Tandoori Oven

720 E 1000 N
Logan, 84321
Tandoori was one of the very first restaurants I tried in Logan, and the very first time I had Indian food. I was hesitant--generally I balk at restaurants in gas stations--but Tandoori the first time was awesome. and the second. And the fifth. and the seventeenth. I don't even know how often I've been there anymore, but it's a Logan staple. I love the Chicken Tikka Masala and the garlic naan more than I've loved any other chicken tikka masala and garlic naan (since trying Indian food, I've branched out :P), and I dread the thought of what I'm going to do for Indian food when I graduate. In this review, however, I want to focus on the service. Tandoori has almost always had excellent service, but last night they went above and beyond. I invited a bunch of my cohorts to Tandoori to celebrate my birthday (and eat Indian food, which, let's face it, is way more entertaining than a twenty-something birthday) and a surprising number showed up. More than I expected. Awesome for me, but perhaps not so awesome for the restaurant. It turns out that there was another big group there that night, and as the restaurant is tiny, we had quite a wait in front of us. Despite that, however, the staff went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and accommodated. The manager asked if we'd like to make our orders before we sat down so we wouldn't have to wait once we were seated, and they magyvered a big table for us using a booth. And they did all this without being annoyed that we were a big group who didn't make reservations (my bad). The staff at Tandoori has done other such good deeds in the past, but this time really stuck out to me. I'm definitely recommending them (well, more than I already do) and I can't wait to go back! Also, the adjoining gas station is a little Indian market and it is quite fun. I dye my hair with henna, and while I'm thinking about transitioning to chemicals for the winter (washing mud out of your hair in 12 degree weather just plain sucks), I'm glad to know that body art quality henna--fun lesson, never dye your hair with henna hair dye; always go for body art quality--exists in Logan, and for a good price! Basically, go here. If you're hesitant about Indian food, get the chicken tikka masala in mild spicy level. If you're hesitant about gas station restaurants, I totally get it, but eschew that hesitation and go anyway. If you don't live in Logan, the fall leaves are really pretty right now and it totally warrants a drive "up the canyon"...you don't have to specify WHICH canyon until your travelmates start whining. If you do live in Logan, why are you still reading this Yelp review? They close at ten! Get thee to Tandoori!
right to business, my main issue is that although the food was on par maybe a little less than that of similar restaurant in town. the experience was completely wrecked by the cramped area, run down facility, and complete lack of anything that looked like professional service. my water cup stayed empty even after i had asked to get some more....twice.... no one checked on us during the duration of the meal. and we sat there for a 15 minuets after our meal waiting for our check after we had asked for it. you think maybe they where just busy... well they where not. they have the space the size of a small room to keep track of and for me they failed. "no shirt, no shoes, no service" maybe they would have paid more attention to my wife and i had we not been wearing out shirts.
The flavors are incredible. I agree with other reviews indicating that as the food shows up, you think you will leave hungry. However, I left very full and quite satisfied. I have tried to get my wife to go and try Indian food for some time. She finally gave in and it was well worth it. Any of the Tikki Marsalas are great. Get some Naan to go with it. Usually one serving of naan per person. You can order the level of heat you like. I am "spicy-intolerant" and asked for the dishes to be zero spicy. It was wonderful. Full of flavor without any heat. Highly recommended. Would have given full 5 stars, but we had quite a few flies join us for dinner. Not cool. Too many flies to assume it was just bad luck.

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Indian, Pakistani

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Great Harvest Bread Company

55 W Center St
Logan, 84321
quality food, very fresh. service is good.
Free bread even if you don't buy anything! A great asset for downtown Logan. Sandwiches are really good. I will give it a 5 star because they deserve it!
Love this place! Sandwiches are amazing, sugar cookies are bomb and the bread is always fresh and tastes great! I'd go here for bread before any other grocery store, it's the real deal rather than that processed junk.

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Bakeries, Sandwiches, Caterers

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Jack’s Wood Fired Oven

256 N Main St
Logan, 84321
One of the best pizzas I have ever had. Period. I have over 20 years experience in the Pizza Business and have had my fair share of Pizzas. I watched the kids make the pizza and marveled at the 1000 degree oven that cooked it in about 2 minutes. The ingredients were excellent and in generous quantities. We also had the pesto bread which was insane it was so good. If I am back in Logan Utah Again, forget a steak dinner - I am having some more of this pizza!
I think that was the best wood fired pizza I have eaten. I'm still in happy dance mode over how delicious everything was. We stopped here after reading the reviews on our way back from Bear Lake to Seattle. I love wood fired pizza and have tried every spot in Seattle up until last winter when I moved out of the city. This pizza rivals if not beats the other spots. Perfectly crispy and slightly chewy crust. Balanced ingredients where you can truly enjoy their house-made sausage, sauces, and fresh ingredients. I can't speak for the beverages as we only drank water, but they had multiple options including a limited selection of beer on tap. (Seems to be rare in Utah.) On top of great food the staff was friendly and accommodating, even during the heavy lunch rush. Bottom line: I would drive out of my way to come back.
Pizza was good. A real pizza oven is the key. I pizza with blue cheese. It was a little soggy but mine was the only one. So I think it was the toppings. Everything was good

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Logan’s Heroes

101 S Main St
Logan, 84321
Super good sandwiches.
A Logan staple. Delicious sandwiches, very fair prices, personable workers, awesome place. Definitely would come back.
Logan's Heroes. It's great, as long as you don't bring it home for breakfast the next day. Let me elaborate. The sandwiches are quite yummy. I recommend just the classic Turkey and Pastrami, you can ask for certain condiments NOT to be on it. It's slightly backwards from your typical "What would you like on it?" The owner is a classy fella too. He is fun, hardworking, and funny too. We like him, he's a dang gem. Back to the sandwiches. They really did taste great; however, they are LARGE and in CHARGE. I took half home and when I went to finish it the next morning, it was soaked in the oil from the sandwich. My bread was sopping wet--eeee dee dee--which does not make for the best texture. It took a while to get our food. Usually only the owner is working though, and I can tell he feels rushed all the time. So, just cut him a little slack and enjoy the moment. TIPS & TRICKS: * Make friends with the owner, he is funny and knows what makes a sandwich good.

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Le Nonne

129 N 100 E
Logan, 84321
Disappointed. Nice atmosphere, but that's about all I liked. We started with Bruschetta that we added cheese to for an EXTRA $2. On the menu it said it came with four pieces and we only received three with a mound of tomatoes and raw garlic clove on top. When we alerted the waitress she said they started using larger pieces of bread so that's why we got 3. I ordered the 4 cheese gnocchi, which was tasty but very rich and has left me feeling nauseous. My boyfriend ordered veal ravioli and they looked like huge folded triangles. After tasting the sauce on his we both thought it had a strange plastic taste that we couldn't endure. He has never sent back food, and has never received something that inedible. The service was sparse, the wait for food was long, and I will not be going here again.
Cute location in a renovated house. Maybe a bit loud for a "romantic evening", but certainly a unique feel and many miles above the ubiquitous chain restaurant. Agree with other reviewers that wine service is average at best, but overall how can you complain? Homemade pastas, especially the sweet potato ravioli was delish. Will definitely go back...
This restaurant is perfection located in my own little corner of the world. I have to say that I was absolutely shocked, amazed, stupefied, and ecstatic when they came to town ten (?) years ago and set up shop in the old "Patisserie" on Main. To Start, Pier's tapanade is absolutely fantastic. I don't know all the ingredients, but I have never had better. Garlic, Capers, Olives, Oil, peppers (flakes?) and more make up this wonderful concoction that they serve with Crumb Brothers Ciabatta. I love the Pasta Fagioli soup, a creamy smooth and silky blend of cannelloni beans, Al dente pasta and rosemary, seasoned to perfection and finished with a dab of olive oil and fresh rosemary. For main courses, I have tried them all. And I love them all. Some of my favorites are the Pollo con Fungi, Pollo Le Nonne, Penne alla Pera, and Beef Straticerre (sp?). Pollo con Fungi: Tenderized chicken breast, sauteed in butter, then added to a heavenly amount of mushrooms sauteed in a Marsala butter cream sauce. FANTASTIC. Not to strong, subtle, and succulent. Served with Rosemary Potatoes and Broccoli. Penne alla Pera: Penne Pasta in a light and creamy Gorgonzola cheese sauce, with fresh cubes of sauteed pears dispersed liberally throughout the dish. Another SIN on a spoon dish. Beef Stratticerre: Super thin strips of beef, sauteed and then soaked in a Gorgonzola cheese sauce, seasoned with roasted garlic and other yummy-licious secret things (I have found whole cloves of garlic hiding in my strips of beef on more than one occasion!) This is also served with roasted Rosemary Potatoes and fresh Veggies. I could go on for hours about this place, but you don't have time to read, and I don't have time to write. You really should be driving up here to eat at Le Nonne! It is well worth it. The ambiance is also great. The restaurant is in a beautiful old home that has been renovated to accommodate a restaurant and has both indoor and outdoor seating. Beautiful, romantic, fantastic, live music, wines, 5000 stars! :)

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Twizl Berry

970 S Main St
Logan, 84321
BIg fan. Twizl Berry is very college student friendly offering myriads of coupon options. It's possible to get around two pounds of froyo for under 5 bucks (if you use your coupons right). They always seem to have new flavors too.
Pretty good stuff! A special shout out to the employee on duty today who recommended fruit juice poppers as a topping by likening them to "eggs laid by a fruity salmon." She wasn't wrong! This is a pretty standard build your own frozen yogurt place. Good selection of fro-yo, good selection of toppings (especially the aforementioned fruit juice poppers). I really liked the raspberry pomegranate flavor -- it will knock your socks off! Speaking of socks, this particular Twizl Berry location features a small selection of ladies shoes and accessories for sale. I got a great deal on a pair of sunglasses. Stop by if you're in the market for dessert or a new pair of flats!
I've really tried to like this place. We've been here several times now and I love the seating. The fro-yo is bland but OK. The staff is meh and the last time we went my shoes kept sticking to the floor. There was also a group of kids that came in who seemed to know whoever was running the place that evening, and pretty much elbowed their way through the line. I think I'm done trying to like this place. I can find my fro-yo fix elsewhere.

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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Herm’s Inn

1435 E Canyon Rd
Logan, 84321
One of my favorite resturants in Logan.
The best brunch I've found in Utah yet. Excellent food, great atmosphere with a great wait staff. The food is higher class but not costly. You can tell fresh ingredients are used and they are masterfully put together in a mouth watering manner. It is busy though. We have learned to be there before 9:30 am, or call first before we start heading there to get our name on the list as it is quite popular. I'm very happy it isn't reservation required though as it gives it a more friendly at home feel and you can tell they don't want it to feel formal. Instead it is comfortable, giving it that downtown metro cafe quality but in a country town instead.
I only moved to Logan about a year ago, and while randomly driving around to learn the area I stumbled upon Herm's. I decided to stop by for breakfast the next day to see what some of the local places had to offer in Logan, and I am glad I did. I love Herm's because even though its a great place, it never really feels packed or cramped (even when it is busy). The service is great, I was helped quickly, and everyone was friendly. The coffee was excellent, and the food was great as well. I have tried a few things from their menu, and have never been left disappointed. They just seem to do things a little bit better than most places, like their corn beef hash for instance, I never really liked it before, but then I randomly decided to try it again and was blown away with how amazing it was. When my brothers visited from California, this is where I took them all for breakfast, and they were all talking about how they wanted to go back for breakfast the next day. It could probably be a five star place, but I haven't really explored all of their options, so I will have to try them out some more before I go that far. Definitely a must if you are new to, or coming through Logan.

(435) 792-4321

Breakfast & Brunch

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Firehouse Pizzeria

682 S Main St
Logan, 84321
Warning: I plan to gush! But don't worry, this 5 star rating was well earned and I will tell you exactly why. The food is fantastic (and at a GREAT price)! I've been a number of time and the pizza is incredible, but I usually get a grilled chicken salad. They have amazing salads. I have been a number of times, and always been very pleased, but never possessed to take my time to write a review until now. But last night, I experience the HEIGHT of dining out experiences, because we were a group from hell. Seriously, every server's worst nightmare. We had six adult and six-hundred children (give or take - I'm estimating based on noise) and two babies. Our server Ben was fast, efficient, nice, and really cool with the kids. One kid didn't get his pizza when the food came out (understandable with zillions of kids) and he grabbed some foccia bread for him while he waited. We were given everything we needed and more and if any of this was difficult for our server, he didn't show it for one second. At the end of our meal he gave all the kids creamies or ice cream sandwiches! As a former server, I would have HATED taking care of our party! --Oh, did I mention it was kids eat free night? :)-- Our total bill for our family of 5 came to $11 and we all had more than enough to eat and took home leftovers. Like I said, as a server this sucks!! But he was so pleasant and above and beyond the call of pizza in every way. Incredible. I wish I could give a SIX STAR rating for: Excellent service Excellent food Excellent wait time Excellent service Excellent facility Excellent price AND going above and beyond all expectations in every way (and seriously) Excellent service I will make a special trip to go back even though we live in Smithfield. Totally worth it!
It's was awesome. It was way better than I thought it was gonna be. We got the cowboy and it was better than most pizza I have ever had. And then you get a dessert with your meal which is this cookie with ice-cream on it which I don't like sweets usually but this dessert was awesome!
We used them as caterers for a work event and they really took care of us! The teriyaki chicken was delicious and their house potatoes were to die for. The caterers were made sure everything was just right. After the work event, I went for dinner and was even more impressed. I got the margherita pizza and was impressed with the freshness of the tomatoes and basil. I also got the chicken cordon bleu sandwich and it was incredibly tasty. The tomato basil vinaigrette dressing was unique and tasty. The server was very attentive to me. Thank you!

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Pizza, Sandwiches

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The Waffle Iron

37 W Center St
Logan, 84321
1. The waffles taste exceptionally good. The sugar crystals in the dough are such a great touch and I love every desert waffle I've tried. I'll admit I haven't sampled the savory menu yet. 2. The ambiance and location are awesome. Love that they went downtown instead of in some strip mall. It just gives the place a better feel. 3. I saw a complaint about waffle size. I don't get it. It is a single waffle. I don't know about everyone else, but if I want to get full off of waffles, I'll go to Angie's (great place too!). If I want one unique, high quality waffle for a large snack, desert, or breakfast (which generally is a smaller meal for me), The Waffle Iron is my choice. 4. It makes my wife happy. We live in Salt Lake now, but she is always wanting to find an excuse to go to Logan so she can get a waffle here. Fine with me.
Just came home from a great experience at The Waffle Iron. It's the sort of restaurant that Provo, Orem, and Salt Lake have in vast quantities, and that Logan definitely needs more of. The interior is super tasteful, and the owners have clearly put a lot of thought into making it welcoming for families and students alike. The menu is relatively small and can be found on a blackboard next to the register. There are a variety of specialty hot and cold beverages, about 6 specialty dessert waffles, two or three savory waffles, and a section for daily specials. My friend and I both ordered dessert waffles. His was the chocolate truffle, which came with a rich chocolate filling, and I ordered the BBC, which topped with a cookie spread. Both of our waffles were topped generously with strawberries and what is possibly the best whipped cream I've ever tasted. Both waffles were delicious! I'll definitely come back to The Waffle Iron! Their truck is great, and I'm glad to have them just up the street in brick and mortar.
I was excited to try this place right when I found out about it. Waffle was small and I didn't get full. It really was dainty. It's disappointing when you spend $7 on a waffle and it doesn't fill you. No question these waffles are fantastic. Seriously so good! But I also want to get full. Some folks with a more petite appetite will do great here. Ill do great here if they just make a bigger waffle. They will do great in Logan if they just make a bigger waffle. I want this place to make it...so just make a bigger waffle and I think you will!! Ill go back, and if I get a waffle that fills me..I'm not a big guy or an over eater.., ill come back with 5 stars.

(435) 799-3173


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El Toro Viejo

1111 N Main St
Logan, 84341
The service here is genuine. The chips are light and perfect for an appetizer. A MUST have is the green salsa. Not spicy at all. Heavy on the cilantro and fresh onions. Yum. If you get the Taco salad, ask for no sour cream and guacamole. It was too much, combined with the decried beans and it was a mushy mess. My hubby ordered the side tacos with shrimp, and said it was perfect. The atmosphere was traditional, and they are open late on Sunday's. A bonus for the weary traveler.
Nope. I'm from Texas. Salsa would be good on spaghetti. Margaritas were weird. Service was not great and there were a lot of flys
Coming from Southern California to Utah I can say I was nervous about finding good Mexican food. This place is great for a sit down meal. Service was friendly and the menu had lots of options. I had the locos burrito with grilled chicken and it was amazing. The chicken had great flavor and the sauce really completed the dish. My friend had a chicken quesadilla and added bell peppers. She enjoyed hers very much as well. The chicken in the quesadilla was a shredded seasoned chicken with lots of good seasoning. Margaritas were good- not super strong but hit the spot. I liked the green salsa much better than the red. The chips were super fresh and the server replenished them promptly. I'll definitely be back!

(435) 753-4084


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