Golden Spike Burgers

3960 W Hwy 13
Corinne, 84307
The burgers at Golden Spike Burgers are delicious! The Golden Spike Burger brought tears of joy and happiness. It was not the most healthy burger and was very big but it was well worth it and I will continue to go to this place again and again.
The best burgers in northern Utah. This restaurant offers a great variety of burgers and sandwiches at a very low price. In addition they offer some of the best breakfasts around. The chorizo burrito is one of the best around.
Delicious Golden Spike (bacon, avocado, mushrooms & onion ring + all the usual) & California (same as above minus the mushrooms & onion ring) hamburger. Their shake was great too. Yummy chili cheese dog. Best of all was the service. The town of Garland lucky to have the Golden Spike. Will.definitely stop there again! Thank you.

(435) 744-2400


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