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  • Roger T.

    Had a bacon cheeseburger. The great thing is that it's all hand-done. Slices tomatoes, onions, and hand pressed burger. The burger was cooked to a solid medium, but surprisingly, it was just a touch dry. Also, the bacon and the cheese were a bit light. That said, the fries were fantastic! And a selection of some great beers. My wife and I split the Niger and we were both full. Definitely a place to stop when traveling through.

  • Jenn S.

    Great price, great burgers, friendly service. This will definitely be our go to when we pass through Green River. Our burgers were thick and perfectly cooked and the kids enjoyed some chicken tenders. It is always nice to get back to that famous Utah fry sauce. It never disappoints, and neither did Ray's.

  • John P.

    If you're heading through Utah, and you're looking at a 110 mile stretch with no services, you better stop and tank up. And you might as well eat too! Ray's has a basic menu including burgers, steaks and chicken sandwiches - and they're surprisingly good! Plus the service is fantastic and the place is kinda funky. So stop in! You won't regret it. ;-)

  • Tali H.

    Great food, but good lord was it muggy in there! Pretty small menu; the teriyaki chicken plate was awesome. Service was a little distracted, but otherwise fine. The "homemade" apple pie is good, but doesn't really taste homemade!

  • Higgs B.

    I love this place and have been eating here since the 1980's I love the Pork Chops, but don't be in a hurry to get them. You get copious quantities of fries and the pink sauce is very good. I love the Bacon Cheeseburger and am always way too full when I leave. If you are anywhere remotely close, stop. It won't dissappoint

  • Alan D.

    I don't go to Green River very often. Most often, its to go somewhere else. There's not much here. It's Green River Utah after all, and I've ate at the other joints in town. Rays has history--- A big part of the it's charm, at least for me. The service is good, the food better than you'd expect and probably even better., Rays going to be here long after you've forgotten about it. Probably longer. A mean burger, and a cold beer, if that's your thing. The waitress was friendly. I'll go back, every time. This is my kinda place. Give'r Hell Rays. I'm a fan.

  • Kent M.

    Best cheeseburgers in Utah! Hand cut fries. Don't miss Rays if you're anywhere near Green River. If you're in a hurry, call ahead and they'll have it ready for you! Great service and clean restrooms to boot.

  • Laima K.

    Went here after a rafting trip on the Green River like many other reviewers here. Even though i was hungry and tired of camping food, crackers and cheese type stuff, i was still not that impressed by this place. It's pretty divey, menu has very few choices and it's pricey for what it is. The portions are large though, but bland. I feel like they focus on quantity not quality, since the food was just ok. I ordered a pork chop with dinner salad. The chop was ok, tasted very bland and too well done but it was ok. Fries, meh but ok. Not enough salt, none whatsoever. I am generally a giant fan of fries, but these i couldn't finish. Too big and too soft, not crunchy at all. Then the the dinner salad, i took one bite and i couldn't eat any more of it. I would compare Ray's dinner salad to a salad they give you on an airplane swimming with standard grocery store dressing, blandest salad leaves ever and a couple of other things thrown on there (canned olives anyone?). Too much dressing, too little flavor. Probably one of the worst salads i've ever had anywhere. But there might be something to save this place, i thought. The microbrewery beers they were offering. I ordered a heffeweisen and was disappointed again. Due to Utah's ridiculous alcohol policies, the beer was "fake" meaning about 2% alcohol content. Might as well be for kids. It was refreshing, but not what i was looking for. Overall, if i was in town again, i would look elsewhere, although there may not be many choices. So might have to come here again and just suck it up. Redeeming factor: cool fun t shirts on the walls with fun river trip images. And the ridiculously clean bathroom. Seriously, the cleanest bathroom i've ever seen in a pub. Come here on your own risk, or better yet - bring your own spices and seasonings.

  • Bryan N.

    I'd hire that cook any day, they know burgers, not much more to say...they get extra credit. And the place is a gem with quick courteous staff...whoever manages, manages well. Please get healthier cheese and bun options...please. You deserve to be five stars.

  • Cody B.

    Love Ray's! Claire and Kitty were great and the food is delicious! Don't forget to enjoy a cold Coors Light!

  • Bruce H.

    The food was pretty decent. I had a cheeseburger and it was juicy and not too small. The food was overall typical pub food. No complaints there. The service was less than stellar. Our server was very distracted with other things and was slow to get to us. 5 minutes for a beer is too long. The apple pie was great. I thought it was odd to have apple pie Ala mode served cold, but the pie was great so the temp was easy to ignore.

  • The P.

    Great 1/2lb cheeseburgers. Real handmade potatoe fries. Fast service to start and even got a drink refill. The bartender/cook/waiter hustles. Burgers come with tomatoe, onion pickles and lettuce on the side. Mustard, thousand island, ketchup and mayo is brought to you in a cute budwiser cardboard four pack. They do have chicken fingers and corn dogs for kids. Place is a mix of duck dynasty and tired redneck river tourists. Take a picture incognito so that you don't upset the natives.

  • Niki B.

    If you want fancy, keep driving to Vail. If you want a decent meal in a cozy local dive joint then this is the place! No one stops in green river for gourmet; this is just about the only restaurant in town. Had the bacon cheeseburger which was really good and delicious homemade fries. Also tried the chicken teriyaki dinner plate and it was very tasty - juicy chicken & delicious baked potato. Service was friendly and they had a decent selection of local beer. A great place to relax and have a decent meal after a day of driving!

  • R L.

    My wife and I make one or two drives from Denver to Las Vegas every year, and we always plan on stopping at Ray's. We love the place. If you're looking for a 4-star dining experience and want to be pampered and fawned over, then this is NOT the place for you. But if you're looking for a burger and beer and just want efficient service, give Ray's a try. Yeah, it could be considered a dive, but we have never had a problem with a meal here. It's dark and old, and yeah, from the outside it looks iffy. But inside, the place reminds us of the little taverns in the small towns we grew up in, and we feel perfectly comfortable. As mentioned, the service is efficient, and yes, when they're busy, the staff doesn't always have time to be chatty with each and every customer. But that's not why I'm there. I'm there for a good meal, and Ray's always delivers on that point. The burgers are always perfect, the fries are delicious and the beer always cold. My wife has tried the fish and steak on a couple of occasions and has always been satisfied. The place isn't everyone's cup of tea. If you're one of those who expects the staff to fall at your feet and worship your presence when you walk in, you're in for a disappointment. But if you can leave your ego at the door and just take in some small-town ambience and attitude, you can have a perfectly satisfying meal.

  • Megan R.

    We got here at 10:30am and totally beat the crowd. This place gets super busy and for good reason: the food is awesome. Good burgers, good fries, good service. Will definitely add this place to the list of restaurants I'll eat at between CO and CA.

  • Ken C.

    Really enjoyed Ray's Tavern. We came here for dinner since dining options were somewhat limited on Easter Sunday evening. Ordered the bacon cheeseburger and teriyaki chicken dinner. Both were simple and great- just as expected. "Place for everyone" is true. Though it might look intimidating from the outside, this place and the staff is super friendly, as are the locals. Really neat experience. Serves local craft beers as well.

  • Tara G.

    This is your standard roadside, small country town burger and steak joint. Every cheeseburger comes out well-done with Kraft American cheese. The veggies are fresh and there's no bells and whistles to the menu. Don't hack it for anything less than what it is. Servers are friendly although not tolerant of any modifications - everything comes on the side so don't worry about holding pickles or mayo. It's solid food and a reliable stop on your way through town.

  • Trayce W.

    The most unlikely fine in Greenriver. The food was delicious the service was great we had hamburgers and apple pie with ice cream is well worth the stop anytime will be back.

  • William C.

    Only 3 or 4 sit down restaurants located inside green river. Not that many selections, I got the fish which was bit salty. My wife got the hamburger and she said it was very good. Friendly staff and price is reasonable.

  • Jason C.

    5 stars if you are into river running. 4 if you are not. The place is Fried and True. Great Burgers, especially after a river trip. Great atmosphere and the walls are covered with older whitewater pictures and outfitter T Shirts. Excellent Service, great classic burger with grilled bun and homemade french fries and homemade coleslaw. We ran into neighbors (from Flagstaff) it has an excellent following that spans the generations.

  • Noneya B.

    Let me start by saying, there is no way that this is anything near a steakhouse. The burger was over cooked. There was one paper thin piece of bacon folded four x. I got three TINY slices of pickle. I would not recommend this place unless you had nothing else to eat.

  • Scott P.

    I had the burger and fries and they rocked I will be back for more when I am in town.

  • Tanya Q.

    Pretty good dive bar/restaurant. Good burgers, good selection of beer on tap. Kids menu limited to corn dog, burger, and chicken strips. My kids loved the corn dogs. Bathrooms clean. $50 for dinner for 3 adults and 2 kids. Staff was very friendly and attentive.

  • Karen M.

    We were nearing the end of a massive two-day drive and were feeling hungry. Problem: where in the middle of nowhere does one find nourishment? After a desperate yelp search, Ray's Tavern showed up like an oasis in the proverbial desert. The exterior is nothing much and may even deter would-be patrons from entering. But go inside! Ray's is a simple dive-y bar and grill, complete with beautiful wooden booths polished to a shine and pool tables in the back. Menu options are limited to burgers and (hand-cut) fries and drink offerings are also restricted (but are decent microbrews). We ordered the hamburger and chicken burger with coleslaw and fries (burgers come with your choice of side) and all were generously portioned and very yummy. The fries in particular were really good: hand-cut, skin-on, and fresh! We finished our lunch with a piece of homemade apple pie à la mode -- again, very good. Sadly, this tavern is located in a teeny tiny town that seems to be dying. I believe that Ray's is THE local hangout spot because it probably is the ONLY hangout spot in Green River....that said, Ray's would hold its own almost anywhere due to its dive-bar charm, personable servers, and good food.

  • Marichelle M.

    These independently owned, roadside diners are disappearing, but I'm glad that Ray's is still there. It was one of the few restaurants open on the later side in Green River, and there aren't many choices in this small town. (Note that the grill closes at 9:30.) The place is inviting and perfect for couples, families and large groups. It looked more like a casual restaurant rather than a divey bar. Clientele included locals, regulars and travelers. The menu is simple -- meat and potatoes. We ordered the new york sirloin and pork tenderloin. They ran out of baked potatoes, so we ordered the fries which were hand cut with the peel still on them. They also had a good selection of local beers on tap. We ended the meal with homemade apple pie. Delicious crust! Service was small town friendly. I believe it was the owner who came around to check on us. She participated in neighborly conversations with regulars and offered advance to travelers. Ray's offers what the traveler needs: good food, comfortable and casual atmosphere and friendly service. I highly recommend!

  • Eric C.

    This place is a force of nature. 5 stars for location, consistency and excellence. They've been here since 1948. I've eaten here after every trip to the maze district. After n-days of hiking a Ray's Burger really hits the spot and after all the sun its nice to sit in the dark and have a cold pint. The beer has sure improved since I first started eating here in the early 90s. On a trip with the kids we hit Rays on our way in and out. Both times we were all satisfied. Their burgers are cooked over a flame, nicely charred and the flavor is just magic for a hungry body. I had the left-over fries in foil on the dash and enjoyed them the next day.

  • Steven L.

    Only been here once, and my wife and I both ate the burger and fries, so can't comment on other menu items. That said, the burgers were excellent, the fries were truly hand cut as described on the menu, and the service was excellent. Oh, and it was a terrific value. Highly recommended!

  • Stephanie S.

    Burgers are overpriced and overrated. Fake cheese. Minimum ingredients on a decent patty.

  • Tami G.

    Had multiple people recommend this place but it seems the food is no longer what it used to be. Tasted like Costco hamburger and the bun was dried out. Very disappointing. Not worth the stop

  • Alia Z.

    Stopped by here because we were hungry and there wasn't much else around. The place is dive-y, with OK food. The server was nice.

  • Scott S.

    Typical diner food but after a Moab camp trip can be heaven sent. I think the reason to go here is to meet with fellow travelers and share stories over a bottle of suds before life sucks you back in.

  • Misty H.

    Best burger around! Yummy home cut fries. Waitress was a cutie. Chicken sandwich was real breast of chicken. Very accommodating, fast service. Definitely will return next time in town. You should too!!

  • Sarah H.

    Where else can you get a cold beer and wicked burger with this kind of ambiance? Ray's is a must if you are near Green River. Great service, great food, a great experience. I'll definitely come back.

  • Lexie L.

    Great service! Waiters have awesome plate handling skills ! I would say it was the best cheeseburger I've ever had but my dad may be offended!!! So incredible. Planning to return VERY VERY soon!

  • Alan S.

    I dad the bacon cheeseburger with hand cut fries. Amongst the best burgers I ever had. Cooked perfectly and the fries were great. Service was wonderful and the food came out hot and on time. When you are in Green River you really need to try this place.

  • Keith B.

    Had dinner the first night in town. Limited menu and a little pricey but the food was cooked well and served quickly. My girlfriends chicken was cooked perfectly and even though I had a simple salad with grilled chicken the food was all fresh and tasty.. Would eat there again for sure.

  • Benzo H.

    I wanted to stop in here just for a beer, but because of Utah's bizarre licensing laws, I had to order food too. This really was not a problem because the burger I ordered was cheap, huge, and awesome. Everything about this place would suggest low-quality foodservice meat patties and fries... but isn't. The meal and service were superb, and I could see myself hitting this place any time I'm on the road and in the area! My ONE complaint is that they don't have Wi-Fi. But I guess that's not something you really need at a bar.

  • TL K.

    Not many places to eat in Green River but this little hole in the wall was really good and worth stopping for. The burgers were huge, there's no kids menu so if we ever pass through again we will have our kids share one since both kids left just under half on their plates. The teriyaki chicken burger was good and the fries were hand it steal fries.

  • Matt D.

    Excellent locals place. Worth making the trip off the highway. We all had burgers and beer, and it was awesome.

  • Michelle S.

    Just ok. We had take out. They didn't include a bag to put everything in; the napkins and utensils were actually in the containers with the food so the napkins were dirty even before we got to use them. Menu is very limited and phone personnel are not that friendly.

  • Kayla H.

    So my friend and I had been driving almost 10 hours and we wanted a drink. Like a real drink, at a bar. So we looked this place up and they said it had a full bar so, we were excited because we were exhausted. Get there and when we sit down they say they only have beer and wine...great!!! We should just left then. Then first 60 seconds we were there 3 people came up to us being very pushy and the staff kept staring at us. We ordered because we felt obligated at that time and it was boring and tasteless!!!! Coleslaw disgusting and no seasoning at all. Dinner salad was McDonalds quality and NO ONE even checked on us while we ate!!!.... All have to say is rude rude rude!! I have worked in the food industry and this was garbage.... Very disappointed

  • julie b.

    Stopped in with my family while en route from California to Colorado for some lunch and was surprised at how good everything was - tasty burgers and fries done just right! A lovely road-trip stop!

  • Dawn-Marie N.

    It may have been the two hour hike in the hot Goblin Valley desert but, Ray's was the perfect dinner! The cheeseburger was very, very good. The bun in particular was tasty, soft and dense. The fries have skins on which I like. I had an amazing gluten free beer called Mission Impossible but, I must disagree with the folks saying this place has a great micro brew selection. They have all Uinta has to offer which is good...but I was hoping for some out of state micro brews as well. No biggie. I will go back to this place for sure!

  • James P.

    Had pork chop and fries, wife had teriyaki chicken. Both were perfectly cooked and prepared. The French fries are hand cut with peel and we're also cooked perfectly. An extraordinary meal! Don't visit green river without eating here!

  • Eric W.

    Cozy nice little bar and grille, menu is very simple: burgers, steak and salad. But nothing is better than a cold beer and a freshly made burger, when you've out in the sun all day! Think about it, you are sitting in a desert, hundreds miles away from big city, and holding ice cold local beer. Amazing!

  • Minny R.

    Ray's Tavern is overrated. Yes, it's got that retro / dive / locally-owned tavern kind of ambiance, but once you get past that, it's a basic bar & grill. No wi-fi. Limited menu. (Ahem, it's a tavern.) My cheeseburger & fries were okay, but nothing to go wild about for the lofty price. I'll admit that if you live in Green River, this is probably the only neat place to hang out. They do have a couple of pool tables in there.

  • Eric L.

    The diviest of dives. With one too many pool tables in the back and folding tables set up like a meeting at the VFW, this could be one of the world's diviest bars. The service was great and the grill was on. You won't go hungry if you order a bite (which is apparently required by the state of Utah if you want to have a beer). I came, I saw, and if I'm ever back in Green River I'll stop by again.

  • Nick N.

    I have been to Rays 5 or 6 times in the past. It is usually good, not great. It's customer base is heavily boosted by hungry river runners taking off the Green River. My wife and I gave it another try today and it was the worst overpriced burger I have ever attempted eating. It took 40 minutes to get 2 burgers and fries. The fries were not very good being greasy and bland. The burger was burnt and the bun was dry. The patty was hard to swallow being so dry. It took so long for this awful burger it made me question why I would spend 20 bucks for 2 . Should have gone for chain fast food.

  • Lou P.

    Green River isn't far from the middle of nowhere. We'd come in for gas and supplies after a long spell of camping in the desert. We smelled. We couldn't have looked savory. Everyone was super nice. I'd rank the burger, on a burger scale of 1-10, as a 1,000,000. It was perfect in every way. The french fries were to die for. They had the perfect ratio of crispness to greasiness. Nancy is an awesome cook, and has burgers nailed. However, Ray's serves up burgers that are supernatural. On your way to/from Moab, or on the way to the Swell; making Ray's your last civilized expereince would be a very good idea.

  • Matt E.

    Great food, friendly staff! It is bar good but very good and a place, family friendly as well as cold beer! I will stop in every time I am passing through for sure!

  • Ken P.

    This was the perfect stop on the long drive down from SLC to Moab. Super friendly locals, an awesome burger and fries and a nice selection of regional beers including a nice IPA made my pitstop very enjoyable. Businesses like Ray's are a dying breed in America, even in small towns, slowly being consumed by mass-corporate chains. Things like this should never die.

  • Carol R.

    We have stopped in a Green River on our trips across country's and always go to Ray's. The food, the service, the selection of beers, the prices...all great. It doesn't get better than that!

  • Ben C.

    If you're going by Green River, plan for a meal at Ray's. One of the top five burgers I've ever had.

  • He And She I.

    You want atmosphere? You got it! Friendly service? Check! Fresh food? That, too. Yelp scores again.

  • Charley C.

    We ere coming down the I70 from Vegas to Grand Junction and it was getting that time when if you don't eat there may be teeth marks in the arm of your companion. Well it had bee a long way since any civilization and it was still a couple hours to Grand Junction, So the next 'city' was Green river, Actually it would be a perfect movie set for a city that the freeway passed by. We took the Green River off ramp, and by the way there are two off ramps, one at each end of town and they both are the Green Rive off ramp. We found Ray's tavern in yelp and started down the main drag. And there was a place called Ray's closed, empty, weeds growing and definitely not serving dinner. so we cruised on and did not find anything that got our attention. Wait a minute when was that last review for Rays??? Well we saw it was 11 days before this review! We said hey, there must be another Rays and we turned went back down the main street and found Ray's Tavern. What a fun idea! This Bar / restaurant / pub / pool hall / historical place was nice. The booths are cut for logs and are incredibly unique. We ordered up and here is what happened! Perfect salad ratios right on on all the ingredients, and I will not complain if the only lettuce was iceburg, we are 100 miles from anyplace! Pork chop perfectly grilled and I mean perfectly. I loved the beets and asked for another side and they were fresh and good. Baked potato perfect. Freshly cooked and ready for us and steaming hot! Good attentive service, checking and not overpowering. So I am going to bet this is the best place in town, although I would really need to shop around, so that is speculation! What I do know is that if you are coming down I70 and get to green river this is the place. a Must stop if in green river The people munching the burgers on both sides of us were really happy! Now when will I get to green river again ... Hmmmmm...

  • Andrew r.

    I should start out by letting you know that I don't really eat meat or fries and don't really drink beer. But I'm in middle of nowhere desert utah so I ordered a burger with fries and a nice local micro brew. It was all done so right. A great tasting burger with nice cut fries. and the beer was fabulous. I didn't love the coleslaw, but who the hell comes to Utah for 'slaw. This is meat country, cowboy! One thing to note, most of the reviews say it's a local hangout, but I only really saw tourists, maybe this was why the staff was not so friendly... or maybe that's their gimmick.

  • Btown D.

    Seated and served quickly but overall experience was awful. Burger was overcooked. Asked price of sodas and then what choices there were, server failed to note that the root beer he named in the list was not free refills like the others and not the same price. I asked him about it when I saw it on the check. He just seemed annoyed. I wouldn't go back an i don't Recommend it.

  • Paul S.

    Ray's street looks like it came straight out of my deserted hometown of Meriden, KS. But we didn't have anything this fun in Meriden. I sat at the bar, where a perfectly matronly bartender served me two beers and a cheeseburger, and then talked me into a slice of apple pie. I loved every minute of it.

  • Nicole B.

    I went to Ray's with a bunch of coworkers prior to a rafting trip. There aren't a ton of dining options in Green River, but several people said "Eat at Ray's!" We had 15ish in our group, so they seated us in the rear section of the restaurant, up close to the pool tables. It was a tight fit, but we were glad we could sit together. Ray's half-pound burgers are the main attraction on the menu. I got a bacon cheeseburger, and it was meaty. The bacon was disappointing...thin, flavorless and wimpy. I liked the fries, and our group was happy that they had squeeze bottles of "fry sauce" a-plenty. There were a few flies zipping around the bar, and it wasn't the tidiest place I've ever been to, but the restroom was very large and clean. If I needed to make a pitstop (or quick change of clothes) in Green River, I might eat at Ray's just for the restroom. It's definitely not the best burger I've paid $10 bucks for, but its worth a try if you're famished on your way back from Moab.

  • Justin W.

    Drove through Green River and drove by this place on the way to the hotel. After settling in we decided to give Ray's a try. Very cool little place, good selection of micro brews, the burger was delicious, and the fresh cut fries were great. If you are driving through Green River stop at Ray's for a burger and a beer.

  • Pat B.

    Wow the food was so gross!! and pricey too!! The fires tasted like they were still frozen!! Restaurant Impossible needs to visit this place!! Your better off getting food at the gas station!

  • Denny B.

    Oh my, we have a true local cowboy bar and grill. It is Friday night and the joint is packed. Outside patio handles about 50 people and the inside it handles about the same. Beer bar, steaks, burgers and a few other things. Pool room, of course. Crowd is authentic and eclectic.

  • Garen M.

    What a pleasant locally owned discovery in the middle of a "ghost town". Green River consists of truck stops, convenience stores, and a couple of fast foods along a lonely stretch of I70. Ray's makes a monster 1/2 lb. burger with all the trimmings, fries or slaw, and does it right. Very good lunch. They also have some steaks on the menu. If I lived close, I'd eat here often.

  • Jay B.

    Nice place after a long day on the back roads of UT. It seemed like the only option. Great microbrews, but their ENTIRE selection of wine was Franzia. Burgers were great and there were lots of other motorcyclists in there.

  • John S.

    I liked this place. It sits next to the hotel (Robbers Roost) we were staying at. Limited menu consisting of burgers, steaks & pork chops. I had the bacon cheeseburger with homemade fries & it was delicious. For desert I had a slice of apple pie with ice cream. The burgers, steaks & chops are cooked over an open flame & the baked potatoes were huge. The staff was extremely friendly & engaging. Nice way to end a long day. Love the atmosphere. Recommended!

  • Aomi C.

    No trip through Green River is complete without a stop at Ray's. Great burgers, great staff, and awesome river memorabilia on the walls. There's a reason people have been coming here for years.

  • Sarah C.

    I really wanted to like the food at Ray's, honestly. I grew up in Price, which is an hour from Green River, and had only heard great things about Ray's Tavern for years. This summer my husband and I went rafting on the Green River with a group of friends and by the time we were finished, we were all famished. I was so excited to finally try the restaurant that I'd heard people constantly rave about. While the tavern had a very friendly, albeit dive-y atmosphere, I was incredibly underwhelmed and disappointed by the food. I ordered the bacon cheeseburger, which was large in size, but definitely not in flavor. There was nothing special about it. The one redeeming quality about the meal was that there was plenty of fry sauce for the large side of fries that accompanied my burger. A member of our group who ordered the barbecue chicken sandwich (I think?) also had little positive to say about their food. Bland. But, who knows? Maybe our visit was just a fluke. I sure hope so.

  • Daniel F.

    Decent food but the prices were a bit high for the quality. The only place worth eating at in this small town though, beer was delicious and cold. Hit the spot after a really really long day on the road.

  • Greg S.

    Great Burger... great local beer. Stopped by for lunch... very cool atmosphere...

  • Kate K.

    Burger was pretty good. Seems like one of the only places in town still left open for business. Saw a lot of locals here. They have a full bar and whatever game is on TV up... Try it out!

  • Mike M.

    The house salad was fresh and very good The steaks were grilled Just as we ordered and were tender and tasty. I will be back. Great casual atmosphere !

  • E.M. B.

    I never, ever, wanted to leave!! The fam and I stumbled upon Ray's on our way to Lake Powell this weekend. We needed serious nourishment after many hours in the car, so we got on the trusty yelp, saw the mysterious 'Ray's Tavern' had stellar reviews, so we thought we would give it a try. We were a little skeptical, about if the employees/locals would accept us Northern Utah folk, but on the door, it says, "A Place for Everyone!", and it really was! The staff was so wonderful, and a regular saw we were trying to cram into a small booth, and he offered us the larger table he was at- I always say, a place with awesome regulars must be a good place! The burgers and fries (and beer!) were delicious, far better than your average 'bar' food, and just what we needed to refuel. We eventually made it to the lake and had a ton of fun, but Ray's was the highlight of my weekend!! Whyyyy didn't I buy a shirt, to represent in SLC? :'(

  • Kelly D.

    For being in the middle of no where, this place is great. We both got burgers and they were good, nothing special but no complaints. The menu is a bit limited but should be something for everyone, even a veggie burger. Service was fast and efficient and it was moderately busy. Give it a try if you are driving through.

  • Robyn H.

    As others have mentioned, there are not many options in Green River. We had a large group that went to Ray's. The service was excellent. The food was just okay. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. I had the NY Strip and a baked potato. It was fine and served it's purpose. Had the apple pie for desert, and it was good. They had some nice micro brews to choose from the tap. It's a tavern, so don't expect anything even as fancy as you'd get at a chilies or similar. But that was perfectly okay for our group because we could get a little loud and no one cared. Several members of our group stayed late and played pool. I would definitely go to Ray's again, but mostly because of the very casual atmosphere and friendly service.

  • Dan K.

    I strolled into this place passing through town based on a good recommendation from hotel front desk lady with one tooth (Just kidding, she didn't have one tooth.) It was a cold Tuesday night and they were just about to close up; but I still received awesome service, a smile and great chicken sandwich. The bartender/owner/ was kind of Daisy Duke cool. Lots of cool motoX and rafting/paddling decor - I'll stop in again stay longer next time.

  • Nathan B.

    I stopped by Rays after a few days on the Colorado River, and their burger really hit the spot. I had the garden burger with fries, and it was just a simple, delicious burger. The setting is what you'd expect from a small town burger joint - casual and friendly. I'll stop by again if I'm ever Green River.

  • Tim G.

    Huge, tasty burgers, homemade fries, and a cute waitress (sorry if that's someone's wife)! We were going to go elsewhere for dinner when we rolled into Green River, but the motel staff recommended Ray's. It was a little hard to find - it's down a street, not right on the main road. Once we found it, the rest was easy. The booths are neat. They're made of huge, half pieces of lumber, coated over so you don't get splinters. We ordered cheese burgers, and when they came out, they were huge, the meat was lean, and the fries were good. Ultimately it's unfortunate that this place is in a town that, in my opinion, is slowly dying. Great place and worth the stop if you're hungry and near Green River.

  • Idee F.

    Great ambiance! The steaks are good, the burgers are good, and a wonderful selection of beers. Also--the Ray's house glasses are $4.00 each with a cool logo--good for gifts for the folks back home. The fries taste home-made, meaning they're not twice-cooked, and the salads are ehhh. But Ray's is a real find, and Green River is a good place to stop, raft the river, and enjoy the scenery. Go across the street to Desert Flavors for real home-made like in New York gelato (peach and watermelon are especially good) and ice cream. Buy a watermelon on your way out of town.

  • Phillip E.

    Ray's Tavern at Green River Utah is the best example of how a business can thrive in a town on its knees. These guys show how it should be done. I would go back to Green River for no reason other than the food experience. The town itself looks close to death, but a diversion off 70 to Ray's is something every I/S 70 traveller should shout themselves. They do such a great job they benefit themselves, their patrons, and as importantly, their town. Ray's Tavern has an offering you will drive thousands of miles to match. The chicken teriyaki was the best I've eaten in my life - I'm 61 and have travelled the world since I was 28. I am interested in nothing in any eatery other than cleanliness and taste. Ray's is also rich in the kind of back woods charm ('atmosphere') most seeking an original experience will thoroughly enjoy. By the way, my wife had the pork chop which was also exceptional. Ray's deserves to be on any 'bucket list' of those who love 'taste'.

  • Brenda F.

    Not much on the menu but that's a sure sign that the food is fresh or maybe a small kitchen, which i think the whole thing is behind the bar! They have cool log booths. Was surprised to see black olives and a beet on the salad and happy with it's generous portion. Missed my wine but settled for a Corona. Not a great place for kids, with no kids menu. Burgers were awesome as expected from reviews. Baked potato wasn't as fresh as I'd like to get but still edible. Steak tasted and felt like select grade and not worth $26. Would recommend sticking with the burgers.

  • Katie P.

    We stumbled upon this place while looking for coffee on our way through. We were looking for a different local coffee company but stumbled upon this new shop after learning it was already closed for the night. Finding espresso (and Illy, at that) was huge after gas station and fast food joe we'd been forced to drink during our huge cross country adventure. the owner was wicked nice and extremely helpful. The space was seemed to be a bit of a work in progress still but I noticed there were quite a few tables and chairs as well as games to play while you enjoyed your drink and dessert. I believe it is owned by and/or associated with Ray's tavern across the street (but could be mistake).

  • Peter B.

    A bit overpriced, but very tasty food. Stopped here on the way to Arches Nat'l Park. It's kind of a diner/pub place populated with locals, as well as bikers and other travelers along I-70. As I said, for a 'bar', the prices were a bit steep, but if you're hungry, you'll forget that very quickly. Moreover, you're rewarded with very tasty dish. And there's nothing wrong with that, is there? :) I would return, and I will...since there's so much more to see in Utah.

  • Rich L.

    Been here several times, Rays is an easy choice with all the other options now being fast food. The other two resturants have closed but I would still go to ray's anyway. the prices are a little high for a burger and fries up to mid 20 range for a good steak. They have a great patio outside and grill during the summer. Make sure you drive up to swasey beach north west of town, the green river you drive by on the freeway and the green river up by the canyon are complete opposites.

  • Barbara S.

    We stopped at this cute little roadside diner. We were treated very rudely by our waitress. She handed us the menus as said "hurry up there is a party of 50 on their way and I need to get your order in or your going to wait a long time for your food. I ordered the Ribeye steak. It came with a nice dinner salad and a perfectly cooked baked potato. The steak was not seasoned at all but was cooked just as I ordered it. Maybe it was an off night but we did not feel welcome

  • Karen D.

    Thanks to other Yelpers for helping me find this gem in Green River. These guys know how to grill! I had the teriyaki chicken sandwich, Hubby had the grilled pork chop. Both were excellent. Good variety of microbrew beers, an outdoor patio to enjoy the evening breezes (plenty of seating inside, too). It's the hopping spot in Green River on a Sarurday night.

  • C V.

    Best burger anywhere -hands down! Add a pint of IPA. And the handcut delicious fries -all prepared right in front of you. You might be too full for the homemade ice cream across the street -but go anyway. Best decision you'll make in Utah -except going left on Joe Hutch Rapid.

  • Lisa Anne L.

    This place probably gets its Yelper stars because there is absolutely nothing anywhere else nearby for miles and miles of cross-country driving... so you're famished into thinking it's the best burger in UT. If you like your patty pretty well cooked and topped with American cheese, this is your spot and you can enjoy it on a very sunny patio. Non-ironic points for good fries, some sort of mayo-ketchup-special sauce in a squeeze bottle on the table, dirtbikes on the menu, and the charming selection of decades-old family excursion rafting t-shirts that serve as wall decor. Love the local flavor, too - almost exclusively frequented by wildland firefighters, rafting guides, and leathers. Enjoy!

  • William B.

    We were blowing through on our way east to Arches National Park. Lunchtime. Freeway exit at Green River UT. Look for a place to eat. Nothing stands out. More cars at Ray's Tavern. Go in there. Full of people, mostly eating burgers. Looks good. Ordered chicken salad. Best ever, chicken actually grilled on same grill as burgers, never seen that before. Delicious. Wow! Will we ever get back to Green River? Doubt it, but Ray's would be the place to go!

  • Kristen H.

    A half pound burger is the perfect way to recover from a trek through the Arches National Park, and this is just what I did today. Throw in some appropriately greasy fries and a glass of frosty Uinta Cutthroat Pale Ale and you have a winning combination that makes the extra trip to Green River worth the gas. The service is appropriately to the point and so is the menu: the burgers are right up front so you won't get sidetracked away from the good stuff.

  • Callie M.

    Love Ray's teriyaki chicken salad. Yum. And the homemade apple pie a la mode is delicious. Kind of noisy at times, but it's the real deal. Ask Kitty the waitress where she gets her hair done and watch her smile. After that, ask her if everyone who works there is related.

  • Greg B.

    Good burgers. Clean. Comfortable. Didn't try the subway or arbys attached to the truckstop....

  • Nancy G.

    4 stars because it is in Green River, which does not seem to have many very good restaurants. Would be three stars in a town with more to offer. Very good, but not great burgers. Fantastic, super service! Reasonable prices for burgers, looked overpriced for steaks and other dinners.

  • Craig R.

    A friend in Denver recommended this place to stop at on my cross country drive out to Salt Lake. I had been on the road for hours and stopped at Ray's mid-afternoon on a Monday. The burger was just as my friend said: amazing. It really hit the spot. Also had my first Uinta beer which complimented the meal well. The bartenders were great company as well.

  • Katie S.

    When we want the best burger in a great tavern atmosphere - we drive the 100 miles to Rays, and it's worth every mile. We enjoy their great service, the friendly atmosphere, their selection of micro brews and tremendous burgers. We have recommended Ray's to family and friends for many years, and have not have one person disappointed to this date. It's not fancy or formal, but it's a great place to enjoy good food after a long drive, hiking the Maze, enjoying the Crystal Geyser or Goblin Valley.

  • Zen A.

    Kitch and burgers and Great beer. This is our favorite stop in GR. Glad there is a place here for a beer and a burger and great service. We recommend it to everyone passing through.... unless you are veggie!

  • Jarrett M.

    They have great beers on tap and my bacon cheeseburger and fries were delicious. Also the atmosphere was very comfortable, including pool tables, a jukebox and a bar.

  • R W.

    5 stars for the service, 3 stars for the food. We arrived Friday night and the place was very busy. Based on other reviews I wasn't expecting much in the way of service. We received attentive service from the bartender/manager and two different waitstaff. No complaints at all there. Also, they have an outdoor seating area which, while a little on the shabby side, certainly could qualify as a "beer garden," especially in Utah! The food was basic but edible. Nothing special, but nothing wrong with it either. The burger meat while a little bland was perfectly fine quality. The chicken breast was cooked correctly - white inside but not dried out.

  • Reggie M.

    Before biting into it, I concentrated on making an effort to analyze why I think it's one of the best burgers in Utah. It certainly isn't much to look at. The restaurant has lots of framed river runner t-shirts and 2002 Winter Olympic marketing posters for tacky ambience, the service is efficient, but not overwhelming, the Budweiser cardboard lets you put your own bottled condiments on your burger. It's just plain. HOWEVER, I decided to quit thinking about it, and just enjoy it. I came away thinking again: This IS the best burger in Utah. Good fries too. I don't know what they do, if it's the cut of ground beef, if they add something to it, or if it's just that I'm always hungry when passing through Green River. It's just plain great!

  • Candice P.

    This is a hole in the wall place in the middle of nowhere but the food is good. We stop for lunch around 11 as they were just opening up. The menu is pretty short - burgers, chicken sandwich & steak. I had a Cheeseburger which was fine. My buddy had the Filet Mignon and couldn't stop raving about it the rest of the trip. Good selection of beers but if you're from out of town be aware that beer can not be legally served in Utah before 11:30am.

  • Gretchen S.

    Loved this place after a long day of driving. Great burgers and you have to get the apple pie!!!

  • Maxwell M.

    This place is classic, the burger was good and the price was over $10. I liked the atmosphere. The fries were killer though,.We had a beer and a burger on our way to Moab. I don't think i would stop again because it wasn't anything special.

  • J C.

    great burgers and homemade fries..uinta brews on tap..should have gone here for dinner both nights in green river

  • Kathy M.

    Great stop on the way from Denver to LA on I-70. Terrific food and fun ambience and friendly service. Definitely a find in a place you would not expect.

  • Maria S.

    Bacon cheeseburger is the jam! Only place to get draft beer in town. Everything is good, but a little pricey. It's a classic place and a must for Green River.

  • Chuck B.

    I loved this place, the fries were great, burger was good. Very homey place. While the food may have tasted better because of the drive from LA, it is still a great place.

  • Art G.

    Great burgers and large selection of local beers. But the best is the "Cheers" type atmospher. Nice chat with a lady from New Mexico. Good conversation with a couple from Colorado Springs about their recent fire and a guy and his daughter from San Diego. If you find youself on I-70 this place is worth a visit.

  • Shannon M.

    I got a real kick out of this place on our recent trip back from Lake Powell. We've driven through Green River for years, and my Dad loves Ray's, but it was my first visit. I was looking forward to it because when my Dad realized we'd be in Green River over lunch time, his eyes lit up and he kept repeating "We'll be in Green River in time for a big thick hamburger from Ray's" (complete with a hand gesture indicating that the burger would be about 6 inches tall) Eight of us arrived at about 1:00 on a Saturday. It seems this place is used to groups over 6 because that's what most of the tables seat. We sat right down and placed our drink order. I was disappointed to be driving because their microbrew selection looked inviting, but we all refrained and stuck with soda. Most of us ordered various hamburgers, one of us ordered the Teryiaki Chicken Sandwich. All were cooked nicely and tasted great. I can't remember, but I believe they are 1/2 pound burgers and I'd be surprised if they came pre-made from the freezer - they definitely tasted fresh. You also have a choice of Fries or Cole Slaw - I chose fries and enjoyed them. They're the slightly thicker cut kind of like Greek fries - I would have preferred more salt or other seasoning, but still hot and tasty. Those who chose Cole Slaw were complimentary. One thing that I've noticed to be common among Utah hamburger joints is the "Fry/Burger" sauce which I believe is a combo of Ketchup, Mustard and Mayo, but I can't be sure. It's yummy though. My husband and I both commented that we'd love to come to Ray's when we're in town for a night and could relax. The back of the restaurant has a pool table, jukebox and seemed to be a fun place to hangout. The walls are lined with t-shirts of various river rafting companies/teams from around the country. There are some fun rafting photos tacked up too. As we left, I noticed that Ray's has a Beer Garden on the side -- looks like in the evening they might have a grill out there and the typical plastic tables and chairs. I wish there were more places like this in Denver and elsewhere, but then maybe it's the magic of travel that makes the place seem like more than just a bar with burgers.

  • Big P.

    If for some godforsaken reason, you happen to end up in Green River, Utah, then you might as well go to Ray's Tavern. As has been mentioned before, it is a little pricey for what it is (over $8 for a cheeseburger), but it's good, solid bar food. The beer is only OK, but it's Utah, so what do you expect? More, including pics at oinkety.com/?p=2424

  • Michaele C.

    Great stop if you are on a road trip and want a beer and a REAL burger. It definitely beats out fast food.

  • Bill G.

    Ray's doesn't have many items on their menu. They're known for their steaks and burgurs. It's where the locals go. I had one very large pork chop. Once I added salt it was quite tasty. The burger that another had wasn't raved about but good. It arrived well done. Our table also ordered a pizza. They go over to another nearby restaurant (Cathy's) to get that and the shakes we ordered. It smelled great and those who had it liked it a lot. Of the two restaurants I've eaten at over the many years, this was the tastiest. Probably best in town but relative to Denver, it's only 3 stars

  • g t.

    you are driving from moab to salt lake city - you are starving... okay... stop here for a burger and a beer and a pee... it works!


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Ray’s Tavern

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