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Visit below restaurant in Hill AFB for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Hill AFB for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Barbara N.

    Bye Bye greasy and disgusting KFC!!!! Hello Popeye's :) It's finally open...YAY! This review is for the Popeye's on Antelope Dr that just opened this week across the street from Target. My daughter sent me a text saying it finally opened today and we had to go right after school, so we did and got a late lunch/early dinner or as my daughter would say Linner (lol). ANYWAYS, when we arrived, it wasn't crazy busy YET. They had employees out in the parking lot and sidewalks welcoming people with menus and Mardi Gras bead necklaces, which was nice. Ordering and getting the food was pretty fast, although seemed to be some confusion on how to work the register, but I'll cut 'em some slack with it being their first day. My daughter and I both got the $5 Big Box deal (pictured). My daughter got the one with the Blackened Chicken Tenders(3pc) and I got the one with 2 pieces of Bone In Chicken (Breast & Leg). I usually HATE the breast because it's usually dry, however, Popeye's breasts were nice and moist. A manager came around to all the table and talked with everybody. They also have somebody going around with a tray of condiment packages, asking if you need anymore. All and all it was really good. I hope it stays that way and doesn't go downhill like the ones I've been to in Midvale. Getting into their parking lot is not going to be an easy task during rush or dinner hour as Popeye's is located on the North side of Antelope Dr. and that road gets pretty busy during those times. Construction doesn't help either. They are directly across the street from Carls Jr, where the wedding place used to be. Their parking lot is also kind of small.

  • Alicia R.

    Some of the most amazing crispy, well seasoned chicken! Fluffy biscuts and delicious sides! And the sweet tea is magnificent! Definitely coming again (:

  • Tony L.

    The place received a bit of hype when they first opened, despite being a chain store, this is the only location they have in Utah, but it is only accessible for those associated to military personnel on Hill AFB. I was neither blow away nor disappointed by this place. The food they serve here is similar to the ones they sell at KFC with a slight variety, which included some fried shrimp choices. The chicken is the safe thing to get here, and they lived up to their Louisiana reputation with a lot more spices on them. They are also less dried and juicier on the inside. However, they are by no means "spicy", just more spices in terms of flavor. Their sandwiches are decent as well. The shrimp they have here tasted a little dried, but probably good enough for fast food. If you never had Popeye before, but had plenty of KFC in the past, you will mostly likely enjoy this place more. Cost is about the same unless you start counting those pennies, then I would avoid this place. A simple way to describe this place is a "Better KFC", nothing more, nothing less.

  • D. W.

    Love that chicken from Popeye's, as the jingle goes? Yes I do, yes I do, damn straight I do. Starting with Adam Sandler's description of it in the movie "Little Nicky", which is about as dead-on as it can be, this is the way chicken and shrimp and biscuits and everything else on the menu is supposed to be done, chain or not. It's a Louisiana-style thing, so you can be sure there are plentiful spices in there and I have yet to have something that wasn't cooked to perfection. This place goes out of their way to make you happy and offers several unique entrees, especially for a fast food chain and all of it's quite good, for the most part. The obvious comparison is KFC, but that's like comparing crap to a car tire; it just can't be done. For the money, this is a stellar value in terms of fast food dollars and they have some lighter entries also, though I haven't gotten to those. The spicy strips are nearly impossible for me to get past, but the fries and biscuits are definitely close as well. If this had better locations, I'd be a lot happier (and probably poorer and definitely fatter), but as it is, about 40 minutes either north or south of me (haven't made it to Lehi, but I imagine this would apply also, as it does to several of the locations in other states), it has to be saved as a special occasion treat. It's not a sit-down fine dining type restaurant and won't bear the comparison there, but for fast food joints, it's near the top.

  • Andrew H.

    I have eaten at this place a few times and for the most part been a fan of the food. The breading at Popeye's has a slight spice to it and is quite flavorful, but the spice seems to be in almost all their dishes. Sandwiches are hit and miss depending on what you order. The chicken sandwich is really good as are the fries. I did not like the shrimp sandwich as much as it seemed lacking. Chicken dinner sets are not bad as a whole and for the price. I do think it competes well with other fast food chicken places. If you are ever at Hill AFB it is a good place to eat on base. I would not recommend the food for smaller children that do not like spicy food though.

  • Jessica M.

    I eat here for lunch frequently because it is close to where I work on base. I think their chicken is better than KFC. I like that they have red beans and rice. I also like their fries. Fast food is just that fast, so going in I do not expect much. I would say that Popeye's is A-OK (3 Stars). I always get the spicy 3 piece chicken tender. Somehow I always end up with 5 pieces in my meal....I think this has to do with either having really good luck, someone cannot count, or they are charging me for the 5 piece and I am still not catching on, either way I get a little grin and I'm happy I got more than I ordered. I will say that their service has improved. When I first started going there I seriously didn't understand why they hired the people they did. It was like pulling teeth just to get a pack of ketchup. They have sweet tea! If you have read my other reviews you know how important this is to me. Im a southern gal and love me some sweet tea (said in my long forgotten country accent, I'll get it back some day I swear!). I'd recommend Popeye's if you want something different than a burger and you are on base.


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