Granato’s Deli

4044 S 2700 E
Holladay, 84124
A hidden gem in Holliday. The deli here makes great sandwiches as well as ready to heat up and serve meal options. The full service deli has an expansive selection of meats and cheese, with every accessory required for a fantastic Italian meal. Next time you need lunch meat, pasta, or a great lunch, stop by Granato's. Try the meatball sandwich or the San Fran.
I used to live a few hundred feet away so went to this store twice a week for about two years circa 2000-2001. And loved it. Then moved and went less and less until for the last three years didn't go at all until recently. And it was strangely bad. I was glad to read L.S.'s review saying it was under new ownership. The place looked like one third of the racks for food had been removed and the bread was mostly in plastic bags ehich makes it soggy. As it was late in the day i asked when the bread was bagged so I could come earlier the next day. However the checker said "it comes bagged." Huh? Yuck. Then darned if he didn't ring it up at the wrong price (about half the cost) and when I told him the correct higher price he said, "well this is what it comes up as," and insisted on under charging me. Um, it didn't "come up" as anything as the bread I bought was manually entered as they aren't marked. I'd recommend you skip this place and try Tony Caputo's two blocks away in downtown Holladay. For bread, also try Harmon's. The fugase is the second best bread in Utah.
On Sunday, my friend said, "Too bad Granato's is probably closed today," and I said, "HUH!?" Then she told me all about what I've been missing out on. After doing a little internet research of my own, I hastened to Granato's as soon as possible! I came to try out the mozzarella and basil sandwich on Monday afternoon. Loved it! Also included on this sandwich are tomato slices and oil & vinegar. You have a choice of bread, and I went with the traditional hard roll, as it seemed like the right thing to do. However, upon deep personal introspection, I've decided that I am open to trying the cibiatta roll someday. It also looked delicious. As an individual with no culinary abilities beyond those necessary for Kraft macaroni and cheese, I will probably not have much opportunity to utilize the grocery portion of Granato's, but the deli is definitely worth a return visit!

(801) 277-7700

Italian, Delis, Sandwiches

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4751 S Holladay Blvd
Holladay, 84117
My wife and I have been wanting to try Layla's for a while. We love Mediterranean food and have dined at most of the restaurants around town. We love this place and the food was amazing. What an awesome family ran place. When we arrived we were greeted by Layla and her staff. We were quickly seated and our service was top notch. Our server was a young lady, she was very personable, efficient, and always made sure we had what we needed. This place has amazing food, incredible ambiance, and it has that family feel. We plan on making Layla's one of out regular places. Thank you to everyone there that made this experience possible. SEE YOU AGAIN VERY SOON!!!
Was passing through SLC last night and decided to try Layla's based on a friend's suggestion. The four of us took a table in the bar and proceeded to order our dinners. I am happy to tell you that the beef short-ribs that I enjoyed (with broccoli and some delicious rice) paired with a nice red wine turned out to be a very delicious dinner. Additionally, the prices were reasonable and the service very attentive. I encourage you to try it - I will again next time I'm in town.
My favorite out of the Mediterranean places in Salt Lake area! I would say it's comparable to Mazza, but much better. I came here for lunch with coworkers midweek and the service was really fast and friendly and the food was all excellent! Got the lamb kabobs with house salad and fries :)

(801) 272-9111

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern

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Slices Pizza Joint

4655 S 2300 E
Holladay, 84117
Best pizza ever! The team rocks they work so hard very busy but always always friendly! They made this non pizza lover into a pizza freak! Love love keep it up Hollafay slices! Debi aka #wallflower66
I'm sad I didn't remember to take any pictures here. This was a nice, cheap, quick bite to eat of good pizza. I got the BBQ chicken pizza and a pepperoni slice. It was fast! The cashier was nice and I really enjoyed the soda machine (over 10 flavors). I will be coming back here again for a quick lunch or dinner.
The pizza is pretty good but watch the service. I came in and ordered a pizza, paid for it and was told it would be 15-20 minutes. 25 minutes later I asked how much longer it would be and the guy who took my order and my money said; "Oh, we didn't know you were here yet'????? What The?? I guess he though I was an incredible hologram. Then while I was still waiting a couple came in that called on the phone and ordered a pizza 30 minutes before. After paying for it they were told it would be 15-20 minutes, They said we were told that when we ordered it and it's still going to be another 15-20 minutes? They do have a happy hour deal on their slices of pizza in the afternoon, which by the slice is the only way I'll get it again.

(801) 613-9901


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Café Madrid

5244 S Highland Dr
Holladay, 84117
Dinner service was lovely. Beef tenderloin was fantastic. Lobster bisque was spicier than normal; a nice twist. Ladyfinger dessert out of this world. Tapas options limited but executed perfectly. Definitely plan to return.
Ok, here's the thing. I don't write 3 star reviews, either for good restaurants having a good night, or for poor restaurants having what seems to be a better than average night. I don't get paid to write reviews, so I believe in writing reviews to highlight great or totally crap experiences, ie reviews that I myself would really appreciate seeing AHEAD OF TIME. So why 1 star for Cade Madrid? We used to eat at Cafe Madrid a lot for 10 years, mainly before they moved from their 39th Sth location. Back then I was a HUGE fan. Since they moved to Highland Dr I've eaten there 3 times, and each time has been worse THAN THE TIME BEFORE. Tonight my wife really wanted mussels, so I relented, and we ate there. We ordered two appetizers each. One, an octopus dish, supposedly octopus chunks grilled, supposedly amazing (their menu description), was just awful - Tough, flavorless and overly oily. The second, a shrimp dish served in a red pepper and garlic sauce was, well, just ok, but barely. We both ordered the mussels appetizer intending those to be our main course with a desert to follow, and WOW, they were just awful, I mean AWFUL. Worse, they came in EXACTLY the same mediocre sauce as the shrimp appetizer, except the mussels came out really fast from the kitchen and SUPER hot (microwaved?), and tasted like crap, I mean really like crap. At best they were maybe frozen, but they were uniformally tough, flavorless and in the case of a few rancid. Usually I send food back when a dish disappoints, but tonight all I wanted to do was get out of there. VERY SAD, WILL NEVER, EVER GO BACK.
What really makes Cafe Madrid so amazing is the atmosphere and the setting. It's like a little home with a beautiful, cozy, romantic atmosphere. The booth we sat in had cute little toss pillows! The food wasn't quite as good as we were expecting, but that's only because we had heard constant rave reviews. The Brussels sprouts are a must! I don't care if you like Brussels sprouts or not, they're awesome. The chicken Marsala was also amazing. I even enjoyed the mushrooms and I hate mushrooms. The chicken was so tender and juicy and the sauce was impeccable. My husband got the pork tenderloin and just thought "mehhhh". I got a side of potatoes that came out as nothing special... Just simple, overpriced potato chips that didn't complement my meal. This was my fault; I ordered them. But I wish I would've understood that they weren't anything special. All in all, I enjoyed Cafe Madrid. They offer quite a different dining experience compared to most SLC restaurants.

(801) 273-0837

Spanish, Basque, Tapas/Small Plates

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Copper Kitchen

4640 S 2300 E,Ste 102
Holladay, 84117
The atmosphere is clean and modern. I love Holladay, so the location is charming. This is why two stars instead of one. My food...was...fried? I had French Onion Soup and it was not at all like any I'd had before, which could be a good thing, but it wasn't. The top of the soup was not covered in cheese like normal (which happens to be my favorite part and reason for ordering that soup most times because...cheese!) and the breading was not in the soup, but came as a very hard, friend, crusty large crouton-type piece of bread. The soup itself was terribly oily and salty to the point that I didn't even eat half before my stomach started churning. Not to mention I got soup also because of my braces and inability to eat crunchy food. I tried to crunch up the bread thing they gave me, but it covered my hands in grease just from touching it. The french fries we ordered as a side were extremely over-priced (I paid $20 just for a side of fries and a cup of inedible French Onion Soup!) When the fries arrived they were literally dripping in grease. Yes, I am familiar with how a French "FRY" is made, but it was ridiculous. I ate a few, but couldn't stomach more than that. I had to try because I paid so much for it! Our waitress was okay. Not very observant. Didn't ask if we liked our food, which it was obvious I didn't. Anyway...I left $20 poorer, still hungry, and with a stomach ache for hours.
I had the yellow fin with couscous. It was good but for 30 bucks a plate it should have been great. Service was good . I would have rated at 4 stars if the product would have been worthy of the price.
Amazing food. We came in for brunch today; I had the smoked brisket hash, orange juice and the Falling Leaf cocktail. My SO had the burger with fries and some other cocktail whose name I can't recall. It was fun sitting at the bar and watching the chef and cooks in the kitchen. Friendly staff and everyone was courteous. Can't wait to come back!!

(385) 237-3159

American (New)

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Taqueria 27

4670 Holladay Village Plz
Holladay, 84117
Love this place! I am never disappointed when I come here. What we always start off with is their chips and salsa (I'm allergic to avocado so we never order their guacamole, but it looks delicious). My favorite salsa is their Chipotle and their chips are always nice and crispy (not too thick and not too thin). We then always order their taco of the day (it changes daily) and usually their fish of the day. Other great tacos are the pork belly and their angus steak taco. You will never go wrong with either of those. They have a large selection of Tequila so if that's your drink, then this is the place to try all different kinds. They also have a decent beer menu as well (I believe they have Wasatch brew a specific beer just for them). All in all this place rocks! The prices are cheap and their food is soooo good!
That one star is for the guacamole which as as I know is the only delicious thing. The atmosphere is good, the people seem nice but I've given this place 4 tries! 4! Today was the last straw as the F.O.D. Or the fish of the day tasted so fishy and old I couldn't finish my meal. It also wasn't cooked thoroughly and last time I checked this isn't a sushi place. Previously the price, bland tastes, and bad service have lead me away from what could have been a really awesome experience. I won't be back.
After hearing several people rave about this place we finally decided to give it a try. We went with some friends who swear that this is their favorite taco place in the whole of Utah. the assured us that no mattered what we ordered, we would not be disappointing. It all seemed very promising. Blue went with the Pork Carnitas tacos and the daily special which was a pork cheek selection taco. I went the Mole' ..cuz really...there isn't anything better than a good Mole'. The results? The pork cheek was probably the winner of our three selections, although I don't know that I would order it again. Perhaps we just caught them on an off night, but there were several little bumps that ultimately led to a less satisfying experience. Small things like, the rice was a little undercooked and the corn tortillas served with my Mole' had a stale taste to them. There were some ingredients that tasted fresh and awesome, and some that tasted like they had been sitting out all day. The Mole' itself was sadly unimpressive. I don't consider myself any kind of expert on the matter of Mole', but to me, it tasted a lot like the Red Enchilada sauce that you get at any Mexican restaurant. I chose chicken for my meat and I was a little disappointed to see a pile of dry chicken breast plopped atop a pool of sauce. I hesitate to be honest because I know so many people think that this place is the tops, but for what you are paying, there are certainly better options, but usually they are found on authentic taco street carts or on the west side of the salt lake valley. As far as an East Side Eatery, it might be one of your only taco options. I would for sure be willing to give it another try sometime.

(801) 676-9706


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Rice Basil

2335 E Murray Holladay Rd
Holladay, 84117
Gave THE RICE BASIL A 5 STAR REVIEW FOR THE NEW SERVICE , MENU AND OWNER , After 40 years in food service. This is one of the best around. No chain restaurant here. The plate presentation was phenomenally beautiful! Real sushi beautifully prepared. When my wife and I dined at the bar instead of a table to watch the Sushi being made. Now that, turned out to be an authentic experience you can't get anywhere. From New York to San Francisco, to Tokyo to Mongolia. Soy was the Sushi Master Chef. Batsaikhan Ariunbold From Mongolia. I watched as he made beautiful Art out of food. From Appetizer to dessert.The blend of flavors was heavenly. Now it turned out that Soy," the Chef" is the New Owner, Batsaikhan Ariunbold. After working with a friend and Chef from New York who helped Recreate the New Rice Basil and it works. Asian fusion. Go visit this New Rice Basil. I will again for SURE! Happy Dining!
Very good sushi rolls! Quality of rolls is exceptional. Great service. Reasonable prices.
I don't enjoy leaving bad reviews as I like to give the benefit of the doubt, and I don't enjoy criticizing other people's work, but my experience at Rice Basil last night was nothing short of disastrous--easily the worst experience I have had at a restaurant, anywhere. tl;dr * Terrible service from the start, which includes some guests never actually being shown to the table * We sat for three hours with no refills and some people not being served until then. * Food arrived lukewarm and incomplete. * When we left, the staff stared us down like we were their enemy--creepy! * Cozy atmosphere ;) For those of you interested in reading more, grab a blanket, pop some corn, and hold on to your butts. Here we go. I would like to say that our experience was an anomaly, but from other reviews apparently it may soon be the normal. Our group of 15-20 had a reservation. We arrived on time. The restaurant had another 10 patrons. Sparse crowd. Although I was shown to my seat others were only told, "you're in the room," and left to find it for themselves. Moral of the story: Bring a GPS. Instead of individually asking what we'd like to drink, our waitress half-heartedly called out from a corner if anybody wanted anything to drink. Weird. From the time we sat down to the time all drinks were served (Thai tea, a couple beers, 1 glass of wine, 1 small order of sake) we had been sitting for 45 minutes. P.S. The Thai Iced Tea is delicious. One person ordered a Sapporo beer, labeled on the menu as 20oz, but received a 12 oz. bottle instead--with no word as to why or that there was even a choice. Moral of the story: Don't come thirsty; objects on menu are smaller than they appear. About half of us ordered appetizers. I ordered the Gyoza. They arrived in a decent time. They had good flavor and size. Their temperature and consistency were just right for immediate consumption. The sauce complimented the flavor. Over an hour in, only two of us had received our appetizers. Everybody else was left waiting. 40 minutes passed before anybody else's appetizers came out. Two entrées came out at the same time another 2 appetizers were served. I ordered the Nabiyake Udon, (tempura shrimp, chicken, egg, and vegetables in an udon soup). It was served lukewarm and was missing the egg and vegetables in the soup. (Tempura veggies on the side.) At least it had chicken and noodles. Afraid it would be too cold to enjoy soon, I started eating right away. The soup's flavor was relatively simple: beef broth with some herbs thrown in. The sushi I ordered arrived with the udon, but the Masaman curry my wife ordered took another 30 minutes. My sushi's flavor was good, but its construction was shoddy: loose and falling apart with a few grains of rice in each of the end pieces. The nori hung flaccidly about the edges. The Masaman curry was loaded with sugar and was too sweet. (We wondered if it was cane sugar instead of palm.) To say our food trickled out of the kitchen might be an understatement: About every 20 minutes another dish or two came out, and in between, nothing but crickets. No waitress, nothing. 3 out of 20 of us were done eating by the time some people received appetizers. Glasses remained empty. Moral of the story: One cannot live on crickets alone. Let's just skip to the end. 3 hours--not a typo--into our meal, some people's food had yet to be served. About half of the people who ordered were served incomplete meals. One couple had to leave after 3 hours, and their daughter hadn't been served her sushi yet; they had to ask for the it in a to go box. We were told 2 hours into our experience that the kitchen had decided to no longer cook rice. Uh, okay... everyone's dishes (ordered long ago) come with rice, but the kitchen doesn't want to serve it? Later, the waitress came out with two scant bowls of brown rice, held them up and said, "Who wants them?" Um... AWKWARD! Maybe if we split it, we can all have a few grains. At this point, were they trying to be bad? My vote is yes. We raised our concerns about missing food items, some people not having been served after being there all night, and yet there was no apology, no attempt to make things right, nothing. The managers never showed, but chose to leave the waitress hanging high and dry with no explanations. One person received their bill with two items he wasn't even served (but had ordered). Another was charged twice. Moral of the story: You can't have your rice and eat it too. Actually, you just can't have your rice. Or your egg. Even after expecting us and with only a small handful of customers, what our group experienced last night was a complete fiasco. As far as I can tell the incompetence runs all the way to the top. From the ultra-slow service to the incomplete dishes to the stare-down we received from the staff on our way out, this place was a royal let-down. Moral of the story: Eat before you visit, and order a to-go box first to save yourself some time.

(801) 278-8682

Sushi Bars, Asian Fusion

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6522 S Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd
Holladay, 84121
Great food and service are what characterize this place. The portions are pretty decent for the price, and the quality is great. I would recommend this to anyone looking for some good Greek food.
Pretty good Greek food. I really liked the rice and pita. The souvlaki was just ok (pork and chicken), but the gyro looked good. I'll try that it I go back.
Dasks is my lunch time go-to if I'm craving Greek. It's conveniently located within walking distance of the Cottonwood Corporate center. If you're expectations are not too high, they don't disappoint. They offer simple Greek fare that is tasty and fresh. Some of my favorites include their falafel and gyro with white sauce, but for salads I prefer Greek City Grill - just a short (and beautiful) drive down Big Cottonwood Road. I feel that the prices are a bit high for what you get, but what you pay for is the convenience of their location. I usually call in my order and pick it up. If you order in-store it can be a long wait if they're busy. Order delivery only at your own risk. I've had coworkers waiting upwards of an hour for their food.

(801) 733-5010

Greek, Mediterranean

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Spice Bistro

6121 S Highland Dr
Holladay, 84121
I've been in twice the last 3 weeks for the awesome lunch buffet. Seriously impressed with every menu item. Based on my two trips, it seems like the meat dishes don't change, but the veggie ones do. Highlights of my meal was the butter chicken, tandoori chicken, and veggie Korma. They also bring fresh baked naan to the table. The bill was really reasonable at $10 a person. One of my new favorite neighborhood spots - I'll definately be back.
The food was a solid 4 stars but the wait was very long and the atmosphere wasn't the most pleasant since it used to be a nightclub and had very old furniture. I felt uncomfortable sitting on the old cushion in our booth because it looked dirty and sweaty. My wife and I shared a Tikka Masala and garlic naan with a mango lassi. The lassi was one of the best I have had. The garlic naan was a more fluffy than I prefer and we ordered a medium-heat Tikka Masala but it was not spicy at all. They also made a mistake on one of our orders but we told them about it and they didn't charge us for it. If I'm in the area again I may consider trying it a second time but I will likely try a new place before I come back.
We were craving some curry and decided to give Spice Bistro a try. We were impressed, and though I've only eaten there once, I think Yelp has underrated this place. The restaurant has almost a fine dining vibe, and it was a pleasant place to have a meal. The food was really good--the portions are generous and it all tasted fresh and flavorful. We appreciated that the waitress took the time to explain dishes to us, educate us about the chutneys they serve, and make recommendations about what to order. My one criticism would be that the service is a little slow. There is no rush for anything and sometimes our glasses got a little low. They always got around to filling them, but you'd never categorize it as "snappy." Still, this is a solid choice for an Indian meal.

(801) 930-9855

Indian, American (New)

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Normandie Cafe & Bakery

1984 E Murray Holladay Rd
Holladay, 84117
I am hoping as this restaurant works out its forgivable service flaws, I will continue to be a bigger fan. Great location and great patio seating. I have really enjoyed the food for both lunch and Sunday brunch. Their biscuits are to die for. They come complimentary with their Sunday Brunch, however both times I have been for Sunday brunch they ran out of biscuits before we arrived. We had to wait until the end of our meal for them to be brought to our table as we had watched enviously as the customers around us enjoyed theirs. The food is all prepared with great fresh and healthy ingredients. I had less than competent service by both waitresses on two separate occasions. I look forward for this great cafe to work out its service quarks, because of its GREAT atmosphere and food.
This place is on my list of guilty pleasures! It's has been around Holladay for years and it is completely obvious why! The butternut squash soup is the perfect addition to any ill weathered day. It's warm and flavorful. With a tore apart roll for dipping, you don't need much more. Personally the apple and Gorgonzola salad is my favorite! The candied walnuts are the perfect combination of sweet and savory, followed by the crisp crunch of the Granny Smith apples... Mmmm perfection! Now the desserts- well let's just say you can't go wrong! They have everything from mini key line pie, smores brownies, butter cream frosting cookies and even macaroons! My recommendation for a birthday or celebration cake is there chocolate cake. It is so rich and chocolatey a sliver of a slice is all that is required!
This place used to be one of our favorite go to places. So sad that now we won't rush back any time soon. The service was absolutely terrible. We ordered 2 salads & 2 cups of soup to go. This was around 3 pm and there were only 3 other people sitting at tables. The young man taking our order was so confused & there wasn't anyone working the front counter to help him. We waited over 30 minutes to get our food. When it came, they had forgotten the soups & that took another 10 minutes. Then we were handed our food and had to ask for a bag to out it in. Very poor service, although our food was good, but not worth the wait & frustration.

(801) 277-5244

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