T-Cee’s Dari Frez

235 S State St
Fairview, 84647
My experience here was sub-par. I ordered a Malibu Chicken Sandwich, it sounded good a mix of chicken, ham and swiss cheese. I was sadly mistaken. The breaded (not grilled as I had expected) chicken patty reminded me of a giant chicken nugget, the kind I had in the elementary school cafeteria. It tasted like chicken spare parts and meat ground up and then beat into a circle and breaded. I think not! It might have been one of my worst chicken sandwiches ever. Now growing up in the potato state I had to have my tots (they were invented in Idaho) these were a-ok, cooked with the right bit of crunch and they paired well with my muah fry-sauce. I do have to say kudos for the giant tub of endless fry sauce, even if it was simple sauce, no secret ingredients. In the end I wish I would have kept driving and tried one of the many other burger joints located further south on Highway 89.

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Home Plate Cafe

215 N State St
Fairview, 84629
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