Marysvale Diner

315 N Main St
Marysvale, 84750
My boyfriend had the Southwest style biscuits & gravy, said it's the best breakfast he's had in 5 years!
Great breakfast, honest and friendly service, nice small town feel. I was driving through Marysvale on a Sunday morning with family, and we were really looking for a different local restaurant, but ended up here, a bit desperate for food. We thought we were settling, but it turned out that this was pretty dang good food! When we walked in, the woman working the front immediately told us that we were going to be waiting for a while, because there was a big party in front of us. There was one guy in the back making the food, hence the wait. It's good that we arrived when we did, because the next few parties to arrive were all told the same thing, but had to wait even longer. The woman was very nice to us and responded well to all of our requests. She even gave my nephews some exasperated responses as they ordered hot chocolate while she was sweating up a storm running around. I ordered the sausage and eggs breakfast. It came with 2 eggs, a huge sausage patty, hash browns, and some toast. I proceeded to make a sandwich with the eggs, sausage, and toast, and it was delicious. The yolks were perfect--they immediately ran everywhere when I bit into the sandwich. The hash browns were nice and crispy without being greasy. The sausage patty was really good. The bacon looked pretty solid as well, along with the pancakes I saw coming out to another table. Even the hot chocolate that my nephews got looked pretty decent and came in some pretty cool mugs. I'll definitely come back through here the next time I'm in Marysvale. This is one of those local places I'd love to frequent if I were close by it.
After numerous visits to the diner I decided they really deserve 5 stars. I only give five stars to places that have something exceptional going for them. Rick and Donna not only serve great food they genuinely care about the town, the people who visit the area, and even their competitors. It's not always about food and service . Sometimes a place is more than the sum if it's parts and the Diner has become the gathering place in Marysvale. If you want true local flavor and food this is the place.

(435) 326-2200

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Prospector Cafe

50 S Main St
Marysvale, 84750
Great food, very similar to the Cafe down the street. Smaller with a bit more secluded feel in the back room. Love the feel of the place and the food hits the spot after a long day on the trail!
We went here after rafting and tried their burgers and fish and chips. Everything was amazing and the staff was super friendly! The atmosphere is fun as well!
Great breakfast, their prices are good and their service is very friendly. It is always our tradition to come here when we are in town. The building is very small so groups can be tricky.

(435) 326-4281

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Hoover’s Grille

3718 N Hwy 89
Marysvale, 84750
"Hoovers not Hooter's," Just damn good food, scones generally included. Serve Bud Light on Tap! Slow cooked meat that does fall off the bone.
Overpriced and the food is average. When our group goes to Hoovers in the future, I've decided to stay behind and grab a sammich (yes, I know it's a sandwich). At least I know what I'm getting with a good old fashioned PB&J. I do like that they have a salad bar though and their scones are good if they're fresh.
We have tried just about every place in Marysvale and other places along the Piute Trail System. This is great food. I love the open salad bar and the portions are a good size. The prices however are pretty steep for a place in the boonies but it is good and they have a good list of choices on the menu and if I have to pay a bit more to have more choices in the middle of no mans land I will do it. I also like that the son of the owners runs the place and takes pride in the establishment.

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Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort

Sevier River Cyn
Marysvale, 84750
We brought our RZR out to play in the Piute trails. We rode 121 miles Day one and we have over 2,000 left to explore. Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort served as our homebase. It couldn't have been more convenient. We stayed in cabin 105 that sleeps two. It was priced right and it was surprise to have DirecTV and WiFi most cabins are far more rustic. We'll definitely be back.
The park has green grounds, big trees, and a fun atmosphere. You are able to ride your atv right from the park onto the Pauite Trail, which was AWESOME! The park was run down a bit, there was trash strewn, random broken landscaping tools just hanging out which likely lent to the overgrown landscaping, and there was no cover on our RV sewer hookup (YUCK!). I did really like this park and we will absolutely be back, I just wish it was kept up a little better. Note, there is a restaurant and gas station on site, which makes camping even that much easier!
The times we wanted were booked (not our fault we didn't call ahead.) Booked us for an afternoon trip. When we came back they said the trip before had left late, so wait in the restaurant and they would give us free fountain drinks. An hour later they ended up giving us a refund because it would be still later, recommended using the Hoover Company up the road. Everyone was very pleasant and even though we didn't end up getting to use their services they handled it pretty well. None of my party was upset.

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Moore’s Old Pine Inn

60 S State St
Marysvale, 84739
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