Couscous Mediterranean Grill

5470 S 900 E
Murray, 84117
The chicken shwarma is really amazing! A good punch of spices and turmeric that really make this soft flavorful chicken stand out among the crowd.
What a delightful surprise in a random strip mall. The owner/chef is really nice and offered up suggestions and gave out samples. I settled on the mediterranean nachos and I was one happy girl. Garbanzo chips, cheese, mango salsa, hummus, and shwarma. YUM. Also, some of the best yogurt dill sauce I've had. Fresh and delicious! The portions are huge. I could have shared those nachos with two others and I would have been content. Prices are pretty fantastic too! I can't wait to go back and try their flatbread pizzas and the burrito. Cous cous in a burrito? Sign me up!
I go there often. I love the athmosphere. The owner is very friendly and makes sure his customer are well taken care of. The food is made from scratch, very good and healthy. I do recommend for everyone to give it a try.

(801) 938-8307


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Café Bistro

Nordstrom,6191 S State St
Murray, 84107
I was surprised how tasty the salmon salad was. It was odd that the server sent me to the cashier to order and there wasn't an option to add a tip. So I left the tip in cash on the table. Service was fast and kind.
Like everything Nordstrom does, this place is appropriate, beautiful, and always a good idea. This is more of a take out style restaurant with waiter service. Weird, right? You put in your order and pay up front and then go to the table and are served. The pros about this is that you can view the entire menu before even committing to eating there. Trust me, you'll want to eat there, because there is something for everyone. Here's what I love to order: -Citrus Shrimp has corn, cilantro, and all sorts of tasty goodness. It's light, yet totally satisfying. - French fries with kalamata olive oil...seriously, do not pass this up. You'll beg them for another side of the aioli and then you'll beg for the recipe. Believe me. - Totally tasty soups. It's the perfect place to meet someone for lunch or get some energy while shopping. P.S. They serve breakfast all day!
This restaurant is located on the second floor of Nordstrom at the Fashion Place mall on the East side of the store. It is called Cafe Bistro. The style of this restaurant is fast casual. It is a great spot for grabbing a quick bit to eat whether you are in a hurry or just want to eat better than the food court. The food court has all the normal fast food chains available and this is a good alternative to that style of food. The food is prepared quickly and from what I can tell all the ingredients are fresh. They offer a nice selection of soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta and specialty entrees. The paninis are very tasty. They have a large stone oven they cook the pizzas in. Despite its quite hidden location it can get busy sometimes and you might have to wait. If the wait is not too long you can shop a little more, come back and easily find a table. Kids will feel just fine eating here. They have a menu online. The service was good and they were friendly. You should be able to have a nice lunch or dinner here and do some shopping.

(801) 892-4123

American (New), Comfort Food, Cafes

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Domino’s Pizza

153 E 4370 S
Murray, 84107
Dominos is good as long as it's not bad. This particular one has never let me down and I've done carry out almost every time except maybe twice. Based on what I know about people it's that reviews in the negative are typically over exaggerated in hopes to get some desperate employee to offer them something free. I'm happy with this one and I'm literally on my way there now.
I love this location. They're always accommodating and they put up with me asking about how the prepare the pizza and health practices. One thing I would suggest though: please check to see when people order sauces with their parmesan bread bites. I've walked out of the store several times without mine when I order pickup. It's not a big deal, but it's probably something that they should get into the habit of doing. Other than that they're always great! Thanks for all your pizza my friends. As a college student I sure appreciate it.
Awesome. They just called me because while I had requested "no cheese", there was still different types of cheese on my pizza. Thank you Domino's!!!

(801) 265-2685

Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches

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Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt

5612 S` 900 E
Murray, 84107
Very nice and clean. Super friendly staff. Great flavors and add-ons to choose from. I went there midweek around 4pm. Not busy as expected. I had the chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and a caramel ice cream with m&ms for my daughter. Caramel was pink in color which tripped my four y old out. Haha. She loved it. The kids size is enough for her and for me. A pint to go is $7.50. Totally worth it for a party or to have some of this deliciousness in the fridge for later. You can also get smoothies , shakes, frozen yoghurt and other things. Definitely recommending this place for a non traditional ice cream parlor. To see them make the ice cream right in front of you is a treat in its own.
Wow, I never knew that ice cream made with liquid nitrogen would be so good ..... Excellent!!!! Upon entering, the young lady greeted my granddaughters and I immediately and explained the ice cream-making process (which was fascinating). The girls tried a watermelon and lemon combo with coconut and gummy bears mixed in. It was FANTASTIC, although I could have done without the gummy bears (yes, I tried it, "taxes" my dad would say). It's a tad bit expensive, hence the reason for 4 stars not 5. But this is a great way to cool off on a VERY HOT Salt Lake summer day.
We came in not knowing what to expect from this establishment. The signs were a bit confusing as we were looking to get a frozen yogurt and they were reading from right to left. The person behind the counter was very friendly and asked us if we had been in the store before. We mentioned that this was our first time as we were visiting from out of the state (Seattle). She was very helpful and genuine as it looked like she enjoyed her job (hence the 3 stars). Unfortunately, the flavors of the three (one was vanilla/peach with mixed berries, another was vanilla with strawberries, and the other was vanilla/mango with mangoes) were overpowering with sugar as the syrups made the frozen yogurt too sweet for our palates. I could see how many kids would like it with them blasting the concoction with the liquid nitrogen. Great way to get the kids interested in science, but it may be best to reformulated with the mixtures. Appreciated that there were fresh fruit. Also, they should remove the eye ball toys and the squiggly looking animal things that are attached to the cables and pipes. Some were missing (showing the sticker that once attached the eyeballs) and one of the squiggly animals looked like it was about to fall into the mixing bowl. Now that would have been entertaining to see the plastic critter get frozen.

(801) 263-0406

Desserts, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Greek Souvlaki

5692 S 900 E
Murray, 84107
I have been to this location and also the one towards downtown. Both have the same menu and the same quality food. This location is now open on Sundays which is a bonus when you just have to have your Gyro. My favorite thing is the Yeero (Gyro) combo. It depends on my mood but both the White and Red sauces are good. If you want spicy then go with the Red but if you want something creamy then go with the white sauce. Their fries are good with being crispy on the outside and not too oily. Don't forget to get fry sauce!! Their lemon rice has just the right amount of lemon hint in it without being over powering. I will say that the rice is a tad bit oily though but it is in no way swimming in oil. The combos might seem a bit pricey at about $7.80 but you get a decent side of either rice or fries and a drink. None of their prices are too outrageous and they definitely satisfy.
First a small disclaimer... I don't eat Greek food often so take it into consideration. The good - fries were yummy. They are crisp on the outside. The bad - I ordered chicken souvlaki and it was not good. The taste was bland. I had 7 large pieces of onion to three cubes of chicken. It came in a pita, and half way through, the pita was wet and mushy. I'd say the rice and salad were fair. The center piece here though is the chicken, and unfortunately I couldn't finish it.
The best gyro sandwich I've had in Salt Lake, maybe the best I've had anywhere. The meat is always perfectly cooked and the seasoning is wonderful. I really like their pita bread. It's fried and a little oily. Uptight eaters might not like that but I think it's delicious. They also have excellent fries and they have the best fry sauce ever. It's not the standard mayonnaise and ketchup. I don't know what's in it but it's got a tiny bit of spice to it and I love it. Greek Souvlaki also has souvlaki - of course. One of my favorite things to get is their "Low Carb Special." I'm not dieting but I just like the combo. It's a greek salad (they make a great greek salad) with two souvlaki skewers. I always get the chicken souvlaki. And I add pita bread. Like I said, I'm not on a diet, I just like that combo. It's a perfect meal for me. Other things I like at Greek Souvlaki are the stuffed grape leaves, the traditional lemon chicken soup, and the greek spaghetti. Greek Souvlaki, along with Crown Burger, is one of my favorite fast food options in Salt Lake. I think I'm gonna need to have a gyro sandwich tonight, now :-)

(801) 266-3336


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Jason’s Deli

184 E Winchester St
Murray, 84107
Solid food. Cafeteria vibe, but nice.
For my first visit to Jason's Deli, I thought it was okay. Deli food isn't usually my first choice for dinner, but we needed to grab a bite to eat before getting our evening started at Painting With a Twist just a few doors down, and this was the fastest and closest option. I went with a bowl of the broccoli cheddar soup, and it was decent. The ham and salami muffaletta that I had a couple bites of was pretty good, but I just wasn't in much of a sandwich mood. This place was surprisingly busy for a Friday night, but service was pretty quick.
Great salad bar. Tempting desserts. Comfortable booths. Delicious food. Reasonable prices. Good parking lot. Nice employees.

(801) 263-1000

Sandwiches, Delis

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Left Fork Grill

68 W 3900 S
Murray, 84107
I got to work 2 hours too early. SO GLAD I DID! I was running late to being early for work (oh the irony)and skipped breakfast. Had some time to burn and this place had great reviews. The food was delicious (spinach bacon and some fancy cheese I can't recall omelette recommended by my server Kari). Coffee was great, and refilled readily. The rye toast came with some delicious home made jam. The most impressive part, was the service. Kari was friendly and kind, and the owner actually came out and chatted with me for a bit! He told me that everything in the place was made from scratch, and I don't doubt it.
My recent visit here will be my last. The food was overpriced and it was greasy. The sausage didn't taste right and the place was dirty. Our waitress was eating her breakfast by the computer she was ringing the order in on. Another waitress put her opened soda into the ice cream freezer. We won't be coming back to this place again.
Just another good ol' fashioned hole-in-the-wall family feeling greasy spoon! I mostly echo the reviews of those who came before me. Simple food, nothing too fancy smancy, decent prices, laid back feel, and a wait staff with personality. I think that was my favorite part actually. It's the kind of place where you know the lady bringing you your food could spin some wild tales about the things she has seen, if'n you only had the time to listen. It is the kind of place where they call you "hun" and actually listen when you tell them that you don't want bread on your sandwich. It's a judgement free place, a happy place, a place out of a slower time in history. I haven't had a chance to try the pie yet, but I look forward to it. Mayberry?...Maybe...Maybe just a slice.

(801) 266-4322

Diners, Desserts, Breakfast & Brunch

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Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

6191 S State St
Murray, 84107
This place is absolutely terrible!! How they remain one if the very few businesses left in this food court, is beyond me!! I have never felt so swindled out of a mere eight dollars before in my life. I ordered the "Veggie Delight", suffice it to say I was not at all delighted. The entree was literally white rice and super greasy cabbage. Nothing more. The cashier had offered me mushrooms and up charged for those. I ordered this dish thinking it would be healthy. Maybe a broccoli or a carrot or two, not the heaping pile of despair that was served to me. I will never return.
This was the worst place I ever been too. An ugly fat lady who paints in here eyes brows on top of her shaved weird looking eyebrows kept telling me I didn't order what I know I ordered. She was extremely rude I was not given a receipt and even though she was not even the one who took my order she insisted I did she kept arguing with me. They made me take the wrong order the oil they use tasted a thousand years old. I will never ever eat there again bad food and horrible customer service.
I bought "Beef & Shrimp" there today. It tasted good. But I lost my glasses there. I am not sure whether I can get them back.

Japanese, Fast Food

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5175 S State St
Murray, 84107
Been here a few times it just OK the service was nice. The food is OK not so great some people say but OK. Better then some I think the price is a bit high for what you get.
I usually dine at the Chick-fil-A in Ft. Union but had errands near this one so I hit the drive-thru about 20 minutes ago. My normal meal there are the chicken strips and waffle fries (and diet coke). Usually Chick-fil-A is on target with these, but the ones I got today were LOADED with grease. So greasy that the grease seeped through the container to the bottom of the bag. YUCK. They were so bad the breading fell off. How is that possible? Oh yea, they're grease-bombs. I ate about two bites and chucked them. The fries were good as usual but after two bites of the grease-strips, I lost my appetite and chucked those too. $6 wasted. I feel like I need a shower. One star for the girl at the drive through window. She was polite, smiled, courteous and seemed genuinely happy to be working there. OK, two stars for her.
Best customer service. Chick-fil-A does a wonderful job teaching there employees the importance of great customer service. I enjoy that they have employees who check with you and offer to get you refill's and take your tray when your done. It's probably number 1 on my list for customer service from a fast food chain. I will be back for sure!

(801) 262-0681

Fast Food

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Arctic Circle

3919 S 700 E
Murray, 84107
I had a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a Moose-Tracks shake. It was really tasty for fast food. Glad I don't live there, it might be just a little too good.
Horrible. It took TWENTY minutes to get a burger and onion rings in the drive-thru!! Then when I finally got my food the burger was ICE cold and I ended up get food poisoning that night. I will never eat at an artic circle again.
This place was absolutely atrocious. Not only did we wait about 15 minutes for our food, it was horrible quality. We paid around $6 for a chicken strips basket that was basically run of the mill chicken nuggets. The corn dogs were cold in the center. How does a joint like this screw up corn dogs! The manager was so rude. He was telling at his staff for darn near everything. I was so upset that I gave him a piece of my mind. I will NEVER return to this location. Ever.

(801) 262-1496

Fast Food, Burgers

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