and offered great suggestions. We started with bruschetta, which was definitely better than average! The pollo chicken pasta was outstanding. The spaghetti was good, but that pollo chicken!!! The prices were about right and the menu offered a good variety. I would go back.

  • Kam S.

    Got the fettucini alfredo. Chicken was good, pasta was undercooked. Cost $16.99. Not really worth it.

  • Bonnie C.

    Was referred to this place by a local on a Sunday night, for "Sexy Sundays..." Wasn't too much sexy going on at all. Also, about 85% of the "club" was flooded with Portuguese speaking people. But really, it was the rave music that killed it. Great service and good food though, but hop a block off Main street and everything will be cheaper.

  • Suzanne B.

    We went for Monday night spaghetti special, although several of us got entrees from the regular menu. The lasagne and chicken parm were good. Not great, but ok. The kids ordered burgers, and the otherwise surly waiter made sure that the cooks made them medium rare as requested.

  • Chris M.

    Visited Park City for the performance of the Utah Symphony at Deer Valley. Before we went to the resort, we stopped in town for dinner. Cisero's was a great spot with outdoor seating. The meal was tasty (I had a shrimp with black fettuccine dish that was very good. My girlfriend tried the gnocchi which was one of the best variations I've tried (of course we shared). Their wine menu was a little short, but what they had was good. The service was decent, but nothing to write home (or here) about. Our waiter was okay, but seemed pretty new with nothing to real add to the experience. Oh, and they need a dessert menu!

  • Pebbles And Bam Bam A.

    We've been here numerous times, and it's consistently a 3. The food is fine - nothing special but we've never had any problems or complaints either. The service is okay - again, fine but not great (can actually be a little slow). They have nice outdoor seating, but that's not hard to find along Main Street. If you're craving pizza, go to Davanza's. Ehh - nothing memorable.

  • Matherine G.

    Positive: No problem getting 4 people a table outside on a Friday night in the summer. Extensive menu with plenty of selection. Negative: Lousy service (rude waitress, food took way too long to arrive), tasteless food (the caprese especially), food was too pricey for what you got. Overall: We really wanted to like this place, but it was a tremendous disappointment. We loved sitting outside with the views/weather..but the food was a major letdown.

  • Lisa c.

    Terrible food- I got salmonella poisoning from the cesar salad and the rest of my trip has been ruined!! do not eat the salads!! Service was okay but I'm still sick two days later!!

  • Joe H.

    mediocre, overpriced food. There are far better choices in park city. The waiter tried, but it didn't make up for the rest of the experience.

  • Cynthia C.

    The foccacia was big and fluffy. I liked. The food was hearty and cheap. Can't complain. We had the ravioli, meatballs, caesar salad, & the chicken marsala. All good, but the meatballs were super tender and not loaded with bread crumbs. Club: FREE cover before 10pm. We utilized the foos ball table and beat some Southern CALI & UT ass!!! Whoo!!! Get your tokens from the bartenders. Music selection: TOP 40s.

  • Dennis L.

    Stopped into Cisero's, the food was amazing, the staff was attentive but not clingy. I would highly suggest the chicken parm and chicken capree sandwhich

  • Trent S.

    While on vacation my wife and I dined in this restaurant. We were quickly and courteously greeted and seated. Our waiter Jeff was very friendly and attentive. We started with an appetizer of stuffed mushrooms. We thought they were very good, but spicy. Basically spicy meatballs in a mushroom top. I would recommend trying. My wife got a salad with her meal, the house salad dressing was very good. My wife's main course was Capellini Pomodoro. She got it with the chicken. The downside was the chicken breast was only about 2 ounces and an additional $6. I got the Lasagna. It was of decent size. Very good! I would say the food was very good. We definitely left with enough for a second meal. I would recommend this place.

  • joseph a.

    Bartenders were awesome and laid back.

  • Tom H.

    Stopped in for Sunday Brunch - Servers name was Brian - Great selection on the buffet and a nice omelette to go along with it. Bloody mary could have used a little more Zing but good - Drop the Peach Belini - Will return great start to a great day

  • Irene H.

    I was visiting for Sundance. We made reservations for Sunday brunch in advance. When we called on Sat night to change our reservation time, we were told that they were closed for brunch on Sunday because of Sundance... yet they let us make a reservation and wouldn't have told us this if we hadn't called again? Bad service in my book.

  • Drinky C.

    Saturday night, last weekend of Sundance, and we rolled in with a party of 9. Luckily we had a reservation, because it looked like the place was slammed. The food was mediocre at best. Calamari were like breaded timing belts, stuffed mushrooms were boring, but at least the roasted artichokes were simple and tasty. I had the veal piccata and was bummed. Even pounded out thin, the cutlet was dry, chewy, and overcooked. It was also swimming in a pool of grease. It came with some reheated frozen veggies, and some poorly roasted red potatoes. Service was not that great, but I'll forgive our waiter. He mentioned he'd just had 4 large tables, including ours, seated all at once, and that he was on his 9th day working in a row. Not that he was giving excuses, but we were asking a lot of questions. I appreciate his good sense of humor. No idea what the nightclub is like, but could hear a bachelorette party's high pitched screaming from the dining room.

  • Cindy S.

    I really enjoyed the dinner we had here. The bread was warm, fresh and was served with a yummy chopped green olive and olive oil tapenade that was quite delicious. I had the chicken Marsala and my husband had the butternut squash ravioli. Both were excellent. The atmosphere was nice, good music, not loud. We wanted a somewhat "light" dessert so went for the spumoni. We got a "slab" of spumoni ice cream with chocolate drizzle and whipped cream. Very nice. Would definitely come back again.

  • Rina L.

    My friends and I stopped by Cisero's on our visit to Utah. Its a nice, small place on Main Street in Park City. We went a little early, around 6p, so there was nobody downstairs at the bar. It was a nice place with a stage, projector screen, game tables, and bar tables. I could see it getting really packed there...good thing we left before the rush. The food was okay. We ordered the grilled artichoke, calamari, some kind of stew, chicken wings, a pasta dish and 6 hefenweizers and the total came out to around $80. (I think the stew was the best thing). The service was excellent. There were 2 employees downstairs who were very friendly and helpful. As we were leaving, one of them invited us back and said he would let us in without paying cover. Too bad it was too cold to come back out after we got to our hotel. All in all, it was a good experience.

  • Roxanne B.

    Chicken parmesan was very good size and tasty. Pass on the salad. Even for $3 it was tiny. Iceberg only and the lettuce was brown as in day old!

  • Charlie C.

    We had a group of 12 there for karaoke. At 10 pm we put 6-8 requests in. At 11 we asked the 'karaoke cowboy' if we were going to be called, and he halfheartedly said yeah we're in line. At midnight, after seeing the same people (including the cowboy) sing in some cases 3 times, we left. Apparently karaoke at this place is not open to visitors, though they did take our money. We informed the resort that they should not send people here for karaoke.

  • Stephen L.

    Went for dinner on New Year's Day. Called for reservation and they claimed they could accomodate us, but when we arrived had no record of reservation. Finally, someone at host station acknowledged our phone call and said we had been placed on "priority walk up list". All this got us was the same estimated 30 minute wait that other walk ups received. Ultimately, we were offered a "table" in the basement area. The basement area is a night club, so our choice was to eat at the downstairs bar or have two high-top bar tables pushed together. They did make an effort to make it nicer and brought down a tablecloth. The service was fine, but it was never really clear which of the 3 different people that we dealt with was our server. Food was good, but pretty average. Upstairs probably has better ambiance, but food will remain the same. A safe choice in the downtown area. Reasonable prices.

  • Steve H.

    Went for New Years Eve. Crowded but they handled it pretty good. Food was fine but certainly nothing special. Price at $100 for three with a bottle of wine was reasonable.

  • Britt S.

    Mediocre at best. Lots of canned tasting food plated nicely.

  • Chris H.

    The bar and club downstairs is good by Park City standards, where there are not many places to dance. Cover is $11, which includes a mandatory coat check. The night I was there they had a band which was okay. Since it was Sundance, one would have assumed that they would have gone for the top talent available--apparently Utah is not a hotbed of musical abilities. Still, if Harry O's is having a ridiculously expensive event (as is usual during Sundance), Cisero's is the next best choice. The other option would be Sidecar, but that is more of a local's place.

  • Erin D.

    So disappointed with everything. White wine was warm, dinners were drenched in oil/sauce, and service was sub-par. Worst meal I have had in a while. Not even close to worth the money. Don't ignore the bad reviews like I did.

  • Maria P.

    Having just moved to the area I knew that Main Street was a bit of tourist trap but we ate there a few times and got good food for a good price. Cisero's was exceptional! I'm Italian through and through and know good Italian food and Cisero's has it. The food was so good an in good proportions. I had butternut squash ravioli and wow were they delicious. The service was great too! And if we had room for dessert I know that would have been delicious too. A recommendation I would anyones. Enjoy.

  • David P.

    Definitely good food. Had butternut squash ravioli and it was great. Service was good until a large group came in and then our server pretty much forgot about us. I guess she assumed they were going to tip her a lot more than our group could. I hope she was right.

  • Dann H.

    Yum. Four cheese pizza. Sweet patio setting. Nice servers. Authentic Italian in PC. Can't wait to go back.

  • Becky F.

    GREAT FOOD! And very friendly service. We went here on Christmas eve and the place was packed and the services was still very good. The food was to die for, I would recommend the butternut squash ravioli (heavenly). Its a bit pricey but its Park City so everything is a bit more expensive.

  • Laura F.

    After a day of skiing, we were looking for a restaurant that wasn't too fancy/expensive and a waiter at another restaurant recommended Cisero's because his wife worked there. He said the pasta was homemade, and that was just the kind of thing we were looking for. We had a gnocci and chicken penne dish that were to die for, and the ravioli was tasty but not as awesome. I would definitely return next time I am in Park City.

  • Eric S.

    The "club" downstairs is tiny. It gets super hot downstairs. $11 cover/membership fee which includes coat check. Just like everywhere in Utah alcohol is measured out. There is a pool table and a small dance floor. The night I was there the DJ was super annoying. Yelling out profanity over and over trying to be cool. Saying things like, "I'm mother fucking all hip hop!" Yet not playing much of it. Actually, right after he yelled that out, he played some Michael Jackson.

  • Kristin T.

    I'm rating this place as a nightclub, as I've never eaten at the restaurant. It's loud, a sausage party, and frequently has live music. I came here for New Year's Eve in 2004 and 2005, refused to pay the $40 cover and they let me in anyway because they needed women in there. Fun in a frat party sort of way.

  • Jeff T.

    Sunday afternoon during Art Festival, we sat down at about 4:00 pm on the outside seating area. We were served water and our order was taken quickly by a friendly waiter. He recommended a Short Rib Sandwich that was the special of the day , " I had it for lunch " he says... We also ordered , 3 cheese pizza , Italian Panini & Kids Chicken/Fries. The food took about 25 minutes to arrive , and it wasn't busy . The special? Well , the presentation was poor , it was served on a very simple bread roll that might have come from Walmart , served with fries only . It tasted ok, but no garnish , salads , onions , nothing. Amateur . No silverware or napkins given to us , we " borrowed " from adjoining empty table. Panini ok , pizza so so , kids chicken was quite good . Food plus 2 Peronis $78 , before tip. In conclusion ; friendly waiter and errrrrrr.. that's about the only positive. Ooooops , the Peroni was nice & cold.

  • anca v.

    I would say there was an authentic Italian atmosphere, a bit crowded and noisy..which I liked! It reminded me of Europe and it's restaurants...cozy! The food was very tasty and the service very good. A bit of a wait to get in.

  • M S.

    A good place to duck the cold and get a whiskey downstairs. That night, there was a band. They were a tad on the coagulation side. The elderly lead singer put on sun glasses during the solo and danced around like he had the conch, and to top it off, all his solo consisted of was strumming the A chord over and over and over again......haha, pretty lame-O, you had to be there! But hey, they covered Dylan, twice, and you can't beat that.

  • Karen F.

    Spent $52 on a very mediocre meal. Lasagna's sauce tasted more like ketchup and the sweet potato fries weren't as crispy as I liked. Extremely overpriced for the quality of the food. On the plus side, they have some entertaining games (beware, connect 4 is missing pieces!) and karaoke on Thurs night.

  • Nicholas H.

    This place is good, I don't drink so yeah the food is good. The pizza is way good.. so get one!

  • Raymond M.

    For families or big groups on a ski budget, "this is the place". The food is not amazing, but is decent. If you are in town during football season, check out the Monday football special downstairs. They bar downstairs is great place to go with a bunch of friends if you are looking for a little fun after dinner.

  • JP B.

    I ate here last Wednesday night, and it was a blast! Our waiter was really cool, he knew how to handle us! We all loved our wine and meals. I got an artichoke dish that was amazing. After dinner, our waiter got us into the club downstairs, (same establishment) and by passed the cover charge and the line, which was really long. It was really fun downstairs, although pretty packed, but cheap drinks and fun people.

  • Lisa K.

    A great spot for a low key Italian meal. Nothing to rant and rave about, but the food and service was good. Most of the restaurants around this area are a fixed menu and you know you are going to spend $75 before you even sit down. This place didn't break the bank, and left me pleasantly full! I'd go back for sure.

  • Mee-stique K.

    Well.....having been Sundance guess you can't complain when everywhere was being full and with no place to eat, it was okay. We wanted Sunday breakfast, but everywhere was full so this was the only place that could seat us right was a buffet breakfast...price wise, it was very reasonable...but what was a big disappointment was every plate was soooooooo dirty that you wonder if their dishwasher broke down.....i went thru almost 10 plates before finding one that was decent to eat off of. I know I might have been quite picky and the person standing behind me was wondering..."what the heck is she doing???" but I just couldn't give myself that plate. I could even guess what the person who used this plate ate....with egg yolk stuck on the sides with cheese. ...hmmm an omelette perhaps..n the glass.....oh my god...i'm not even goin to tell you what was on my water glass................

  • Mama L.

    So, the last time I was here they had karoke downstairs. This guy went up on stage and sang "Like a Virgin." He started taking off his clothes, lingering over each article. He started unbuckling his belt and I thought for sure the security will grab him. As the guy started taking off his jeans, a few security people got near the stage. As he finished his big number, the guy took off his boxers and was naked, except for his socks. Full frontal naked. The security didn't do anything. I thought that was cool.

  • Ne Ne M.

    We felt like we went back to Italy for the night. Kid friendly and affordable quality food on Main Street is hard to find & this is a great option. I loved their blackberry Italian cream soda! The pasta is made in house and so is their mozzarella cheese. I would like to see an organic option on their menu, particularly an organic chicken since everyone knows how discussing it is to eat hormone injected, GMO grain fed chicken. Otherwise I wouldn't change a thing.

  • Richard L.

    We had a party of 11 for dinner last night. The Boss and I often order 2 entrees we both want and then share; last night those 2 entrees were Cioppino and Osso Buco. The Osso Buco was FABULOUS and a serving large enough for two to boot. Unfortunately, the Cioppino was flavorless and rather than seafood swimming in a red stew, it was resting on the bottom in an uninspired and watery broth. The wedge salad, with bleu cheese substituted for creamy Italian dressing, was good, and again, big enough for two. Texas-size portions seems to be a recurring theme; the Casookie (sp?) dessert was big enough for everybody to have a taste. I had two. I never caught our server's name, but she took very good care of our party. Admittedly, the place was nearly empty, so I would have expected nothing less than good service. Due to the weak Cioppino, 4 stars.

  • Bryan A.

    Had the artichoke dip for an appetizer, and then split the chicken Marsala with my wife. Solid Italian food!

  • Michele G.

    You really should RUN not walk FROM CISERO'S. I have been going to Cicero's in PC for over 20 years with my children & extended family. I have always found the owner accommodating. I have never had a problem until Sarah the bar tender was hired. From that point on it has been an absolutely miserable experience. This girl is a hater and loves a power play. On several occasion's we have had our meals delayed for over1 1/2 hours & been over charged on the credit card four times. Tonight being in a forgiving mood I stopped by to order through the waiter enjoying conversations with folks passing by. Sarah came out and in front of several people told me I am "not allowed" in the restaurant. I am 60 years old and anything but a threat to society neither am I cruel or unkind & I tip well, always. Ironically I was very good friends with the former Manager, never had a problem. Which is why I went there in the first place. My family & I have three businesses on Historic Main Street in Park City & are prominent within our community. I will never recommend Cicero's again & would strongly warn against risking your lovely night out to become a hateful experience as mine have been when Sarah is working. When Sarah is not there we have a reasonable experience. Unfortunately the food is not worth the fear of conflict with Sarah the bar tender at Cicero's You really should RUN not walk FROM CISERO'S!

  • Michelle K.

    Thought I'd give this known bar a try. I've been down to the bar which is in the basement but it looked all grungy so didn't have much of a good impression of them. Upon walking into the dining area, it was pretty large, nice looking (fancy dining as I would put it), nice art and decorations. You can definitely take a date here although things are a bit old and rustic (they haven't renovated in the last decade(s) as the bathroom stinks and is super old. Now on to the food part, the food sucked! It was probably a 2 out of 5 star and I cook even better than they do (I would consider myself a mediocre cook too)! The piccatta was not breaded, slightly seared? The sauce seemed out of a can and my husband makes WAY better piccatta than this so-called Italian restuarant. My mother's casserole dish was overly salty so she had to eat bread with it. The shrimp scampi was overly lemony and had 5 large shrimps...that's it (dish costs $24)! Would not come back here for their $15 entree dishes unless you want to do their 2 for 1. Even with that, our average dish still cost $12 and was still ehhh, yuck. On the bright side, service was good.

  • Mandy A.

    We used to LOVE this restaurant! We would come here for our anniversary, but this visit ended it all.

  • Susan S.

    Great dining experience. Food was tasty and well prepared, the bartender was friendly and accommodating with our order and drinks arrived quickly. I highly recommend this place.

  • Cherie L.

    Came here for a post wedding brunch on Sunday and the restaurant was empty other than a few tables. Despite that, the service was extremely slow! We waited a good 30mins for our coffee after which we had to bug them for refills while waiting another 30mins to an hour for our food. Andrew(on of our servers) was pretty helpful and was trying to make up for the snail paced other server who was grumpy and careless. Some of the food came out cold when it eventually did come out. I had the ricotta pancakes and my husband had the chicken fried chicken both of which were decent but the whole experience totally put us off. Never again!

  • Chad C.

    Started off with the grilled artichoke, calamari and garlic cheese bread, all of which were just average at best. The artichoke was split down the middle and grilled on each side which was fine but the other half was really undercooked making it feel like eating a raw artichoke. The lasagna was pretty good ... not incredible but a decent lasagna. The highlight of the dinner was the veal piccata which was fantastic, the flavors were intense. The lemon juice and white wine sauce smothered the veal with shallots, garlic and capers. This dish made the dinner .... everything else was so so to meh

  • Amy Q.

    Decided to stop in here while bar hopping along Main Street and so glad we did. My boyfriend grew up in Park City so it helps to know of all the places to go. We sat at the bar for a few and really enjoyed the live music and the service at the bar was good. I will certainly be back next time we are in Park City!

  • Brandon S.

    The food was decent. My three cheese ravioli came out a little cold. It was a nice atmosphere and nice ambience. But the food was decent and not worth the price. Was disappointed as I had high hopes for this place

  • Jeff M.

    Cisero's = best value for total food package in PC. New Year's Eve was Prix fixe and outstanding results. Able to seat immediately even at 10pm. Wanted dessert, but way too full to attempt. Full spectrum wine list.

  • Chuck N.

    Food good. Service under par. Dessert menu? Oh yeah. Here. I recommend this one. That's it? Poorly trained.

  • Erik S.

    Cisero's has been around since my early 21 days and looks pretty much the same today. It's a refreshing divey joint and nowhere near as upscale as the rest of Park City making it one of the places I make it a point to visit when in town.

  • Austin G.

    If you're in Park City do yourself a favor and stop by this place. The staff feels like family, the food is delicious, and the drinks are fantastic. Classy dining on upper level and happening hangout downstairs. This establishment makes sure to host the best local music but can still turn your Sunday brunch into an all day event because you're so engrossed in conversation with the staff that you just cannot leave. Ask for Sarah If you're particular about your cocktails. She can do no wrong.

  • Tom M.

    Disappointed with pizza thru delivery service. Not a pizza place - small, minimal toppings and expensive.

  • Tawny S.

    Food was average. Service was fine. We ate downstairs on new years eve before the after party and the manager was not very appreciative of us. I thought he should have been a bit more hospitable since we were the only customers in there.

  • Luci S.

    As a Park City local of many years, Cisero's is always on my favorites list. It's affordable, accommodating and just plain good. It's not one of the over-priced, over-decorated, stuffy places in town. The menu is as expected for any really good family-friendly Italian restaurant like we had back east. This place is comfort at it's best. Downstairs, the bar/nightclub is fun and is an alternative for seating when the upstairs is full during prime dinner hours. Greg, Max and Jessica are great hosts and always give our groups their best in service and enjoyment.

  • Julian T.

    While the food was pretty good (artichoke was DELICIOUS but lasagna super salty), there were more service issues. Firstly, the lunch menu does not have ANY pasta on it, which is pretty strange for an Italian restaurant. When we asked our server, she said that there was indeed pasta, and gave us some choices. Just weird that it wasn't on the menu...Also, we went during winter, and the room was FREEZING. They had fans blowing cold air, which wasn't exactly pleasant. Otherwise, decent food but problems with the execution. There is better Italian in Park City.

  • Robert G.

    According to the low season we are in, the service is excellent. Apparently some Yelpers claim service can be hit or miss during busier times. As for the traditional spaghetti and meatballs, it rivals the best I have had anywhere including my home city New York

  • Thomas I.

    We waited 10 to 15 minutes for our drinks and another 45 for our meals in a nearly empty restaurant. The food was great. Unfortunately the service was abysmal. We felt trapped after ordering. We also had to beg for our bill. We will not be back.

  • Mark L.

    We decided an Italian Restaurant for a dinner tonight. We end up at Cisero's Restoranti. Everything we ordered are delicious and season perfectly. The pork saltimbucca was amazing, crunchy outside and juicy inside. Our server is not well trained and knowledgeable about their menu. Stain on the Water glasses and silverwares. If I'm not mistaken they are not buffed.

  • Ally M.

    I used to love this place, it had a great atmosphere, excellent food and awesome service. But for the past three years every time I go back it's gotten worse and worse. I keep hoping it was just a bad night for them but I don't think that's the case. The server took forever to get to our table, never filled our water, didn't get us enough silverware and this was on a slow night. It took a good 40 minutes for us to even get our bread and then the food was just so so. I raved about this place to my friends who I took and we were all disappointed. I don't think I'll be going back anymore.

  • Janaka S.

    Horrible service. They didn't even bring water for like 40 mins. Got our order wrong multiple times

  • Maria B.

    Service staff is a little off, the constant pacing past the tables in annoying and not discrete. Leave my empty plates I really don't mind people :) food is good, nothing to write home about. Dessert was fantastic, the Cisookie, for sure try that.

  • Stephanie F.

    We had a great experience at Cisero's. Our server Nicolas was really nice and friendly. He was very attentive and brought over lots of water (impressive that he could keep up with our water intake). The table was covered with paper and had crayons so we were able to draw while we were waiting for our meal (a little out of place because the restaurant is pretty nice but we enjoyed it!). The food was good. We had a coupon for a free tapenade. We added the fresh mozzarella to that and with the delicious bread and garlic dipping sauce they brought to the table, we were happy. The fettuccine alfredo, chicken picatta, and butternut squash raviolis (one with pesto and one with alfredo) all went over well. We ordered two mudpies for the four of us, which was a good amount. Two loved it, two thought it was okay.


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Music : DJ
    Good For Dancing : Yes
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Happy Hour : No
    Best Nights : Mon, Thu, Fri
    Coat Check : Yes
    Smoking : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


Italian Cuisine

The immense popularity of Italian cuisine globally isn't unknown. You can find an Italian Pizzeria around every corner of almost every city in the United States. Not to forget that in every house, people enjoy mac and cheese as comfort food. But it would be wrong to believe that Italian food starts with pizza and ends with good pasta as this Mediterranean country has much more to offer other than these two dishes. In Italian Cuisine, there is a high use of fresh tomatoes, all kinds of herbs, great quality of cheese, all types of meat, seafood and fresh handmade pasta. Many find it hard to believe that Italians have been making noodles long back.

Italian and Greek cuisines are always mistaken to be same, but they are poles apart. The primary difference between the two cuisines is the use of cheese in most of the Italian dishes. Italians love to cultivate their own cheese and process them as per their food requirement. It is believed that some cheese is so expensive that cheese producers secure them in lockers.

If you are bored eating the same old pasta or pizza, you can try some of the authentic Italian dishes like Risotto, Polenta, Ribollita, Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak, Bottarga, Ossobuco, Carbonara, Focaccia, Arancini and Supplì. Another item which Italians love to relish every morning is a good cup of Italian Coffee. Once you taste a freshly brewed cup of Italian Coffee, you might not visit Starbucks ever again. Authentic Italian food is made with heart and soul, so go find a restaurant where you can relish Italian cuisine in your city.


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