Buffalo Bistro

305 N Main St
Glendale, 84729
Excellent Food! (and Service) We sure enjoy the Unique Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Soup! I think the Inside Out Grilled Cheese, and the Guacamole Bacon Grilled Cheese are our Favorites! The Buffalo Wings have a lot of flavorful. The environment has a lot of character (spunky decor), and the scenery if beautiful. We very much enjoyed the humming birds outside the window and the green green hills.
The best meal I've had in Utah, hands down. Wonderful food, relaxing space, friendly people. The bistro looks a little serial-killer-y from the outside, what with the mannequins, the weird signs, the various junk stuffed into the Conestoga wagon in the front yard. Press on, intrepid traveler. Walk down the gravel path to the outdoor counter on the side of the porch where you order from the jolly, bearded proprietor, choosing from 5 entrees and various flavors of cobbler. Take the little rock painted with your order number, sit on the shaded patio, and look out at the green lawn, the trees, the hummingbirds zipping overhead. (Try to get the table close to the hummingbird feeder if you can--the owner may come over later in the evening and explain that if you hold your finger below the little hole and stand very quiet and still, a hummingbird will come and brush against your finger while it sips the nectar.) Breathe deep. Drink your beverage out of its mason jar. Relax. We tried the pasta with vegetables and the pasta with ground elk/elk sausage. Each platter comes with a generous side salad with a mild tangy dressing and bread stuffed with sweet roasted cloves of garlic. The pasta that day was toothsome homemade pappardelle flecked with rosemary. The elk sauce was savory and extremely sop-up-able. The soft, bready cobbler comes out in an enormous hot slab with two full scoops of vanilla ice cream on top. It's easily enough for two people, but could be managed by one, given enough determination. The proprietors are chatty but not overbearing. I appreciated their friendliness but didn't feel pestered. Their ancient, well-behaved dog also toddled out to say hi before being shooed away from the diners. The atmosphere is convivial and unhurried. You feel less like a customer at a restaurant and more like a guest at a house party thrown by a couple who are friends of friends and also really good cooks. Note that entrees are priced at $15 for cash or $16 for credit, which is probably illegal, but whatever.
My favorite restaurant of our entire road trip! Quirky delights await you at Buffalo Bistro in Glendale, Utah. The restaurant is located in a bucolic setting overlooking a charming irrigated pasture. Ron, your proprietor and chef, is from Salt Lake City where he had owned a business. Tired of the growing metropolis, he found this charming back forty and started a compound, which includes the Buffalo Bistro restaurant. The wild boar ribs were meaty, tender, flavorful, and sweet. The elk spaghetti with sausage was herbed and spiced beautifully. My daughter devoured her pasta primavera. The food was cooked correctly, not over or underdone, and full of flavor. The salad was fresh greens with a lovely vinaigrette made by Ron. If you are nice, he may give you the recipe. Everything is served over pasta that is delicious - it tastes fresh. Desert for us included a blackberry and a peach cobbler, both delicious. The food was prepared with love and care and served with courtesy, humor and a good story or two. Looking forward to heading back to Glendale. Solid beer selection - looking forward to wine sometime :-). The food is not cuisine-y and was very affordable at $15 a plate. The entire package, Ron's humor and friendliness, the atmosphere, the location, and of course the food itself earns this restaurant 5 stars. Superfun and yummy place.

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