Cafe Adobe

16 N Main
Hatch, 84735
From Zion to Bryce not many options so Adobe was a nice surprise. Indoor and outdoor seating, friendly service, good prices and the food was enjoyable. The Navajo taco and the chimichanga were enormous. Could have used some more spices though.
The food was only topped by the service. Stopped in just before 8pm to grab a bite and some coffee on the drive back to Zion from Bryce. We ordered the chicken tenders (which were perfectly cooked, not too greasy, and well-battered) and an "ambush" burger, which was very delicious, large, and a steal at its price. We finished the evening by sharing a slice of yummy blueberry pie. What really topped things off was the service. We didn't realize they were closing until well into our meal (the restaurant was full when we walked in and we were sat next to a family that just arrived as well). They never rushed us and were super friendly. We felt bad about staying so far past closing, but they were still super helpful.
Loved this place! The chips and salsa were good and freshly made. The Mexican food was very good. Loved the fact that they also had sandwiches and burgers for those who did not want Mexican. They also had a children's menu.

(435) 735-4020

Cafes, Mexican

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Cactus Cowboy

594 US Hwy 89
Hatch, 84735
The Cactus Cowboy in Hatch, UT is not a very fancy place, but it is OHV friendly, which makes it a yearly stop for my family when we are vacationing in nearby Bryce Canyon. The best way to have a good experience here is to not get too fancy. Go in with low expectations, stick to simple burgers or sandwiches and you won't be dissatisfied. I will say that the burger that I got this year was a bit under seasoned. The one thing that puts a damper on our meal here is the sullen teenaged server. It was clear that she didn't want to be working. (Maybe a family run business?). She was not a very good listener, and did things like brought out the wrong salad dressing, and we had to ask for refills, sauces, ketchup, etc. Prices are typical for the area (high tourist traffic) so expect to pay about $9.00 for a burger. Also burgers come with salad or soup. The salad was horrific. Bag o lettuce with tiny little stale croutons. If you want French fries with your burger, it is $1.00 extra.
Oh my my ... We waited more than 45 minutes after ordering before seeing any food. I ordered a chicken salad and my husband the salmon. Nothing super hard to cook. After 45 minutes, the waitress brought us 2 side salads ... Hum ... I ordered a salad and had a salad as a side dish ? Anyway after 5 more minutes, she brought our "food". Lettuce was black on the side, not fresh at all and croutons made me feel sorry for them ... My husband didn't touch the salmon that was as white as chicken and as tasteless as an old shoe. We waited 50 minutes and it took us 2 minutes after that to leave our food and go. And the ladies next table ordered hamburgers before us and were served after us ... Horrible experience.
We were driving from Vegas to Bryce Canyon & stopped for lunch. Very clean place. Great burgers & friendly service!

(435) 735-4500

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