Merry Wives Cafe & Coffee Shop

625 N State St
Hildale, 84784
Amazing salads. Everything tastes very fresh and prepared with care. It didn't feel like anything came out of a Cisco can. Clean and tidy. Thumbs up!!
We had a great experience at the Merry Wives Cafe. We, like everyone else, had to make a trip out here to see the FLDS culture "in the wild." I was a little bummed that everyone in the cafe looked normal--no big-bunned hair or the lengthy dresses. There was even a woman there in jeans and died-blue hair, and no one seemed to give her a second look. However the cafe was FILLED with young men wearing various logo wear that said "TW, The Kingdom of God or Nothing." They filled the restaurant and some additional meeting room. The poor little server was run ragged trying to get everyone's food to them. We did have a long wait for our food, but I got the impression from other guests that this was only because of the large group of young men there that day (we found out they were part of a mission program doing community service in the town). The food was definitely fresh and very tasty, and the women working there were wearing full length dresses but had normal hairdos, and the women were very gracious when one of my 4-year-old twins knocked over his water all over the table AND floor. We didn't get any weird stares at the cafe, although we did get a few when we drove around the town (that might have something to do with the large advertisement across my back windshield for my cheerleading program). But we were very happy to visit the Merry Wives Cafe and look forward to staying the night at the America's Most Wanted Bed & Breakfast the next time we're passing through.
Decent food, decent service, this may be the most (only?) normal establishment in town! We were on our way back from the North Rim and the staff at the Pipe Spring National Monument recommended the Merry Wives as a good place to eat but they also warned us that outsiders were not especially welcome in town and that we would likely draw stares and glares from the locals. We had read about Hildale being a polygamist haven and were curious about what we might find there so we headed on over with a "BRING IT ON!" attitude and healthy appetites. The Merry Wives Cafe offers standard American fare - a variety of hamburgers and sandwiches served with fries and salads. We tried a pastrami sandwich, a hamburger, a turkey sandwich and a salad. Each was quite edible - nothing to write home about but satisfying enough after our long drive. No surprises. Which was too bad because we were hoping for a polygamous family to walk in wearing traditional garb! The only negative about the place (besides being located in a really strange town) is that the bathroom is located in the gas station C-store. So if you find yourself driving in Red Rock country along the AZ-UT border and your belly starts complaining about being neglected you should head on over to Hildale and visit the Merry Wives!

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